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5-22 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back to Beijing company Ando. Are a lot of ground on radio talk -- news talk station like this John Susan newsmakers -- Tom and I doing the issues of the day. All of that's available on on demand by the ways of you miss any of the morning news interviews or wrote Tom -- my show and you wanna get it at a later time just go to WB and come. And having said that. We go through the issues every day as we throw things out what are we gonna do a talk about today -- always goes through this area that area. And there's three big stories happening all the same time. Our -- vocal. Is that going to run as lieutenant governor to Andrew Cuomo. So the question is who's the next governor going to be that's a statewide issue. Who will on the bills that's obviously a very much interest -- -- and the future plans absolutely. Essential. And the next. Buffalo schools superintendent. -- for those out there who might think. Because I've heard this. How how can the focus be our football team while the bills are more than a football team there are source of community pride even though. They are not a winning football team we're still in the big leagues when we have the Buffalo Bills. If they ever packed -- laughter we lose that. Then we become Gary Indiana plus that's about it. So we don't want that that happened we want them to stay here. Along what's happening to keep happening and that makes a momentum and -- for things to get better but. The difference in caring about the schools superintendent which is also very important. And the Buffalo Bills. Is the fact that not everybody Western New York has the chemicals and above all schools and not every kid that -- of the buffalo schools is not is getting a sub par education some of them are doing very well some of the schools are. But some of them -- So essentially you're looking at one piece of the buffalo school system that dramatically. Needs improvement. And then you got the whole scene of the Buffalo Bills and all we know is. There'd been glory days of the Jim Kelly fairs and things like that. When the of the name was mentioned all the time nationally and for us we're very I think -- needy community. We need to feel like we're getting some respect. And I think if we lost the bills we -- lose them. Because -- we got other things that we get respect him and by the buckets full. About we don't see it and that would be like via medical community Roswell park and like that's some of the best scientists in the war the war in Roswell park. But we don't see that. Ed but they're doing very important work. And end of the entire medical core things are getting better there there are moving into the -- good idea they have one of those. In Milwaukee words like a minor city were all the hospitals and all the medical places -- one areas they go there and in good ego and Iran's walls and they point favorite this week and Boswell points okay aired if they when it's going to us. -- -- so I'd say yes we have some world class of fear. I mean. Look at Jeremy Jacobs in his company that's world class respected by everybody but there woke he'd. There below the radar so we know they're here but we don't hear a lot of -- and was rich products we hear more about rich product perhaps because of the of their position in the industry so we have some world class things here now. But the most visible would be the NFL team. And if we lose that. -- otherwise it wouldn't because -- catastrophic. But it would I think psychologically. I don't think we can I get around that so that's why you have people put that in on top of a lot of their list. You have to think go a little deeper on the next -- would be a school superintendent. If you are content because your kid either doesn't go to buffalo school or you don't have a kid. Org also Bible school is doing very well silly and are concerned about the rest of it. Think about like that if he could get the whole system up really. And turnaround miraculously. Won a feather in the cap not only for us but. For the education community here it would a dual watt forest and is not to be thought of as a step sister -- the other questions. Regarding big next governor. From what I can say you were doing a snap poll there a asked Marino. Might just we'll stay in the pickle factory worry visited today because it doesn't seem that the a lot of via action there. Doesn't seem to be a lot of votes spark there. These. But nobody knows them and in -- so far Cuomo. Hasn't stub his toe and I don't know if Cuomo likes hookers like the last governor so we don't know if he's gonna go over there we don't think that that's gonna be the case. And so basically. A lot of people have written him off already. Oz so we'll see where that goes but no matter who wins whether it's gesturing or Cuomo. They have a authority over how we lead our lives and how much money we send them in a hole we can do this or that. So that is an important issue. One could only hope that. This governor sees enough encouragement to leave the governor's office and run for president blows that would be a dream scenario and I. Think most people recognize that we're not really in play when it comes to the governor's race. New York City pretty much dictate who the presidential race presidential -- -- right so I think most people just give -- job as far as the inevitable yeah okay we know winter's gonna win again. You know that's the worst part about here is you know I hate politics and it's a long season of campaigning there rarely is. But at least if you thought there was a chance if you thought your horse might beat a California chrome. You know you're at the top of the strategy here knows that knows now let's see we've at least got a chance. We know it's not like that here. We know in the next presidential election we will not matter because we will be in the democratic. Column that's. I mean there's no chance that