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5-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Gary -- Destroy -- silent. It was an amendment. Tom hourly. Even though this. I think it right back -- it's live it's local girl is the it's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip to quit Jerry and on news radio 930. And boy I swear some people wake up every. Recording and they wait for my FaceBook post just so they can be the smartest guy in the room. -- human nature says this is alien to human nature absolutely. It it fascinates me like you wouldn't believe and I enjoyed being a cultural anthropologist. And -- back down one damn inch. Up from my post on FaceBook and if you don't like it that is too freaking bad I don't care. Ladies and gentlemen. On Monday we're gonna celebrate the hot dog and hamburger an apple pyrite. We're gonna celebrate boating sailing golfing and we're gonna celebrate it and we're gonna celebrate cottage at church and right. Now. Monday is memorial -- it's not Wednesday veterans -- is for all veterans. Monday is memorial -- and I can't believe I have to explain this to some veterans. Monday is memorial -- Monday is the day we have set aside to honor those guys and ladies who did not make it hold a lot. I don't know how much clearer I have to be. And I don't know who troll when my my eyesight and a patrol and who isn't but that one individual particularly. Pisses me off right now. Unlike FaceBook page I'm sensing a banning in the near future when these gadgets or just be the smartest guy in the room. And you know what I was gonna go again because I I act I just I don't have time in my life to -- constantly battle trolls I don't have the time. I don't of the will don't have the time to better things to do with four hours on the radio band put up with trolls. Ladies and gentlemen. Memorial Day is -- today. Where we should spend at least a few minutes at least a few minutes. To think about those who did not com home alive. And I hope -- not mistake the passion in my voice for anger although there is a bit of anger in my voice right now I have to admit it. Veterans day is for veterans all veterans. Memorial Day is for the special veterans those who died while serving the country that's what it is all about. Okay that is why we have memorial used to be called decoration day. It was started after the civil war to honor veterans of both the north and the south. Course today that would be done because confederate veterans would have been considered -- rebels and -- anti PC. Event to show for another day. Ladies and gentlemen. Joseph did you get that audio. Pocket. I wanna just set the stage here for the Chicago. -- your calls today. Because. I know that there are people right here yesterday. Up -- there older people. Who even today. -- The scars of the losses of World War II in their hearts there are people you might know in the senior -- people you might know what bingo people you might know what church. Whose Brothers whose fathers who sisters never made it home. From world war. They died. While serving in the armed forces. Now my job today. Looking back on that generation. And the subsequent generations. Who did not come home from serving in the armed forces. My job today is I want to flesh them out. I want you to tell me. About the person in your life. Maybe you served with them and they didn't come home port to veterans who had. Her fellow men died right next to them. You know two steps to the right it would have been them instead the other guy was Tuesday after the right in it was the other guy. And I don't want this to be a more bombshell I don't want it to be a show field -- -- -- By any means. But. The younger generations. Have got to realize. That Memorial Day is. -- day that really. Should have some solemnity. Attached to it because we're talking about real people. Real people not just for Indiana. Illinois Utah or New Mexico we're talking about real people from right here in buffalo and Western New York. Who knew guys and ladies. Who are related to guys and ladies who did not come back alive. In fact some of them never came back. All because the remains were just never found. I don't need to explain what happens in war and why remains would not be found -- Smart enough understand why. Artillery shell you know -- an upset. I want you to tell me. About the special person. You lost. Who died while serving. This country. And furthermore let me just go once -- For my FaceBook page. By 6 o'clock today it it I'm sorry but if you sent it after six I I will be able to do anything with -- So if you have a picture. An -- briefed -- ago. Of the person you will be remembering this Memorial -- please send it to Tom at WD end up job. -- WB EN dot com. A picture and a brief bio of the person you'll remember this memorial. Now I think I know veterans well enough. To understand that even if they have made it home they would not want you to go eight all day on Monday. Most of us don't know somebody who died in combat. People well. I'd -- I don't. Actually two pretty well. Wanna hear who you're gonna remember on memorial. Goes to a lot of people and especially a lot of idiots in the media. -- we are all day. You're gonna see some idiot in the media I guarantee on Monday. Happy Memorial Day. I'm sorry come again. OK happy fourth of July. Idea. That he labored. I get up. Happy memorial