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Let The Governor's Race Begin - Speeches & Analysis

May 25, 2014|

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It's time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. NB. And what a week -- talk politics especially this week gubernatorial. Politics. This is the week when Republican rob -- Reno came to buffalo twice to talk about how. He thinks the buffalo billion the whole program of giving money to west New York to boost the economy. He thinks it's a little bit of a Sammy think -- campaign gimmick and he said so. This was the week when. -- hope goal was nominated for lieutenant governor under Andrew Cuomo and she spoke about that they're nominating speech we'll get to that in just a second. This is also the week where Governor Cuomo not only had his nominating speech. In in the convention on Long Island but also came to buffalo on Friday to talk about the issues that he thinks are framing the campaign. And that is basically what we're going to do. For the next two hours -- talk about this campaign we're gonna get your caused do you think Governor Cuomo will win do you want him to win two separate questions we're gonna kick that around. We're gonna hear some of those speeches from both -- local and rob -- Reno and Governor Cuomo. And we're gonna bring in GOP political strategist Michael Caputo and pistol that when we start taking your calls he of course is the guy that managed Carl Paladino campaign four years ago. He's got his written a lot of speeches in his life as well so if we're going to hear some speeches. And analyze and speeches and look at what happened he's he's the great got to have not stay with us that's right around the corner. What I wanted to do though especially because Kathy vocalist from -- York and wanted to play her nomination acceptance speech from the Democratic Convention earlier this week. I might say -- -- eleven minutes of the speech capping might be born. But it didn't get a lot of media coverage and I think it's kind of significant because she said in an awful lot. The things about Western New York there were references to. The area there references the Buffalo Bills pretty much everything she said had some sort of west Europe spent. Would bring in Michael would -- just a little bit but I might start off by hearing that speech Uranus. Thank you so much I am so thrilled to be here first of all thank you to help Democrats Truman wanted to thank our leader Pelosi for that announcement. It reminded me when I was listening to her words something she said give me my birthday as a member of congress representing upstate New York she said Kathy. Never forgets your title is US representative. You represent your district and I was so proud to represent. The counties that Erie Niagara senate -- living together. Ontario Wyoming and Arlene and. It's true and highest honor I'd like to represent this area in Washington. Now we have a new challenge and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that they. Think Governor Cuomo has put in me. To work with him it's part of the team to carry our message of hope. In optimism across this great states -- thank you Governor Cuomo for inviting me to be your partner. Making sure our families. The workers have a living wage we take care of our children we -- health -- there's so much and -- together and Bob -- when you first showed up last year we are so excited to have someone. We knew our community was passion about the Buffalo Bills that I wanna do what you did pop and start bringing. -- -- -- those trees it felt neglected and abandoned for so many decades so you immerse yourself in our community you're there you're fighting help me fight for the night -- -- base Bobby never. Until nice chatting on the phone nonstop on some pop on behalf grateful state thank you for your service. -- -- you -- me this opportunity which that was seized with all the energy and purpose so therefore there is one order of business in my 10-Q. That I today. Humbly accept with great pride in humility the nomination for lieutenant governor of the state of ER. You've heard my story from many people's I'll be brief but. Three years ago this month actually. After my unexpected -- congress. News publication did a story called legacy of service and they chronicled. Where I came from. And it did wasn't so much about me but the family roots they gave me. The values that I liked that I put forth in public service. You talked about my parents. Getting married life very humbly in its trailer. In the shadow on the baton steel plant. And I the values I learned my mom and dad were about service my mother was an advocate for. Disables. For victims of domestic violence in effect for her seventieth birthday. Instead of taking a trip in celebrating. My mother with my bothered her side started on her victims of domestic violence -- have a place to go a shelter in the night. When things got so horrible at home that was -- My mother's favorite saying that she part her six children an eighteen grandchildren. Was going into the world and do well. But more importantly. -- we into the world and do good and that is what I try to do my mom's memory. That that message that she. Not with us while it may be enshrined -- -- It's enshrined in our hearts and that message is resurrected today in me and I'm so proud to do that. For all of you in my mother's name thank you very much. I'm so excited work with our governor -- both fires people -- in upstate New York count as a fighter as a member of the town council to protect our quality of life. Is Erie county clerk I thought to protect our taxpayers and find ways to streamline government. Make it more responsive to the people as a member of congress I thought for the farmers we've seen tough times the small business owners didn't think anybody is initiate the moms and dads worry about the kids' education and -- get a better life and make up the next day those -- the people I thought for those that people Governor Cuomo cares about and together going to be -- elevate his state. To new -- That is never ever been seen before. I come from might -- like please -- always jokes about compliment to New York Times are tough. Lot of the still meal still feels that gave people the digging of the job for decades -- left the steel mills turned to rust I thought friends and neighbors who never gave up. They never gave up they kept that resilient spirit is wanted someone to care and look out for them reaching helping hands we never lost out. Well Western New York bounds. In Governor Cuomo when he embarked on his journey. From the stage like this for years ago we have partners summit was willing to listen someone who -- some unfulfilled promises that always me. Whenever the bill. Now we have a state government knows how to work with business work as a teammate. To help create jobs in Western New York. There's so many projects I've seen come to life my husband I like to writer likes around. And we are riding in the city of buffalo and we are going past projects. Everything that week and industrial wasteland brownfields. -- now films. With light. Families coming down to picnic on the waterfront -- there's going by. Concerts. Vendors it's it's a new energy that you cannot imagine there is hope and optimism that we only dreamed about in Western New York. And the differences and the commitment Governor Cuomo made every one of us when he made his acceptance for years ago he's renewed every year -- just in the state. And he's -- so often people say just an apartment. Truly he is always there he shows up the leader of our economic development council -- and ski season. More property from diseases like it is fantastic to see that level if it's not just talking. It is not just not there are rains in the air. Top of the line -- we are talking about. Building those projects which is rebuilding our hope that community that number. And gone on that want to went from almost nothing to 80800. Events that bring people downtown with not just water. It is -- site it is the