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5-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. I walked down upon you with great. India the hole looked up moderately anxious and my brother. And welcome to the New York City. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York. No one -- with an assault rifle. No. Until then. His ball club. -- hourly. Colin. Powell went up to. Now with everybody -- lengthy and I've got covered up like to welcome. It's live its local capital. Home. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly and IQ. You have blows. -- like a bonus. And 930 W yeah. I'll probably -- news radio 930 WBP. And meant is that traffic merit -- after report now what does not okay well that is good to know. We are commemorating. The people who made memorial days. What it is Memorial Day is not about pie hot dogs old pot. -- by the way you should always be at the bottom of any food burger that I'm just saying if you don't like by your member of al-Qaeda. One point -- out. A little levity on the show today but. We're talking about the people you will remember on memorial. Because there're so many people with whom we interface on a daily basis and I've said this before you don't know what struggles. There -- experiencing. You don't know what they're going through you don't know their kids biopsy came back positive. You don't both -- biopsy came back positive. You don't know if there's somebody in the family dealing with a a life threatening disease you don't know what you know what's going on in that person's life. -- And there are so many of you who might interface on a daily basis with somebody who still has a scar in their heart. From someone they lost in the Second World War -- Korea. Vietnam. Where all of the subsequent engagements from World War II on. I don't think we have any deep wounds remaining -- World War I that generation is passed I'm the World War II generation is passing on. But every generation has its people we remember on Memorial Day. And again folks Memorial Day is not veterans day veterans day honors all veterans. Memorial Day we used to call it decoration day way back when in the stone ages. Memorial Day is exclusively. For those who gave their lives for their fellow Americans. And sometimes they did so in training exercise. Accidentally. Sometimes in combat it doesn't matter we honor the fact that they died. While in service to. The United States. And only a very very small percentage -- those who. Died shall we say -- gloriously. In service to the United States in practice civil war. And the soldiers who were shot for desertion. And other of crimes of the day. Very small percentage. So were honoring those. Who died who did not -- hole. And I'm putting up as many pictures as it possibly can on my FaceBook page to give these heroes their proper do you know before we go any further. David -- via. Would never call himself a hero I know David I know David very well he stopped by the house couple weeks ago and he. I think. Has been -- touched by what he saw in Iraq. And his friends. Who did not make -- home. And Susan rose on Buffalo's early news asked. David Bell -- the sporting what memorial -- met for him. You don't get it out and then we're probably better than -- to -- that we. Wake up where we're you know if you are so much out. So what guilt. For civic action could survive. Battle that we we can actually look at ourselves and our. Certain degree are where we look at the mayor sick man I wonder if Jason. You know who who bought like twenty years old never got a chance. His pared their pitching and see -- children and and you can't Hilliard who at all. Are you worthy. -- sacrifice has argued demand that he couldn't bend its -- short -- and there's a lot of spoke Islam. That we we have to do we have acknowledged that nobody want to -- for their country. Nobody nobody made this statement at seventeen children it you know what I want a guy. I wanna be the one that did it dies in defense of America. They're willing to. And that is a beautiful beautiful thing went so it's saying they're willing to do something for you will do so before. You know took the greater good. And it's it's you know it's beautiful it's 18 year. Children. The next generation really need to understand. That -- that story support to the story to Korea are happening every single day. Today as we speak. There are young men and women. -- -- -- -- Chasing the bad guys doing what they can do for you and me right now and it's it's just it's as beautiful grow that wasn't. Iwo -- and then -- city. And tapping every day and when you vetoes this content through the airport. You know you never know. It will -- you never know what happened next day so it's one of those appreciation things what. It's just a little humbling. Experience or the people who survived that to realize that. We have -- added burden. We were living and for other people. You know well we we -- live picture of the guys were able to make home. And again I don't mean to trivialize what David is saying is he's talking about real life. But listening to David's words matter how many times I hear them I think back on the final scene of Saving Private Ryan. -- I think that that was -- beautiful poignant scene which better than any thing. Worked in concert with David's words. In the present day. You understand what I'm getting. 