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5-23 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All hello what is Beijing company and I'm sandy beach I'm running down that information did you hear that commercial. For our anchor marine. They said commander marine we have the last dock you'll ever need. And I'm thinking I'm needing a colonoscopy for -- so -- -- -- -- -- against a -- -- marine. Because that's the last dock you'll ever need and -- -- saying get your colonoscopy -- that. -- -- -- I mean video of bolts and votes what looked -- I'm again I think candidates could work out for you Tony. And what are you gonna have that by the way. Yeah is scheduled this year. I have a doctor's appointment June 10 arkan and I'm hoping that she does not bring it -- I I'm going to put a calendar implement -- June tan. About that I think basically -- -- up. You should get it done well you really should get it done absolutely. Get -- cousin for two reasons -- your health and my comedic opportunities. -- I'm glad you looked -- exactly it's all about me. -- -- a lot of things are going on today we have the beach and company and club today that. I have in -- and of the Amherst police blocked her as a shares in the cameras because as you know. Sometimes the -- police department which is a very good voice of -- by the way one of the best in the country. Sometimes they have to deal with some pretty tough crime issues and they usually appear here in the -- -- OK on Monday may twelfth. A resident of Brentwood road reported that his front lawn was covered with glass a grass clippings. Because his neighbor was blowing his grass into his yard. Now I know that sounds like what those neighborhood feuds. Where one person claims the snow drifted over into his yard ever ever neighbor like that not good not good. -- police had to straighten that out. On Tuesday may thirteenth. On -- forest road and middle aged man was reportedly flagging down cars. And that as they were slowing down he was making obscene gestures to them. Why would it seems like counterproductive the genetic -- going hey chase us and as a result you get in the bird. I can't figure out -- around now no I think the maybe they could use a little professional help. On May fourteenth they harm Emeril business reported that -- landscapes that show was stolen from the proper day off the job and home. The -- bit Wikipedia -- gonna go on a worldwide tour because people steel Rose Garden gnomes. And then they take them and they point -- world famous things in back of them like the Eiffel Tower. Except might like my sister didn't do that. She didn't do that when she went to Ireland -- that she has that up planter that is a donkey with a car it was my mother's it's made out of cement. And she figured out the -- John uncaring or cement -- all the way to Ireland. Would be too expensive and yeah you can get an answer there and you guys -- I'm sure they have fiber cement passes -- -- -- -- -- -- an Italian thing. I don't know if Irish people embrace these cement -- as much as we'd I have not -- You don't know you don't know you know I saw the other day. I think in one. What here are these people end okay. It's a laundry -- yes -- -- -- want to I think it was one in my neighborhood grow and all I'm thinking this is 2014. Is that they don't recognize the -- they don't understand it oh man I saw what I was I was really surprised. On -- may fifteenth a resident of Charles gates circle reported that they snapping turtle was walking around in front of her house. She told police she was concerned because children were in the area on just Guantanamo you know. Etiquette and I'll run snapping turtle neck while not really because -- am inclined to go to in touch -- tool maternal instead of going away from the journal now the turtle was located under a nearby vehicle by police and control officers Somalia. They grabbed a snapper and and a if they tasted it takes the snap. It is there's never a turtle once. But there's a creek near where I live and obviously. Quite a ways away ago but it's it's near weren't -- and it was a huge turtle. And we thought this this turtles will eat too far away from. From water so Cindy actually went into -- garage and get -- very large blocks misses a kind of persons -- bush is terrific. And what that turtle in the box and brought it down to the creek and let it slide into the water while yeah because it's a long way it's close by car. But by turtle I mean it takes a little longer weeks I get a little little footsteps there. So anyway they got the -- turtle under control they wrestle with the background until it's surrender but a Aaron what else is going. Diana Fairbanks and channel four is leaving did you know that no -- -- not yes well you know what now Diana -- bags -- one of the anchors from channel -- news. Is leaving apparently. She's going back to Travers city Michigan. When I first saw this story I'm thinking. You know I know the market size here's -- vote we're losing talent now to Travers city Michigan. But it turns out her husband. Got a good job opportunities there and and they've been there a long time so they're going back. Now under the this is -- parliament's column. Under the guidelines of -- media. And on channel four okay under the guidelines of England media Fairbanks is allowed to talk to the media until she gets company approval. A. I guess they never looked at the constitution is wrinkle free speech. And and I mean I find that amazing yet but they got that happens and NBC to when I was. Programming the NBC owned and operated station