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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>CityMade Tailor-Made For Out-of-Towners - Gary Steszewski

CityMade Tailor-Made For Out-of-Towners - Gary Steszewski

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Made in buffalo there is a business that has capitalized on all that. And we have the president of the company -- to Jewish kid you saw the WBM live like Gary as president Suleyman incorporated. The good looking for any kind of a product made here or even some unique stuff so the made incorporated. Hasn't is that right Gary. That it's correct or anything from buffalo we should by all over the world. OK tell us and tell our listeners tell you got into this business and what you offer. Well what made it a long time ago back in 199 to calm myself and a business associate get noticed bad. People live in buffalo and buffalo. There are go to school impossible and they have these wonderful products of buffalo move away McCain can anymore. So what we did was with PA and the Internet back in early 2000. We decided to -- Available for people to people to get possible products over the country through the Internet. Credit products to think you sell to us from buffalo. Oh probably about a 120 or more a game what are your biggest sellers. The biggest -- would be Arab assailants dogs. And our wings -- -- that it barbecue marinade. It got dark substance recently came out it was bottled. From -- it's become a very good seller. Christa -- slogan there. Sponge candy. So does produce many of these you know -- the favorite of buffalo that people will reach out score and underwent a basis. Gary you have a website that people can check out sealed us. Actually video website is www. He made CIT YM EC dot com. And city made as a press a lot of different cities. But we all started here in buffalo and buffalo is by far the biggest seller vault products that we sell it to be made right now. Talk about some of the places that you sent the stuff to and are some of these you know really. Pretty -- ear ear routinely sending them to some destinations to. Well we've basically send most most of its time accent domestically. However we can't send boxes. There's Salem -- or practice that's impossible box. Which is a collaboration of these favorite so far flow we've mentioned. Anchor -- so so. Arcsight indeed many buffaloes. There's still eat pepperoni. And a lot of the press. Products into one box and have boxes sent all over the country and to Japan and Europe. And during the holidays it's one of these fights are the best sellers that we have of people actually getting -- box -- it up and seeing all those favored buffalo products and just remembering all good times and everything like that it into it with family and friends in buffalo. Now it's not just food go right. Well it's not just -- however food is probably than one of the main topics and one of the you've been main products to people like. -- have some other things some carrots and church in. And things like -- Dual star sports golf is different different types of our products but mainly people come to -- well -- -- -- and -- made -- But now when you ship food especially for English films hot dogs and -- on the across the country. We have to make sure that they were. -- condition right that is not hard to do. Overweight it was we have a system that we worked out over the past a number of years. We -- over 97 we put them in any but styrofoam container was minus thirty shelter acts. And they arrived in pretty good shape because they're really not and continue could have on errands. The we've we've done a lot of task where we've actually put be up product in reluctant to continue opportunities. And are still cold by the time that we opened themselves. They do dictator in pretty good shape. Gerri nice to talk with you have a nice weekend and good luck with your business. Thank you very much. And we just -- everybody go to. He -- -- comments in the that the upload all the friends and family. I'm sure you're gonna get a lot of -- actually joining us this morning Gary used to jet skiing. Is the president of the city made incorporated they specialize. In products made here in buffalo Western New York.

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