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5-23 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We need your help to lose this and she's done busy yeah the prisons sent me. -- -- -- Perino on his first trip through western and aren't actually that was noticeable we shows have a problem was that. That was Wolverine. Talking to a young of the -- In that scene from X-Men. Days of future -- Yes well that's pretty catchy that there yet that apparently they hired the Moody Blues come out of that album that movie title or that I love the -- I demoted both. Bigger Moody Blues guy all of all afternoon. You gotta be kidding me what are grates on there are my it's one of those things and others are questioned their search off. There's groups and I never listen to that now finally listen to -- -- kind of dig these guys years later. Anything I've heard of the Moody Blues all my life I've always felt like well. They certainly did themselves. Varies seriously. I don't know -- it's only pop music they are good you know I've found closures as a DJ had some favorite. Groups and songs and some not so favorite later I came to appreciate some ones I didn't like when I was playing them. Sure it was after the fact pro same thing where you like meantime I've never checked the running time on it. But I believe knights in white satin know -- that great song is 1718. Minutes long possibly yours it doesn't go over an hour that's all it did your tennis that message and move slow. Slow. Moving. Mind's eye big box office knew it was not a word -- -- jukebox jury here what do you have for us. -- -- Number one not all yeah it's believed that I would. Shocked I was -- 93 million dollars. Fourteen million of that. Was from the 350. IMAX screens seen at 350. Screens. Smaller theaters that have the IMAX. Fourteen million just from knows. It did extremely. Well overseas as well 103 million on its first week and which just goes to prove my theory that the rest of the world loves it when something destroys America. This should continue to do very well over the -- we -- I'm actually going to be seeing it again. And I well I saw at the preview in the family wants to go check out this week and so were gonna go again and obviously they get my god -- -- again. Did you see via the trailers were drugs though not -- commercial. Where drugs though is eating the cars yeah that's cool I mean nortel's worried about it there is eating FiOS. Well and they sell this. I don't know ended up with a heart burn to the nth degree that so I. It's that numbered food neighbors. Held up very well the second week and 25 million dollars it is now 91 million. Comedy why is this is gonna have the holy week and all to itself before getting big time. From Seth MacFarlane a million ways to die in the west which comes out next week -- -- CI yeah I'm seeing. I'm gonna see that early next week I'm looking reported that that looks like I'm really. Quite vulgar on. A number three the amazing Spiderman two did another seventeen million it is now at 172. It is fading. Test in United States it's actually looks like it may end up being the lowest grossing Spiderman. Of the -- But the foreign box office is doing just great. It's done over 460. Million and other parts of the world so even that's not. White. -- and cutting edge here right now the foreign box office so ignorance -- a lot more Spiderman come. At number four million dollar arm brought in eleven million dollars. It may seem a bit team but it is really pretty much in line with what the studio was expected from this title. You know be expressed there that has an older audience. And the audience polls that they did were very very positive this is the sort of film that is neat as -- nice. Business win. Movies like hello Mina where the exotic -- gold hotel where your audience is a bit older. Gonna come out on the first week at most the time to talk about what their Fran and then it slowly to reduce steady nice business. And number five. Cameron Diaz in the other woman it's six billion dollars it is now at 72 and I do little bit of breaking news breaking -- in the works right now we try to keep and I've gone on all the new trend to match coming up and a lot of people complain. That especially now in the summer everything's a sequel. Or reboot in -- planet Hollywood gonna come up with some new fresh material -- idea I have two projects here they are in the works that Hollywood is hoping will be the next. They'd franchise. Disney. Very happy with the success of the pirates of the Caribbean Helms. Has finally. In its fiftieth anniversary. Decided to move forward with the it's a small world. Feature. Well yes yes it's a small. Imagine two hours of that is gonna be directed by job to -- who did national treasure. I don't know how you build a movie around that ride but -- tell you the truth I didn't how they were gonna do it pirates of the Caribbean either and that was success that song did not leave me for a month after I -- well I I can understand that most people. Go to C Roberts heavy bullet to have their mind I'm not dot. The other. Date film this is kind