buffalo Niagara medical campus events so many investments made there it can't keep track them. So buffalo -- York upstate New York it's on the move again just like all of the arts and. So you think everybody I'm very excited about this right wrong on the same page. -- guess but I'm not it's not just. There are people. We just finished the convention and not long ago. With some aren't happy with progress. They don't like the fact that the state is turning around now it doesn't fit into their narrative of negativity. Someone -- don't think on the neighboring have a new lending. He basically. Said that there's no more help these are negative he in my mind as a buffalo. He's declared war on buffalo and I'm telling you right now I'm not a massive -- in upstate New York got me and it got to get to the fed off he said Europe's economy is weak. Yes -- the very next day unemployment figures came out showing the biggest decline the best numbers since 2008. -- doesn't read the paper. I know how long ago. Also experienced the second highest wrote. In private sector job anywhere in the country unit number two I think 25 I think it I think we are number two. I don't think the other side sees that and your program right. This is often helps downstate upstate getting jobs all over the country come here in the -- stayed in this -- Republican candidate. Might make it -- up next to come out against this program. Okay you tell that the Republican business owners and the Republicans all of our -- -- -- like jobs coming to you our academic promise that. Very next day after Chris and I just -- that program. New businesses where now it's coming that's just it -- This this is taking up you can is negative in the eighth air intake at the negative -- you wanna go out there alone. But we're not commonly. Taken out. There. Sony may have hurt the Buffalo Bills. You're gonna get -- -- or -- you're just. But buffalo but he is our state because I guess also had the nerve to criticize the buffalo billion. Not -- billion is up there in the hearts and minds of west Yorkers like the saviors. The bills chicken wings you don't -- this stuff okay. You know next to the coffin of elimination of the chicken wing I cannot read it hurt that a reference here we can't touch that there are certain. Things are now sacred -- we have senior living the benefits of the problem billion program. And Republican candidate could talk about taking it down anti I think we should note that everyone in this state should note that if you get someone like -- -- taking -- -- that machine. Way back before the privacy for everything we're seeing in the Arctic he wants to go back. Because he doesn't want to leave in this state. -- I believe in the state governor Arnold leads in the ST every one you police the state and we -- not proud. I am sick and tired of politicians and losing -- there. -- autopsy also slight transformation. In government that I scenes. Years ago he talked about this functionality -- -- -- right. That they do -- -- now the last four years is an incredible partnership. We have been the beneficiaries of this. Because I kept my -- is -- -- -- I know at this functionality it's okay. That's gridlock on steroids -- one -- But I tell you. I saw some good things and I was there and I want to you know everyone is -- with -- from an area that was affected by standing hurricanes and the you would be so proud to know your members of congress downstate reached out to upstate members of congress. With the leadership of the governor Bob -- coming in making sure we ought to get them accidentally because Republicans were gonna freed up. -- final hours of my days in congress and neighbors say no money for -- I'm so proud of that change that's so everyone's mind a little glimmer. Things working but it force that was the exception. I've seen how bad things can be I've seen how good things are in Albany and again we're not going backwards. We are all New Yorkers. He got -- got -- swagger back and now it right. Hindsight. Rammed it right now I'm right now I'm really coming out there. Get out there. Really nice of you. Yeah. From Thursday of this week that's lieutenant governor candidate Kathy -- all the former Erie county Western New York congressperson former Erie county clerk. At the democratic state convention. On Long Island let's bring in Michael Caputo now Michael is a political strategist Michael is that a Republican I guess you could say and die hard in that regard. And Michael I got to ask your when she was first nominated I think I saw you on FaceBook saying while excellent choice. I would Limbaugh hopes it absolutely was I -- -- look I'm. I think admirable public in. Probably genetically. In common in UNC. -- Yet here and and my dad loved practical he doesn't like politics that much. But she's been -- or at least keep from ever write that out here arbor area and and you know my -- -- -- And Republican and they are probably don't like the pulpit they don't like the thing. Something she stands for. But it's Batman it's quite connect speakers -- a lot of love out there what she. And she's also I think in that speech she showed she's got a little bit respond the the lieutenant governor candidate originally. Is the attack dog one that says -- Here's what the Republicans are doing wrong -- the the Democrats are going on the the person that goes out there and and tries to make those arguments that would be. Maybe undignified if the governor or the governor candidate -- What are -- I've been watching capital for awhile -- we all out she's run for public office a couple of times in Jupiter and its entire operations. I won a real squeaker and lost the squeaker. I haven't seen her so polished in his speech. Ever. Back acceptance -- what does the Arctic Tibet are seeing her do at the podium and and and -- -- -- writing the speech writing was excellent. The problems here this year it's. And I am quite sure how -- the problem is. It's like politicizing the Buffalo Bills if you come down here and declares war letter to Reno in Western New York. She'd walk and not a pretty benign occurred weapon -- really don't like there -- much. -- I also wanna get to the substance of repeat speech we got to take a little break you'll pick it up on the other side and then we'll start take some phone calls after the after the news at the bottom of the hour. Michael Caputo is here we're talking about. -- vocal nominated for -- the speech just heard as lieutenant governor there was quite a controversy earlier this week. When -- best Reno spoke out against the buffalo billion saying it's a little bit of a sham herder allude to that. He came back to town on Friday and spoke about that with you that coming up and more with Michael and your calls too. 8030930. Straight ahead after this -- and news radio 930 WB and it's hard line on news radio 930 WVU and this is the -- We're talking for the next two hours about the governor's race at the back in the program ripe for Meet the Press. We will be playing back governor Cuomo's acceptance speech at the convention the democratic state convention. Earlier this week for gonna kick it around and takes your calls before rather than as well. Michael Capote was here he ran Carl Paladino campaign for governor or at least there was one the top officials of that. He's a political strategist Michael let's let's talk about strategy in general here. Do you think that do you think that -- Reno's got a tough road to hoe in light of the amount of money and attention that -- slather it on Western New York. Well I think that our Governor Cuomo are some years ago decided that he had to win back where work after our Carl Paladino took the weight room. And -- -- -- on that now four years he wants to get 60%. Are you want to win with 60%. Are so that he can you know he considered that and mandate for leadership of the month. President if if that they've -- opportunity presented so now Western New York this -- it industry is going to be huge. The court to be you -- we have a couple of different. Being reported here we thought we didn't until