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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Derring-Do At Darien Lake Saturday - Nik Wallenda

Derring-Do At Darien Lake Saturday - Nik Wallenda

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have now the WB EM live line America. May be the world's consummate daredevil. Nick while Linda who crossed Niagara Falls who crossed the Grand Canyon and will be performing on a regular basis that Darian Blake and later on this summer. At the Erie county fair and -- good morning and thank you for taking the time to be with us. Good morning it hurt him while you're very welcome and thank you for being with us you know you have captured our imagination. With this news that you're gonna be doing some kind of a top secret stunt. At Darien lake before you lose. Do your regular scheduled performances can you give us any hint the what do you think -- involved. Well let's get it it's going to be an exciting stunt that got involved just eat but also my lights and a couple of outperform other performers. Will be performing with me so they'll be actually -- involved. And it will involve the actual area late. I'll OK now will this have. Anything at all to do with what you'll be doing -- the -- the right rest of the summer -- like. I think it's just just an exciting promotion you know Western New York is an incredible league pitching and that's why you meet our cameraman effect. This -- the longest but are there in one place in the last nine years. But I think that since I walked across Niagara Falls right we'll spend more time here again with yeah intention of -- having me a permanent record. Or performance -- You know Niagara Falls area and that is just one step closer to bat in the aren't that I'll be doing it better small unit -- like. It's really just just to kind of give back. And and decent -- special and there. Nick you've mentioned -- performing. With members of your family and and other people we understand your mother. And does your wife is going to be performing with view either regularly or OK usually. A regular how often do you perform with members of your family. You know that's unity one of the things about my career in direction on its -- a lot about the -- and then not about family and I grew up in very close family. Where we performed together since I was small trial. And that is just an awesome opportunity go back to Margaret and perform with my mother with my wife with a couple of cousins and several other performers from around the world -- care experts and we run so it's really exciting to to need to be able to sit down in one place or perform with them. It shows every evening -- -- -- -- -- -- on Mondays but she shows where or when it's seven materially from June 20 or all the way through -- urged. This schedule. Compared. With those just incredible tight -- over Niagara Falls in the Grand Canyon. You know it's it's definitely key schedule during acute care today you know are walking a wire that much really. I don't I walk or that much regularly -- normally in practice on but you know and that's -- I love to deal maker perhaps other set like that require everything else waiting. You know that is just great great opportunity to warm again give back to western York and and meet some of those amazing and they're so supportive and the -- street in traditional walk across our -- and again -- you. I feel like it's my second home and to be here for the entire summer is really exciting and not only just Obama supper B you're performing with my wife -- and -- -- Where my mother let that and passionate against several other members. Nick I read a lot of two your history especially when you were a little guys. I understand your mom actually put you on the tight rope and held view. When you can just about the walk across the water that you tell us about it. That's correct actually I'm on the six months pregnant with me it's still walking lighter side -- the wire in the -- where I was even born lecture I am. It's an attractive walk you know I have always said I. I start walk wire in the Q and -- recently on eBay might get out some photos of you walk McGwire went out about fourteen months. But it was down moment moments holding my hand and again it was just kicking it out so my parents -- it was impressed by it there. You know our report that it's like their child this -- their fathers are there hammering and NATO and same with me I saw that they adored loved what they do it was almost like why it was you know playground in our backyard with the secret wire and of course I wanted to be part of. How excited are you for what you'll be doing in August with the Erie county fair. Extremely excited that's you know it can be a great time I'm really looking portrait. To be able to you again to give back to the very simply didn't start out walk or should be longer -- for black ball just give you an idea of the likes -- -- -- over the top and -- -- and again just an exciting opportunity you're not a major star in this area. You walked across Niagara Falls you walked across the Grand Canyon. Anything's really big anything that can top that coming up. Well you know I'm I'm I'm working on that TV special that looks like it's it's the Chicago probably November old skyscraper -- or walk between a couple starts recruitment. At that he had -- -- the -- in the bat. So that's that's my next they're looking like it to be my next TV special they're going to be in November and working on many many other things leading. You know trying to on an active volcano that -- -- While -- as always we're grateful you could join us and good luck. Good luck in the future. Awesome thanks so much here ready tomorrow at new unit area right okay that's daredevil that Melinda.

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