a Republican's gonna win this state and we know that and and that's yet so they're worried we yeah we get. -- we find out we get the information on who our next governor is going to be like a press release depends on who's running as a Democrat as basically. And so a lot of people seem to have their asked -- and out. They don't to have that fire in the belly nobody I don't see any mastering those signs that anything you have you. Not a single and no I haven't seen any Cuomo signs either no so that goes approve the candidates think the same thing we are. Our take a read only comeback grew I don't know what you -- thinking we got some opposed to on FaceBook on newsreader and I'm thirty WB yet. And see how your loved one can join our family or transfer from another facility. To be your first. Lot of things are swirling a prominent recycle the same time. The -- will be a new owner the bills will be there's a lot of talk about that because the -- ratings are going on. For the NFL owners next buffalo school superintendent that's a work in progress. The negotiating now lawyers on both sides trying to make a deal for the exit of Pamela brown. And who the next governor is going to be of the big news through it yesterday actually I carried over Tuesday as the -- -- is of these going to be the. Lieutenant governor's. Part she got a partner up with Cuomo and run for lieutenant governor and we have great admiration for Kathy you know that. She's a quality person she's a Smart person she represents. Her her -- she's represented is well represented. But. As far as I know I cast my vote and I cannot vote for -- Andrew Cuomo also Augusta where I'm gonna have to pass and my votes on oh boy it. As to Reno who always I want her feet pounded any pickles and is there. -- excelled because that's a job in a -- -- I talked about that one time we were going around. What your jobs you've held. And this guy said that when he was in college he worked in a pickle factory. He said they would come down maligned and the pickles would drop into Libya into the containers into the glass pickle jars. But some of them would be above the rim where the cap has the screw on at the next station so he had a rubber mallet. And his job was to pound the -- down so that was below. The rim so that the next stop it puts the -- so he spent the Summers typical -- And I found that an -- -- -- concept to go to work -- -- -- Now Chris who's never -- pickles is going to tell us so who's who's on no one of these postings what's going. This is from Scotty says my vote goes to the next owner of the bills I love the team I go to the games that are at the top my list. My kids go to school in the suburbs are not too concerned about the buffalo schools and Cuomo's unbeatable. Yeah see it doesn't seem to be resignation and these are from our listeners. You wouldn't expect that here because traditional way where. Well -- more conservative traditional way we would lean more Republican and Democrat some independent. But -- have you heard anybody today. That is speaking up rest -- I avenues you don't have to be Bob McCarthy to -- I think Bob McCarthy won't have the wallow in my on this one sad I wish we had a real race. But first of all when somebody's that it looks like potent. That kind of was the first male right there that wasn't good he does he's got not only a minute of that a lot of here it's flat over Syria. Some repressed it with a steam iron straight down. And so -- -- You know and it looks like he's trying to say things that that's gonna get both sides excited like. You know when I'm attacks the native America are out that cigarettes act you know and I think that he believes he knows he can't do that so. I've -- when he said that. The senators were I bet their knees shake you out. You know. Well good luck buddy and many before you didn't have any comes here to say it right now okay that's Smart. I. What's it do is take that message is somewhere else fell. I don't think that -- flies that well here played in Manhattan guys because we know either get the money you're just school irrelevant anyway but we wouldn't benefit from a so. Where are friends of the native Americans here who they are neighbors and friends. Are no interest. This is from just and he says my kids -- to -- so for me it's the superintendent that's most important I also went to a good buffalo public school and having. Good school system in buffalo would benefit everybody and account. I agree with that that's very perceptive I I feel simply because education. It elevates the value of the city it really does a good educational system. What happens of people who want to move here individually or bring businesses here. Or wanna make a pitch for more visceral. Or a little bit more of that from some government program it always pays to have a shining example of good education. And plus you're actually turning out a product. -- that though will add to a superior. A quality workforce. So that those considerations can be made to and be out of -- but it's it's a cost effective way. Two help with a budget because if you give somebody a really good quality education I think there's less chance almost certainly not unheard of that. That crime would be a problem -- -- them usually if you have a good education good future you don't you don't have to follow crime you can go out and make your own way in the world so I think. The -- costs a vote of fighting the the unsavory element will be less. I think the bragging rights will be higher. I think -- your resume of of the city it would would shine more if we had a really good educational system but we don't it's good for part of it. But not good for all of and the way autism there right now has to be changed now this might be the time to change it because the school board is going to be seated. In July I'm thinking you know the going to be seated until July -- -- get tired Stanley analyst indulged -- and offer him something an interim C doesn't open because