and the likes tough girl. Now in my family that is but apparently were a little warped. The chatty Cathy is. And that charity cans in local media I'm begging and I'm not singling anybody out by name or just the first K names like a -- remember. On Monday. Don't make yourself look like it idiot. And I know that a lot of you do that anyway. But all sit in front of the TV. Don't sit in front of Mike reporter behind a microphone it's very happy Memorial Day. Because you -- gonna -- was betray your own idiocy. And lack of knowledge of American history. That's all you're gonna -- Okay that's all you're gonna do. And I want your pictures. I want your brief -- Of the person you will remember on Memorial Day now -- sloppy play any audio today. A -- I'm I'm turning to your phone calls today to put into your words the person you will remember. Again I just wanna emphasize something have fun. Enjoy the day. You should not spend the entire day and complete and total -- although many well. You have to understand. That there are people who lost people within the last year in Afghanistan. Live right here in western new York. Stock gonna be happy Memorial Day. The grill is not total look like it used to the previous Memorial Day it's gonna take on a somber Tallinn to them. And we've got to be respectful of live your life. You cannot spend the entire time in sorrow. But please. In the all that is holy or significant. Can you please take a few minutes to seriously. Think about the sacrifices. Of those who died while serving our armed forces. I mean some people. Schroeder recognition by flying the flag I don't have a flag pole. Mine almost tore my siding off when -- get hit by an ice storm. So I do my thinking in my brain. About those. People I didn't even know who died. For what used to be the freest country in the world. 803 elementary. Is via phone at 8030930. Start I'm thirty of a cell phone 180616. WBE end. And I wanna hear about the person. In your family in your circle of friends may be a comrade at arms. Who is gonna be nearest and dearest to you this Memorial Day. And I also in addition to your calls on the here on WB EM I want your pictures. You sent me the picture tell me who it is. Tell us a little bit about. Where they limit how they died if you know so I can put their picture up on my face parentage. All of asking is that you do it by 6 o'clock tonight. -- that should give me enough time to put all of the photographs up. Because. This weekend I need in a few mental health days to break away from work. So. I'll just be real honest with ID I am going off the radar this weekend is for his work is concerned I need to get away. So well I hope your respective could understand it's a highly. Pressurized environment. Not as highly pressurized as auto patrol in Afghanistan. But it's a very pressurized job and sometimes I just have to get away from this weekend is going to be one of those weekends so. When I say 6 o'clock I don't mean any disrespect I'm just telling you the way -- is that if you send me a picture after six with all due respect I will be the -- at that point. From the meat from from the media that. I mean I'll be fully detach the seven. But it -- that it by six I'll be able to get an up on the FaceBook page as gorgeous it is a JPEG format and there's something I can actually get on line. Now before we go any further. I don't have a lot of friends. That I trust anymore. What are the people I do trust. Is -- ability. David Bell -- is an Iraq veteran. And sought extensive service. In Fallujah that's a place in Iraq. And that's where. Militant is is -- fascist decided they would kill contractors. And anger burned bodies from brokerage. That the United States moved in. And for a while kicked al-Qaeda is -- unfortunately al-Qaeda ugly head is -- itself again in pollution. But David Bellamy it was against -- my job second Susan -- this -- Buffalo's early news you can hear the interview with the WB yeah audio vault but. Susan rose asked David Olivia what Memorial Day meant to him. And I know David and if you know David even if you don't know David. You have to listeners. You don't get it out they were probably better -- to -- that we. Wake up where were you know it's memorial -- so much out. -- -- For civic action and survive. Adult that we we counsel to look at ourselves and our. Aren't you green are where we look at the -- sick man I wonder if Jason. You know who who bought like twenty years old never got a chance. Mr. Rivera pitching and see his children and and you -- -- -- -- Are you worried these. If you sacrifice has argued the man that he couldn't bend it -- should. And there's a lot of Islam. That we we have to do we have acknowledged that nobody want to start to their country. Nobody nobody made this statement at seventy and they -- it you know what. I want a guy I wanted to be the one that it it died in defense of America. They're willing to. And that is a beautiful beautiful thing went so we're seeing -- they're willing to do something for you will do -- before. You know took the greater good. And it's it's you know it's beautiful it's 18 year but children. The next generation really need to understand. That. That distort -- to the story to Korea are happening every single day today at least eight. There are young men and women. -- -- -- side chasing the bad guys. Do what they can do. For you and me right now and