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5-23 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Alex backward -- don't have sandy beach and today's show is you have the right to remain silent and maybe you should. All -- do you have a right to remain ignorant. Uninformed ill advised or just plain stupid and the reason we're talking about this -- seems to be a rash. Of things that fit in service category. We have Donald Sterling owner of the LA clippers in the NBA. It's telling his girlfriend something that he thought was between -- is probably the notion was wired. And recorded it and then release that to DNJ. And -- TM CT and jays and Milwaukee. And a and it became a public and now they want him out of the NBA his he's 8182. Years old. Well basically. They said -- you got to -- team as a that's where that is the the guy named Don Jones. Who is the he's a dvd rights of borrow for the -- dolphins. Tweeted something out after the first -- player was drafted by the National Football League in. The dolphins didn't like that now he has to go to sensitivity school and all that sort of thing. The Rochester DJ's. Who were talking about it at first a legitimate issue. Of of coverage with health care on -- for transgender people. Apparently took it too far went overboard I'd go lost their place of what they were supposed to be talking about and they got the first ago suspended and then I got fired. Four that now my understanding I don't know them. But I know somebody who does know them and he says that that's basically what they elected do they like to. Generate controversy. I think the controversy comes in buckets but naturally you don't have to you're on the stir the pot of silica. Stick your stick in the -- side to get that thing going. -- so it's at today I I've always out of its natural ability of this not you shouldn't be doing your -- shows a lack of talent. If you do if you're doing it just to do it. Is it should be a natural progression of what you're talking about and now Mark Cuban who said not only. Not only -- Jesse Jackson has said -- -- it reminded me that Obama said his gore and others said this Mark Cuban who owns the Dallas Mavericks. Said he would walk to the other side of the street if he saw a quote a black kid and hoodie and it's late at night. Or if you encountered quote a white guy bald head tattoos everywhere. Now or remove the crossing the street part was said. A body Obama's grandmother and he mentioned that when he first took office of I'm not mistaken. There was no problem with him saying -- black Jesse Jackson's that it -- him saying he's black when last I checked Mark Cuban was. So I don't know we have double standard not but the problem we have with this. Is not the fact that sometimes people say dumb things they'll -- things and simply things that are wrong. But our reaction to them it seems like in today's society it's not enough to have a differing opinion. You've got to -- you've got if somebody doesn't agree with you or you don't agree with somebody you've got to make major goal to shut him down. -- get their job. Taken away from them call their sponsors a claim they are never going to buy that tofu brand again. -- things like that it's it's not enough to say well they're ignorant they don't have an informed opinions I don't value. And that's not enough. Or to simply say well I don't I don't like their attitude and -- steering cooler than now forget it that is the way it works now. We have people out there and would a sensitivity meter in their hand waiting to be offended over something and this is something. If you -- offended view on the weight loss because you'll be offended over something. Go to Jamal get offended by the way the young girls dressing. Get offended by the fact that mom is dressing like little miss and mom is shouldn't be addressing -- little messed. Get offended by the attitude of what you see on people's clothing. And the sayings they have on T shirts get offended by the music get offended by rap music get offended by the traffic get offended by somebody does not a drive. -- offended by a lot of things every single day. But you can't shut a ball bounce -- -- pick and choose which ones you wanna shut down and they're usually publicity. Public things there. And that seem that you have to go after them you've got to silence their voice. And so I think you do ever right to remain stupid. -- -- Nobody believes that today and one of the reasons -- -- and doing the show. Is in the USA today which I had this Olympic from a couple weeks ago they have a letters and Facebook's action. And the headline on this says it doesn't feel right to punish people who voice opposing views and that's exactly the way I feel. If you don't agree or maybe you don't agree I gave I gave it my best shot if I don't agree with -- -- Viewed I don't agree with you know so. So what do we have to be miserable we don't. And somebody is saying things. That are are harmful. Then that's different ballgame that's a different level. It's it's goes beyond opinion if there's things that might lead to harm to you. I think you gotta be really. Very careful when you say things like that but it if you have a general opinion. For instance on the issue with a Rochester DJ if they simply didn't feel. That the health care coverage should cover. A certain things a certain medical procedures that are. You know up to the person they are not mandatory. They just chose them because they want them. Then indeed that's a legitimate issue. And I think they wouldn't -- been in any trouble all had they stayed on that but they