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5-22 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

However acquisition governor may have sandy beach we all have different priorities. And so I'm asking what's more important. And of more interest to you. Who is an ex governor going to be who's the next bills owner going to be in their future plans. Or over the next buffalo schools superintendent will be -- Altria Montreal. 180616. Not to be six on 930 let's go to Jerry and -- Jerry you're on WB. I think the only NATO and -- -- what's going under would really quick really quick because -- jailed and brought the sabres it was very nice and everybody was very happy. And it was good that works for awhile but that the money came along and he's sold papers. And think what happens you know he won't be what Ralph Wilson stick around after you know he put it buys -- team. In late that would get the money comes along -- -- -- that he used to from now groups that nobody myself -- the -- its ability and effort something. And that the other thing I would say is about the it's. The board of education I personally don't feel that any but we do that don't care aggregate demand from Olympus to be in this. Book yellow orange or brown. The fact of the matter is sick kids and that going to school. And they will not go to school and that's the end of again. It's apparent in his -- right they're trying to address that regard yes you're right about. It's your -- did not go to school. You know like we did two boys -- change those conditions but that's another story but think -- it's. The bankers are common knowledge and the billion dollars but the thing is it's good database slot. You know you -- be there every day and that study you'd rather do it they're not. Doing it -- it won't work have a debate -- OK okay Jerry thank you thank you very much. Regarding how what they're Tony said just before the break 20. I think that our arms are being twisted by the NFL subtly and politely but definitely twisted. That we have to have -- a new stadium in order to keep the team in order to assure that the team will stay here now I'm thinking about -- Okay what -- the goal of the new stadium be for the NFL. Would it be because we gonna have a state of the art scoreboard. Him. Would it be that they -- have a new parking lot freshly line and great refreshments not I don't know. All the NFL cares about is what drops to the bottom line it's all about money it's about revenue got it soap. Where we can't build a stadium that would hold much more -- on the route polls right now and and have any expectation. Of not having all of our games blacked out that's not gonna happen so all they care about is is increase revenue that's what they're talking about. How do you do that. Prices that's the only way to do it prices. They're not gonna get any more money for broadcast rights -- the Buffalo Bills and guess what stays the same. The team stays the same. The team is not impacted whether they're playing at the Ralph or flying at tea brand new stadium and don't think a brand new stadium suddenly invigorate that same. As -- Jones on the cowboys have done since their stadium as stood Dan Snyder how the Redskins have gone since their stadium. Dayton you don't necessarily guaranteed a big winner because you have a nice shiny stadium. So if the NFL's primary motivation to keep the team here is to make more money with a new stadium how to make more money. By getting it from you and me and everybody that follows the team. And go with less seats so that you could charge more for those seats but the big thing is the luxury boxes and -- and then you know. The the pollutants -- and we don't have -- licenses a lot of teams do I don't think we'll see that it -- kind of going away well to be honest review that would be the day. Then I would buy a CD prices. The concept of buying a license so that I can buy tickets is ridiculous. To me. I mean it. Jesus Christ himself and the apostles could be wearing bills you reforms and I would by seeding wise that's the way it -- and that -- -- it go it -- so against the grain. To actually pay money so that you can pay money. And I cut a sorry I don't get that one. Our Chris now let's get the greatest. A governor. Buffalo bill's goal logos school superintendent or give me your thoughts. Why is big sports fan the bills are naturally I'm top in my mind. Not to the other two aren't important but. The governor's race I think is going to be one guy anyway that it seems to be revved up anyway and the school or it is really important but I'm actually more optimistic about the director of the -- schools now that I have ever -- -- -- -- they got the board turn around and it began to change any worse the other got to change. But the other big thing with the bills though is the stadium. And one thing I think even if it -- us restraining get behind is affected the stadium. Could potentially cost as a bunch of mourning in in taxes so I think it's it's a situation -- that sports fans