it's it's just it's as beautiful relatives who wasn't Iwo jima -- -- city. What's happening every day. And when you -- those kids coming through the airport. You know you never know. It will -- you never know what happened next day so it's one of those appreciation things but. It's just a little humbling. Experience so the people who survived that to realize that. We have -- added burden. We were living and for other people. You know what we we would -- one of the guys were able to make it home. Those of you whom -- flashed back to the final scene of Saving Private Ryan and listening to David Bellamy have you well what the only one. And that scene. Is replay daily in David's mind okay. 8030930. Whom. Will you be remembering on memorial. If you have a picture and you like to sure brief bios at a Timmy Thomas WB EN dot com or you wanna do with the good old fashioned way so we have a chance to hear your voice. 8030930. I would love to hear from people who have never call the show before with the story. I would like here from people who only now have found the words to describe their loss. 8030930. On WB. All right see the biggest disappointment and my -- is responding to somebody on a FaceBook post and I write his brilliant. Paragraph long. Response and I realize I had cap line. I got a race hold him they are right it is at 333 news radio 930 WB and folks this is your show. And I just I want to say just a couple of things here that have been up my mind. No one is. Please I am begging you I don't know this is guilt because. Frankly. I was eighteen years old the idea of a military career was not even remotely in my horizon. Not that they would have accepted the anyway because of -- heart murmur. Whether that was a precursor -- got a I have no idea but whatever it was I never would have gotten him -- but I would have wanted -- anyway. I would not a made a good soldier. A lot of been a great intelligence agent but not a good soldier. As I like curriculum my feet and stressful situations. Pretty damn good at -- -- it but anyway it started up but I digress. I love but in any event. Folks my grandma Bruce. God rest her soul. When he was born in 1911. And every year. Memorial Day was at her house and -- avenue were still stands second from the corner by don't work. Yet the same street John justice did his thing right. Every Memorial Day she tried to instill in us all of us. That Memorial Day was for the men. And the bureau she was of their generations or she thought of the men who did not come home. And in her case her. Recollection would have been most of World War II. With just eight. Vague recollection of World War I much the same way as -- as a little boy have a knowledge of Vietnam I knew what was going on but. When your kid you don't really pay attention to stuff like that. And by the way when David albeit I refer to qua city that was in Vietnam and it's that's that's when the spelled HUE. It's like the Vietnamese name Norway and the a lot of people messed that one up without meaning any disrespect but. Others couple of people I would like to acknowledge. Who did not make -- whole. Ever -- And I'm honored that the family of mark Rodham locker listens to my -- mark died in Grenada back in the early 1980s. His sister has been -- touch with me on FaceBook. They have a lovely memorial and grenade hit to the Americans who died. In liberating that country from the Cubans who try taken over the Caribbean on behalf of the Soviets during the Cold War. I want to thank the -- of -- family for correcting me it was not friendly fire that killed mark he was killed by enemy fire. And David Bell albeit talked about mark rattle blocker. He described mark Rodham locker to a -- Here's -- diapers country. But he took the risk to die for his country. He always wanted to be a soldier. And that I'm gonna use names here. The time I was dating a young lady named Caroline. And she was friends with mark for great school. And bets where and how all that connection was made it -- I've always remembered the name mark Rodham -- never met mark. And there's another one -- you probably know what I'm gonna say -- can affect who grew up just over the hill on union by -- early. In -- Williams right across from my union common actually. And mark was twice marine of the year his parents were at our house when I was married for a one of the -- Super Bowl losses. I know I met. I don't want -- but to say we were close would be a stretch I know that he did a lot of things from -- ex wife around the house. -- joined the Marines. And his story is especially traffic tragic because as far as I'm concerned he was murdered by the military by his own guys. Because he was a good guys. And he was gonna blow man on the -- going on with the heroin trade and the -- Those who use served in Afghanistan. Not one of -- has ever written -- state hourly you're all wet as you know damn right I know what I'm talking about. Erin was a liaison with the Marines in the CIA and the village chieftains. Go ahead Sumi. -- the story. He was -- As we used to say in Vietnam. I also want you to remember too and I'm not trying to be politically correct folks please understand I don't believe in political correctness I do believe in circumspect -- And circumcision. But starter. I -- and I hit sometimes levity will get the best of the even on a serious topic. But I also want you to remember. Bet