in San Francisco. One of the things I learned was nobody gets in front of a camera microphone except from New York's. They do it out of headquarters nobody locally can -- and why. Is it well you're a spokesperson for NBC your positions will be. Would be seen as NBC positions and they may be different so you couldn't do a press conference. Let's NBC did. But Lynn says he we may get your permission we may not. But however that those director. That's that's matches up the stuff when people leave here okay. And -- new director of martial arts that. Diana says she's happy for the opportunity. To work with such wonderful artwork. And. And -- name. I don't think that's what I'll leave it at. All do you think -- SA. You think she's going to say. Yeah and now IA that that last Tuesday night really Stockton -- and carries a jerk army now they're gonna do that. It was a nice flowery things. So anyway the announcement of her departure of it was a yesterday and that's that. They're looking now there are searching to replace a diameter banks. It'll be an important search according no problem for -- because she was -- widely viewed. As a potential replacement for Jackie walker. If Jackie retired years from now here. I hope Jackie walker never retires okay she is class personified. It and I don't care that the week Hillary and it addresses a -- I do -- o'clock. -- locker to retire. We can't afford that. Maybe they'll put Loren Berlin. She's only going to some social -- Image and that was the people I'm still wait to see your muscles and media yet to see and four. It's rarely -- the wonderment but anyway no Jacqui stay there for ever. So that's that's another area they have an opening. For an anchor and that's the commitment to will be back with mortgage and company and is -- 930 WB yeah it's a region comedy. We have images of what things are like in different cities in different countries and whatever. If I told you Los Angeles. If you'll be thinking OK a lot of traffic there lots of traffic. What comes to traffic road rage what comes -- road rage outrageous. Acts of violence sometimes and I think this is an example. This guy in Los Angeles prosecutors say he I got involved with a road rage incident and shot another guy in a car. With a BB. Now and -- -- as the only gunman. When you're in LA and you get involved -- road -- whipping out the red -- I don't think is going to intimidate many -- and little -- put that down you know that -- -- -- -- and in -- right now these are you out I got -- -- here. And I've got BP -- But they got crazy egg dilemma of the -- redundant work he tried to ram via the car. Of the person so I'm suggesting them -- your BB gun at home and maybe take public transportation. I think that's better. Seriously. -- and I can be began. A better BB gun. I I remember the time I got this again because Adam that was my first got was leaving on. And I was so well I'm telling I've said this many times I could shoot to analyze them and have a really good or not. My hundred yards but it could do it. And then in in Wisconsin. When we moved into our new home and Wisconsin's in the united there was some things and always need from the like the home peoples okay. And there was a hardware store and Harris. And we needed a few things OS and I'll go out rundown and yet. So I ran out all right I have my list that I got a few things that we needed to get the house ready the way we want it. And then I came across their wives I had seen one of these at all. Talks in a long long time it was a red Ryder -- now a grown up. I have real guns I have -- you know I have a fare collection of real guns and I'm not sure right. What do. I I bought the things that I went to get and I went home -- -- Cindy Cindy. You say yes I saw something. Absolutely have to have and I don't laugh that may what is. The red Ryder baby got us. I'd like a kid talking to my mother. And as she granted permission and I have many blissful hours I still haven't mentioned your permission to by the BB. I bought by -- sports. Without anybody's. BB -- I'd like 32 dollar -- them out but I need permission nine to have her stamp of approval. Yes I know you have 44 Magnum and I know you got a 45 auto and this and that but. You know -- that BB gun and so I got so that was that Iceland next time ago about a short OK okay. And normally don't about the firearms when people haven't. But the big and I think where were in -- -- you are now in Wailea Hawaii weighing -- -- thinking when I think of Wyoming. I think of the west. Because you still love the old westerns since denies the go to the movies on Saturdays in the old westerns. And there'd be like if you -- Wyoming to beat Wyoming -- and you know Ringo novice at these legendary wild bill Hancock. Well the tube top names for babies in Wyoming this year Lee -- In Sofia. Now I can't picture cowboy named William B concert -- had a -- -- -- I bet a lot of people name their babies after -- some because he's really good act very Bernard. But -- -- the cowboy doesn't quite make it -- the bar girl what do you think that she's a she's like ms. kitty. In Sofia the bar Guerrero and only from the cowboys' pass and I think as doesn't work and so does not work something that will work. This is the you know Memorial Day weekend and our friend Ken Hamilton gave us some information about a parade going on. Tomorrow on pine avenue in Niagara Falls. Remember to take your family your friends of the annual Memorial Day parade starting tomorrow 11 am stay for the brief ceremony at the monument thereafter now you've not seen. The monument it's