and that's sports fans get behind but for me. As I got a -- as a team I would just I'd. I've been. Not really at the edge of my seat but following every development at least. I -- big community would be devastated if the bills -- Kansas say that would be devastated. You know I was working out of town. And when I was working out of town I would come back to buffalo on a regular basis Cindy's from here and a mighty heart this year. And I happened to come back the day of Bethlehem steel close and I saw the newspaper. And it all might look at that. And I said all -- what is going to happen in the community and you you see that we've never really recover from them leaving our we're starting to do some things and that's good. That that's a positive that's -- plus. But if the bills left psychologically. Would be disastrous. Because. We still have yeah we still have via the sabres but it's that's a whole different ball. And so we've got to do what we can within some amount of reason. There's also a lot at stake for Albany a simply because the other two teams that call themselves New York aren't from New York or New Jersey and that's the truth. And though so we that we would not as a state wanna lose the third one. To load to some other wrote some of the state so I think that. For the psychological impact we we really do have to keep the team Andrew Cuomo is going to be Andrew Cuomo. And that's that. The only hope we have -- Andrew Cuomo is he wants to be president. So let's hope he runs and Moses on fifth that's bats had imported I love Kathy ogle. She's an absolute wonderful public servants she's a class act. But I can't vote for her without voting for Cuomo and I won't vote for well that's just not possible not possible. They could give me a bag of gold and -- one vote for Cuomo. So I'd like to hear from you know what's what's the more important things -- these three big things they're big and different ways. And their dead their big for different reasons but have you noticed that they all involves some way or shape or form you'll. Whether Europe tax fair weather sports fan whether your a fan of getting a better education for your kids in the city. There's a lot of things at stake in in the news cycle going on right now will be back with more -- -- -- company yeah. It's not easy doing the show. Let me just tell you that for the -- you think it's easy it's not it's hard -- tell you -- -- an example now of how hard it is here I am on this side of the glass. And I'm saying you know we have to have better education is the key to future development business will move in here it'll make it easier for your children have a better life and the Buffalo Bills psychologically we can't afford them the governor you know he conducts business -- Albany but it affects all of us I mean I have. Heavy -- that affect our lives. And tell your flapping in the other because he just saw a picture of a cat caught in the blinds are. Appealing that. This show as hard oh now I know it's it's lady later on Mexicans who organized great climate. -- just blow this up. No no I don't like snakes I'm sorry I -- I'm zero once it's like the cats. The big cats and this though not a -- in the in in in the lines now is her picture on the bureau of guerrillas and the blinds but there was gorillas in the mist and that's the story. What's more important of more interest he too. And it depends on on how you're thinking you're thinking as a sports -- a taxpayer a parent whatever. Who'll are the next governor's going debate -- alone the bills and their future plans and who'll -- next superintendent of schools in buffalo will be. I'll give us your thoughts on the let's go to two. Clay in Camry are at play here on WB yen. Oakland. -- all I can now I can here are some delays there are you -- -- Okay play well what do you think what's important to you what's of interest you. -- -- -- -- If the bills. The bill -- -- this kind of predictable you know and eight. Look at Green Bay they they got the team there are stadiums and -- like a big in this stadium. -- because Lambeau is considered a shrine that's like Fenway Park is the baseball. You know only. No you don't you bring a good point. What what sticks in my -- though is right now we're spending a 130 million dollars on it knowing that it has a very limited future use. Walk and got some amazing point I mean that's ridiculous it's totally crazy and let's bring up the point about the other stadiums that are older that are still being used. Yeah I I don't have a I don't -- them but the point is is that it of a Bill Polian who certainly is a respected that you know executive you want executive of the air from a national football league for like three different years. Says that this is one of the finest stadiums and -- In the circuit but they want a shiny new Bobble -- and raise prices they can reconfigure seats. And -- is Jerry Jones said it can add to the pie clay and that's what they're looking for thank you. Add to the -- how big will apply again before the -- explodes in everybody's face. On the -- I love and a fell as much as you -- problem when watching and following it longer than most of do. A but they've been really impunity. Now with the epitome of that is when they go around suing people little pizza parlors for saying it's a Super Bowl -- today. I mean c'mon please give me a break how does that diminish. Diminish of their brand at all to say it's a super Sunday special on pepperoni pizza for rhino. You know and we'll know that the NFL is on the swing down now when they put a franchise in London. -- that's true I mean date didn't go global. It's they they want to because that's where even more pie is located. But how he businesses outside of football traditional businesses say -- what I'm doing great let's open some more locations. And they keep opening -- occasions what happens next bankruptcy. -- really does it happens all the time as you know expansion beyond what's called for. End of the point as the taxpayers are going to have to pay for this new stadium. Some way shape performance there's no free lunch unless somebody shows up that wants the privately developed one. Which trump gridlocked -- that'll be another billion dollars. Another billion box and somebody asked earlier about multi use multi use might make some sense if we had a lousy. Baseball team but can you see kicking the baseball stadium to the curb I can't. A really can't it's a beautiful park and I can't -- taxpayers wanted to do that either now multi use and other sports. I mean the big draws or baseball football and basketball. Multi use wouldn't be applicable and we wouldn't even. Have a chance of getting an NBA team in here. So what's the purpose I mean you could you could have -- more concert friendly things like that more events friendly that's nice good. But I don't I don't know why it's not impossible but I'm not waiting around for somebody with a billion dollars to fund it privately. Now you have to look at advance like god get in the NCAA determined here. HS or I'm sorry the offense Sadr only holds back tomorrow maybe if you wanted to get closer to that the national championship game -- have an event. And your drive from the you dried from a base of fans. It's one thing to be in New York City where you have just within an easy commute. The numbers of friends and it. Here yes we can draw from Toronto summit events would be more of more interest in Toronto and than others. Yeah how we go to Rochester maybe Syracuse and extreme cases Albany. But not for every event so I think the multi use as a good idea if we can use it for more than just. Eight games a year -- -- and playoffs. But I'm thinking it's gonna cost a lot of money and they've already laid down a gauntlet it while smiling at us. And patting Ralph Wilson on the back. At the same time they said you need in the stated. Let's go to Jim in west Seneca -- there on WB yeah. I -- L list and I'm just thinking that the call whole deal is it's a done deal so. Are the other issues -- -- talking about it will be the typical Western New York treating Iraq. Our -- our concern we can't build peace bridge the social economic problems with the students in the city buffalo. I'm mayors don't walk around big smile and shake hands that. We're gonna dig a hole for a first stadium in trouble in a -- a burial ground and and everything it's got -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's just seem like sweep the Western New York area stick their foot in the mud every single time they try to get something accomplished. You bring up a good point they'll find out that some. Migrant bird will land on the light towers and and everything -- -- How -- -- or that some terrestrial. If it on. So -- -- -- -- -- I used to get aggravated now like to laugh about it so. -- -- I'll join you at home we'll have putting together thank -- he brings up a fair break all right from her remember my motto and I -- ended. Western New York where good ideas go to die. That's traditionally it now he said Eric and the collar so Favre said it's a done deal with the governor's race or seems like as originals not -- Mario world on fire. I think Cuomo made a very Smart move by putting terribly vocal on the ticket. She would bring Western New York strength that he doesn't have. Also a female a good balance she's very articulate whatever. But I wanna show you know the difference in Vietnam positioning. And impressions okay. Today. Front page of the Buffalo News a huge color photo of capping local Cuomo -- vocal the ticket to provide a state support. Very favorable on the front page of the newspaper. Rob asked the Reno today at this very same time. Is that a pickle factory in the -- You can't make this stuff you really can't I mean I hope -- Reno does well. I he can count on my boat. Yes I will vote -- a I'm not voting Flores the Reno as much as I'm voting. Against Andrew Cuomo that's the -- that's the way it is it's like sports you root for some teams you root against others. I couldn't bring myself to vote for Cuomo if he had an Angel on the ticket. -- So artists say that but that's the way it's going to be. But it seems like our listeners kind of thrown in the white the white flag or -- as the rain already surrendered victims of the -- We'll be back for more on news right now and I thought we are WB. