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5-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah. Wolves down upon the he would rate -- I think. You go to the hole looked out my husband and -- The fact he has yet floor dead Americans what I'm glad I protest that was because the guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after all it. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. -- and I don't know how to put this. -- -- People know when it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet -- quit net news radio. Is it ten minutes after four Israel I'm thirty WBP and the way -- all ready guys kind of sneak out of work just as -- bit early today. If you did and if there's big traffic problems. They should call the WB in traffic command hotline Alan Harris I don't think you -- goes well. He may be reached at 80303218030321. -- that number. Our cell phone number which is a recall and then we get the legal system in place were once we don't accidents in place we've. Bother Alan -- that the free cell phone number is star 930. -- I have added several pictures to the FaceBook portion of this program basically I'm doing this and I'm multi media format which is a -- that's where it's AM. I'm trying to match up. What people are saying I'm the year with photographs and memorabilia photographs people are sending me an email which is Tom at WB EN dot com. The only request I have a view is if you were going to send me a picture. If you're gonna send me a tribute stopped. -- email. For your fallen person often you'll be thinking double on Memorial -- please I'm begging you to give it to me by 6 o'clock. Because -- 7 o'clock rolls around I am taking mental health days. Saturday Sunday and Monday I honestly do not want to be anywhere near the media I just have to get away. Albion on all but I just. You know it's like I love my job I'm passionate about it but I also company to break. I hope you guys can relate to -- and I do and like it worked it just means sometimes. I told you guys this in January a man -- that was limitations. And I just know I need to get away from it for three days without FaceBook without checking email and without doing anything except. Well -- Saturday and Sunday. In and a Monday electric the -- art for want. I'll stop wise ancestors' graves counseling over two way all along even though be about wartime deaths they'd consider. And veterans day is for all veterans that is in November. Monday is memorial. Monday is for the men and women who never made whole alive. And there's a difference between the two please understand the difference I'm begging you to do -- Graham Bob Russo. That was her big event every single year. She had flags like you wouldn't believe. And she loved the United States. And as a lady born in 1911. She was. Well 1911213141. She was thirty years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. And it obviously was one of the seminal events in her life. -- -- however was for many folks I have to tell you -- all honesty and a -- it right back to the phone calls. IA will confess to you that I did not fully appreciate Memorial -- until September 11. And the aftermath of September 11 I'm ashamed to admit that. I began to appreciate it in the eighties. At the Pearl Harbor memorial the Arizona Pearl Harbor a YE. Which is our -- For hundreds. Of our guys who couldn't get out of the your result in time. And I just kind of feel as though. I told you this before. If I have any influenced by any. I don't want power but if I have any influence. I'd like to use it for good enough for bad. And I want to. Use this show. To allow you the platform. To tell us about the real flesh and blood person you will remember. On Memorial -- Memorial Day is set aside to honor. Goes armed forces members who did not come home alive it's not veterans day it's memorial. And media people. All the news directors I hope to send out a memo. Do not say happy Memorial Day. Because. Part of me which electric -- out of the station taking a giant Italian sausage and shove it where the sun don't shine. Because then you totally don't understand why we have memorial -- Look. Have a good time. Have fun enjoy your day off. But -- could you just spend five minutes -- knowledge in the sacrifice that was made for you by men and women. Of all races. All genders. All backgrounds. Over the years. I don't think that's too much to ask. Here is that Tom and -- were on WB Ian Tom you were on the hello. All right now I am actually calling the is I live re ounces now for your grandma. And I remember -- all wired up. And you just a warm wonderful. I knew very well as a -- ever -- -- do. I was eleven years old then. The only character that really here with it was -- her long shoe which you know. -- on you're on. I was involved in the year -- our event when I was eleven. And I would get more mercy for premiere here Wal-Mart. And that within a day means. Days did not the -- from. From super and so. Every single