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5-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the EU would be great benefit them. India the whole movie. Mark the end this month -- They can keep going for it and it's. It's easy to clean. But the same publicity. We've -- and now let's. Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly -- you may well I would discount. -- news radio 930 WVU. -- our live news radio I'm thirty WB EM actually that whole left that are always have to be lucky charms that actually. Was originally -- said about -- -- a joke. By. By somebody I know anyway house graphic on you thought I would. Looking ahead to Memorial Day. And again if you're just joining us -- limited share with you what I wrote on FaceBook because it is as concise as I can be. And I wanna make sure that a making the points I need to make. And if you liked what I wrote feel free to share on the Internet if you believe that it would help to educate people I don't care about fame I don't care about my name -- take credit for I yourself. It's not about see. It's not about Tom -- About the people who gave barrier lives those are the people. We are honoring on Memorial Day. And remember for a lot of folks and I think you've heard it in their voices Memorial Day is a sad day. Yeah. Everybody -- With their families. I don't but you today. Memorial Day is a solemn event. The purpose of which is to honor the men and women who have died. While serving in our armed forces. When I hear my fellow media people silly chat with happening. Today. I am ashamed to be a part of the profession. I'm sure our people. Who never made it home alive wouldn't want us to be maudlin all day but please. Take at least five minutes of your Monday to reflect upon those. Who did not make it home alive. And please. Please. Explain to your children. Why we have a Memorial Day it's not just about the cook outs -- the recreation. Memorial Day should include a heartfelt. Remembrance of our fallen. And yeah. We have many many people in Western New York believe it or not after seven years. Who are still. Stinging. About the losses -- loved ones. In the second world war in 1941 to 1945. That was the American involvement in the second world were directly. And every subsequent -- Please. My show today tell me about your loved ones who did not make it home alive. If you want. You can send me a picture of your beloved friend or relative. And if you want me to post it on my FaceBook page I only have one request. When you send your picture and a bio of the person you're gonna remember. I'm asking you to do it by six. Because if you do it by six. I should have time to get it up on my FaceBook page. After six I can't guarantee that I will. Because at 655 to -- when I sign off. I am going off the -- for few days. I need to mentally get away from my profession. I'm taking three days. Just. No involvement whatsoever -- FaceBook media or anything else I just need to recharge a little bit. Services obviously very important topic to me veterans' -- as well. And I told you guys this before I did not serve. But I have taken time to speak with plenty of people who have. Airports traveling whatever. And because of those conversations. Even though I didn't serve I get you guys. And I gave you ladies. And I can't possibly. Put myself completely in your shoes. But I get you. And what I find. Very move. About veterans and those who did not make -- all those are the folks we commemorate among. Is the fact that none of you have ever call yourself a -- In fact it kind of nauseated you when people put -- up when these artificial pedestals. You know they mean well they're well intentions but they don't get you. I get you you're not perfect you don't claim to be perfect. -- Yet. Testicular 43 or via -- and courage -- and appraiser. To put your life on the line for the rest of course and I think that makes -- special because you were born into warrior culture. You were born a civilian. You chose a military life at least for a few years. Some of you and your friends. Never made it home alive. And that means. Monday means more than sports. Hamburgers. Salads and Cassel. Just try to spend at least five minutes thinking about the people. Who never made little tall -- and I think that's all any veteran would ask. You know those guys and ladies who saw the person the next truck. Up blown up with a -- ED. Where the guy. On foot patrol. Five feet away from them taken a hit -- ahead. And -- but for the grace of god. It wasn't you. And the guilt or goes along with that is David -- you talked about it you know it did it's well known phenomenon called survivor's guilt. And it's a tough thing with which to live. And nobody knows why them and why not view. Nobody will ever figure that out and you can drive yourself. Up a wall trying to. But this is my little ways of hopefully educating the public about memorial very. And it's a it's a shame that I have to educate other people in the media who supposedly have college degrees. About the difference between Memorial Day and veterans today. And the fact that happy Memorial Day is kind of like saying happy costs today. Makes no African cents. All right it's a solemn day. I'm not saying you gotta be grim. But take five minutes. Of solemnity. To reflect upon people who made the ultimate sacrifice. Let's get back to the calls on the WB and. Here is John in a -- blog John thank you for holding and I hope -- apologize the the monologue have been doing at the beginning of each hour but a big part of the show today is is education. Because I didn't really fully understand Memorial Day until after 9/11 and then something snapped in me. And I got it. You're on WB and hello. Good afternoon. I will remember. Ronald. And CO. I don't know I'm pronouncing that correctly that