just now. Western European have much of an interest in this race they had a Republican didn't pick. Our western new York -- April picked our share of -- from there from upstate but not from New York -- so it was kind of important. Are without Carl Paladino on the ballot. Other Republicans are gonna see here -- you to return out and it's huge victory here. But he did in the general election 2000 and remember. There aren't Erie county are -- out here where we -- beat all of our area which were quote went for Carl Paladino even in the general. Right now I think question you're really in play in this -- -- -- local -- variants. We only have just supplement seconds here before the news but briefly I tuned to recall about a week or so ago on the morning news. Rob asked Reno said you know if I get upstate Western New York the way that Carl did. And then add in my base of the suburbs around Western New York he said that the math is there and that he could win. Is that why Cuomo on the other hand is looking at this and sank. I got a -- western York. Well don't let -- go to the lieutenant governor pick. People really kind of useless facts so we actually had absolutely no impact on the election in November. Well right now that is just an incredible that a governor election -- -- are variable in any equation it's something to talk about. In the end it in picking a Western New York stalwart like he did show that evening we spent a lot of time here and he airplay and is planning -- taken away from actually. All right let's -- back on hold time for the news will kick and pick it up on the other side. And would like to get your calls to 8030930. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB -- It's hard line on news radio 930 that -- and good morning this debut though. GOP strategist Michael Caputo -- here he was the guy that helped run Carl Paladino as race for governor. It was a race that we all know obviously Andrew Cuomo won but it was a race that ended up meaning a lot of Western -- votes were in effect against Cuomo. Now as we enter another campaign year you see a lot of concentration on Western New York we're talking about that we'd be talking about the buffalo billion as well. This week rob mastery you know the GOP challenger was in town twice this week talking about the buffalo billion he says it's a sham won't get to that. And along the way it will take your calls -- do you think Cuomo should win. And do you think he will win the two questions on the table today. 8030930s. The number we'd love to have you aboard let's kick it off with phone calls right now Michael starting up with Kevin in Pendleton hi you're on the air. -- reports here where Michael you know bomb. You with interstate that's real. Republicans so outnumbered by Democrats. I'm a bit disappointed -- which do we. Even the Republicans even trying to wind history it's a good example. Did they do Republicans all who are big -- on -- to run. And everyone that diesel vehicle. I figure that's the chants. And right now you guys and they commit some that do this guy at the chancellor and obviously to a such -- or you option. In -- -- so and equipment I think that. There's a lot of the real questions -- credibility of what you know Republican sustainable. You know get in the governorship and even I'm particularly the state. I mean cut ideas that it. Right there written this important that we appear calm out here for the program replay access. -- -- -- What did you -- And -- said the nation I had my entire. Because each during the week from the grassroots will okay Idris and you'll try it appeared to industries and still went back to new -- establishment. And unfortunately -- I think part of the establishment. All right there's there's a couple things there let's start with trump. At one point Q and others were saying he was our only hope does that mean that -- Reno has no hope Mike. I'll I I think that the collar roots are putting a lot of words but by now he's probably. Spending a bit of power and are talking to some of the people in the Tea Party. Who. Are are not in my in my case it -- they are hired -- nobody has heard me say. But at Reno's are gonna win this race I never said that in my life. So you're not enough to answer. No I'm not security camera I think because you are. Our whole story makes it more difficult army actor Reno as a near vertical climb to win there. I mean it's just that accurate I mean you understand call our party -- they are not a political Arnold worked eight campaign anymore and I'm. And it is so I'm looking at there's typically from an analytical and and the man. And Cuomo -- in an -- upwards of 3540 million. Accurate you know -- you may have -- that he is carpet and raised more but I. Been openly skeptical about -- a as a Republican I hope he can and I'll do everything I can. To help them do it. But it -- a vertical. Well at the same time our our informal came in to lieutenant governor actually. -- -- He already -- conventional wisdom. Is going to walk away from with -- -- I don't know it's going to be a -- Wall Street figure going to be Reno's. You know showing some spears camp and but the money thing is insurmountable. Because you're the -- If you factor. Lightning strikes. Didn't see your campaign plane and you're not like we going to win is lightning doesn't strike battle. And what what exactly is the lightning strike the Yankees. He's counting -- I've got an influx of money or -- it is very important are working families party candidate. The physical working families party candidate -- in this race because of the what the appointment with formal agenda. -- vote lead over -- -- is cut in half and it becomes beatable. He becomes beatable. Right who would've thought that would be an argument between -- -- the global bourses and and -- working families party. There I don't think that ever happened the war in every party is the captain of the Cuomo missed each. They're gonna go ahead and do it but that one way to get through an open when it certainly could be some very and it shortens. A lieutenant governor stripped him proper victory and that and that kind of abrupt. To the left of the working families party. Is the Green Party Howie Hawkins if you've ever talked to how he he he presents himself as a pretty credible guy not just a third party whacko. Do you think he's a factor. Now. You know ran into my it guy and and he he peeled away it's certainly not a -- but all -- -- -- -- the party were not the Green Party. Hard or votes before even in -- -- cannery not much everybody who was going to be out. You know -- important discussion of the table critical -- they're going to be goal during the entire reason not to win but to get into the debate. They're trying to they're viewed her and that you know one of the advantages over vote. I don't want to address one more thing the Karl that the caller so short -- back. He -- the problem with Carl Paladino is race in the he should've gone straight to the grass roots. And kind of considered going to the middle of the water -- stop would it -- Back -- a patently. False statement. Occurred because in your your brain gets elected in a primary. And let you -- the middle and let you go after independent voters and also a Democrat. Republicans will never. Ever win a statewide race in New York State it mathematically. Impossible what we're talk about your man. Matt counted now Carl Paladino without going to the middle and Matt -- -- count out Robert Reno and let them barrier to being -- Iraq. All right what about what Kevin said regarding the independence that's kind of along the lines of what you said about having your base yes but also getting the other side. You think -- independents not the independence party but the independents. Have a role here. Absolutely do in fact they're the Republican even consider -- Independent yet we almost have to clear the table on the independent. And entered the big -- between those who have registered in the independent party. And those don't recall recall independence with a lower case I like those -- they're