day currently single day she. Even when I came home. She's certainly care. And prior to I mean are only my only experience with her was ignored -- aren't -- pastor now. You would you know you -- your -- and which was typical of. I can't imagine my grandmother yelling at -- but I find that to be a funny story but I guess I'm gonna ask my mom about. Her sending viewed the cards every day when you were in the hospital after you were in the car accident because that completely sounds like something -- Bob -- would have done not out of character at all she was a sweetheart of a woman. Which you wonderful person and -- don't you -- your ground was injured shall all the whenever Purdue. Mention our war. Oh yeah well I I inherited the family tree research on the -- so side of the family from my uncle -- Great. Pitcher that's true story and -- What's so they were fantastic -- -- those -- like Eric served three and a half months every single there. The card every period. Well that's that's awfully nice to hear it's it's well we have to remember and I will -- Tom I will tell us at a -- because she's buried her ashes are. Interred with my grandfather's old one cemetery right along. On Delaware avenue right across right across from the gas station. And a -- view of the petroleum pumps and our event thanks for the call. And well. It wherever she is I'm sure she's content. Thank you thank you very much it is eighteen minutes after four at news radio 930 WBE end. I hold different religious views than most people and certainly different religious views from just about everybody in my family. It is. Eighteen minutes after four news radio 930 WB and that -- Palin I have very little in common these days. 8030 -- thirty starlet 3180616. WBE. And that. And I wanna know. About the person you will be thinking of on Memorial Day. The person for -- Memorial Day touches your heart. As we're talking about real people who made the ultimate sacrifice didn't want to die for their country. But they did. And it's our duty I think a solemn duty to spend a few minutes remembering. Here are -- on WB and -- We're talking about. Armed forces members who died while in the armed forces who did not call home alive. Talked to me about your story. Sugar well first I'd like to apologize to making a phone call it a lot more emotional -- I would have never imagined I'm I'm going to be antidote. My veteran sergeant first class Robert direct. He died in -- Or 2000 side. -- -- -- When actually we we know that we are in the same reader you know when -- joining army. I'm not doing that follow a lot for -- to -- we were instant friend. And they -- the -- A few years later he had all the way how to count. On the utilitarian GAAP. And we actually got their fight over something so stupid I can't even remember and I didn't and taught her a few years. We ended up re connecting of course Earl. Right ink -- on the floor. We bought it we are getting mobilized but I was going. Stateside -- going over to direct and thoroughly rejected and one week and I wouldn't area in Indiana and I are actually illegal it and before he went -- cents. I never got around regular season will end. -- -- We got killed he was that a convoy. And I and I recchi. Tanker truck convoy. So. You know he couldn't get so bad that we get that stupid fight. And I never got there. -- against. -- Next month them deploy to Afghanistan myself -- -- I have to believe it'll be there was. I. I hope he is he's always going to be in your heart my dear. You know bet I've already put his. Name up on the FaceBook page Arlington national cemetery has a terrific resource available and the would you drop me a line from time to time from Iraq are you gonna be stationed at one of the FO -- are you going to be somewhere else. -- -- -- It in the car at. -- well tell you what would you from time to time drop us a line lets you know he procured. Sure. Thank you Sherri and I know it was a tough story to tell. But I'm sure that the family of Robert to render it actually from they they list him as being from Rochester on the website. Now he and he termed it a lot of Libby Grand Island. Possibly. I don't know why they were dead you know if you think you that would go to my FaceBook page. It would you -- the conflict Arlington and then correct any Iraq. Any erroneous information. It. Well are at it in that case I hope somebody who knows him will because that Rochester. Eight Cheektowaga thank you very much I'm glad you called jury and you stay -- for curriculum. All right about. 