he was young Greek -- Eighteen or nineteen years old and least you were in this same class addition because in training for Vietnam man river patrol boats. And he was. Is what was -- By eight BC swimmer that could -- charger on the boat. And they were tied up. They had the my laid off. That plane wasn't under way the vote was tied up to a -- Swimmer Qaeda. And it shouldn't cherished them both in the apparently -- a muted -- control and the votes on it and apparently got a ground. Name. Yeah and this was. And we've been in south Vietnam's Mekong. You know the place where he died this. A spell itself. HZU. And the other word is. And DH yeah. NGH. A I don't even know how to go about saying if -- how night perhaps I. Now I looked up on line and I have I there is a listing for a Ronald at -- -- CO who served in Vietnam but he died in 1992. So that must be another Ronald at Nazi. Yes apparently. This guys serve what I was there are 6970. Coca. In Europe on riverboats and they called doppler so the end and assuming he died and sixteen. Well. If if you can it -- lead the proper spelling of his name I don't wanna miss ballot. I hear you got populist ballot. -- Eight and eight as. I -- you. While it was right off I know you said he was Greek and here I am thinking in net like an Italian. I'm gonna look him up do you have any pictures maybe you guys just clowning around. That you can't get me an email Tom at WB and that come. Are concerned your pitcher but. I really I didn't hang out with the guy at all in training. You know we had like eighty guys in our class and but that's right I met up with -- -- And we look and -- can pitchers face and everything all you have the it is a Wal-Mart you know in the on the Vietnam wall and a -- -- -- I can send you to I didn't take an idea that your. I've got I've got -- dead January of 1970. Is when he died. I just found that and I'm gonna add him to our FaceBook wall so. Everybody else can get a chance to get to know him by as much as this little blurb on FaceBook -- can do. Thank you very much in and you guys on those riverboats man talk about. The did you feel like sitting ducks over there -- those boats. Or exactly who we were tricked Michael was it was called -- mobile carrier army troops in the world that. And the PDR's. The ones we've got all the glory that once you see a movie like Apocalypse Now. Because. What we did this if we weren't carrying troops we would go up and down the rivers that night in the may call waiting to get ambushed by the DC. And then the PBR -- -- also come out. They were tied to. To the siege and all tied up -- with a stop and then we got rocketed. Out today. And you guys were great man -- takes serious calls -- -- John I I don't even have the words I'm honored to speak with you and I'm honored that he shared that name with us and it's already up on FaceBook. Aunt and I just think this is such a great way to flesh out. These guys you know on the end of the boat you spoke of -- never heard them. But I I understand the whole concept of using bait to get the bigger fish but. As you said by the time the heroes after and I think you all you as were heroes but the bad guys have already banished into the civilian population. Thank you so much for your servicer and thank you for your call. While I haven't the words I feel like they're just spoke and I feel like everybody's call them in some way shape reform. As educated all of -- today here is Allan Harris with traffic. And basically the rest that today is going to be -- arrested today via overnight low fifty tomorrow exposed to be warmer with some sun seventy somebody's supposed to be a nice day sunny in my 73. And Memorial Day sunshine with a warmer afternoon eighty. And right now it's a 52 degrees at news radio 930 WB EM. I will I'll tell you the word I uttered what I opened the door to go outside for the first time this morning so fight this as suffice it to say it was a model so -- word of Anglo Saxon origin. Synonymous with a certain act between two people. Are ready to break -- WB and then that we're gonna get more calls I will talk less and you'll talk more coming up on WB and a bit long Nguyen did today and I apologize for that. Well. You can. You just think. Good to me. I hate me. Now that's very. I think -- appropriate. For Memorial Day. Because thinking back to where my childhood which was actually kind of a happy child at a -- is for childhoods bureau. I remember -- And every Memorial Day we would take the car over to whoever plays -- -- -- than walk over to Delaware avenue for the parade. But she always. Always always always made it clear. That Memorial Day. -- forgo those who have fallen. While serving in our armed forces. And I don't know if this is a real memories are made up one but I. Think she always at a prayer for the fallen soldiers before week eight. I'll have to talk to. Other people to verify that. -- seemed to have a vague recollection of that. -- very much remember the time she served dinner and it was. Something I didn't know what it was and I said what's that she said lamb and I pushed wasted -- peanut butter jelly sandwich please. It is up by 36 news radio 930 WBT. -- I was weird even them folks. But it's about Memorial Day and I am so touched -- all the email comedian and the FaceBook wall is growing. In fact what I'm gonna do is. Is that other extend the deadline for you to get your photographs and information to me until about 7 o'clock tonight. And I think I'm just gonna have to take some time this weekend to not having mental health break. And two. Add some of those names to my FaceBook wall I figured somebody might -- -- all by 6 o'clock and I don't want to rushing. Is that it was my original plan to stop the emails at six elected catch up I've done a fairly good job keeping up while have been