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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>The Kathy Hochul Effect on NYS Gubernatorial Race - Dave Levinthal

The Kathy Hochul Effect on NYS Gubernatorial Race - Dave Levinthal

May 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Date eleven solace with us on the WB in lines lines senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity mourning day. VA secretary Eric Shinseki weird does this investigation stand with this new week. Well right now it's going to be a pretty bad week for him even though it appears that he's going to stay in his -- and -- -- period that he has -- -- support of and it is guilt that arbitrary as to whether it's his job or not. It's going to be some very very rocky road going forward and there's a lot of people in congress were very concerned about. Its performance in the VA cultures. And the punt and the thousands of people who served in the military. Who rely on the VA medical service and as a result this is going to be. A major issue going forward it's article a lot of people out there are. Feel that you're not -- after the drop -- right you're not performing it's got. Properly about the BA overall is not getting the proper service that veterans who deserve. That this is not. It's going to be a -- it's simply good or any kind. You know David this happens to a lot of top level people. You know if something happens weighed down the line in the chain of command the they have no idea that has actually happened and chances are. That's what may have happened with the -- administering would you agree. And I make a very good point and that whether it's a Republican administration that democratic administration you can find examples with every single president. Every single administration. I think cabinet level secretary Perry having something on typical plot but it goes awry Ambac and no blame for. Somewhat level that does seem unfair happily ever -- On the other and the like at. Stop somewhere. Which is why you're hearing from these cries for for it -- be held a comfortable personally as opposed to somebody who is low on the took all of the functionary. Are you wouldn't have widespread problems under your administration. On your watch ultimately you're gonna be the person. It was responsible and not -- -- there's no better example recently that Kathleen Sebelius. -- all fairness surrogate in here that's not fairness. You ultimately blame for the failure the epic failure the spartans. Of the Obama web site rollout and that even though she wasn't fired could say a this is the resignation. It came up pretty much after everything was all said and done with the web site getting out and the a woman period being close out. Davis a lot of attention on president Obama's speech tomorrow at West Point what's expected to -- To be discussed in the speech. -- -- it's a little bit but it Alcatel are there hasn't been awful lot of you know arm side chatter is below what exactly he's going to say it but. What would have to expect it from that that he is going to talk. About the BA at least to some degree of the despair and a couple of days grade him very very focused. On the military very purpose and military affairs accorsi made it's secretive trip to Afghanistan without the -- out there -- -- states. A Memorial Day itself out but we have a lot of domestic issues that there weren't dealing with that are unrelated to the military. I'm related to the VA at the president take it upon themselves. Really focus on the military permanently that the past week. Before we let you go live on talk you about. Governor Cuomo selection of a former congresswoman -- vocal. To be his running mate for lieutenant governor currently arched a gubernatorial. Election you know. She is a immensely popular person in Western New York but he is also a free spirit she is also an independent thinker. And the one thing to comes to mind the is many many years ago when she was appointed interim Erie county clerk by. The former governor Eliot Spitzer and she at that time. Opposed Spitzer. And I I know. Driver's licenses for illegal aliens and he hit the ceiling. Governor Cuomo is a guy who wants things done his way we know that. Oh I -- no doubt that that there had been conversations. Among the few running -- enough people on the staff. Of the votes that were running -- Cuomo campaign that. Everyone should probably stay on the same page in the shouldn't be a two deviation necessarily from the script. Going forward -- -- -- local definitely it's somebody who is now you're Washington and back on the buffalo and somebody who has a lot to say and that will speak our mind. I expect her to have a fairly low profile going forward but the overall -- -- some -- Obviously is going to play very very well for that the Cuomo a ticket when it comes to. Many people in western York. Obama is definitely. Double B and tripled down on buffalo lately of course you have a billion that being talked about a lot an election right now particularly by up at street has the Republican. Opposition to the quote my ticket. At the local being put -- Obviously everything that happened and what a couple of pillows and he upper from the Obama administration among others should try to keep that they'll. Let it go in buffalo not only further the next couple Beers but for perpetuity. Hey Dave good stuff nice to talk with you again this morning thank you. Absolutely thank -- it's it's an ever -- that. -- Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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