8030930. Let's go to traffic right now Linda Allen Harris. We have posted a picture of your friend Dwayne -- high user and what a handsome young fellow and that died in Vietnam you knew him from school. And well thank you for -- And the folks AccuWeather for today a shower in spots this evening here it is may I drove the freaking Jeep to work. Yeah the -- Yeah boy via expensive car was a good investment -- -- actually drive of the week this week as it is summertime. Anyway clearer tomorrow warmer. Well -- partial sunshine I don't even know what that -- means seven mile high someplace sunny in my 73 memorial they sunny warm afternoon and eighty Joey you give me the look what's the temperature reverend. Or you suck. 52 at news radio 930 WP EM. After just joining us folks I think Memorial -- very very seriously. And I do because somebody asked. And my job today. IA you know what guys. This is -- services this is not some radio exaggeration this is not hyperbole. I I kinda feel the eyes and the spirits. Some of the fallen. From our area around me today. And I kind of feel like it's my duty to do this show. I am enjoying doing the show. Because. I wanna know about the people the real people -- -- mutual thing this Memorial -- Those who gave their lives while in the service of the United States they did not come all alive is the best way I can -- -- 8030930. Start 93180616. WBE. NN. -- I got assets and edit worthy of the ages -- Alitalia. There's Buckcherry nobody cares. There's a great why isn't. Just turned -- -- of the Atlanta will be Spinal Tap. I'm looking at a very sentimental and lovely song. -- with heartbreaking emotion it's called it one of pomp. And that's just the edited version on I'm writing a song right now called bunny boiling crazy. It also problems. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB the end and I mean no disrespect to be mentally -- believe me. Now. We're talking about memorial Berry and we're talking about -- what it means to you. And the flesh and blood person or people of whom you should be thinking on Monday. Thinking about on Monday. Because Europe. -- Too many look it's so tough because. I wanna walked the line here. Because. Of some as I've said you guys a million times. One of the reasons. IA feel old. The way I feel about -- veterans is the fact that they're not superheroes. They don't wanna be put on pedestals. They don't want to be. Made in two ideals they are not. Their guys and ladies just like you and dislike dislike me -- got. End up. At the same time. May. Some of them. Too many of them. They signed up they understood the risk they were taking. And unfortunately. Tragically. They were the ones. Who made the ultimate sacrifice you can give no more for anybody -- your life. And I think that's a special person. And what makes again guys what makes veterans so special to me. And please understand the sincerity. Is. Whenever I get a chance I talked to them. They realize. That they're not superheroes. They're just that and ladies like you. Except they had these experiences. I told you about the Dominican Republic my experience there with a guy from Vietnam. And here I am this long haired guy walking up to this guy were his Vietnam veterans cap. Shaking -- and hugging him he's in a wheelchair. Saying thank you for serving. I don't think anybody ever thank them I honestly don't much less somebody who looks like -- feel like I. It's little things like that. And he's one of the lucky ones he at all. Even though he's in a year for whatever reason. Today they were setting it aside for -- Who did not come home. You are here it is up to you to tell us their story. And I would be honored if you would choose to do so to start to -- if you would send me photographs and maybe a bio. Of the person of whom you most will be thinking on memorial. And without restating it too many times you don't have to be depressed all day. And even the people who lost a husband a wife a lover a spouse. A brother a sister. There is a time. For everything there's a time to be -- -- time to decide it's time to grieve there's time for happiness. And at least try to find some happiness on Monday but at the same time try to remember. Even if it didn't know somebody. Just tried to at least understand why you've got the day off. And I'm a real serious about that guys and if any immediate idiot says happy memorial bay. Would you please write their news director and tell them what a first class -- they are. Because they don't have any knowledge appreciation of American history. And -- half of them I think if they saw somebody and uniform run the other way. Sorry I don't mean to generalize but I get real defensive about this if somebody -- And I didn't serve. Would I I wouldn't want I want -- -- and it would take him anyway it's a moot point and I would've sucked as a soldier believed. Anyway for thirty rated news radio 930 WBE an 8030930. Well. Our secret agent assess and -- good at bat. Soldier now. No -- -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB EN. Before you go any further folks some of the most powerful words. From this morning's Buffalo's early news which on second Susan rose. Came from my dear friend. This is somebody that. I thought was all -- when I first started here -- about David Bellamy. I thought to myself all my goodness this guy is gonna wave the red shirt. And try to get elected to office. Based on his service. In Iraq. My first -- rep