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CNU 22 Coming to Buffalo - Bill Tuyn

May 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Randy bush over here with you as well as. Build time. -- during the day he's the vice president of development and diversification with Forbes proto custom homes and also kind of moonlighting if you Willis co chair of the local host committee for C and you 22 buffalo Niagara CE and you bill stands for. The congress for the new urbanism and it sounds like. Something very intimidating and crazy but. It's actually a very pointed deal and it's coming here to buffalo for a stretch of days in early June it is June 4 through seventh -- -- couple weeks physicals now is they're out. A way of kind of sort of briefly describing what it does or does cover a wide ranging affair this this forty deal. Well I guess in lay terms it's a convention but Dunham. C and you considers that a congress it's it's the 22 annual. Convening of their congress. It is a big gathering of the top. Planners architects. Engineers developers real estate investors. Landscape architect sociologist. People. In the world crude top thinkers when it comes to and really practitioners the guys who actually the doers. The the act of of placement. She comes and an interest in time for buffalo because as everybody knows a lot of development specially on the waterfront but there are other places the buffalo Niagara medical campus another example of that. Those are some of the things that. These people these thinkers would come together and kind of discuss and talk about new ideas and ways to make cities more viable. They would and it's not really limited to cities it's really about him expose more of the way we settle places. -- -- all different scales of side of density and size. So. Things from rural hamlets to suburban villages to urban neighborhoods to. The central core of of our cities that's really all of those things come to play when you're talking about CN. And this is kind of a general all encompassing like you said people from all over the world not just the United States gather for this. Will there be some kind of an off -- some have a discussion maybe on what is going on -- should be going on say with the peace bridge skyway that sort of fingers is just a crime or more of a general. Discussion. No it's it's really intended to these these happen in in different cities around. Around the country around North America every year last year was Salt Lake City next year will be Dallas. And the discussion is really in our intent they should -- of bringing senior year was to give. The political leaders the the designers. And people. Because these are all about designing places where people. Some. Give them this sort of exposure. To the best ideas the best projects that have been done in the world. And then we wanna use the tour segment of the program to showcase the work that's going on in buffalo. When we're talking about things like the medical campus or. Or Larkin bill or canal side and elm wood village the -- there -- the things that are happening on the waterfront. So they'll be topics ranging from issues covering finance. Com issues covering transportation. Tracks and health. A whole wide variety of things very counts comprehensive program and a comprehensive enterprise talking with the buffalo green code for example showcases -- Now we talked earlier in the hour with a built -- -- live in studio here Willis co chair of the local host committee for C and you 22 buffalo Niagara. About the congress for the new urbanism and if you just wanna just recap again the basis for what that's all about. It's. A gathering of the top. Architects planners. Urban -- I'm landscape architects engineers. Investors developers. Quite a few politicians. Political leaders. From around the world who are here to. To discuss and share ideas on how to build better places. And among media of big name people coming here you mentioned a particular one architect from my believe it was a Philadelphia. That is going to be out a part of the proceedings here today. Oh of a familiar city Robert M stern. Is going to be showcase at this year's congress as well as. And the top folks who really started the whole enterprise. A place making. People like country store on any one of those six founders of C union Peter -- or another. From California -- races from Miami Florida. Where is firm Deloitte -- -- it comes to finals -- ladies. From Los Angeles will be here. Some people in the industry you know these names. People exposed outside. We -- but the work that they do is really important all of us. And not another big part of this four day event that congress for the new urbanism which is in buffalo from off the June 4 through the seventh. -- most not everything but I'm a good majority of this is going down at the convention center downtown. The main body of the program will be on the convention center the upper level will be wary of exhibitors. Will be. Will be held they'll also have the bookstore there quite a few of these people are authors. And their their books will be -- as well as other publications that day and textbooks that cover. This sort of work. They'll be at lunchtime speaker program where people from the general public and show up every day at lunch. And get a little sample of what goes on within the main body of the program that the the registered attendees will be Lexington and you mention exhibitors what kind of things would people be able to see if they stop by the conventions. -- seeing companies that errors selling. Building products. Sort of suppose a little bit of meaning home show people that are planning firms. Architectural firms will be on display. Also I suppose as a realistic developers who are showcasing some of their projects that the doing and other parts of the country will also take out Booth space. And you mentioned tourists and couple of sewers in particular perked -- -- me up. Because people may or may not know yet that this is a kind of a burgeoning area for the rebirth of brewing. And guns and a lot of other tourists over the course of the four days that this event is going on will be related to checking out the that are seen as Hitler. They will though even be a pub crawl unknown Wednesday evening when people after the after the opening ceremonies are over and the and people get a chance to get out and experience a little bit of Buffalo's nightlife so -- -- things like that and this is open to the public as well. I think people from the public would be welcome to journal on a pub for absolutely. Actually I'd like that for more information American people. The easiest place to find out about this is CN -- dot org www. Senior dot -- forward slash. CA and you 22 with a view navigate successfully to -- and you went senior debt or. I think you'll find your way to -- in 22 pretty easily it's it's prominently displayed on the way. Sounds like some very interesting stuff here and certainly bringing it quite a number of people here for -- -- -- about 15100 people from around the country here and really around the world the mayor of former mayor of Bogota Colombia. Will be one of the attendees is a quite a few. Few people that'll be here. Great bill appreciate your coming and especially on Memorial Day and it was a function -- I appreciate the time -- think some -- and year -- time again he's the co chair for the local host committee of CA new 22 buffalo Niagara see -- standing for congress for the new urbanism.

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