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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Audio Tour of Sahlen's Plant - WBEN's Brian Mazurowski

Audio Tour of Sahlen's Plant - WBEN's Brian Mazurowski

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How it's made in Western New York were kicking off a summer series on products made right here in Western New York. And it kick off the unofficial start of summer. We went right to the buffalo home of the hot dog stimulants on Howard street in buffalo WBN's Brent as a rescue toured the plant in -- with us live Brian was this. Everything you thought it would be. And more. And more everything FOB and more it's hard to believe when you look at it from the outside doesn't really seem all that big. Hard to believe that every -- top dog he -- sold at a store sold at a hot dog stand. That you grill over the summer comes out of that one little facility okay where is the plan to what does that look like. I it's right downtown -- right in buffalo and it. It's an older plants and an older neighbor neighborhood right by the railroad tracks. And the outside doesn't do the inside justice because what looks like an older facility on the outside when you go win. All of this new machinery everything is a brand new while she stainless steel and there -- lots of stainless steel I mean it's a modern kitchen basically inside this. Old say once plant that's been their firm up over a hundred years the. Always hear that you don't wanna see how hot dogs -- made that said. Would you -- a hat on again after going through the plant I don't think you wanna see how any food is made I would eat hot dog again because it's basically what you expected to be. They put the hand it's hand him fat. Some water and the special sale in spice that makes it taste like assailants outside. Put in and they put it into their trap and make the hop docs. So when you walk into a building like Salem -- -- they make all these products. Obviously the first thing you see are probably offices were the crew were -- but the need to -- the building itself where the product is manufactured. When did the smell of the product begin wafting. -- -- -- It's really quite different because as you mentioned you walk in its offices and there's only a few small offices you'd think a company like saint Lawrence would have. A big. When you walk in there's only a few offices people controlling what's going on and you want radiance of the back. And you smelled the hand Jack you smelled him -- still smelling the hand. From walking through yesterday it's tough to get that out I guess she get used to it after awhile if you're working there. And it it's not quite the -- smell if you're over grandma's for Easter Sunday or something like bench is a hand cooking in the oven. It's a little bit different hands now. Not necessarily a bad thing. But I don't know if I'd wanna be there alternate smelling man's hand all day every day now for his -- however long -- -- -- Sale ends are buffalo made their. Made unlike any other hot dog. And the demand we always hear you know visitors to Western New York wanna take home -- at times people who leave the area come back for stimulants had to ask how to they keep up with the demand for these. It's a funny thing -- you'll see more here more if you go on WB EN dot com. New York is a really unique when it comes to opt out so. Buffalo area has say humans than hers away goals over in the Rochester area than Syracuse there's the Hoffman hot dogs. And as I was talking to opal Jo and Joseph -- and they said. That is really the case in a lot of other areas it's you know maybe Oscar -- ballpark franks are all these other national brands they don't really have. A local brand like all of our markets do here in New York. So sick islands has tried to want on occasion. Now they've kind of expanded into Rochester where you know some people from buffalo moved to Rochester a lot people Rochester faintly in both launchers they've tasted -- on top dogs they've enjoyed them. And also. They've mentioned Charlotte, North Carolina they're trying to expand their word may be a lot of people from buffalo had moved in. In getting a little taste in Charlotte where they don't have a Charlotte hot on they just have. Hot dogs and ABC own skin makes -- maneuvers there and they also mentioned QVC. Which shocked me I didn't know they so why don't really watch a lot of QVC. I didn't know they sold food on QVC. But. Apparently they're trying to get on QVC and then if someone from Buffalo's may be living in Missouri a California. Hayes -- on top dogs -- order some bringing over here there was a lot of pride in the product no doubt about that the Jews and detect -- but talking to the employees there's a lot of pride in that Siemens Brandon just like you mentioned. And one of the things I sensed his. It's a little bit more than a family business now did there is pride and assailants name obviously people with a named Salem. Are working -- same lines. But it's also kind of a buffalo family business now they're representing buffalo this is Buffalo's top dog not just -- on top dog anymore. So there's a lot of pride -- as well. That's a big deal Brian we enjoyed this thanks very much a thank you -- now we'll do it again next week you know it's our kick off. To how it's made in Western New York WBN's Brian -- -- touring. Assailants hot -- plant.

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