polite. And we say and then the people people who have registered with no party. And that a sizable. Who opened in New York State and it's an important part of victory for the -- or the right. All right let's not go back to the calls here John and Rochester high. Indeed they seem like you know the one thing not an accurate and I I at this place you wouldn't bet the house and a reasonable doubt about it but. He's got three main goal inform at least. -- -- core issue. Be safe. In the fracking which took almost sitting on the sideline. And they're going to be very important I think those three issues for upstate New York. All right Mike what do you say we gotta move calls along quickly this are there stand back up but. -- those three the turning point. So remember not the turning point with the corps of -- Reno's campaign strategy. On all three of those things are Cuomo it all went down on. And all three of those things he had a vulnerability on the problem that we have we've repaired repaired the it'd be issued them well. Okay our respect -- -- -- difficult current conventional wisdom is they don't turn out owners don't vote they don't know. And and by the content or think that an excitable as you didn't the people whether it. And you know so those are those strong -- you talk about the problem news. You know from -- standpoint that the walk in your papers you know 5050. Support and opposition -- Before the convention. That nominated Cuomo and -- call and then Friday after the convention -- Reno came to town and and basically. Said the buffalo billions of sham. Did he miss step by using that as an issue instead of the other things you spoke up because we heard that the whole speech at the end of the program we'll have a -- speech. They were able to turn that around and basically paint asked Reno took to my estimation. As a a pessimist -- you heard him in the speech saying RG he doesn't want anything to improve that the that the that the -- an issue. Oh you did an end I'm I'm sure he's got good people around -- -- cult like they were bought them. And they and and they chose an ideologically. Pure argenbright but at the conservative viewpoint you shouldn't use public money as corporate welfare. And at all so he's he's claiming I think we're on -- authority. -- that some of the Buffalo Bills in position -- some of that money market and apple or not but although from a political standpoint Cuomo has. -- paper this buffalo billions so well in Western New York polls -- show that. That the majority of people in my senior vote to recognize what is. Believe that it is real and so whether real or not I looked like. Extreme or maybe on the on the lows are diminished. All right we'll talk more about that issue after the news of top the hour let's bring in Dominic in Charlotte, North Carolina listening on the web are you. Yet I am native -- -- fall by a very real quick about -- -- runner up yet. Always without Andrew Cuomo. Six for can't be Opel is pure politics so he can get vote in western York. I wanna play devil's advocate them that we you guys will be dead over the memorial to you to circle of people I want people think about it. It's these so concerned with that politics right now being hit -- you'd think he really has the best interest. All of Western New York. That event that's all I got to say that'll be gotten good afternoon. All right Mike got quick -- and we'll move on the break in picking up on the other. Daria are -- he's hit the Bay Area central spoke with -- we need to be asking that question. Because in the book a couple of billion from real parents he's been here so many current in the last eighteen months. Because you want to Western New York no question that the core. His strategy if you think that you are cryptic Matlock work the work you may vote for him if you don't if you happen now. -- your vote against them in their -- their bet everything Western New York on that strategy. You believe that Andrew Cuomo wants to help you in Western Europe that of course and there are new elections that. All right very good we got to take a break we'll pick it up on the other side if you'd like to join the conversation couple phone lines open and Michael's here for about another. A move half hour forty minutes against hotel. 1138030930s. The number straight ahead more calls its hardline. On news radio 930 W. It's hard line on news radio 930 double B and this is -- -- we are talking about the governor's race. Two weeks ago rob mastery known nominated on the Republican side this past week. Governor Andrew Cuomo obviously renominated for another term. And now the races off they both visited buffalo this past week guests Reno twice on Friday big Cuomo local rally. At the steelworkers all know the UAW while the auto workers hall in Cheektowaga. 8030930s. The number let's bring in another call here Michael Caputo is on the line GOP strategist. One of the guys that help from Carl Paladino campaign against Cuomo. Tom thanks for calling your on the -- But I -- applaud the speechwriter for -- because I think you're gonna hear is that narrative of negativity. Repeated endlessly. For the next six months. Yeah W -- Well I think it speaks to the region from a technical point of view -- -- it is also going to resonate with the national. Message. Going -- you know Republicans don't care about you heard them say inner species that. Our Governor Cuomo is someone who care about what your your work here a lot probably -- on the Republican on a national. Statewide and local level. Historically I wonder if this is a flip flop I think back to the Reagan days when he was all optimism coming out of Jimmy Carter's Malays. I think of the founding of Fox News before they went is ideologically bent as they are. Their whole thrust their marketing at the at the very beginning was the idea that we're optimistic we think America is better we're not just -- dwell on problems and that and the politics of problems it used to be my debt. Along time ago may be a long long time ago. Republicans owned the optimism. And Democrats more than once that was saying things like we need to improve this or that or the other thing. Has this turned upside down enough nationally that they can do what they're doing in Albany. Well how could I get it it's a little bit more complex and now I think the Democrat strategy -- -- one of optimism that one of real services in the public cynical. Prosperity and I've ever seen in my career in politics for thirty years. Probably also working it -- also brilliant at the same apartment battered they have been spending their part on law in brick being. Opening up bleeding wounds are Republicans ran. They've been paring it down now report by the mean I'm sorry since 2000 apartment in the abuse be that strategy. And it worked so opened better. Are right now what they're talking about a -- reporting that the Republicans saying look how bad they hardly any women in -- anti. They're they're they're paying all these are on the party. And and try and save them is in point fourteen. All right stand in Rochester wrapping up for this hour -- glad you're on the air. Yeah I again the conservatives are making a huge mistake. Can't -- hole. Is gonna continue. The war on women the right wing media will be up or. Try to destroy Europe and shank them further in the holes remember Obama got 62% of the vote. When they Galactica people well it's gonna be even toward. And waited ten negative remember what Lazio did and started beating up on Hillary the women condom analyze you know that don't Emeka came. Stupid mistake. They eat their own. He's in my. Are you that president that part of someone who cares who look at those awful Republican base. Is to -- went on the you know on the picket. Probably be given one more weapon but he didn't wipe out. -- you're gonna hear a lot about that I would probably in agreement but you know -- problem with -- well I -- if you had a dramatic. While on the Second Amendment on garden street and talk about that -- absolutely. Too extreme on the -- -- I mean there are people out there