got off track and it's easy to get off track. Some you know sometimes you get a while thought comes into your head you follow it near. You you think better equipment. So the whole question is do you have any sensitivity to the fact that. We have to be very careful on everything we say now. Where free speeches are supposed to be our greatest freedom but free speech isn't free free speech can cost you your job. I've always said Greg read our general manager. Talk show hosts are one word away from unemployment remembered Tony we've talked the other for a long time. We're not like a newspaper -- not even like a television station where you have editors. And you goal overrated you know hone it down to a minute and twelve seconds. We work in real time and in the real world. And we have real conversations. And we never quite know what the person we're talk and it was gonna come up -- And it's up to last to keep it balanced. As I said because we're in real time and not the -- and not edited a like a newspaper article or a TV piece would be. I mean some people could work all I don't know six months on a project on television. And and find out they really have nothing. But let's put it on anyway because I work six months -- That's not the same thing with our radio it just doesn't work like that aren't. Where in the moment and that business and you better be you better have your big boy pants on that's all I can say. 'cause if you go whining and -- about it where the short pants and go to the zoo and have ice cream when mom and dad this is for grownups. We'll take a break it will be back live a more would be -- company -- news -- 930 WB yeah. So we're talking about you have the right to remain silent may be assured or do you have the right to remain ignorant. Uninformed advice and just plain stupid. What's happening now is when people are saying things even if they're not meant for public consumption like. O'Donnell it's darlings remarks to his girlfriend. -- -- get public he's out of business they're going to make him sell the team had a -- gonna try and make themselves in. He said he won't pay the two and a million dollar fine. I will see where that goes will -- -- though whether they can make themselves look tame but because he said that he's in trouble. Don Jones from the dolphins. A -- it's something about the first gay player drafted by the NFL. And he got his hands -- -- is sent to him sensitivity school the Rochester DJ is talking about trans gender issues. Started off all right got off track and now they were first. Suspended now they are fired and they were successful and the part of our company part of better come with their -- Mark Cuban said what not only Jesse Jackson has said. But what Obama said his grandmother said. They had to when he saw up black youths walking toward Yemen late at night he would cross the straight. So. Everybody is responsible of course for their own. A speech but it seems like there is no acceptance of any thing except what you believe. You can accept what anybody else believes them and I find that really really troubling. In in the USA today this headline says it doesn't feel right to punish people who voice opposing view is. The last paragraph of a letter by Tim Reynolds. Abington Virginia really says it. The idea that people are losing their jobs because they don't agree with the prevailing mood in the country is a frightening proposition. And that's exactly right. There are times when you know somebody should be made to -- and to talk about what they've done wrong. Maybe see some error in their ways you know what it's up to them. But now there's no wiggle room at all you don't agree let them get the group together or start the pressure talk of sponsors. Get him fired from their job you know that's that's just what goes on now there's no. There's no mood for anybody's opinion but yours. He has -- letter from William Smith of Lake Worth Florida. What happened to -- old familiar saying that embodies American principles I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to my death your right to say it. People forget that now and that's not the mood today again tonight. Now personal opinion must outline -- mainstream thought or you are punished. Christ taught us to -- ball but we don't have to condone or accept their lifestyles. I can -- what a person says or believes but still love him or her and that shouldn't make my -- subject to punishment. I mean if you talk about. For instance a -- if -- and yet a little while religious Arum. I was always taught the freaks always said that it's okay to hate the sin but loves the sinner and that's biblical of course. So that doesn't apply anymore. The the the thing right now is Uga you -- I have to be in total lockstep -- -- and I can assure that you. And that's really stress on FaceBook. We have a few posts why don't we hear a couple this one. Sir Robin she says I see no problem with what Cuban said he didn't say anything to be heard -- the country is racist -- prejudice all the time. They ask you for race are many different forms the country does this. And it's all politically correct except when they do. You know and that's right I remember -- I filled out not too long ago said race right at the top. And I'm thinking immediately had a read our reaction wonder why they're doing this that I thought or maybe it has something to do. We have with funding of some special program now more I didn't know what it was -- I think it was medical. And it said race on it which you -- -- I think they use that aura where a win there doing the census so. They wanna see