on the year. But. I don't know -- I think I can I think I can take a few hours of my personal time to honor those. You will be personally remembering on Memorial Day. But again I do beg your indulgence and I just ask your understanding of the fact that like you have got a high pressured job sometimes I need to get away from I love it but sometimes I'd just have to disconnect from it. I don't think I have to go any further. Whom will you be remembering this memorial guard and what does it mean the 8030930. -- 3180616. WB Ian. Mary and a -- want to thank you so much for your patience your -- ago. On the very end. You are on the radio -- I I was I was in catalog when I can't that I am now on the western. I remember I ask you staff sergeant mark Ellen that's sure you're. He was killed February 3 2000 and in Pakistan he was my brother's only child. It was just sort of twenty years of service started out in the navy. -- it sits there. Got out for -- -- amount he went back in the army base until next seventeen years in the army. Mark magazines steps. His photograph I think you sent me an email somebody in your apparently sent me an email because his photograph I put up during the 530 break. I'll remember most about him as a person. -- He used to coming up and comers let us my brother works a full time. Maybe a career and to give him a little break in the summer consumers a single -- My nephew -- stay with my parents who were schoolteachers so they were off. And so I remember him -- -- teeny tiny. He always always always wanted to go into the military always played with army and it was mr. Shiite -- He loved every minute edit of what she did. I miss him terribly. But I know he died doing what -- dearly loved and I treasure that. And you know what I look at this picture and number one what a handsome man. And there's a guy who pulled off beat the shaved head look and just looked great. Number one number two I look at him he's got soldier. -- I'm you know what if if you hadn't told me was a soldier I would it's I -- just known he was a soldier. The other has not yet yet he went -- trying this. Most warped sense of humor. And bad at all everybody loved him he would a soldier's soldier he had everybody's back. He was -- why is that everybody else in the company came to a state at a problem and he later flight. He just. -- was just it was such a lot to our family and to his unit and to the -- They don't like who like to commemorate. No they they do not I'm getting that distinct feeling just speaking with you and and what an honor. Go ahead later. There aren't there are many I'm not saying he's the only one out there but they are so you. The true true soldiers -- it. I mean all all of our actions are wonderful that there are dislike -- Cool regardless of what happened there there some -- and their base. -- -- -- and there are still standing there a block somebody else in killed. I put my email to you that mark and two other soldiers still nine of them stationed at the time Islamabad. And they were training the local. Military. That was going to fight fighting the Taliban. And girls' school -- and bombs and rebuilt. And -- the mark and the others were training were about building this school and they invited. Mark and his fellow soldiers to come into the -- dedication of the school. -- their return from -- and then they were an unmarked cars. They -- that wearing uniforms they actually at the time he did not have machine and he has. The long hair and he wore. Traditional clothes and any of the content area. I think it was set up I mean I I hate us the question what you think the Taliban set amount and his fellow soldiers. Yes it was my EP in a vehicle that pulled right into their that they weren't. A lot of traffic. And I pulled right into their vehicle and their vehicle was it was summer of two others there was the -- -- -- rally together like it said it was a normal. Car over the area was in the military I'm mark in any -- here -- I do believe that they were they were targeted. Well yeah and I mean targeted yes and probably a set up and that's -- damned shame. And god rest his soul and I am. Honored Marianne that you held around so long and thank you for sharing that beautiful picture mark. And I hope everybody goes to the FaceBook page and checks it out because. That it you know everybody is this all of these people are soldiers in some -- -- reform. Your guy just look at Adam I just I wanna stand up and salute you know -- a civilian. You know and I I thought a couple of times I actually thought about you know what I'm -- a really long time I'm gonna hang up I want. And I'm comfortable -- what happened mark now on stand on the damn phone and I didn't pay tribute to him and I'm delighted I go to see him in the -- of -- In this picture on the wall there and every time I'm here I -- I collection and I say a prayer. I think that every day we opting out and every day it's not gonna change. And what. What would you tell people about memorial great for your family and how it has changed. Since mark died. I don't know that it actually change it. May -- minor change we always are Stanley. Actually mark king Eric is -- land of the continuing decline of serving. Military. In the World War I. There was never time than any of that time until marks down. That there was not a member of our and we certainly. So we've always been highly aware my uncle was a POW in the World War II when he came home he lived in 92 -- He died at Memorial Day it. Same here mark was killed we lost two great soldiers that year. It's always been close to our hearts. And you always understood the meaning and see that. That it can end every show every show if you're if you're forgiven for one moment every show role should have the lingering meaning to the people who listened to