and play -- -- -- believes and -- election. Right if you also locally as mayor and -- -- as we speak the competency. So they have the -- work against her but because she's a woman. They have to be very careful republic of the white when Bel Air down. Even if it's a lieutenant governor elect Christopher moss says -- -- candidate. Now not a -- -- a male cannot attack of the middle. I go over the line you can critique and you can and in -- technical partner record it is a very very barring foreign drawing a walk. And argue could fall off liberty. Is he inoculated by being an African American. No not a bought I think however he does -- a very significant -- oracle. Kind of -- expected move to the Republican ticket the first. African American to be our our collective effort that I can receive. Army going to be able to speak here -- issues like Republican Party is never able or not quite that well or to the debate. Between -- local sheriff I think to be there interest. All right we'll get to all of that after the break to touch on. The buffalo billion again took them touch on strategy we're gonna talk a little bit about a suburban votes in the rural votes rob best -- made some comments about that. And we'll also touch on some of the things that Andrew Cuomo said at his acceptance speech as well gonna play that back at the back -- the program coming at twelve noon. Much more to come right before twelve. Much more to come stay with us it's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen. It's time to talk politics it's hard on news radio nine. Here's W. And Awad a week it is to talk politics. Gubernatorial candidate rob -- Reno visiting buffalo twice this week he kind of book ended appearances by Governor Cuomo and lieutenant governor candidate -- vocal. They were both in town on Friday of course this comes right after. They were both -- net nominated. Cuomo renominated obviously in -- now is lieutenant governor pick. And don't three and 930s or number if you'd like to join the conversation we would love to have you Michael Caputo is here. He's a GOP strategist he's one of the guys that helped -- Carl Paladino campaign for governor against Andrew Cuomo before. A Michael before we bring you back in I wanted to split just just take a brief second or two. And here's some of the remarks that Governor Cuomo made in buffalo. On Friday again the tone that I think he's trying to set here for the entire campaign. The campaign is gonna be fun. And I'm looking forward to Houston we're gonna tell the people of the state this story of the past four years and that's what is going to be about gonna remind them. Of the story of the past four years and and then win New York was and -- -- games and -- New York should be going in our vision. Is there remember what it was like four years ago remember -- Albany was like four years ago remember -- -- in the New York was like four years ago. Remember the gridlock that was an -- remember that this function that was at all and remember this scandals that weren't open. Literally it was a joke on late night TV it would make jokes about open and how little got done. And how how ugly ones frankly. In the process. That's where we work and there was a sense that upstate New York especially. Was going down you know it was going downhill fast I would too many young people own airports. And we came in and we said look. Times are tough and will have to make real changes and we're gonna have to make them faster I'm gonna have to work hard but if we do we can turn this thing Iraq. He then went on to say that gridlock was the past on time budget was what he was able to do he talked to Mike about property tax cuts and cutting spending. He says that spending was actually cut 2% he says and taxes are down to 1953 levels and as something that we've we've hurt quite a bit about this week. The idea of jobs -- New York Buffalo Bill in -- New -- question your -- New York. Is this a strategy that is going to work do you think Mike. I think. I I think you're gonna work I think it's going to be. A textbook campaign. I mean it -- stand that I mean I think what I understand the Andrew Cuomo I don't believe he says he's going to be all I don't believe Ian joy I think in Jordan's government. But he connect with the campaign here in the east and Africa -- controlled every molecule round and during his. I mean he's gonna have the most money in order to beat an incumbent you have to spend more than they usually. Especially -- popular. And Republicans don't have the money to do that can run. Around of this state and do exactly what he wants to probably. That the voters won't respond. Two weeks ago right after it was nominated -- best Reno was on our air 1 in the morning programs with Susan rose. I wanted to hear what you said when she asked him this about the way he needs to campaign. Rob western New Yorkers are -- Carl Paladino in your same shoes for years ago he won big in Western New York but lost the state. When he did he do differently. Than Paladino. Well that the good news it is what people don't understand -- -- governor's race is one which is different than presidential or US senate race. Governor's race for the last five -- gubernatorial elections. 44 to 50% of the total vote. Comes from upstate new York and we can win big up here because the issues -- whereabouts you know the stake back which should be repealed that's awful. Common core which is almost common core is terrible and I have three kids who were in school -- -- the great so I'm dealing with this is Eric. And we can raise standards -- batteries standards for education in New York but a much different way to go about it not a nationalization. Of education. We wanna keep it local where we actually have the empowerment. With teachers and families and parents. And a local level that's what we'll do as other states start due by the way -- strip away common -- so we can win could almost half the vote comes from upstate. I can lose in the city seventy to thirty. And still had our number because battle then goes to the suburbs were called it. And that of course is Westchester and Long Island and Westchester by the but he is generally where elephants go to -- But that's not the case that there are that are base that's where I was born and raised. And the people who know me the most including many of the Democrats. Who have already voted for -- in big numbers. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't put their trust in me. For governor and so we can absolutely. Be very competitive and we're gonna win this race. What do you think of his math Mike. Well I guess we don't we talk about here and he's right Carl didn't have Long Island Florida but the New York's suburbs -- Are straight there I believe he got a problem monologue -- -- that you can't talk about about here but. The Republicans some of the Republican chairman in Long Island are actually out on publicly working for global. So. I'm not retreat here on the street -- but your revenue spare but definitely a compliment Carl Paladino a bit so. Some of the leaking. Western Europe boat over to almost Iraq. He will balance out. -- it -- state but also other one thing he didn't mention about the timing of this. Abuse are -- That interview was right after it was nominated I think -- was -- he was nominee and Wednesday it was the following morning. Sure mark brings something very interesting to the table here because while the Binghamton you know a -- Pennsylvania New York border area isn't. Are as popular as the Western New York area some of the week over. From the Western New York. Cuomo and all will be offset by. Active campaigning with -- -- about 100000 what. Homeowners are important but it was over the farm owners landowners. Along the border very very upset about practice. Some walked in here aren't understanding -- he is well versed on the issues so he can carry that in -- that up at -- when. You know -- even know if -- -- BM in New York State. Are on the ball on the on the opinions scale in that area -- at the -- the squabble. So are while not going