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 930. Our toll free line is 1806169236. I didn't make this up but it is different strokes for different folks in the betting on what's important to you what that peaks your interest. Who was an ex governor going to be I you don't -- and I noticed if if if asked Reno has any support. It should be heard here on this radio session and we haven't heard. A lot of people getting too excited about rob that Israel. And I think the governor has made a good political. Move. To -- Kathy vocal to the ticket she's immensely popular here as a good good resonate good background whatever so that will help them here. But I still can't vote for him and I can't put my vote he would door Kathy. I don't adore. Cuomo. And who -- on the bed next. The personnel on that other group that owns that day they say they don't want large ownership groups as it can be one or two people but not eight. A likely raiders you know her -- day ever thought Al Davis on the raiders by himself but he was always the managing partner. And so via future plans are of utmost important to us because. We can't afford psychologically. To lose the Buffalo Bills we just can't. And though the next buffalo schools super and then it's going to be is very important what do you have a kid goes about school or not first of all the taxpayer investment of over a billion. Right around a billion dollars and over. A year. 26000 dollars a kid. You know that's when it comes out of 26000. Dollars a kid I was going through my files and -- saw a story about that a few months ago. Is a big taxpayer investment but the bigger investment is -- the future it'll actually of our community. If we get that school system turned around and make no mistake about it it would take a miracle that -- but miracles have happened in the past. If that could happen that could be the biggest at all. Turning out that graduates. Improving the workforce. Lowering our businesses -- Western Europe because of the quality of education I know it's a dream about work where we are allowed to dream we. Let's go to -- was next would be margin Cheektowaga. Marge on WB yen. I think you I was wondering the lift both superintendents. Or from have a problem. And then we can't approach it without them the dollar ticket -- -- does and they want to know just. Don't we have anything qualify them about what does an excellent. It seems like on some of the earlier news reports I heard today. Saying that they are going to make more of an effort to find somebody locally at the last two got. Over a 100000 dollars each and the last one got 80% of I'm not mistaken of his health care and his family's health care paid for life so this one. The I don't know what the deal's going to be on this one but. I hope that they explore all opportunities to promote somebody it's already here. -- what I couldn't think Iraq -- They -- other -- I mean they have something went into it doesn't make any sense that the -- Yeah I hear you loud and clear that that's that's exactly what happened and keep her mind. Video last always had James Williams. I'm never even move to a hero mean to his family was in Baltimore and that's where he went back on vacations and all kinds of things. -- Okay marriage thank you very much. The other another talking about originally. With Pamela brown. The initial reports said that it might be a year's pay which beat 2171000. Dollars to say goodbye. But James Williams got a 1101080%. Of he and his family's health care paid for the rest of their life. The one before it also had James which James was the one before Wes Harris why is that Paris is not on my memory he has very -- now. He was. General player. For Gladys Knight and I loved Gladys Knight -- -- my favorite artists okay it was a better piano player than he was a superintendent. Gave -- a 100000 Google way. So that that's pretty good this while we don't know what the deal will be but I do hope that they investigate locally we talked about that before somebody. Who's already in the trenches can maybe see some of the defects in the in the system. And would be more -- to find them faster than somebody coming from outside. And so that's the way we feel that let's go to Dave and sand bar and -- on WB and Dave. Yet there and he in actually that Amazon also reissued book. -- more important of course the government -- and -- Reno is basically what was your -- your -- -- right. It's a dollar write up -- mark. You're in his -- out but anyway. Who does he pick for lieutenant governor Arnold I -- -- promote colony while you know people who hit it. The one other thing to confuse yourself. Well he's he's. I'm sure they'll wrap up the pickle boat today because he's got a pickle