of going to be seated in July. And by that time Pamela brown should be gone. And let's hope that somebody's chosen was the same mindset as the new school board. And other words no more excuses no more same ball same ball. Let's get on orbit let's do a better job and if we can do that that's the first step earlier Petroleos. And it would help all of us so even though. The other two issues are sexier issue as governor -- NFL he takes. This is really just as important as they are. I know it doesn't show on on all the spread sheets and things like that but it really truly is education's the key to success in almost any venue. Another interest. This one is from how Woody Austin and day out you -- what's the matter affinia Steve bluster wasn't available. So I got this thing I think the names are -- but this one had legitimate first results howdy ho. For a few legitimate last idea oh. But I he says he pays the bills ownership Bob and only by default the governor's race already won in his mind and -- shake up in the buffalo schools will be a move in the right direction OK well. I think how as a as a pretty good handle -- how to handle I think eight is a pretty good job but there and he's written off as the Reno. I'm not here in the interview with a mystery though when John says an interview him I think a week or so ago. And you'd inherited now and we didn't they get down on the man. Back. -- on the right there exactly exciting people not mr. charisma in on talking about right now he's not that he's not command the stage Chicago float on the stage ever noticed. That the guys. And women that stand behind the candidates on -- stops all look the same. As they have perfectly nice white straight teeth. And tailored -- impeccable suits. And outfits on and all got that glazed look in their highlight. How many times we -- -- this I think their -- group in the distrustful I don't think they're the same ones they put in the seats during the natural film and word got out I think they just -- about -- -- -- for a long time and facts steal the president knows that he's always. Go to a bunch of smiling well groomed people standing a back problem. A would nodding approval I think that's and I -- you not to put me -- that now normally. I'd known it goes that. Talk that would no hair that looks nasty all of -- its -- -- don't know not going to be there. Next time Kubel goes on for me ask him about that estimate -- ever stood behind them. You know like go on and Donald Trump as a -- name -- OK and and and touched him of his garment. Are we'll take a break it will be back Lamar would be in company under Israeli and I'm thirty we RW BEN yeah. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WBA and that call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start at 930 -- -- free minus 1806169236. Yes -- badly and Oliver lovely Lillian she would sing in the latest. What program Bagram. I'll cage and relevant Paul Casey basic element choosing -- Like I can't stop coming and if there a -- -- well hell -- the only -- home in the -- -- -- -- that is amazing going your hair was playing it like just this summer alone. And this alternative -- whatever they're doing and that promotional announcement. Some of the groups you've got to get that caught up on the list. It is -- governor we're talking about three different things which are. I mean there's they're taking the oxygen out of the news cycle because basically these are three major stories who the next governor will be of New York. Who have been ex bills owner will be in the future plans of that owner and the NFL. And the index buffalo school superintendent very very important on the national scene we've got the VA problem. And its continuing but I thought we'd limited to these three. Because they'll have some local ties let's go to or Joseph and buffalo Joseph you're on WB yen. And -- or -- I think it is don't Claudia. Probably because so -- pursue them and we put ads in political. Ago OK you should never hesitate -- -- In other singers that are -- and are similar a real I'm sorry your. Let's talk about -- here and our partners and that is. -- Perez the man asked yes she's -- -- MS is an right now in Ireland. I don't know if they charger extra on the plane bringing him back but. What do you think of be a bit of the bills on the the governor and the superintendent lol what's of interest to you. OK in your thoughts. Speaking on just because that it thing. The bills here and duke who who writes for the -- psyche. It reached tentative don't get more president benefits out of battles. Don't do that. XT local. Even school board politics. On Tuesday. School board staying in the Arab. And the guy in the governor you know broker. It. -- it's it's like the bills are sports but they're entertainment. And even if they don't win when you go to the -- follow the game you still got something out of it you've got somebody back. With only. With the state government has seems like we do is send in money. And we very seldom get much back Florida I can understand. Well what we did get a polite terms is civic ritual that structural approach Simon constable. He should be PT Barnum you're -- as he sucks the oxygen right out of the room he always shows up with a cardboard shack or at the last minute. I hurt so I was telling me. About a graduation. In the southern tier and -- speaker who are written a book. Was boring boring boring and at the end of this speech Chuck Schumer just showed up. And and and he spoke about something. About tuition. He wasn't I don't think it was planned he just showed up. Very very well my niece Christine graduated from a sweet -- certainly had to actually go displaced weaker. I was just trying to -- -- He got your because when you see him you know it was going to be a lot of chatter to fall. So the bills -- yard top priority -- -- got. To thank you thank you very much. Yeah it's a -- he's the head this off the line. See not all authors are -- public speakers they may be