of pick up more Lego movies laughed off the next big franchise is going to be. The peeps movie. You know those those little marshmallow bunny Easter Easter here you're using get to know I don't know qualities this this is not a Tyler Perry well -- all those sugary little those little sugary -- marshmallow. Bunnies and whatever they kicked. Actually it can go way to a sweet -- -- so this if this is a big -- and I think we can expect he doesn't bridge over the movie. And possibly three musketeers three musketeers a disaster film maybe based on pop rocks. That could be exciting true all right and that incense around do you have a -- Malia IQ -- yes indeed Jennifer Lawrence plays the shape shifting mystique. In X-Men days of future past. Lawrence got her start sitcom. Playing the TV daughter. Of which one of the following comedians was that he and O'Neill. Beat bill and hall or seat Cedric the Entertainer. I'll bet that -- daughter did she -- -- de Beers are right through reprisals that Obama the winner. No yeah Specter and I don't know the prize to run of engagement passes the -- bell at the eastern hills that Gibson theater. It's point five dollars in the beards and brewers beat Auburn broke a Miller supporter and transit or expiration date total value 43 dollars general content rules apply will break now we'll be back after this it is the only show with -- -- Obama -- sandy beach. The movie IQ question Jennifer Lawrence plays the shape shifting mystique. An X-Men days of future past Lawrence got her start. On a sitcom playing the teenage daughter which of the following comedians and that would be it was bill ball on. The bill abolish roe of bankers cinema Bob and now big bodies hitting the big X Rayed and X-Men days of future that yeah. This looks like another really big hit for Marvel Comics this film is getting just tremendous. Reviews. Match. The actually in films started. Background on 992000. Around their Bryan Singer who did. Directed usual suspects he directed the first film as well as the second one which were both extremely well reviewed made a lot of money. They kind of took a break. Towards the end of the last decade with the X-Men pictures. Hugh Jackman continued playing Wolverine and a couple of Wolverine sequels. And then a few years ago they came back with. X-Men first class relations the origin of the characters. What they've done in this one Bryan Singer is back as as director. And it is a time travel film in which you actually have. Much of the cast from earlier. X-Men movies with Patrick Stewart talent along with people from the new. Taxman. Pictures so I mean you you already have a crowded cast the N and EX men movie. Although in this film you're basically saying OK just double that. Because you've got young and the old in each case. This one starts in the year 20/20. Three as any. Scifi film looking at the future things aren't going well. Force and never got no -- in the sunny happy to prognosticate. As you watch charger for that start the only one that says. People still be in -- any better and I think we'll still Wear shorts skirts don't worry all the that action and other toys that. -- conflict between the the traditional humans. And the taxman mutants were there people in the government and otherwise who want to. Secretary and eliminate. The mutants so that's always been a bit of a conflict. In this film the -- man are being destroyed by these -- -- robot. Soldiers called sentinels. Wolverine. Is sent back to 1970s. To convince their younger selves to stop the sentinels from being created. So you've got kind of back to the future. Meets the terminator. Meets American console as you've got a lot of water beds and lava lamps and I ballads bush also explode. That's for profit that that can be the problem cut down to bail to. The plot is. Densely packed and my only suggestion is if if you feel like you're getting confused. Just. Relax. And enjoy the visuals before too long. A naked blue skin Jennifer Lawrence will show up and start beating up bad guys with karate so you don't just wait for that to happen and don't worry about figuring everything out. Could you. Probably will be lost. Big changes we've seen in comic book films over the years I mean they used to -- people like. Adam last cure or George or any use for. -- know they are all played by Oscar winners and great Shakespearean actors you've got Haley Berry is back as storm. Jennifer Lawrence as mystique and -- plays a very key role in this film. Back in 1973. She is actually. Planning on -- fascinating. Boulevard -- snow yes he's played by Peter -- glitch no. A Peter wouldn't -- from game withdrawal. Comfortable and I don't think it is yes yes I was a banquet. I did not know that's gotten it stands to reason I suppose. The problem as you would think oh well misty holds the creator of the so -- it's over no problem. The problem is. He becomes kind of a martyr and political hero. After he is murdered so the whole country rallies behind -- much finished the project Daimler working on so they need to go back. And actually stop mystique from killing him so doctor acts of