to be incredibly cute Robert if it is they've been helped with some little bowl loss to compliment the local. Is the mathematical formula that strategy that -- Reno laid out there. Is that also why Western Europe becomes crucial not just for -- for. Any national aspirations Cuomo -- but but basically for the numbers is this why the buffalo billion. Is something that mastering a kind of add to attack to make sure the people -- it becomes an issue here. Are -- from iPod from how he handled the ball will be and it's very difficult because. End -- -- bring a lot of time and money. But basically lying about it for a long long time and and that the messaging coming out of the government offices got its actions in that area. So he's gonna. Have to move very gingerly around the army. The western New Yorkers if you look at the crop have been polling aren't necessarily against the kind of programs that are that are floating box. You know the real problem you have with the buffalo billion and it's really not here yet. And it's still -- in a promise. So you're going to be asking people do they crossed into formal end and after that the question that the -- will look I'm I'm not quite sure outwardly at. Our place and doing some bytes you'll get the calls in just a second here's west -- said on Friday in buffalo about that buffalo billion. We would need. A buffalo billion in the economy were strong. Taxes -- lower if people wanted to stay here and could stay here they can't pay taxes anymore so that's why they're leaving that's what seniors are back to work. To to get some income to pay taxes. That's why young couples are leaving that's what businesses are closing. Because it's not sustainable that's why the root causes have to be fixed and the problem lies in Albany and politicians. We wouldn't need the buffalo billion we'll certainly take it he says -- we wouldn't need it. If taxation and business policy was better. Right -- and whether it. But not forget what what can you ever gonna side or -- bop bop -- will be in it sound like we can get on the microphone republic somebody yelled out. Oh don't worry you're -- yours too. Yup -- and UK government that you can't boys -- you can't build job creation like giving away billions here in the in the money isn't there. In fact Governor Cuomo spoke about that very point -- this Friday when he was in town you don't oppose the -- open. Most everybody was not in buffalo -- back up -- -- Funny but that's how life works right. Of the airport was what is my billion. And only buffalo gets the bid so I understand politically. Why somebody would take that position. But the -- -- was vital to what would. Part of what laws. -- way to say that Western New York. This is different than the past and I know you've heard it before. And I know they've been alliance and I know that and politicians and I know the big promises. But this is different. And I want to think of this is different. And I watch it really fast yourself and bite into this Michael when you -- This is different yeah because they're a ticket record at a million. And here's what -- apple. Something is going to calm of the buffalo billions we all know Republicans Democrats we all know because just by. This sense that they're gonna throw some money our way. But in five years or maybe ten wanted to look back on the buffalo billion. We might say it's remarkable bought -- the current the two companies that they're bringing in. And riverbend project have never heard a pop they might be on the pork or almost all. There's so much on the common in this spring. So much that we're betting on and we don't have any and we don't have -- -- It's really about whether or not you trot into Cuomo and I don't know will be at an event. 8030930s. Or number we'll talk more about the same effect after our break let's bring in another call. Lot of people on the web today listening in first from North Carolina and now David in California San Fran I believe red -- It exactly in greetings from. I -- little while ago. You know I was kind of surprised by listening -- just say that there's no -- in the Republican Party Ngo and in New York State if I remember right. Rockefeller's used to be the wealthiest people in the state. And now it's the Coke Brothers. -- our rubber but they made twelve billion dollars last year and and that's just -- with a -- Brothers. But to the folks spend in -- in New York State are they more national politics. Well I think there are holes there are they're mining pirates. They they basically spend it in areas in fact they're trying to buy the the water boards in the sort -- -- and various agencies that. You know control pollution. They wanna get away with murder when it comes to polluting their countries so they're buying this small races around the country at this point. But. I. It's surprising that if they're not spending money against Cuomo that would seem to me that they consider him already in the bag. Please Michael actually actually David -- has been giving money and Paul Morton the article what was don't spend money on races. In the in New York State they didn't spend and on the local level we've seen some party. That are that are -- fighter group Americans for prosperity of -- global level if you look at corner that was very interesting races we. The money lost on the but you know I I think. You know develop case of a -- is really not something that I body alive aren't I I've met with so I've I've worked -- didn't vote for a year and a half on one of the commissioners. And you know they're good guys and we both sides have their billionaires I mean you're I. -- picture or Soros. Not only see here a multi billionaire poured money into the left wing partisan races. He's been against America on the stock market so -- everybody got their billionaires in the end topic that just the -- goes because you know. And there are -- importantly not spending money in the New York State governor race because that they were right. Operated are brought back you know would make a much better -- much better governor -- Andrew Cuomo. But the company not to be a part of. Wouldn't it be a nice thing -- the Coke Brothers finally paid the medical bills for all the people have been poisoning for all these years. You talked about money from -- to do with -- I'm not quite sure what that has to do your bit pulpit but. You know -- -- called Brothers there are on our our leading businessman across the across the globe not merit paper I understand your and a an extreme can't despite they are. And failure and them I'm not quite sure what there has to do -- -- -- -- let's get a quick rebuttal in the -- got to move on just because the clock is not a friend right now. You're talking about profits from mining in an environmental issues like Georgia Pacific are you. Yeah exactly if you look at the cancer rate in America it's got to be tied to pollution and if you look at the Coke Brothers -- being one of the biggest polluters in America. There are the biggest welfare cheats in America because they're not paying the medical bills for the people that they poison. And they didn't they made twelve billion dollars last year. I didn't do that I'm glad it happened because I mean you're a great yeah I didn't do that I'm glad it happened because of the the timeframe involved here. Basically he's saying -- got glad. We can talk about what billionaires are doing they're the ramp into the water I understand that. You know that when people have billions they have a lot of in a lot of ways hurt the investment industry an industry bring people out of work when it comes to pollution. I totally get that but if not we're unique Republican problem you know George -- the big billionaire behind all the -- link on the back I like. It can bet that in mind in the former Soviet Union where people are dying every single -- If I really nothing to do with what. All right Michael we we've we've talked too much do wanna get into slow them more about the safe -- can you stick just a little bit longer than we first signed up for. All right forget we're gonna take a break now -- talk about the -- -- and then we'll wrap it up after that. