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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>VA Scandal; Memorial Day - Iraq War Vet David Bellavia

VA Scandal; Memorial Day - Iraq War Vet David Bellavia

May 23, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Decorated Iraq War veteran David Sylvia is joining us on the WB and lifeline David in morning. Nice to be here. In a criticism is growing in Washington both sides of the island about the delay -- veterans affairs facilities across the country. What you're thinking about -- sin and what went -- here. Well -- -- that you have -- troops and that is extremely. Overburdened it it never really meant you'd say it's still here. You have. You know awards are going -- -- post twelve years and you have the system that. You know -- wouldn't hurt the most is that the VA employees are some of the most patriotic and wonderful Americans that we have an error in our community. And that -- you have a few bad apples really shouldn't. You know project on the entire system that whole like you know there will never. It was supposed to supply can hold your loan to -- world team and and -- there's a lot of things that people in the private sector. Can be doing -- -- pattern that the government compete for that would alleviate a lot of the backlog. Right now but I think. The cable the problem really has to too tense too at the first one is a lack of accountability. And a lack of political -- to really get this thing done. And then the other side of course is just a system is antiquated. And really it's just all the pertinent to what. What its charter we wouldn't be. Witnessing a -- acquitted the whole system. And care for patients was and include -- the VA hospital. David have you ever dew drop by there and listen to talkative sometime with the patients who don't have families would like to chat. All the time I mean stripped of all it it's what we're talking about at the VA health care system you're you know what. When watching it we have my grandfather. -- their quadruple bypass. You know it's alive today in -- ninety's because of the the CA. Doctors and surgeons. When you have people that are Korea Vietnam World War II batteries that are waiting. For you know clinicians they're waiting for surgery slots. And now all of a sudden that this influx of younger veterans that are go -- for -- different types of issues. -- slots are being occupied those deaths are. Although you know and so knowledge that the parlay and Cheney is what is it's cute to watch. And it's a well kocharian bubble and you've got. -- too much going into the top and not adoption resource and not enough administrative position -- are filled and all -- -- cuts are coming. You know from -- PG executive branch. We don't help they say so what we have to -- it's what we have -- people the country posttraumatic stress. In our own communities. We tell people that can -- some of the basic problems. That he heroes. You know are coming true because their service you know to this country. And we can do it in their own backyard. -- -- travel a hundred miles into the tribal 150 miles we could do it right where they lynch. If you -- active duty soldier and you broke late in vacation. In Orlando Florida. The government would cover your bill to get a card because it ensures there's no reason why the government came to the same thing if you're better. And not have to burden. The PA. With a little -- And actually that is is that that the crux of the problem right there. Did before we let you -- what message do you have for people as we observe Memorial Day Monday. You don't get it out. I think we're probably better every tick date that we wake up where we're you know it's when you are so much out. -- -- -- For so they got to survive. Battle that we we counsel to look at ourselves and our. Turns -- green are where we look at them there -- -- and I wonder if Jason. You know who who bought like twenty years old never got a chance. -- never got a chance to see his children and indeed Kyra Hilliard who won't. Are you worried these. You sacrifice has argued demand that you couldn't bend it he should've. And a lot of of Islam. That we we have to we have acknowledged that nobody want god to their country. Nobody nobody made the statement seventies and -- and it you know what I want a -- I -- be the one that did it die in defense of America. They're willing to. And that is a beautiful beautiful thing went so we're saying they're willing to do something for you will do so before. You know took the greater good. And it's it's you know it's beautiful that one day a year -- children. The next generation really need to understand. That. That's the story support to the story to Korea are happening every single day today at least -- There are young men and women. -- -- -- -- Chasing the bad guys. Do what they can do for you and me right now and it's it's just it's as beautiful little kid who wasn't. You would -- lie -- -- city. What's happening every day. And when you see those kids come -- through the airport. You know you never know. You know you'd never know what can happen in the next day so it's one of those appreciation things. It's just a little humbling. Experience so the people who survived that to realize that. We have -- added burden. We were living and for other people. You know will we -- -- -- the guys were able to make it home. Mine that well well said David. Wells said thank you for joining us -- and thank you for serving. It's -- bella via decorated Iraq War veteran.

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