every ethnic group in this country. Has contributed. And a sacrifice blood and lives for the cause of the United States. Mexico and and I hit hyphenated Americans. At people who feel they -- -- it themselves all the time. But black Americans Mexican Americans gay Americans. I mean every American Irish German. You'd be amazed that the number of German Americans who volunteered in World War -- the fight the Germans. And this is the same thing with Japanese in Hawaii if you've ever been to Hawaii the first thing that's gonna pitch is holy crap. I end up in Beijing to end up in Tokyo. It's it's like it's like and so but seriously folks. And which you have to understand is at the same time as FDR was putting Japanese Americans in interment camps. Japanese Americans for -- why he volunteered on masks to serve the country. That was discriminating against them. Indians native Americans gave their lives. So we know -- Heads a monopoly. On memorial -- not conservatives not liberals libertarians. Nobody -- Nobody goes in fact I think Eddie Murphy was even a conscientious objector or -- it messing about with somebody else from a from another era -- maybe. But Murphy -- foot six. Ought to Murphy is like one of my all time freaking heroes. He did not give his life he made the other set of a bitch give his life for his country. And that's an expression from general Patton who peed in the Ryan. When he went into Germany as he promised he would in full view photographers. You gotta love -- -- by George Patton. But anyway folks I wanna know about those. People view will be remembering on Memorial Day. I just giving -- two names. And there's another group. Of Americans that I want to acknowledge and all -- to acknowledge you briefly. The men and women of the Central Intelligence Agency. Clandestine branch. Who are in harm's way. Every step with every step of the way and every single day. And you know when you sign up. That if anything happens to your. You're never gonna be commemorated you're never gonna be honored all you get is a gold star. On the -- in -- that's it. There are more Americans who served clandestinely in the CIA. Who have given their lives for their country that we don't even acknowledge them. And I'm not believe me folks. I could go on and on and on about the agency. And the -- and the division in the agency the pre Obama's CIA the post Obama's CIA. I'm not gonna do not today. I will -- military service. Memorial Day work work as far as I'm concerned. I'm gonna spend some of my time thinking about those agents and the clandestine branch the CIA who gave their lives. To. Protect America. And maybe even to protect people. You might -- you know. It is 342 news radio 930 WBT end. But what are Tom we thought you're supposed to be the nut case got no -- I'm a fan. Of the agency. Especially the pre Obama agency. And the work they did after 9/11 was I have to tell you. Amazing. Absolutely amazing and I tip my hat to you guys you know. Here is Franken count more on WB and frank. Thank you so much for holding on server and who will you be remembering it on a Memorial Day -- to tell us about this person. Actually two people like you actual people the first. A full bird colonel -- written Berger who who was my colonel in Vietnam. In 1969. He died and -- amber. Of that year. -- at West Point graduate. He died in helicopter crash well over overseeing our directing. A battle and there are of course. It on the chopper. They did they get hit with a missile or was it. It'll crash actually directing. Attacked and and another trap -- actual quote. And the vote. So credential like that. So easy to see how that can happen to in the heat of battle overseeing everything you're concentrating on what's going on the ground the pilot is concentrating the other pilots concentrating and you get too close would you please spell the colonels last name please. CR ICC. Yeah. He ERR. Berger Bloomberg if you don't regret -- lowest point of. God bless his soul. And that is how and you knew him I mean he he was he was well above you I'm quite sure you were field -- he wasn't right. Yet but he very personable. He's he's going and a man. Friendly if you wanna say we're very. Share. And -- and I had dealing with them. All right well we will honor lieutenant colonel dale Craig Berger. You know where his hometown was. Trying to say now I should know that I can't. I can look it up online or if you wanna send me a link to a picture I'd love to I'd like to see what he looked like who was the other person you're gonna be thinking of a memorial. My father. He served in the big red on the first division. He then either but he he died in 2000 -- -- Over here you know and I. But Dick OK but so -- -- you know with all due respect I I have to practice what I preach I wanna save that story for veterans day. On unless he died from complications of injury suffered in the service and have been to kind of -- -- -- gray area but you understand -- coming from frank my whole message today is that memorial Berry is to honor the ball and not all veterans. Did you understand what I'm saying without my being disrespectful and anyway. But thank thank you very much for that and I'd much bigger much you're dead honor veterans they show truly would you please call them. Well I would be honored sir but again not my job today is to try to educate. My listeners most of whom already