030930. Start -- 3180616. WB EM hole but will you be remembering on memorial Berry. So many of you have suffered personal losses. Because of your loved ones who never made it back alive from the armed forces. And one more time -- we don't have a CIA appreciation day. But I will tell you that I'm going to take some time to. Silently. Think of people in the clandestine service who never made it Holm and whose lives you'll never hear about. Some of them you have heard about you just don't know the story behind the story. But all -- -- is a gold star at language that's that. And you know what that's all they knew they would get if worst came to -- ago. To those of you who have served or continue to serve and clandestine service thanks were you guys do and what you ladies -- Let's get back to the calls on WB and quickly as the prime ministers -- in buffalo Dora the -- WB and hello. Yet -- IE up -- no war by young men who died in -- wars. One of his psychiatrist. And the -- result he died in Vietnam -- eighteen and offers other critics say is I think that it isn't for eighteen years. Can you spell the last name for a place. Coal ash like -- AM is a LL. I never would have guessed that I'm glad I asked to dispel it's like and hopefully find a picture online. Tell us about -- Well he just didn't eighteen year old kid that wanted to going to this service. It is not a -- and neighbor but I do he'll. And you know I don't know much more about him then you know he wanted to go into the service and -- you know and gave his blessing. But she never came home. -- -- -- -- -- I get my husband. And his fiancee and mark there were planning the wedding. And obviously happier occasion Terry intuit said one while they were planning that wedding. They got the -- bit until we get guys in. How best and so. I'm gonna ask you spell that last name to and I -- I need the last name just because -- yeah. I need. -- -- And it. Say to me. You know hey. Here I am sick. And -- explain if if you can without too much pain. The circumstances of Joseph we used. I think he'd get penalized me -- and -- in Vietnam. And like I said the wedding -- I'd turn into a funeral -- And then. A very close friend of mine and get it worked with her. Get in Richard necessary he was the pilot in Vietnam. And he. You sign up for -- -- tour and -- was gonna come home would start just like with this single upright. And -- wet out east I doubt she told them they found out that she was pregnant. But he skeptical it would -- commitment. Pretty epic came home. And she got the BP. -- -- had been the last one. Was straight -- I'm gonna ask you to spell like captain Richards last name please and I think he'd do on Tuesday but I'm just not. Okay. And the aid. That's like gun sales up like it they don't they are I. -- Well I I can't believe how memorial Berry has touched you and in these are people all loan to you would never came back and the fourth was. -- -- -- -- Are 88. -- he. As he went but what they called. After World War II. It would open Eric -- -- mop up duty. And came home and he state Indy. -- served. And it was -- yet to go to Korea war Korean War and -- -- needed. So all. What is Monday's. Going to be like for you are just emotionally having such a close connection with so many people who did not come back. But before I can get. I get up on the memory card from my idea particularly. And and it is the prayer of the soldier and every time I read it it just breaks my heart. -- I want a lot of what your words though and in what memorial bay is going to be for you on Monday your words. Obama you know what when I was younger. I -- it could accurately didn't mean that much to me I mean. These three young men and nobody ever came via. Actually you know be you were parroting this yet but it and -- -- realized hey it's that what is written down. I wouldn't camp what I get today. And the -- out it really touches me more I tried to political while you know account at the waterfront. One of Vietnam -- was here you. The trailing -- The traveling all right. Amber it was and strengthening. -- no it's been named. Perfect thank you thank you very much for the call -- got a lot of other people who whom wanna get bigger bear names out there and and give a shout out to work BP Arab people who -- Did not come home it's gonna take some doing to get all four names open it -- able to do it I cannot promise but I would try. Here is Brian in Frederick Maryland. Arms. Here's traffic on WBM Allen Harris. Patient 8030321. As your number two WB and traffic command. I showers this evening overnight low fifty tomorrow warmer partial sunshine seventy. Some -- sunny and nice 73 and a memorial -- sunshine and warm afternoon and eighty. And are right now it views are holding at 52 degrees at news radio 930. WB -- I -- going to be some help here I'm afraid verifying some of these names Jim Morrison. 