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio 930 WP and before the end of the program Meet the Press comes your way at twelve noon we will hear governor Cuomo's. Acceptance speech at the state Democratic Convention -- here a little bit more from -- best Reno let's wind things up though with Michael Capuano GOP strategist. Mike if we can't get to all of this topic we will hold -- after the news break. But I know you mentioned it earlier I wanna go a little more in depth now about the safe -- what role you see it playing in the campaign to -- Well one of the occasion you know myself and some -- -- -- and other public ought to love the potential trump candidacy which did not materialize heat and extreme of survival flare. I think. Among many would believe that and let you go well and borrowings. The Second Amendment supporter Benedict the gun owner. Who does not -- who isn't registered. And get them to vote. You are courted Republicans have a very difficult -- when it's great because you basically have to operating more Republican numbers. To the polls you have to bring new voters into the into the next. The problem you have Second Amendment the conventional way we've been in. But it support of a Second Amendment. Have been activists both promote the gun owners don't. And and that's you know that was the wrong in Colorado recently when you repeat that when they recall a couple of he's a member of our officials. But it remain seamer that kind of act some of them are here resides -- the economic news here in New York State. Why doesn't the state rifle and pistol association nor the NRA. Have. Registration drive. Well is it about four million dollar project where would we do we did and you can go out there is a 100000 dollar dog if you want to. -- not gonna move the needle I think they're. Are we all so it's surprisingly I don't -- reiterate actually -- New York paper here as a battleground. A lot of probably national. -- strategists have written New York offers the deepest we've stayed in the. If I look at some of the legal battles that have gone on in New York State over the same effect. I almost think that we're we're sort of divided into two separate camps there. And I wonder if that's why the NRA is and so interested because he doesn't see they they they don't seek unity here in New York State. A quick comment on that and we'll pick up. I disagree you have -- -- -- go on our gun owner and and and the Second Amendment forces and every Stater provided a sort of answered if the -- group you know I mean. There are a lot of -- spoken to all the -- because a -- -- could be what -- -- -- -- -- rugged individual. Know people who are out of Barbara construction. And they don't like being told what -- and ended in this State Department in -- maybe even Warren thinks some of them were -- attribute more. But in the port of of funding always well wins over I mean if someone put together professional. Eight -- spiral voter registration -- in the west out there who have gone right. You gonna get on the register -- -- get a legitimate argument for piece of mail and they turn out the back a month. All right Mike well relay we'll get some closing comments from me on the other side of the news. Back after this it's hard line and his. It's hard line on news radio 930 that would be and its safety though. To get a real sense of what's kind of topics we can expect to hear along the campaign trail coming up in just a minute or two going to play bad. Governor Cuomo's acceptance speech when he was nominated to run for governor this week at the state democratic convention on Long Island. Closing comments first though from Michael Caputo a GOP strategist. Michael to make sure giving everyone equal time here. What what should people listen to as they listen to that speech -- their points that you would like to race from obviously the other side. What's your problem with speech almost nomination speech coming up gesture but we're looking at. Our guys who -- running competently IP you can hear that in in his word. He -- Do something here with all hole. Perry and rightly used it at all here is the he but he's trying to gain 60%. By lowering party well he's trying to get. Republic and not independent but Republicans. To vote with them with traditional Republican. Our issue like taxes. And jobs. And and in Aaron you know keeping the -- -- active in -- -- of the -- -- speak about is really not true and you made a point where party on. And he made a point earlier about tone the idea that for -- one point Republicans sort of owned the optimism. Now they've turned to little upside down. They have and I think about the risk that react to Reno Air it here. Are preparing to speak with a whip and flirting with a bit of criticism over the buffalo -- When Republicans are talking about what's bad. When Republicans talk about what happened. Are we lose. Especially in Blue States we talk about. Of what we want to do we talk about. The positive things that can be done in in contrast that things have been done in the past years. We win there and that is that we take I think the global attempting immigrant could well well it's going to be speaking. About optimism in what he's done and what we'll do and that's about -- very difficult. Are going to be. All right Michael let's all we have time for thanks for that that's Republican strategist Michael Pluto now let's listen to that speech from Thursday of this week on Long Island -- Governor Cuomo. Thank you. -- a big round of applause I want to thank President Bill Clinton for that time. People lieutenant. I heard her speech she is fired up and so in western new. -- I'm running with the flow strong ticket attorney general -- an item and we need him back. Back home winning. Thanks speakers though -- is friendship and leadership over the and welcome chairman -- -- campaign -- borrowed president of India and assemblywoman crystal people stokes thank you very. I've -- Democrats I accept your nomination to be governor of us they didn't. And we have a story to tell the people of this state -- to remind the people of this state we have to start by. By reminding them where we were four years. Years ago just about. And the condition that the state was eight. We have to remind them about the gridlock and that this function that was albeit at a state government had become literally a -- Late night TV news that. Highest taxes in the nation and very little to show for. And there was a sense. That New York was losing. And reset honestly when we were. That this that was at a crossroads. And I could go either way. And it was a tipping point. But we also said. If we come figure. If we are committed to real change. We're gonna turn this state around. And four years later we can leave us all today. And we didn't go our. To every citizen in this state. And we can look them. I say we did what we said we were going to go out. New York's game is on the move. -- in his job and. We are not stopping until we make the umpire. Are you doing all we went to work and job one was creating jobs for New Yorkers getting the government to work again to create those jobs. We had a different approach and we were all across this state we set up regional councils and regional councils. And we brought people together in those councils that was about the politics aside. That's all come on the same page booklet with the academics and let us with the business people -- -- the elected officials all -- the same table and come up with an economic. That points the way forward and let's invest in the year. I mean create those jobs. And it has worked extraordinarily. Well and there's a sense of hope and optimism that you heard from Kathy. Across -- state law. Do you feel at New York City you feel he's right at the -- long term economic development was the best education system. And we're rebuilding the SUNY system under the -- twenty point program to make it better and more affordable than ever before. We've increased funding for -- it well. Education. And we put in an evaluation system because it's not just how much money we spend. It's what we accomplished with that money and the results we get for the money and what we're doing this fact. Rebuild New York. We're rebuilding of a 101000 miles of roads over 1000 bridges all across the state better and faster than it's ever been done before. He said we would make New York's favor we pass all crimes DNA we ask you texting while I. Laws we said we would protect the vulnerable and we passed the first ever just this center dedicated to protecting the disabled and stated. Is coming up and we on. Our veterans bypassing the first ever set aside -- state contracts 6% of state work. For our disabled veterans. And mother nature challenge. Us under storms. And green and -- state government and local governments came together and we literally saved people's lives. We told New York is four years ago that we would stop. The gridlock that we would make. Men work once again and we walked across the island we put out. And that we said let's stop a paralysis. Let's start progress and we just past the fourth budget on time. I -- partners in the legislature about the assembly in this and it. And when asked as somebody's -- assured consumers and senator Andrea Stewart cousins. And an August. Thank -- We said something else. We said that New York. As a special role in the nation because we are the progressive capital in the nation. That is the New York legacy as EB white wrote and his governor Mario Cuomo reminded us many times. New Yorkers to the nation with a white church spire is to the village. The visible symbol of aspiration and faith. The white -- saying the way it is off. That's New York special place in this nation and we fulfill that role. Over these past four years we said New York well not tolerate discrimination of any one any time. I'm anywhere for any reason and we. Bad marriage equality. Leave now. Sensible gun control because too many innocents died. This nation in the 1949. Every American -- safe clean decent affordable place to live that promise has not been fulfilled but this State of New York step up. And we're spending one billion dollars on an affordable housing land. Oh. Yeah. These dead people who work full time should not have to choose between paying their rent and buying phone and we raise the minimum way. The existing tax policy in this state was fundamentally unfair. When a person making 40000 dollars. They just think tax rate as a person making forty million dollars we redid our tax code and how it's one of the most progressive. In this. In the United States the more. A period. The proof is in the numbers 400000. New jobs seven point four million jobs in the State of New York more jobs in the State of New York today. -- in the history. Eight others maybe we are -- Out credit rating is opt out by. We took a ten billion dollar deficit in four years we turned it into a two billion dollar surplus. Unemployment in every region is that. And unemployment and upstate New York which has been a problem for decades. Just had the largest one year drop in unemployment in recorded history very. My -- and accomplish something else over these past four years because of the Democratic Party -- in new credibility. Remember how our opponents like to scare people. And say well you know if you elected Democrat. You are those Democrats are gonna do -- and raise your taxes because Democrats -- government. And you're gonna take your money by raising your taxes that they use to set. Really well it was a Democrat. Erratic administration that cut middle class taxes to the lowest levels since 1953. And a I -- corporate taxes to the lowest level since 1960. Today. Manufacturer and taxing the lowest level since. Mean that as the first ever property tax cap. You are. -- -- Perhaps never -- argued for big government we wanted good government that serve people and help people thought was. At a party and about. At a party is about providing a government that creates jobs and advances just this and that's what we did the people of this day. And we did what we said we are going to -- no New Yorkers on them. And we ain't going. -- I'd just as we said in the people of the state that we did what we set. We also have to say there is much much more to do. And that's why we need another four years to do it there's still work that is important upstate. Your is starting to come back it was our hope is that optimism that we haven't seen in decades in upstate New York. And we have a program that -- spoke about start a New York no taxes owns thousands of businesses have applied. And do our job isn't done until we see those businesses in this state creating jobs created -- -- -- exactly Iraq. The other side says well we don't believe government. Should be investing. In western new York and buffalo billion program. Well I couldn't disagree more. It is an investment that will pay dividends in the future. Those are our Brothers and sisters it is a part of this date it has been long overlooked by state government frankly. I am proud of the investment we made in Western New York I'm proud of the investment we made all across upstate New York we're gonna adopt -- Down on -- In upstate New York good night. Oregon today. And I -- And when. When -- believe. A lot of work making the state economically more competitive and we've brought taxes down and business is coming back. But we still have to do more in lowering our property taxes. This date has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. Long I. Upstate New York have been separate or to move west Chester county. The highest property taxes in the United States of America. That's a legacy at Westchester down. We have to tell our local officials. Want simple message goes property not taxes have to come back. -- my accident. And. There's no need to do more ethics reform in Albany. We need to complete our dream a pretty K state. And we need to complete our social reform. Agenda. This face so far as well the lever we must pass a woman -- -- -- Yeah. -- in your witness. This election. Is about a choice because elections are about making a choice. But this choice is really not about to people. It's not even about two parties. It's not even just about New York it's not even just about government. This is a choice about how we see some signs. And our vision of how we relate. One to the other. And Derek Knight and day differences. Between what we believe. And what they believe. And that's why this election is so important there view isn't aren't ultra conservatives. Social agenda. That -- society to a lands a fear and division. Our -- he society through a lens of optimism and inclusion. They see government as a vehicle -- corporate opportunity we see government as a vehicle for individual opportunity. -- believe. That if you -- other people's rights it diminishes their rights we believe when you grant on the people rights and enhances. Our own. Right. Crazy crazy new web immigrants as a threat we see who -- immigrants as a promise and then asset. Hey this week this success is shared success. And we think we can do so much better than we are doing now. And we can bring so many more people into the family of New York. That we haven't even come close. To touching the total potential of this state and this society you'd think this is success. I imagine when we have all our women and working and real pay. Not -- All right I'm. The. We believe in the concept of community. We believe that there isn't more that connects me to yield to yield to you TO and that -- weaves the fabric. And that is a fabric of society. And when one is raised we are outraged. And my point is lower than we overall lower. And that community makes us Warren. That's why we other laboratory of the American experiment of democracy. Statue of liberty as an hour harbor -- And you join us. We don't care where you come from a -- that's not how much money you have in your pocket. We will work or fuel and then passed it you know because we wanted to do. When you okay. -- -- -- Okay.