fabulous really is its first classes second and -- organized so we would hope you enjoyed that. Let us on our veterans who have given their lives for our freedoms and those who have served with them. Including our friend can open so that's at eleven tomorrow on pine avenue. Parades kids love for member operates the disappointment I ever ever had with a parade first evolved. I'm perhaps not the best parade person. To watch your parade I always rooted for the time person of Roosevelt familiar to. Drop I'm sorry that's all that's kind of weird I understand that. But my biggest disappointment was when I found out that the rifles. That they were carrying in the parade were would. In government would. I was educated that was that was an eye opener for me. But that was yet so I now I root for but the time for was to catch them but time. Most of the -- I root for the bag pipes to shop around this -- it it it it. You remember it I think I did this odd that this -- moments ago for Glen Campbell Chevrolet remember. It's now westerner and a -- here I am doing radio remote broadcasts one on two for Glen Campbell Chevrolet. England Campbell you think it's. So they decided to people on the dealership decided you know -- -- really cool because we'll have a lot of fun things let's have a -- piper. And the piper kept walking in front. Back and forth back and forth now I can take bag piping for owed twenty or thirty seconds at them and beyond that. I don't want to know snake and bad -- I had to tell the company's exit. You have to tell I don't wanna be a prima Donna but they'll have to ship parts. Are going home. Get you have to lie all they know I -- amazing grace sounds good on a bagpipe. And got a movie that no doubt about it -- -- got -- universe good bagpipe version did you. Yeah I don't feel so bad I'm not the only one who lost the wedding ring. -- somebody else STC -- All I can I saw that first policy should -- put a picture of his hand down on online now and it looks like it's really swore his look like it's really -- It doesn't look like that it will be possible for that ring to get over that knuckle. But apparently a dead -- so you think it's it's -- Seacrest as your wedding -- securely in place it is but mine it's funny -- and -- odds are always very tight mine comes and off and you don't lose I think it's just gonna -- -- -- I think you should get away angered you know what those that you -- around your neck. You're usually clip credentials to it. Include your wedding going to seek it always jealous right there and it's a sign -- -- at a bar that sorry I'm already spoken for -- Have you seen that new picture above still Sonoma. Yes wow. -- -- that was is that she and let me tell you that's a glamour shot. That's like a Hollywood press release photo in fact I'm looking at and say did this picture come with a frame. -- always cinema Bob and will get to see cinema Bob up close and personal. Today at 11 o'clock for the -- we should all hang in there. It is the -- company. WB and wherever you go with a W. -- iPhone powered by the final out left the best instance railings and -- I -- having a generational debate here during the via commercials -- between Tony and I. Both car trophies. But you would think we should reversed positions as far as our generation the concern. Because Tony was bragging about his carburetor. And I'm -- injected kinda guy shouldn't be the other way around shouldn't I be the carburetor guy in -- the inspector yeah I mean really and it was it was. I hate it when a guy brags about the size is. Accessories and on his car. -- likely covered I don't miss carburetor is at all now I don't even they even make a car with a carburetor now. I'm I don't think so what you can't get him off for race cars the mab for specialized -- but I don't think you can just walk into a dealer's lot and find the car with a armored. No effect during. If let's say you have like 6442. How would you goal -- -- getting a carburetor for the you know if you want to restore now there's always aftermarket stuff. Like -- fixes a family businesses. Is. Is things that they use to restore cars or whatever right -- -- there's always people willing to serve that because. It's supply and demand there aren't a lot of availability for that stuff so like you are good good times and and a you're talking about. And Tony had the ideal car. It had a huge engine. With huge carburetor and no breaks nice it's a wonder you lived to tell the story. Yeah I love this one hurt a lot of the cars I drove yeah the front brakes worked the bat breaks dip in and out. When you've got a 455 -- -- 650 double pump run there and you drop out and get our foot on the gas then you drop by your foot on the brake. Trap on the gash you gonna make a lot of noise a lot of smoke. Breaks usually bias to the front if I'm not mistaken. And so let's say Chris you have a great car memories. A lot of my exceed most of my early cars memories of just -- than failing after -- Time -- my truck. -- -- 89 down as the code that I drove for a couple of years and has started a fire my drive. I had the job. I drove around the family van for awhile president elect pay for it and I had the electronic dance OK and eventually it just completely died at a private made clear enough -- going our -- -- and all the time. While some regular memories are some times -- -- the walk home the other tainted in front of the car works announced artists -- -- Well that's good -- I think a lot of our memories as as boys especially revolved around cars. Because of their things you'll want it's it's