good. Getting the wars in the right order but then I've dynamic in this song was a real. Snows there and then suddenly. Chuck Schumer urgent showed up. And you know it's like can imagine if he showed up and nobody invited them on the stage. -- just showed up ago and down over there it looks like Chuck Schumer now a church. Sorry gets up and he talks about something about. Tuition reimbursement something that you know always going to really a score big time with the cry out. And indeed. He -- alive ended up at the end but would you dare show up. At and it's something like that if you're a public figure and expecting to be introduced neo now that's not this is anecdotal. I did not read that I somebody it's -- who was there and that was their impression solely at that. As the later we'll find out he was scheduled to do ten minutes and just will win. -- from another speaking engagement they drop them by parachute something. A we want an overview on what's important. Chris I could use another FaceBook post please sure this comes from -- she says the governor has raised his most important to me. I -- repeal the -- act and put an end to the common core. Well okay there are things that have to be done your your ring a bell with me on the safe back love to get that repeal of the so -- -- -- ago. People don't like the fact that they've accepted something but other people may not have. It around the state -- Wednesday and you'll find a lot of repeal the state back signs. And there on different kinds of houses a different socio economical backgrounds. But they're fair. Of people don't wanna hear that if they've already bought in our capitulated are willing to deal with -- a regarding common core arm. If there's an article I have a clip that I am ready yet from today's paper. Regarding common Corbett as they -- and that would interest and so we like talking about that. Down in the future but yeah I will -- with Cuomo it seems to be the inevitable. That and he's going to win. It's not anything that we like to think about it stunning liked even assay. But so far virtually everyone -- commented on that race. As kind of like home now. He's gonna win nothing we can do about it back kind of attitude. Meanwhile we know it Cuomo is focused on the White House but at least the good news is that -- local -- will be running as lieutenant governor. We think she's a terrific way to your classy lady who work to -- presents. Who are constituents the -- judges and very very well but unfortunately. It's a package -- if you wanna vote for Kathy got it today Coca got to take Andy. And I'm not taken and I can tell you that I'll go with pickle boy Gasparino. I -- while there with the pickle factory I wish I could -- like break out survey after the election to see if he carried the pickle factory. You start with a pickle ball OK next you go to -- -- and just say it rolls -- next. What do you think it stands on we've been there ever so that meant that go to a hot dog manufacturer we have several here. I don't want tie any -- -- -- him because we are among other political aspirations there about. I think French's mustard might be on the agenda. Will take a break will be backwards more or pizza company canyon. Well let's go to Mary and Lancaster Mary Iran WB yen. Good morning can -- -- I the same thing I've been listening to your program and I I had to call out open I could give him. I don't believe these people that are paying the bills are more important. The governor's race is the most important thing because. If we don't care formal out of there. All these. -- and -- this -- I think are gonna go right down the tubes because. Cuomo it's just gonna reenact all he's gonna come back with money from -- to help the bills keep keep stability here. And as far as the school board go to be the same thing. That. Silly because in the arcade that teachers themselves. The other -- in our seasons okay well. Somebody like that but we have to get their governor out. And you made a point earlier when you're talking about particular appointment placement. That particular restaurant the affecting about one match. Have -- -- people that are wanted to support and get a lot of their -- things happen and actor you know people. Bring these things out like you know just keep that that keep on the same. Point you know -- Money money but it's look at what happened and -- people realize. He almost giving ten years tech. Pre city businesses but where they've located they don't say where there are going to be around the university. And areas like that it just. In Norton -- really. Tax free and -- Supporting these -- people that are gonna support him. Yeah I and when asked during a gross out when he goes on the stump he should. Really fine tune the message. Like when he came to town and aunts and promised something that the last several governors couldn't do. He's he's making a promise that seems a little reckless. Instead of saying I'd like to sit down and talk with the native Americans simply to work something out it's amenable to both sides and said he just promise Islamic. Do something that those Cuomo hasn't been able to do in Paterson couldn't do and all of the governor's reform cordoned. I think gasoline should stick and stay on the point that he kept but he made but I called him before when they're debating about you know nominating him. His one point get caught marrying here and and my potential was when he says. Make New York State -- back to being the empire state. -- right thing I keep saying -- -- in school we should be when we teach about New York State history they should teach the children. How we want from the empire state for the welfare state and take -- tour of the city and -- in New York like garlic and I'm here is that carrier that is just barely. Paying enough. I had an -- All these things he shouldn't harp on that. Look at this this this is no longer the empire state he couldn't make it Amber's face and that fracking that's another thing that