course. Wants to talk her out of it. Meg Nino is always. Refers a more direct approach he just wants to killer odds they've got X-Men vs X-Men here. Patrick Stewart is doctor acts and James McEvoy. Is young doctor acts. And in McAllen is -- Udall and Michael spender is young men Hedo. And of course Hugh Jackman is the beaver. A bomb. He has Wolverine as usual generally in a grumpy mood Ellen Page. Is around in this one as well. Some -- why some critics event worried it might be good too complex and -- -- access more complex from a common court well yes. Former or summer blockbuster or might be a little too much going on there is of course. Social and political commentary running through these as always. But a lot of people had the same concern about the Christopher Nolan and movies. Just fine the people who want looking into it for deeper stuff and follow every little. Nuance can do that the other people who just want cease to blow up well they can do that too and and they are running. A lot of new. X-Men that you may not be familiar whereas sunspot. -- Iceman. -- warpath. Quicksilver. And of course the strangest one of all Richard Nixon I. And rich man but Nixon is in here one of the nice things all that I like about this time it's -- You're with us in superior movies is on no origin stories we don't have to watch anybody. Learn about their powers -- decide whether they want to use them for good or bad or whatever. Everybody knows their skills that just wants to get out there and kicks and -- it checked. Him he uses as part for evil. I -- just. Yes or for eagle and a little bit a little bit for -- but you know it's kind of the division between the two. This is yeah a lot of big ideas and very tricky plot but it always remains on. I mean there are some of these super -- was a man of steel movie. And even Dark Knight rises where it's generous oh. Serious. And somber and heavy and that is one real. Think about Marvel Comics films that I really enjoy you know they do tackle some big -- you know some big ideas at all. Even mind. The comic book movie were all supposed to rehab and -- on here this is supposed to be a good time. As usual. With a Marvel Comics film student aid to the ending something happens after the crowd -- -- when they do this thing is all as usual the average. Viewers conceive a little thing at the end -- guy. Have no. Idea what that means but the nerdy geeky comic book guys were still living in their parents' basements we'll call all my cash. -- -- Lol I I I can't. Yeah we. At. -- -- -- -- well there you guys actually play. It's it's just every other person I see -- the power workshops that -- If you you get a big Jones and for more. X-Men movies after this don't worry. In 26 team that -- you will be able to see X-Men. Apocalypse are good of course there'll also be a musical version -- -- called apocalypse so. Yeah very good of course that's also presidential years or apocalypse might be bidding of course are. I will be back are the movie show I've demonstrated I'm thirty would -- now cinematic. -- there and handsome cinema must also stand by. Home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon to three news radio 9:30 AM. WDE and is the early show cinema -- ultimately sandy beach big movies hitting the big screen the big one of course will be X-Men days of future press and Bob told you. At great length. About them over how blended with -- Adam Sandler. From what I understand. I don't think this film is quite complex plot line I'm not -- Yeah yeah. Adam Sandler movie -- his his little company here there views. Andy's you would expect -- Absolutely horrible. It is currently at 12%. Positive on rotten tomatoes out we the good words dud of the few people have to have bestowed upon it. Has got along the lines of well. It wasn't as bad as night -- -- us -- to be asked at that and the strongest. Praise for it in most cases. But here is the problem if you are Adam Sandler. Here's here's these this next -- movies have something and grownups -- you don't mess with his hand just -- with that I now pronounce you chuck and Larry. All Adam Sandler movies. All. -- Horrible reviews and they were all enormous money makers tremendous hit with big big audiences. Some of went on to sequel it. Now here's another group fell -- and -- in common there and Sandler movies punch drunk love Spanglish. Funny people reign over me. These are all. Very well reviewed Adam Sandler movie here at praised. Or is fine. Acting job jobs one of these movies and every single one of them lost money so be kinda hard as a filmmaker you bet. You wanna be an all admired and and recognized by the industry. Listening. To -- and in the business of a lot of people happy if I'm a comedian and it's hard to argue with that kind of success there are a handful of Adam Sandler movies. I liked. -- enjoyed very very much I know. I thought Happy Gilmore very very funny film I think -- The wedding singer also very very funny film a lot of his more recent output. Has gotten kind of tough for for me to watch this one is his third film. With and Drew Barrymore they did to wedding finger