noticed but there might be some younger listeners who just don't get Memorial Day is all about. And a little look up Bill Clinton burger online -- and by the picture and a more a bio. Of from where he came in what he did in addition to being a West Point grad. Thank you so much and thank you for understanding what I said about your dead. And I wanna focus on those who died in the service who never made it hole today. I my friend I thank you so much you were great man for understanding that a lot of people would have been highly offended and I'm so glad you get me thank you and I will think of -- -- your guy on memorial very thank you thank Terry I've got the best audience in the world I really do. You know that last exchange in a lot of cases. People could've gotten real defensive about it. You guys. That we have a bunt and I did. I'm grateful for that is Paula in Lancaster. On WBBM Paula. You will be remembering somebody who died in the service who did not make it home. Yeah. I'll be remembering my uncle -- bird rack he -- its skinny little kid from lack alarming New York. He died in 1944. In Lorraine Graham at the age of twenty want. Are you the only content. -- -- -- OR eight RAK. Okay well. Somebody and Ellis Island screwed up I have the feeling. I did not collapse may be we just wanted to be more American. Tell us tell us about him and tell us about his dying end up Lorraine France -- which was one of those perpetually. The end of doubt areas between Germany and France over which so many lives were lost over the years. He was 21 in ironically my mother -- your sister is Lorraine how it was overall. Extra heart wrenching -- the only time one of our children the then of course you know I'm only one part of course I didn't know him. But I got no am my hands came in from Arizona a few years ago. And fortunately she -- the purple are. She all on -- that went back and forth between. My grandparents. And my uncle while he was in training. So I got to know him through the latter. And by the time I read all the alert me even in the -- I get a little like I'm. They have the college career ABC. When they are about that he was killed in action news. So -- -- that it and read all the letters. In US kid. At the strip it includes so proud. In the exchanges between me and my grandmother actually he called them odd pop. -- and didn't speak and why he saved sixty dollars. Which in nineteen port forward a lot of money. And I am aides here I mean radio. That they could get all they knew that. -- that would make it big saying he -- -- ask Bob during training and in this I don't know why it's a whopping stop that means you my. You wouldn't recognize now the food is so good -- 260. Pounds. -- You know Hollywood's. You can't believe you're like let's -- a good grief. And my family. I don't know where that's what I came from what we are not a corner and picked up. Well you know that I would even get into the fact that well -- it's utterly irrelevant. I was actually told one point last -- actually had to gain weight after what I went through in the Caribbean with that horrible illness but. Anyway. Edward -- our AK. You have pictures of the telegrams the purple heart. The letters I would be honored to put those on my FaceBook page if you have a picture. Our money or because. When you read. You'd probably know who he is. I would be honored just sent us a sample if you could my email Tom at WB EN dot com top at WB EN dot com. Folks this is what Memorial Day is about. Nobody want you to be said all Barry. But guys ladies children. Real people died. In war. To make this country survive. Real people. Not some abstract. Real people who touched people. And I take this very seriously don't take myself seriously. This show I take very seriously. 8030930. -- WB Ian. AccuWeather forward today rush hour in spots in the evening otherwise clouds will break the overnight low fifty warmer. What is this sunshine a base of which they speak for tomorrow I don't know I have to go to the dictionary don't sounds familiar sunshine. Joseph had a -- I haven't a clue to it on tomorrow's -- seventy someday beautiful sunny. That's a look at up again nice 73. And Memorial. Day. Sunshine a warm afternoon and eighty. I you know what I think I need to break a little early this hour to make upper one -- -- -- earlier. Because my bosses listening -- -- thank you -- here early today so ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for a great start to the program. And our guys. There are some shows I think you could always hear it in my voice. That choke me up. At the same time. I feel blessed that I'm in a position. To educate people about memorial -- And about the fact that there are real men and women. Who never made it whole and even in Western New York. There are still people walking around. Who didn't know their dad's. From world work to. Who are still mourning the loss of their. Husband's from World War II. Folks real people sacrifice. Real flesh and blood people Memorial Day is a day to honor not all veterans. Just those who did not make it out of the service alive. This show is in their honor and tribute. In a -- have done anything and -- can't do anything to awaken. Everybody. To what do sacred holiday there's news I'll feel as though I've at least lived up to some part of whatever destiny wasn't ended.

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