individualism. Is it. It's you can go when you want where you gotten. Like that. I remember when I was sixteen went out. Embarked all the Playboy accessories. Door locked all. -- doubt these over the years and you hang from a home please if I had everything I had a you know Pontiac Bonneville convertible. Which even today would look like a bolt. I mean it was great but here's the problem that and it was -- no one -- wasn't like no one beat up. It was a convertibles so what would happen is if the car was out of the driveway and it -- The water would get between the top and the eight dollars okay. Now the first time I would put the brakes on the water would travel from both sides and -- right in my life hall right. My lap this whole or could -- and you know be in my lap right. So I decided I've I've found a way to avoid it. What I would do it because where I lived I could do -- backed out of a driveway without touching the brakes OK that I get out about a hundred yards and there's a red -- nine and if I had to stop there is in trouble but if I did. As I'm putting my foot on the -- I was slide to the center of a car I was one of the first cool drivers and this I'm. Arabic are. But why don't come to our right on the seat and I had towel on the door. And I would take the towel and white -- hope alike didn't change. That was a brand new car. Right off the -- Up -- -- was out together because let me tell you something you don't wanna pick up your girlfriend. Arriving. With a -- land it does it's it's -- sending off bad signs. Especially -- but if you look at. What's wrong with you try telling that to debt and well my car is dripping on me or really my daughter's not home and I. I'd if you wanna hear a -- Tom -- early show or this show. Or read any of the newsmaker interview is we do Wednesday morning whose name but you're not there when they actually happened. I'll just go to Dublin who wasn't WB and -- common it's on demand it's on dim and you can hear it when you demand generic. So that's that's going on now. Today's deal of the day by the way. From my -- parks is a thirty dollar certificate for the arcade and Attica railroad now that sounds cool I like this sort of thing. For only fifteen dollars. The entire family can journey back in time. With a ninety minute ride through history. Go to WB and art com and click on my buffalo perks logo so that's -- a -- trains. And interest rates are fun. There are a lot of fun and this thirty dollars and that -- fifteen is a great value. Take a break it will start that you the other half of the show and then the most crucial starts by the way in an hour fifty minutes or get your popcorn get ready. Will be -- beach and company. Let's hope that while we flip on the Indy 500. Which is Sunday. That we don't see every time you turn the TV on on -- day he just hope you don't see the shot of the car's covered. And now under the -- reporters there having to interview popcorn vendor. Because sometimes the delays and India are long and -- they -- rain they got a lot of rain. And after the Iran they have to use the jet dryers to -- drive the track and all that other stuff and one of the drivers this year is going to run double. I'll run the Indy 500 in the Coca-Cola 600 and sprint cars so it'll be interesting nobody's ever won bowl. Budget it's an -- Thing to think of how many miles -- driving and one day we're told troops hold wholly different kinds of race cars and you don't have access to restaurant no. You know that's you know I don't got to have a -- of a Campbell you you don't have to do that and so that's them. So that's that's coming up this week and also tonight the final installment. Of -- WB visa visa. Oh giants week a Monday and Tuesday were African Tom. Wednesday and Thursday where the giants radio including yours truly one of my semi famous friend and never. And also a -- -- Stan Roberts she came at a good. Would line up there and today is that tonight on WB BC its though women of broadcasting. And there having let's see. Susan banks yeah hop okay lovely Susan banks will be there Carroll Jason. Will be on Doris Jones beyond -- LaSalle -- All very very good and all very easily look at. So that's nice and notice I didn't say that about us now we're not -- -- look at what have you ever looked at Sam Roberts. I'm musical can cook. Analysts and hello all those guys that are there for five that are but anyway here's what's -- about today. You have a right to remain silent. Okay you've heard that -- -- Miranda warning. When when the police are about to take somebody in the custody and they wanna get some information. The old. Mangoes and have a right to remain silent anything you say -- and will be delegates -- -- -- while you -- buffer lawyer or get your blog about all that stuff. But I like the title to show in today's a title is. You have a right to remain silent. And maybe you should. All hard. You have a right to remain ignorant. Uninformed ill advised and just plain stupid. I like that title today show because as you look at what we're what we're getting an American now is. Free speech eight -- no mall. I can just tell you. A whatever you say if it's in any kind of a public venue all are even if it's in a private -- and your being tapered cornered by your mistress. -- your -- -- to get into big trouble for words. Now when I was a child. Words were just beginning to be formed with human beings when I was there when I was a child I always -- and sticks and stones may break my bones. Blood to by you know let's look at but now that's different. -- names can never Joan -- do they can