factory. Even nobody -- I -- a pickle factory I loved Madonna goes through all the time and Randy bush over some. But Dinah but I was not aware they have made these trying to get the -- partners. Yeah good to me anyway gone it's hard to build though like that like to paraphrase my idea. My father a lot of news -- -- when this used to come up when they threaten to move the bills on every single pill and picked receivers -- Off off off while we don't want to undergo. Let's hope they say let's because I think they're an important part of the community especially since we're starting at some. Traction. Going on downtown thank you. Reciting the little actions little momentum it's old but -- a long time coming but it's moving forward and that's good. I'm like when Donald Trump came here and shot from the inference that nothing's going on buffalo. Maybe for the trump -- there nothing is going on about for the community where happy that we get some action. Body in motion tends to stay in motion let's -- let's open development motion keeps going. I'm still all excited and pumped and -- -- about the possibility. I know it's just a dream of Super Bowl here. Well okay Super Bowl two -- can we support our whole tells that's I guess you have to talk to so. Yeah you're not going to get a Super Bowl with the number of hotel rooms we -- I mean we need more even if you combine falls and buffalo how bacon they can make the numbers dance anyway they want. But I'm thinking I don't know I've never seen them publish what the parameters are. In order to get a Super Bowl but believe me it's more than the team and -- more than the team's fans it's the world press. Its sponsors is relatives of sponsors it's it's not a a lot of accommodations have to be made now we have some fine hotels here. I don't think we have enough -- It's his supporters overbought be very surprised. If we call it that great I'd I'd love to see that so they they remember they did a cold weather game. In Detroit but that was a dome stadium I was miserable. Remember that they also have won in Minnesota vessel less when I went to when the bills play at Washington and they were just awarded another the other news that is always has got another one out. So would -- New York they roll the dice. And boy did they lock out they had like a one day window as you recall this past year. On the Super Bowl the day before was awful the day after was awful it was like a god looking out of the NFL's say OK aren't -- give -- good day. Here it is play the game and they get out of get out of dodge because is going to be bad the next day. No I don't know if we have the infrastructure here to support it because it's a major major major. All right we'll Ochoa come back we wanna hear from you. Who are what is more important to you and more of interest to you who the next governor will be. Who the next owner the bills will be in their future plans and the next buffalo school superintendent. We're asking what is more important or of more interest. -- yeah so there are certain things that are personal interest some as a -- some as a taxpayer. Maybe -- parent of a student going to school a sports fan there's a lot of of people covered by these questions. Cool is a blue -- governor going to big. Who will all the bills and their future plans will be Golisano. Will be somebody we've not even aware of right now. And the next buffalo schools superintendent there are negotiating now the exit strategy for Pamela brown. Let's go to dead into Wanda Daniel on WB again. Yeah CA the question that I in this -- experiences it's -- have throw the school board. While -- Reno is not running from the school board. Answering -- is running for governor. Alternatives. They -- -- -- -- joked yeah all your -- -- -- what a joke and they guys on as we knew you were joking minutes. I called for the old now now I -- whoever -- -- what they want from the police are in the stadium. Why don't talk. As question your year stay in it for our. It will -- the war in Iraq and -- that they are and it can all work act that we get from yeah well. Well it's a nice idea except the NFL won't do it the only team that is owned by the community is the green bay Packers and that is grandfathered in so. I had a good idea that I wish we could -- Yeah if you'll be back at what. -- really you know which one of those very complex and make a lot more than what we -- I you know I I think your plan is great but they don't wanna do that because they wanna keep applied to themselves say today and as Jerry Jones said view we've got to keep all of our options open because we're always looking to expand the -- -- tells it like you to meet the -- -- the young -- old pizza yeah exactly I want to hope. That being nice set him up with a -- tibia and every good I don't like that. I know Jones. You know some other owners may think that but they're not saying it out of deference to ruffles and just -- the way. But so far look silly Green Bay has said they'd like to see the bills this year. New York New York