what the popular public population breaks down so not. To be what we're a -- some areas. I'll like it used to be for instance if you -- on the -- and said anything about the Catholic Church all you have to do was say the word Catholic. And suddenly you get calls -- very why are you Catholic bashing like you got to have a discussion about Catholics without them thinking your bashing them. That's that's kind of gotten better I think you're that Tony because -- I think it's still the same big -- ahead as we get the calls out you guys do get the calls I get the screen girls. Well that's too bad because some people here keywords only. Like in that case all they heard was Catholic. You may have said I think it Catholic -- the most benevolent and wonderful organization one could possibly belong to and sum -- up -- you bashing -- war we get people who listened with a one a year. You know that. No matter how many times you save some thing. Somebody somebody will misinterpret it and sometimes you gotta wonder how these people are Smart enough to turn on the radio. We -- yesterday. We went to Colorado and a reality there a lot of -- -- now okay. I just mentioned that Campillo was not running as lieutenant governor with. I would Andrew Cuomo in my at the gist of what I said and I said it many times. I love Kathy -- against the wonderful woman and a good public servant she's a quality. Person. And and having said that I said the problem I have. Is that I can't just vote for her my vote for her got a vote for Andrew Cuomo true because it's one vote. And so I can't do that as that I couldn't vote for Andrew Cuomo. If my mother ran one of them aren't that was my point I -- like five times. And somebody calls. And says. -- The -- -- the locals so much. As any married her something you hear from us in greater. I. That's play -- material. And -- guys that. It was. I mean seriously now. You -- hang around with more grownups I mean it's like ridiculous but that's the whole point people here one thing. And they immediately pushed the offended button in their psyche. Instead -- instead of -- it through and you can get through with an idea or suggestion that they hadn't thought. Never you don't have any chance of that once they've made up their mind and this guy probably made up his mind. On and the way he approaches things in second grade. That's -- column and and they totally misinterpret what you said. Well you've got. People who as you pointed out easily offended they're offended about -- -- kind of violent Arafat right then you've got the -- People they can't wait to ditch on something that's all of that I catch. That's big on politics. You get that all the time where they're sitting around special presidential politics they can hardly wait until they have something they can nail you. That's one of the reasons I don't like politics. So -- give a thought is free speech really free are you really free to express your views. I mean there has to be. Obviously. Some kind of suggestion that if you're causing harm to somebody. Or or you know you are causing other people would do harm to people got to rethink that you can't have that. But an honest opinion. Because it differs from yours so lots. That's what makes the world -- around we're back we're more we're -- company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah. Or hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now -- 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- -- journey and our toll free line is 1806169236. He's awesome and that's the business. Thank him. -- it is -- governor M sandy beach talking about they're talking and talking about public statements he had you know that the owner of a clippers in the NBA. Is being forced to -- his team billion dollar deal he's the longest. -- longest -- owner in the NBA and they're forcing a -- because of something that was recorded illegally that was made public. Rochester DJ is. First suspended. And then fired because of remarks about transgender starter with a legitimate and issue of buy health coverage you know. -- health insurance coverage covering certain procedures but it went off track and they got them bigger fire. Don -- -- dolphins are DB. Tweeting about Michael slam first gay player openly gay player drafted by the NFL. And he's going to sensitivity school and I got a slap on the wrist Mark Cuban. Who forced to apologize. Because of an aspect this isn't as as a extreme as the others but because of the sensitivity of vote -- -- Martin's case he apologized I don't think he apologized for the bulk of what he said. Because above what he said. Jesse Jackson is set. Obama says his grandmother. Of thought that way. He said he would walk to the other side of the street -- our quota black kitten -- hoodie and has waited nine. Or being counter quote white guys bald head tattoos everywhere so he is trying to make the point. That there's a lot of prejudice. And of first of all. -- -- I think -- point isn't disputed because of other people have said it before Mark Cuban says it but the sensitivity part okay. I think if if later you did not realize how sensitive. It could be taken I -- I can understand an apology. But now it seems like people have to apologize all the time or they've lost their job their -- writers in the community. And they get out of dodge. Are you afraid. To voice your opinion used debate as as they set in one of these letters. Idea. You know I just feel what you say about I article fight to my death your right to say it and that's. Seems to be gone. Now -- I just knew what you have to say I want you done I