together. Sixteen years ago and and doing a movie every seven or eight years. Obama and through they'll do another one that got the same director from the wedding finger practice time. Frank Karachi. On this falls under the category though one Adams handlers vacation films. In which Sandler basically things where I want to spend a couple months with my body's. 51 dates grownups just go with that all that kind of movie. In this one they decide let's vacation in Africa which is. Really realistic as the people in this film are not supposed to be rich or well to do. And who could afford to go to Africa for -- -- -- awfully experiment that's that's basically what they do here. We see at the beginning of the film Sandler and Barrymore. Having a a blind date he takes her to -- voters. The first day. He is a widow were -- three daughters she is divorced with two sons the two of them. Hate each other immediately Egypt robs -- the wrong way and he thinks she's not she asked. And then smaller. The Brady run bulge and up vacationing at the same. Are you doing here you -- you what are you doing here. And then one Annan gets -- Let their peanut butter and it turns out it's great to -- -- -- and -- Drew Barrymore worked really hard. She's she's just really cranking out add charm to -- -- usual mean spirited and it's extremely broad and vulgar. Adam Sandler gags in this movie. Sandler works. In this film Dick's Sporting Goods. Which serves as well blatant product placement of course and the jumping off point for planning -- moron makes double on tires. And I do wanna warn parents. Father's Day a big. Energetic. And fairly graphic sex scene. That involves two Ryan knows. Hostile look out for that are out for the Lowe's. Why the Republicans in name only and they're having sex. -- now I know is yes. It's finally. The Rush Limbaugh and Coulter coupling you -- waiting to see on the big -- A mob many critics have noted in their dad in the years that. Even Adam Sandler seems kind of bored and being -- Adam Sandler movies at this point. Probably didn't do -- here's one thing nobody what is -- -- -- romance he -- Emma. Insert joke here -- lucky -- is. Really should be much longer than nine minutes are ours is a long. Walk in the park now -- of -- cast of battle. And it's ours Google -- buffalo raw -- -- of Caesar is different draws Google a man or woman. It is a gorgeous woman OK maybe it's related to rub raw -- and I beautiful African moment. Okay good American. And other African Americans in my first group -- movie I think it might be your first on -- sorry Google by the man. Well that was your country genre there was a very good -- it. -- -- -- Branching out yet this is done about it takes place in England in the seventeen hundreds. It is about a royal navy admiral who is an affair. With an African ministers. Has and illegitimate mixed race daughter brings her back. Two England. Has her raised by her aristocratic great uncle. Played by Tom Wilkinson. And basically gross through. What was going on with that Tom Wilkinson -- work at the time he's also. They stir. And he was trying major slavery case that was instrumental in bringing an end to where slavery in Britain. While raising this Youngblood well then again. British aristocracy. Now her father the admiral -- Which makes her and terrorists but as far as the usual. Getting married setting up in society that can be tricky because she can't really eat at the family dining room when companies around. But it wouldn't be proper for her to eat in the kitchen with the -- she really between two worlds and in some ways. The film. Seems to feel the class was actually a bigger issue to deal -- then and race even more. Very structure as we mentioned Tom Wilkinson there. Emily Watson is also win and Penelope Wilton from Downton Abbey Tom Felton who later Carmel boy in the Harry Potter movies. Lead actress. Who plays -- can wonderful. Reviews. Boom boom yes yes say that say go go say equipment group thank you -- I'm not sure that they're probably knows she's there I don't know I'll -- you it's it's usually are all of your browse JUG I guess a -- -- goggle. It could more likely to be grew could be pronounced that he. You know and I'll call honored tradition it is based on a true story but loosely. It's not based on a book about her novel to actually inspired by painting. First movie I've -- words like based on true story that on that yeah yeah little anorexia. Our I would take a break will be back Lamar lived a simple but I'll -- -- Malaysia all it's the movie show with cinema Bob and sandy beach. Big movies hitting big -- bulbs are told about X-Men and blended and bell mixed up. Should yes now this this -- is. A food truck movie which I know that had to becoming very Toronto will be made sense big time a film for. Food tees I would imagine -- lacy will not going to X-Men this week and she'll be going straight and she told you oh yes Tony as well yes. This is written and directed by John Ambrose who also stars -- it. And I he got his start in and small little indie films like swingers and made. But -- moved on to Iron Man. And