197329. Palms California guys all I can find out about him. I'm not funny any thing and getting Jim Morrison's apartment as in the doors that's it. -- I can't find anything on -- our proposal RO SZLL. And I haven't had a chance to look up Jolie or -- -- Richard sorry or Franklin read. -- assembly the links are going to be helpful Tom at WB Ian dot com has my email Thomas WB -- Dot com especially with all the multiple names it's very difficult to keep up. And I hope you appreciate that I'm at my best on WB yeah. Okay it says 634 newsreel I'm thirty WB the and and some of the names guys I've I've tried to find I don't know whether there was a spelling error or what but says some of them I'd I'm just not be able to drag down in the in the time available. So up Memorial Day. -- left will you be remember that news. My question. And anybody who look -- weapons to -- if you have a computer link a website link. And you send it to be Thomas WB Ian dot com that's the easiest day it makes it easy for me much easier for -- Email -- at WB EN dot com just so I make sure I've got the right person. Who is important to you now after a false start we go to Brian in Frederick Maryland on WBM hi Brian. I sorry about the false start report. That -- well. They're going into Kabul and recombinant. Called earlier talk about the job offering from not for a -- fault. That you knew it would catch on both -- and if you remember all credit per ex -- years ago would be. And -- and I want to memorial PP. Someone in. You know terrible Western New York -- job global deal on -- wooden bat urban. Obama just can't. On. But it generators are a couple people that I would like utter in fact cut by a daughter at school Saturday and and we drove to Arlington in which Arlington national cemetery and -- I'm there. But credible much older that I don't killed in Iraq well I'm certain over the Internet and as well Robert Miranda also known Bob and a -- inspections sixteen. That's what I'd also there and you know they're probably came in and turn it back to not -- that -- that you got. Actually let me just scroll back up to make sure I've got the right to render because we had another to render who was mentioned a guy Robert direct the sergeant first class say US -- Some say somebody else had already called -- with him. Or call our protocol deliberately -- and -- and -- get back home by. Arm there hurt trailer for western -- in -- -- bill. -- and a -- go ahead of -- -- you can lost you there for certain. Who is from our panel and then he's internment analogue and under stroke stroke Grand Island. We're all in Michigan corrections bill. I think crystal's dad played Gasol quote my dad was his data buffalo firefighter. OK yeah right. Chris -- -- -- name from the past and who well was the other guy I missed the name. Terrence Crowe and Turks -- and our team our instructor. Our -- college when you well you know what street and I -- He was cut down -- -- -- -- and -- Northern Iraq and it. -- -- -- What you believe -- -- and I remember speaking -- Ford went up on that mission and to have you know almost conversational people and never came back. CR OWE. -- Aren't you knew where there David -- via. Talked about the fact he went Susan -- asked him what memorial bay meant to him. He I thought offered a very poignant explanation did you have a chance to Europe. Would you like to add anything to that I'm gonna ask you the question what does Memorial Day mean to you because you've been there you've done that you experienced personal loss guys with two usurped. Yeah. Memorial Day and it -- it's personal. It's a very personal day. -- I spent you know reflecting upon those people have an -- -- attached privileged service. And yeah I think it -- that the the type -- really appreciate. Those people that were willing to sacrifice. There are a lot of its well lost and enjoy our lives our campaign marred what an old daughter's -- -- out. We -- at Arlington you know respect and grass there and very touching walking away -- aren't. It'll take place in the background. It is time now -- body and -- am sitting. Forward console. And promoter Bob Phoenix Arizona lost so. These -- won't call on center infrastructure. And it traveled and spent time and that don't have launch on the -- And distribute ten. And in. They've brought Richard's and my god and in in for a -- until you sit there and and reflect upon that city. All special and it's something that's willing to sacrifice their lives for people didn't even know. All of you just. Hurt it -- welcome believable spoke. Well this is. You know your stories. Are played. I must tell you that it is because of those sacrifices. That a every opportunity I have try to hammer home. The bill of rights and the freedoms our founding fathers intended us to have. They put into words what they believed to be natural rights of bad. Including women of course end. I think and our generation or. Did Nugent and I don't know exactly where it got lost but at some point in our recent history the concept of America. As the last best in the last hold out of freedom has evaporated. And very very few people -- they have an understanding for -- appreciation patient. The he enumerated freedoms of the bill of rights. Absolutely. I was outlook -- -- -- I'd read out sent outright control and after all they talked about the Memorial Day what more open man. All and you know weren't Frederick Maryland you know has now David Gergen and in effect -- And and her parents don't know Frederick and it's really gonna try to play. Well I I suggested in Gettysburg on the way back because that in itself is a special place in this time of the year. -- -- -- southern Pennsylvania's weather's better that our weather but today it's not a it's not a bad time to check -- Gettysburg. Yeah yeah I'd look harder now I'm actually promote -- battle that you're sort of threat from you've been off. Great. Well it's been a few years for me but. Thank you very much for the call idea really humbled and that will try to get these names up -- and if you if you have the time to send me email link with with these people beat the killed an -- to the people who did not make it home alive from the armed forces. I appreciate that my email Thomas WB EN dot com. Under that followed all the Coke the other narrative on the child -- It's pretty golf aren't. I would call the man I'm too young to remember exactly what he did that and I don't wanna do it now because they've had people on hold for ages. Are all right thank you thank you very much it's it's like. You know it's almost like information overload and you really appreciate all of the sacrifices here's Claudia in west falls on WB and Claudia hello. I. I mention my uncle who went to Korea and never actually ever came is never. And I came back the United States. Mean what what happened to open what did -- do. He and drafted and he went to Korea. And unfortunately the enemy captured him in unit that a death march. He got along the side of the road and it is diets. That they are lit up buried along the roadside. I'm sure he had a name would you like to share with us. Well what actually name it original. -- And gonna ask you spell the last name for replace. -- Why are you and actually. You fight you -- link. That you can send me an atomic WB EN dot com I would be grateful because that is a fascinating story. I'm sure people for about the Bataan death march of World War II. But are very few people today are aware of what bastards in north Koreans and the Chinese allies were to the American forces in the Korean War. No absolutely savaged bastards. There's no -- way to -- thank you very much. RA a minute try to get more information on that. While there is surely in -- rely on WBE. And surely you are on whom will you be remembering most this memorial. My uncle and my god -- One person. To sergeant -- -- -- from Buffalo, New York. He lived up to mid thirties when the war broke out and telkom how it was -- single followed. And he felt compelled he wanted to -- and serve this country. He went down in the B seventeen. -- the absolute purity. On June 4 1940 Ford. His name is on the tablet and cemetery in France. And mr. king and CEO. Pay -- -- I -- am I presuming correctly that he would have been involved in elected -- day reconnaissance. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know I would think current -- out. With. Nephew of the pilot. Who wound up playing in my uncle's -- And I have been blessed to have been actually able to get untrue -- B seventeen. So that I could. You know -- feel like maybe he should tell. -- we trek commented admissions and want to them with Gary and -- reason I'm in Germany where my husband's parents here Q. And together. Seven years old at this time that this happened with my uncle. And his uncles were too weak feet underground and the American soldiers to hear me as well some of the Jewish people he knew. And he helped them get out of the country and he hit them. When they escaped from. You know the concentration camps or whatever. And I'll get mine hunting came here when he was fourteen years old. And he personally want to thank all the gentlemen we served and the lady -- sure -- during World War II. My husband I think is more Americans and some of the American taxes. Sergeant Roy HR OO FT. No room. Our new routine each one they -- got you. Captured are now the B seventeen on which you -- was at the liberty bell by any chance. Diana didn't I ask you -- it was a I believe like the liberty bell we were trying to get and give them them. And com. It was supposed to be it again and feel airport. But something happened time and it -- not -- conservative if -- what didn't work they had and B seventeen command. But I had no control at all. I went up and and traditionally doctor pilot when he landed and I told them my story with tears running down my cheek and -- cannot -- -- He will battle -- -- me and it. Well when. What a great story I actually had a chance to get up to be seventy and it was absolutely unforgettable experience and those guys in what would have been if I'm correct the army air corps in World War II before the air force. Those those planes were about as rock solid as they were able to build at that time. And I -- I can't wait to find out more. About your god father and an uncle of sergeant Roy Ruth thank you so much. I think you -- Either that's. Fascinating story one and think about