want you silenced I want you out of your job I want you lose your pension. From -- original IOS it'll lose any any modicum of our respect you've ever had I mean that's just the way it is it's it's almost like a hotel. Syrian regime. Just crushing free speech but that's where it is because free speech doesn't always have to be intelligent speech remember that. Free speech means free speech and sometimes people say ignorant things sometimes they say on caring things. Our -- ill advised things. And this is part of free speech. We don't have to embrace what they say and as long as they're not speaking about harm to people or groups. Or things like that -- as its just an opinion. You're given a bit of from their own thought process and they're not trying to shut anybody down get anybody hurt whatever. I think we're a long way to accepting free space but that isn't the way we're going the opposite way now. We're shutting everybody down who we don't agree. And that's wrong policy let's go to Mary first in Lancaster Mary here on WB yen. I think the American I'm glad you're doing that because. Two on May eleventh icon article -- the the Buffalo News and the opinion page content and it with the image album are like yeah that was. Excellent and he he referred that. And that is what Donald Sterling -- proved no words are private. And he referred to and all of the people jumping the gun on you know getting you know can't and that poor guy and everything else but he says. One of the what you guys that are now openly complaining at all that it. What if they're in a locker room and telling you they overheard just like you know if it was one back. You know. Opinion people should understand it. You can have it before it was -- site. In the old days ago promising here that would help people. You know this is ridiculous that he elevated what are people doing the people that -- up it's all. You know chicken bones and -- very Bible on the main -- right that's what people did. Nobody went complain that it can't complain about boy your offense and go to -- to -- Newspaper something what there has not there are you know somebody and they says -- forget about it -- They can't -- it isn't sitting here cheated on sticky punched or something that different but. You know call on you mean this is. When I am one and one thing that it takes a life of its own you find out and pop culture -- -- bullying shows have been everywhere. And they use that for you know you ran out of cheese sandwiches in the lunch line and that's bullying I mean basically it gets it gets only to a point because it may have had a legitimate star but people use it for their own purposes and. That this thing is now it -- -- you know it's selective you know. Hear what one person to take something like. Get to this day like you know that the point of it poured terino again you know but you would think -- -- vocal that he declared war. The poor people and all the staff and -- that the people here that they have. And foreign people. Here's something like that -- Ol boy he's terrible horrific but they don't know what he says why he added and what he and. Or -- remembered the last presidential election but what a big campaigns of for the Democrats was that the Republicans have declared war on women. You're right they pick up the word war and then a warm -- when we can have that I. I was born from a woman I married go -- and I have a daughter as a woman. I mean that's what happens it's it's half baked information and they and they wanna shut it down. I don't like to go on but at that thing it also the people would. -- likely to the freedom of speech. People don't like like this last election I think what is illegitimate because he Ira. Withheld you know information and then Tea Party people are the conservatives couldn't get their message out so I think -- didn't you know. It would have been running for president but. This illegitimate I think it was that he carried over from -- held back in the conservative or call back but that the enemy is a byword and propaganda they just help them and it. Yeah it's what does it does back it up like what you said and done it out there but if you think about it aware of any kind of -- of any kind of a punitive Thai government you keep your words to yourself because they'll come which in jail there Killian but basically. Where are aware I think where you're competing free speech in a free society right now by demonizing it and and. Say what you want to make and I care but our military when he -- in your. Like he is excluded from the public -- to crack down on him for that. But our cameraman he would -- controversial. Winner in Britain. About Russian argument make an -- -- that appointment. People have lost their sense of humor there and. There's no give. It's all take there's no give if if if if somebody's ideas don't fit into your -- like a glove. New York trying to shut him down not just this little shut him down. And but it and I've never kept it at the very -- album that was. I have a it's yeah I have edited some video that I love exactly what he would say thank thank you -- out yeah mine. I I have that's got a clip that match album mom column was excellent. Because he says oftentimes and this is a universal thought you okay because it's about them. But what happens when it's about EU. That's a whole different ball game you see it from a whole different light and Mitch album nailed it you know home Donald Sterling. Maybe a lot of things but basically it's unfair. For his girlfriend or his mistress or whatever she'd have the ability to tape him