Jets -- on by a guy with the best name in the world. Woody Johnson and man Woody Johnson -- high he wants the team to stay here. Atlanta once the team to stay here. We've got supporters out there -- a giants though want on the -- they are so both New York teams won the bills to stay here in Western New York. And that we've got some other allies around and a hole but they all make no mistake about it even though they want the team is they're they're all in agreement basically that we need in the state a bit because that is not about revenue. It's our revenue and and if you think about it new stadium can seat probably many more than we have now. They wanna have other things that we don't have and I'm sure than anything we don't have now first of all gonna pay. And then. The limits and the revenue laugh too that would be great pie maker in this in the NFL law office and New York so that's vessel resort will be paying more for everything. And pay for the installation of everything in the upkeep of everything so another words bills football will go up. Considerably I'm thinking. And however shiny new stadium that would be nice that we can afford it the state will kick in some will kick in some sewer bills. Our Chris we have some postings on FaceBook please this one is from Kristen season I don't care about the bills and nobody's going to be Cuomo also I see school superintendent. That issue affects their children the most. Well it's certainly does have -- affects the commute the ought to love and if we can get a turnaround would be remarkable. There's another one of our listeners who is just writing off last Marino and I think. I haven't heard anybody talk a -- have you guys. Heard anybody that's hot -- Serena -- -- this is festering. Just gotten our FaceBook I've seen now several you know -- more -- more in anti Andrew Cuomo and is a look at history you know Michael could put X. Likes them he dies because the order. I was just a -- August -- yeah after he failed to control. -- up but anyway. The it's it seems like everybody's written him off already. I will say that I'm very very pleased that can be vocal is being recognized. And I wish I could just vote for her -- can't. So I can't I can't overtake that I got I got to vote for a story because I won't over Cuomo. But it's nice to see that and think about it like that. It would be nice to have somebody from Western New York there have been other people. From Western New York in that office there Monday and remember he was from the southern tier. I Jamestown I think. And he was lieutenant governor. And the last lieutenant governor of course was from Rochester as a -- Rochester but does anybody really care about what's -- -- and no not really it's nice it's a nice of feather in the cap of somebody who gets the appointment but the lieutenant governor basically. Is an extension of the governor. Honestly you know the governors in one place a lieutenant governors in another place but the -- is the situations all of the proposals come from ago. Nobody's gonna golf ball because all know -- and -- no but I do think that if if you thought it was a lost cause for answering some might might vote for that ticket. But no mastering -- we'll get my vote. But. Let's let's hope that better things are ahead maybe he'll run for. President. Because I'm not answering album Cuomo I'm thinking if Hillary doesn't Ron. Then he will because I think I think he -- -- in a primary go up against Biden. But the key is get him -- and your Tuesday. Let them let them screw up -- -- country like these basically done here. I don't think in to withstand a chance at winning the presidency no I don't everybody to run for equal run for the time people -- -- contribute money and whatever and that's the name. The people recognize. So that's where that is that maybe. Maybe his girlfriend could make eco you know nice little. Refreshments. For all the stuff she's a Clark writes on TV -- and -- that -- now okay associate to make up pastries and goodies that would be nice I would I would sell my vote for a pastry. It's -- -- instructional. Nobody I know that watches currency real likes. You noticed that basically you know why is -- presidency is does have a good personality issue looks aren't. Probably not know technology -- maybe not charismatic enough you know people like the the G does a -- -- and not dwell on the -- target which. My. Thierry forget or anybody you'll let their Lambert and he gets stolen doesn't deserve mindful of company at -- without what do you do -- what have you parking -- Lambeau. You know us around it was around spring aspirin over in the seventh here has into the -- -- down there. This neighbor had the same as wouldn't surprise me okay. -- come back. What's more important and of more interest view of an ex governor is going to be. Who the next bills owner will be and that and the future plans on the team and the next buffalo schools superintendent. We'll be back after this.

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