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Made in WNY: Sahlen's Part 1

May 23, 2014|

WBEN's Brian Mazurowski takes a look at things that are made right her in Western New York.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chicken wings would be far -- and assailants hot dogs were fast approaching -- 150 anniversary and there's not too many family owned businesses that didn't make this statement that's Joseph sale in the fourth generations aliens was founded in 1869. By Joseph -- and Andy's you can imagine the business has changed quite a bit since then -- Are often operated -- unsure of the 1950s as a slaughtering cart operation -- eventually moved in the fifties the slaughtering one way and then in the seventies car operation went away. Now this -- facility on Howard street in buffalo always used for processing packaging and shipping of western New York's favorite hot dog.