it before. Unless it was well yeah they would have been just routine trading at that point unless we're trying to divert the Germans. Could have been a fate could have been reconnaissance I'm gonna have to look that up let's go to. Let's go to fiddle on WBE and Phil you are on and bare -- care who you shall be remembering this Memorial Day. But I can tell you to people. What -- my alcohol one being one of my best friends. First Kelly about my uncle. He never was killed in combat but -- I don't go low landed on Normandy beach. I'm gonna interrupt you because part of the show today I'm trying to educate people about the difference between veterans day and Memorial -- I'm focusing exclusively. On people who died in combat. And I and I'm not trying to be not trying to be a hard guy maternal cause you any offense whatsoever. But too many people do not get the meaning of memorial -- it's not about all veterans it's about those who didn't come home. Well first of all I am a veteran. Okay yes and I put money at an alarming Goldman overseas. I understood. I understood and please don't be offended but -- I'm focusing on people who died who did not come hole. I want to tell you 101. Of my friends high school buddies. Hey. What -- in wartime. Maneuvers in Germany. And actually show it loud and kill them. What was his name. -- Get your -- trust spell of -- replace. At least that was MER -- -- and all -- basically 15160. Iran maneuvers in many. And I get -- bit lacking actually. He was killed while actually and in this office is blown up. Well on the one of my best friend and so that's that's friendly fire in peacetime so it doesn't all -- doesn't always mean. That you have to be in combat. On something and -- right. Are all exactly well that's if if you go to my FaceBook page I hit explained it the where exactly why we have Memorial Day. It is to honor the men and women who have died while serving in our armed forces and that includes training accidents. Mishaps with artillery shells at -- and -- you know you hear about the battles. But we also don't forget the grave risks that in a live fire training exercises pose to our men and women. And and we we honor their service as well. Well I want to mention his name because you know life you know when we were high school finds one way back and to -- late 50s60s. But -- remember right -- don't think about a -- time to look local here today 2000. Fourteen I hear your brother -- area thank you very much for the call. Thank you so much bill Merrill. Try to look that up if you consider the -- that will be very very very very helpful. And again please don't be offended by -- today is about well Monday's about Memorial Day and today is about those who did not make it all. And I think too many people don't understand the difference between veterans day and Memorial -- And you'll know that when you hear some idiot on the radio or on TV on Monday say he's happy Memorial Day like saying happy 9/11. Really on WB -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Always difficult for like guys like David quality said what every day at Memorial Day. I -- They're very. -- You know I would like everybody -- -- -- Who would have buffalo Guyton. Who. Regarding the scuba. Kiffin might appeal. -- retro -- can you spell his last name I I have a hearing issue I don't know if you -- field or appeal. -- TO OL -- Okay field. -- Parker feel sorry about that I made its be default and by -- are not really cooperate number three is. Number three. -- Now how old -- tell me about your connection to to these people have got about a minute left but. That's it seems like so many people for such a young sounding guide -- know who died never came hole. -- I would what they referred to as Operation Iraqi Freedom one point five. I wasn't in the first group to let you know within the group that left. Six months later. So we work we were quite -- replacements. We were we're a group of folks that went into -- You made it home and they and they didn't and you knew all of them I I'm I'm so very touched. By it by what you're saying and if it means anything to you and I'm gonna join you -- thinking of those three and everybody mentioned on my show today and everybody. Was not mentioned on my show today. For their sacrifice and never coming home from our armed forces at least alive. There and I know that this was it difficult phone call freedom make and I'm honored that you held on and I'm honored that you did it and I can't begin to thank you. You offer. -- It. Well I'm I'd try I wish I had more time and thank you very much. Folks if you love wanna send me email. I would be happy to check it out I'll probably check it with email later tonight or tomorrow. And add some more names and after that I'm gonna disconnect because I just need do -- don't -- anybody's guess I need to. Disconnect but on Monday it will be taking time to remember our fallen soldiers which is what we do on Memorial Day. Thank you to Joseph -- thank you to John -- Appreciate their hard work prime seasons. And I will leave you with two very important words. No. Yourself. We're about to.

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