David elevator. Needless to say a lot of changed. That David is. One of a very few number of people irate call. A friend for whom I would take a bullet. There's a couple others. -- the way you know. And Rus Thompson. Those are two other guys. I feel the same way about those guys. -- -- -- -- They're real friends that much is fair weather friends. I thought out a lot about fair weather friends. Not too long ago. And I. Have no regrets over. Ridding myself of the weeds. Now. Here's David -- response to what this Memorial Day mean to you. You know it's it's out there were probably better in every debate that we. Where -- where we're you know it's memorial -- so much out. -- -- -- -- Four with a -- to survive. Battle that we we counsel to look at ourselves and our. Turn -- green are where we look at them they're sick man I wonder if Jason. You know who who bought like twenty years old never get a chance. -- pared their pitching and see his children and and -- Hilliard do we want to. Are you worried these. If you sacrifice. Are you the man that he couldn't bend it he should've. And there's a lot of Islam. That you -- we have to do we have acknowledged that nobody want to die for their country. Nobody nobody made the statement at seventeen children it you know what I wanna apply. I wanna -- the one that it died in defense of America. They're willing to. And that is a beautiful beautiful thing went so it's saying they're willing to do something for you will do so before. You know took the greater good. And it's it's you know it's beautiful it's 18 year. Sugar in the next generation really need to understand. That. That's the story to forward to the story to Korea are happening every single day today as we speak. There are young men and women. -- -- -- -- Chasing the bad guys do what they can do for you and me right now and it's it's just it's as beautiful relatives who wasn't. He would cheat lie in -- city. And tapping every day. And when you -- those kids come -- through the airport. You know you never know. -- -- -- you never know what happened next day so it's little appreciation things but it's really humbling. Experience so the people who survived that to realize that -- We have just added burden. We were living and for other people. You know what we've read what are the guys were able to make it home. You know -- -- David Sylvia and folks regulatory Yvette heard -- step by the house couple weeks ago a couple of Saturdays ago and we have. We have bonded. That he knows and I know that I'm not gonna talk about on the year and no it's not that. But. One of the great honors of my life is knowing David. And. How I say this delicately. Having David. Give me some compliments that he does not give out. Randomly. Because of certain. Shared experiences. And that's all solidified that. Anyway it is 443 -- that I love you brother I love you. It is for 43 news radio 930 WB -- we are talking about the person you will remember the person who did not make -- whole. And if you send me an email please understand guys today is not a -- to send -- an -- picture. With all due respect guys -- while pictures -- -- -- -- -- pictures just I've got enough email I've got enough email coming in just to commemorate. Fallen soldiers so hold off on the -- -- pictures till next week with all due respect -- all love me and I'm getting so many emails that. If you care don't have the -- -- -- 803 because I do repeat myself I don't know if you've noticed that it's probably early dementia. Here is bill import Colbert on a WB yen the very beginning northern entrance of the well and canal and kind of and familiar on WB and hello. -- -- -- -- Appreciate you the year your stance on not many things and also taken the time. You don't today to. To to the program that you're doing. Now this is my duty I mean I get paid fort but -- also my duty. Well there's not too many did that believe that anymore I don't think that. I'm just taking a Canadian point of view on it but and that that David what's his name the. Yeah though those are really touching words. And you can you can tell what was coming from the heart. David is a man. With a capital M. Well you hear a sound that I got by I 10-Q I'd email while I was on hold here about I guess could be. To make a long story short. If I was still married. This boy would be my stepson. He's from Niagara Falls well -- Niagara Falls, New York Arum. Now BA double last. And I've got to let me. I'm sorry I got -- got your email. All okay good so it get on it it's pretty well self explanatory -- a nice -- bear. A his mom and I got married in 81 known death I moved. Her in the three kids up to Canada and you know. Long story short just we were to get a bloody years and on the split up they moved back to Niagara Falls, New York felt. Arum was only around me for that may be the first seven or eight years of his life and the -- says he went to be on night of Catholic high school and he -- wanted to BM media. Being a soldier because he was