I'll. Snow and it's just that they had a beautiful article that anesthetic used. About the people like on the Pennsylvania border young tracking and should be emphasized. Yeah I end and there's all kinds of famous quotes you can use from alleged leaders in New York City including former governors even the mayor although he's not running against America but just that whole culture of come on and if -- real legal. We have better health care would give it to you for free it's a free ride and emphasize that whole culture and anti Cuomo up -- back culture. And people shouldn't keep not just don't have like I mean I was disappointed when I heard you know Tony the other people's -- like almost -- I mean it was throwing hand that don't give up until it electability -- -- occupying -- al-Qaeda apparently Atlantic command your card. That's what I -- doing well. I don't don't criticize Tony because Tony was having a laughing for him because he's our cat in the Venetian blinds so that's what we're. -- I'm not for it. You know Chris I am the underdog and it's -- that the bill I don't think that is if it. If people go and try to -- the bills what's gonna happen you're going to be -- you want more money to build a new stadium and and -- But because you know there's -- a billion dollars -- -- only out you need and you hit that. But the people decide what they want not. The commissioner says. Well when you can't get into you know you can't keep the -- unless you get there and look in the paper that they don't they -- gonna pay for it -- a commitment throw these eyes that I think. And stupid people I'm sorry that that -- buy them by the you know it's -- the stadium. While -- -- -- a thing as a commissioner. Commissioner gets grab it's just because he's from the southern tier. But yet and he's -- blond hair and he and his marriage to Jane Skinner I mean it looks like a movie star. But he says with a big smile. Yes we'll do everything possible we're -- it either way you must have a new stadium so they sugar coated it gave a joyous. But the bottom line is they should people should keep on all the sportscaster and everybody else they. Who's gonna pay for that hold their feet of the tire and hit who gonna pay for the new stadium everybody a one. God our rate coming here and they've been built -- We're paying now for renovating well it's. Yeah if you're if you're listening to people make their living his margin archivists in many stand up for lower taxes now I element. That's their that's their bread and butter. That entering the governor's races the most important. Because without that it would keep almost everything. On well it affects all of us absolutely thank you Mary thank you very much. It's got a good point I mean the guy do what happens out of Albany affects all of us by law we don't have any choices. I hope you brought up earlier Tony about because -- -- Is that golf sought -- Tom Golisano. Maybe a bidder on the bills and though wants to be preapproved. Which is a good thing yeah I didn't know is gonna go through this process like I was going through the bank's first and then. The final ones coming through -- bill -- But anyway you mentioned some concern because a vault of a commitment to winning and and how back costs money. Think about a like this. We heard from one owner of the sabers -- -- -- give you the tools the finish the job next thing you know they need the tools to get out of jail because they're in jail -- the -- who was going to be news there. Are but the point as it and if somebody buys the team and both of you can answer this because you both very learned on sports. We generally don't know how they would -- that team unless there prior owners and Iraq many people who used to -- one. That would come back in on this one so how do you judge what their commitment to winning is as far as we wallet is concern before they actually get here. I think you look at the you look at group a cut to the Cleveland Browns for example the new -- and and they've been a train wreck ever since I ever since. And so you can see -- -- this guy doesn't know what he's doing. You can look at. It was after the fact they didn't know that went -- you won't know yeah that's -- that -- -- at least Golisano used to on the sabres so we got to see them at action there. But we're gonna hear from a lot of people. And you know what if any of the Jacob's family like the sun got involved we see that they run a first class organization. In Boston with the Bruins right and -- that that does not in -- real problem -- and so maybe we can guess that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it rancorous for the most. -- in -- they've run a sports team before I think it's blind hope because a lot of these don't not a lot of these guys all of the owners. Are successful elsewhere in whatever else they -- -- as the winner of the money divide team. But there's a lot of bad owners out there so the success of a normal business world does not always equate to success in sports. Yeah there are Irsay -- Irsay and and Indianapolis. And the and the point is you don't know until we get here and that's the sad part you you don't know I haven't. I -- we saw Daniel Snyder by the Redskins and spend like a drunken sailor out hasn't gotten many where they don't even make the playoffs. No I'm when you look at the newest stadium as we mentioned earlier. It's not a guarantee that -- gonna have a winning team -- cowboys forget that new stadium Washington forget that new stadium. They don't did they don't equate to each other it's nice to have a shiny new Bobble that gore and watch football -- but is no guarantee. That about wraps it up. I'm gonna go home and study the financial pages on his home purchase of cats -- Venetian blinds. I love I love a good laugh or. -- it's -- much of that. Was there tomorrow morning at nine. Under -- and I blurted -- Libya. Well well. Which they never dreamed could be used she.

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