two cowboys and aliens and really a big films this one goes back to his in the room to. It's a small loose character driven comedy. With a lot of terrific people in the cast. Amro plays a chef who works an average and he. Very fu fu restaurant Dustin Hoffman is the the restaurant owner and ever gets a bad review from an arrogant obnoxious food critic played by Oliver Platt. And ever hole. Makes mistake that is easy to make of the -- social media world he goes on YouTube. And offers a fairy. Angry pointed inflammatory. Response from our view. And as quickly fired so lol. He now crazies out of work. His ex wife. Sophia -- who. Rasheed. Hasn't talked to. Her action was another whatever ex husband played by Robert Downey junior. Or Scarlett Johansson is also in the says the maitre. He wants it. Seoul. Ambrose sets up shop in the food truck with his son. And John Leguizamo a friend of his who specializes in Cuban and Cuban sandwiches and things -- that sort. So this is on the -- really celebrates the idea of a shaft as artists that you know wherever you are you can create. Amazing stuff that's a lot like big nighter babbitt's feast is gonna -- we're gonna -- and you don't wanna go get something to -- after it. And just let you know usually you only expect this from in the big superhero. Movies. But stay around for the end credits. Because after the film is over the film's food consultant Roy Choi shows John -- ever hope to make. The perfect grilled cheese sandwich. I love grocery well there you go sounds good next -- take. Take some butter. And bread and some cheese slices with you so you can look and operate there or spray cheese if -- well how about that outlaw. Buffalo's best what -- lightly -- -- -- she's runners averaged about the immigrant. Yes this. Assumed of course meant Charlie chaplin's 1917 mutual short one of my favorite films of all time but no. This one is about a polish nurse turned prostitute. Yes -- may have played a tramp but he was never processor and I tell you know it's not all. This is takes place in 1921. Mary McCarty are ways and immigrants who arrives in Manhattan. Gets involved -- rapper. Seedy character played by Joaquin Phoenix. Who. Basically. Wants to help find a way to get ahead and make way in the new world so -- He get to work as prostitutes all that. Swell for her her sister has tuberculosis. Jobs really needs the money so she she's doing this. Four that Jeremy Renner is also in the film as a magician. Who gets involved. With -- he keeps bringing home. A picture of milk. And she gets all excited think each contribute any ports that ball into his face and it's gone so that's very. -- -- -- where religious tradition yes yes. Mom it. Very melodramatic. Beautifully shot gorgeous in -- imagery in this film. For a film that is as the thing is this is surprisingly funny at times it's written and directed by James great. And he did the yards we on the night two lovers. There is -- -- hard core audience of fans in -- indie film circuit he's yet. To have a break out success that's really brought him to a broader audience. I I doubt that this is the movie that's gonna allow him to cross that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our new governor really show -- about the monument men and I enjoyed that resources. George Clooney Matt Damon Bill Murray Cate Blanchett John Goodman directed. By George Clooney himself. This is a movie that got. Pretty rough reviews when it came out yeah -- the overall opinion was collected. It the problem wasn't great yeah yeah but this is another one of those films that like million dollar -- -- filming you know our room. The exotic miracles hotel. It appealed to an older audience and it's very slowly get about seventy million -- really box office -- And I imagine it will do even better. On video -- have to -- -- myself I mean I read all the reviews I have a good idea of what this film experience will be like if I'm being. Perfectly practical I imagine now would probably be bored by its own. But I still I look at it and think based -- story George Clooney -- and emerge I'm gonna watch that. -- mom. Hi it's still it's it's hard to imagine that cast people not idea after I saw the movie I sent for the documentary which -- preceded this by some years. The documentary was far better than normal Barbara and after that well that's one thing consistently consistent. Are right there a quick discussion about last night. Yeah that's about last night with Kevin Hart and Regina hall Michael Elise starring in a remake. Via 1986 film with it anymore and Rob Lowe of course now. Kevin -- is playing all the Rob Lowe parks nowadays. There. As saying. Did this may ultimately made an Emmy Awards I hope I hope so whites -- yes this was this is Kevin Hart -- second big hit of the year along with right along. Very nicely reviewed Kevin Hart and Regina hall very very funny in this picture definitely worth check out. That allowed raps about have a good movie weekend for the rest of you'll see you Tuesday morning at nine on his radio and I'm thirty WB yeah. The local movie which they never had dreams of peace.