four years in the Marines and then you re up and and joined the army. And yeah unfortunately on. I guess it was Thanksgiving day of 2005. He was killed didn't in Baghdad cells. His sister called me and I did go over to the to the funeral in Niagara Falls, New York -- up pretty bad pretty setup there. Well in indeed and I have just put the information up on my FaceBook page. The only thing with which I need to take exception is -- In if for joining me now in for -- and -- -- -- that word right. You're -- saying that I should be in politics is absolutely positively no way in hell. I had just just thinking that you know I mean I'd like I'd like your position and. You know -- all the wishy washy crap that I that I hear from the rest of them down there. Well I'd I'd I'd appreciate I appreciate that Brett says no no interest but your information about Arab is already up there and I am so glad you called insert -- -- I'll do the Dalai will also and got off to his sister's on on FaceBook and I'll just. Probably I'll look forward data on. That's great it and again I'm going to I have my email box open until 6 o'clock to take photographs. The guys and ladies who did not make it home who you will be remembering on memorial -- But because by 6 o'clock a -- probably gonna have. Like probably too many already but keep coming I keep it just keep coming. But there's gonna come a point where I'm gonna have to say no I need to break away and refresh myself mentally so what thank you very much political. It 030930. -- 3180616. WB and here's bar in Clarence mark -- You mark -- Memorial Day. Talk to. So. We will be remembering. -- -- step sergeant mark you know inspects. Who paid the ultimate sacrifice. And down. Died in service of this country on November -- 2007. Can you tell us a little bit to have more about him and the circumstances of his death. She. She spending -- UP after graduate from clerics are at school with honors and I was quite frankly quite -- not fulfilled. Wanted to -- Seek a more purposeful of course orders lights and was heavily recruited by -- our forces it's still also number one higher score. Shortly military entrance exams for New York State. And that he chose a job with the united states air force. And then listed. It's four days after the invasion of direction in. Early 2000 -- While I may have just found a photograph of him. And a listing of him online as I was listening to what you were saying. And I'm going to add him to my -- FaceBook list. And that I hope that -- on memorial very. As you think of him. You will know that you'll not be alone in thinking of him I hope that my listeners will turn to the page on memorial today. And look through some of these pictures of these real people. Who gave all. Sanctuary really appreciate that down I appreciate your. Educating the media and media public. About the distinction between Memorial Day and veterans day is two very different things. As a student of history just like you. And of course should not being part of the military send me. Got a responsibility to. Educate myself but let other people know that. Memorial Day it was originally decoration day where people went and decorated the great -- so those -- Who died in service of our country. And that can stay of course being a special -- in November where we recognize service of all veterans he'd no matter what the outcome. Quote they're service what. -- I'm honored you're mark I am honored to speak with the father. -- mark Spence thank you very much. Well -- what I care what I do just sent you know -- what I do you seem so stupid compared to what. Mark did and went all the people on this are growing role have have done. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB -- And AccuWeather -- showers at any point this evening otherwise the clouds will break tonight how a breaking. Overnight low fifty tomorrow it will be warmer. You'll see a little bit of sunshine wherever that is right I don't know -- Sunshine they claim it's a word really exist somewhere or whatever seventy the high Sunday sunny 73 memorial Barry. Beautiful. Eighty degrees and sunshine. And maybe will re acclimate ourselves to work. Some. And Melanie and her skin some of us don't have enough to begin with much less. -- all the spring -- exit football we've usually pull -- I need to break we come back we're gonna take more. Telephone calls I -- know the specific person -- per son's. You will be remembering on Monday. Because remember folks there are people. Alive in buffalo Cheektowaga and everywhere listening to me right now. To you it's a hot dog on the grill to them. There are still. Broken hearted over the son who never came back from World War II with a husband who never came back. Where the brother who never came with his sister. Real people folks real people. And I'm trying my best -- many as possible today your photos and bios seven to -- within the next hour Tom at WB EN dot com.

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