simple verbiage. Is that something you have to be very very careful now obviously there are times. When we should use some discretion. If there's any kind of anything in your in the annual awards that wanna do harm to any anything or anybody you're talking about at the big no no so we understand that. But where it's getting to be a real slippery slot now is opinions. Just remember this all opinions do not have equal weight. Some opinions are learned in their opinions some are in formal opinions some are all I never thought about that. I think about -- off the -- off the topic you have opinions. But your into your opinion. Until we get you into deep trouble when he was some examples now. First of all the biggest examples of course is Donald Sterling owner of the clippers. Who is they're trying to force him to make a billion dollar sale of his club. Because of what he said while being recorded it'll only by the way by his mistress. Nobody's talking about prosecuting the mistress nobody. And that's -- legal in California and she could be prosecuted she's a woman made the tapes I don't know if there were tapes whatever it was digital. She made the recordings and then they showed up. I'd TMZ. And Scioscia is responsible for but nobody's holding her responsible for the content. And so we have Donald Sterling. I was saying things that obviously he thought were between him and his girlfriend that became public and now is in big trouble. Another one is. A guy named John Jones seat by -- for the dolphins. And when the NFL draft took place the first. Openly gay player was drafted. So what we don't tweet attacks that has a battery ID tweeted. It doesn't matter he reached out of social media. And and expressed amazement. And he was sent by the dolphins to sensitivity school. And a slap on the wrist for his opinion of the of that. There -- -- Rochester DJ is. Aaron -- yeah right on the street and it's an Entercom station. We're talking about a legitimate issue to start -- and that is something on health care covering trans gender expenses. And I have not seen the transcript but. They went off the off course. From weather whether health care should cover that which is a legitimate issue it's like anything else. It's a legitimate issue but then they went -- they went off off the beaten track. And started B rating people who were transgender. First they were. Suspended. And we knew that and then there were fired so they are no longer there. And they did very well the audience like them they were usually want to limit time -- depending all of them modular yet but they're gone. So so far we've got Donald Sterling all -- got to sell the clippers. Dunn Jones from the dolphins or she got a lot of sensitivity school. A Rochester DJ is all she got to find another job and now we have the latest. Now this guy is known to be a maverick and the owns the proper team for that. He owns the Dallas Mavericks and his name is Mark Cuban. And Mark Cuban. Has apologized. For saying he was being interviewed. Four red ink -- NC magazine. In the end there were tantamount prejudices. And he says -- have. Prejudices. And he said. He would walk on the other side of the street if he saw a quote a black kid in a hoodie and it's late at night. Or if he encountered quote. White guy bald head tattoos everywhere. Hooded sweatshirt -- colonies became the rallying emblem. Four protesters. Against what he said now keep this in mind I want you to remember this unless my mind has totally failed me. That that's been said before. About the idea -- of crossing the street. If I'm not mistaken. By by several national names. And nobody got into trouble -- about Mark Cuban has. Jesse Jackson is one of the people -- I recall it specifically. Jesse Jackson said about Jesse Jackson I -- can say it because he's black but the question here. It is is not the impropriety of say like that he apologized for a specific reason. Because he didn't realize when he said it that it would be. -- our Martins of family and friends and and people who know of the story. Of found that to be a little insensitive and so we apologize for being insensitive but. Basically what he said had been said before. By Jesse Jackson and others. So the question about health -- free speeches is another story. And and apologized. Okay. Might my attitude on apologizing is pretty straightforward. If I made a mistake. And I told you two and two was five. And somebody grades. I would apologize as Wednesday. If I did not foresee a sensitivity. To something. And then you you brought it to my attention. And it looked at OK you're probably right I might apologize of that. But I'll never ever apologize for my opinion -- my opinion it's -- opinion I don't. OK if you like it fine if you don't like it you know that's. And you can do whatever you want a -- stand head and spit Nickels and contact their response or -- hadn't and you know send leaflets over Pendleton and and it I believe that if I if I believe what I said and I don't I don't do things just start calls. Talk show hosts have been known to do that. I'm not one of them. Okay just so you know if I have an honest opinion that I've come to I think is honestly and fairly and -- my opinion still we have a right to differ. But that's the only time that I would refuse flatly. To apologize. Storm asking you have a right to remain silent or maybe you should or do you have a right to remain ignorant uninformed ill advised and just plain still open. Solace now I don't three 3018061692. Through six and start at 930.

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