surreptitiously. Illegally. And then send it out through the media through through. Through the media has spread like wildfire now this -- Ottawa. Plain and playing visibly they're gonna try to foursome and this is what happens though even. Even ignorance speak the speech deserves the -- the ability to be heard. The only kind that I have to draw the line that is if you're proposing violence or harm. That's a different ball game. They have threats that's a different ballgame. But I ideas. Even if the ideas seem way behind the times this year entitled -- them and they're entitled assembly about punitive action tainted and will be back after it. Let's let's get a couple more room the FaceBook and and America the calls when he got to Chris this one comes from Tommy says the old saying the truth shall set you free no longer seems to apply to -- these days when you speak your mind. You wind up and how watered PC police are always ought to get you there really are is just amazing and always go to the extreme example of trying to prove a point. And their sensitivity level is off the charts. And their offensive level button is right there ready to be bush people spend the entire day waiting to be offended. And if you're looking to be offended it's not hard to find a way to via another place. This comes from Paul. He says I don't think you would should apologize. Some news outlets are only reporting part of what he's setting guess which part. The part with the job and I'm not the part about the you know white guy with the tattoos on a Mac. I'm so it's amazing what they report that given today and that's a bit their point of view they want as well present at one more -- -- This is from -- says everybody holds some type of prejudice our social fabric is held together by tolerance and having Mark Cuban articulated what occurs in almost everybody subconscious. Yeah I'd tell me why the Arab the correct speech crowd wasn't after Jesse Jackson when he said basically the same thing. When Barack Obama says his grandmother told him the same thing and no -- there but -- Mark Cuban says that. OK let's let's push our offensive buttons show way. Let's go to a Franken now -- frank -- W via. She yelled here it is that there are very good subject to it -- and I were Mark Cuban. I think it into a ritual we -- here prejudices that we are all just some degree our tickets. I worked at a plant in and -- and a lot of minority report where a lot of female. And I are you war. A lot of minorities should I work for its. -- basis. Say all of them out at a -- patent. Refer to at a cracker. You refer to me it's like any. You know covered up and get back probably helped. I a lot of merit and you know guys are really. We're here we're -- -- -- I don't call you to arbitrary age and I -- it would all -- -- cracker I as I ever we're we're preached equality act by my first name would present. You know while we don't really well -- We don't really -- clawing at. We know that you don't kick it can't wait I well that's not the point the point is that what I call you -- -- -- -- -- You'll be a writer and it's a very centered church -- you and I and you can call eight. What an -- that you were being. Right on the human -- that you wouldn't want my job. That's the other so it is if it does seem true work more in one way then the other good point their frank thank you. You know we we get our opinions by our lives what we absorbed and give an example now is see if you think this is fair. When I went to work four NBC. In San Francisco and BC on the radio station I was working for. It's -- -- it was a very large population of Asians okay so I have a lot of Asians on my staff. They work. Eight workers. They were great contributors. They went overboard they didn't look at -- clocked it and look at their watch they did the job -- you gave any of them a job to do it was done. And they -- it. Now my opinion. Of the Asian workforce was limited to what I saw the people I -- -- But I -- that opinion even now now that's positive. But what if I had gone there and it was the opposite. What I have been allowed to express my views if they didn't work hard and they were lazy and they were calling in sick on Mondays and Fridays and whatever no. But I am allowed to say it was a great experience and I've carried that would mean I'll carry it would mean till my last breath. That the people but I work -- were terrific. And I had never work we have a a lot of Asians on my staff report. So I had that wonderful positive impression which I can keep would make. But let me tell -- something you can go with -- exact opposite of the story just told you and find out -- the job you're taking and the people -- working with -- nightmares but you're not allowed to say that. You can't say that even though he sought in this that this is what you believe so there is that hypocrisy there that is beyond belief. I think as long as we are fair minded and do it for the right reasons we should be able to express our views and people can differ from that that's fine. They don't have to agree with me. And we don't have to agree with them that's the way the world goes round. But this thought that everybody that doesn't agree with what I agree with has to be shut down and silenced and whatever that is disturbing. That is very disturbing and -- him award bully again. In the rest of my lifetime it'll be too much because once one. One word has an impact everybody. Uses it got it. Yeah now the movie show is next with at hand some man about town. -- -- -- -- We'll be back with -- --

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