it. When I do the show you know Friday is especially you know I'd like to do a happy -- I'm not doing that today. I I just want people on Monday to just spend five minutes they can about people like mark stats. For -- as somebody wishes me -- happy Memorial Day. -- better clear out of the way. Because I will help them immediately Memorial Day and I I've put it in my email as well shields and an Olympic. Kinda funny that the commercial before and it was for business but essentially closing on Memorial Day I'm not running the big. Make -- -- I appreciate that so much. There -- out there reminding people why they can't that they opt to -- and other hot dogs they do whatever it's because somebody else he. -- Marianne thank you for holding I apologize for the way and I have to -- it was well worth it for me and I hope you feel the same. I do because these kids these days men and women of we need to be remembered at every day -- veterans day and every day Memorial Day not just points here. For your family is absolutely gold star families. There is aid there's always the empty seat at the table there's always an empty spot in your heart. And people just don't give it unless they've experienced that thank you so much. My words would be fruitless. I can't add anything to that 8030930. Start 93180616. WB EN. All try to speed things up on and try to talk less and you guys talk more and I apologize is just this is very emotional to me. For reasons -- I just don't wanna get into here is John and William bill WB and hello. It hello John. -- All eight com. A well brother. And brother and great friend from. The Marines. -- was in. California. New Gardner and nuclear arms. People. And you should result 45. Showcasing outside the building. And actually hit him held out -- -- at this very moment. Are down long street in Clarence put the plane came down yes. And I would just like to. Offer them up to. -- sometimes you again without being disrespectful uncertain today aside just for. People who died in service of our armed forces who never made it home alive. Would you would you care to share your friends are you your brother in arms name. More. We. Are. Excellent. That is the year. I. Yes -- -- -- great comedy -- actually they were the rid of them too long ago. If you have a link I see -- I notify Google Jim Morse and I know exactly what's gonna come up. All try to find it -- -- -- -- And comes. By it then -- -- want to soul I don't know I couldn't bring it all might. Well. Understood if if you can send me a link -- appreciate it -- -- try to find the -- a commercial break but unfortunately Jim Morse and I'm gonna get a lot of doors and Val Kilmer pictures. Thank yup thank thank you very much I'd appreciate the call actually be surprised -- -- Jimi Hendrix was a veteran did not die in action. But he believed turnout was a veteran Jim Morse and was not. It is 540s I -- not to do words Jim -- 540 senators radio -- thirty WB the end. You let us know we need to do attend after traffic report Alan because -- we we will go to Ireland. Forty after the hour traffic reports and wind conditions Warren when they don't -- we don't do that when they do we we do. AccuWeather a shower in spots this evening -- overnight low fifty. I turned my air conditioning out of just militant revulsion last night I did I guys to develop. I don't care for a freeze I'm militantly -- by this weather. It was a good feeling. National Grid would be very happy with. Up for tomorrow warmer some sun seventy Sunday sunshine nice 73 and Memorial Day as we remember our fallen. Soldiers sunshine with a warm afternoon and eighty right now 52. Shameful degrees at news radio 930 WB EM let's get back to the calls and first up we have. Paul in Niagara Falls Paul hello what your story of whom you Shelby remember. Well there's two broad tools soldiers it didn't make it -- quarter of homeless could guilty. Is from Niagara Falls area lieutenant. They've got a leg blown in Vietnam. He's stuck it in the mud. There's other there's awarded late pocket not -- And credibility -- fifty caliber. Machine gun and it is saved his whole squad. Okay and then there's another. OK I have to I have to interrupt can you give me the spelling of his hero's name. I believe it's CCD. I LLE. Did he win by any chance posthumously the medal of honor. Okay vets that's amazing I -- in law. Did you know that what was your relationship with him. I really didn't but I was younger if you are dumber than him and when it hit and I was totally. And I admired. His courage and bravery knowing that he couldn't. Blair anyway. And what -- going to be able to make it out with this profusely he what is slate blown up from the -- down. But PGA ended in in the soil. And grabbed that the the Browning fifty caliber. So -- squad could get out of the area any -- there. Your call us first -- by any chance just to make it easier for me to track him down. I'm -- Fred the first thing to delete the last thing in the second soldier you will be remembering a Monday. Yes Jason -- A soldier there. A grenade. Was. A grenade went off any jump down it would this help us. And saved. 202 over the other Marines there were next storm and I believe they mean destroyers for him also. Andy medal of honor as well as they were called that happened in recent memory and I will make sure that that gets right on my FaceBook -- during the 6 o'clock break here. I'm honored that you brought those names up thank you so much I had not heard the -- Billy story before Jason Dunham absolutely thank you very very much. You don't thrilled I'm thirty news radio 930 WB yet its hourly remembering the true meaning of memorial by a date set aside to call our. Fall on the people who did not make it back alive from hour armed forces.

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