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5-22 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is major company and I'm -- to -- so Tom Golisano may he and what have been in on the bill but if he does he wants to be preapproved. Imagine being in such a financial situation where he can be preapproved. For an NFL today. I mean if I'm preapproved for Somalia friendlies -- a good day for me you know I'm talking about who are reluctant I'm good luck to all the -- Always -- company. You know how on your credit card you always have a line of credit. And that's what you're preapproved for can you imagine being looking at your charge card. And your preapproved for something it could cost a billion dollars -- You need a long charge cards could be traditional size charge card wouldn't be long enough. And so it is a BGW guys surprised that Golisano -- it looks like he's going to get in the fray he's been saying all along that. If if there was any danger of the team believing that he would who jump in there. I'm not surprised at all I expected him to be one that matters because remember what the sabres he save the sabres kept them here. But it was good business decision because when he sold sabres in a lot of money so it was a good business different. The only thing the only concern and a lot of people are already in our monster -- he has because when he bought the sabres he said he was going to run like a business. And lot of people took that is not going to be competitive not going to try to win. And that's a big fear that. Many bills fans have is that he would take. That approach I don't believe he would take that approach I think when you become an NFL owner you're in it to win. You know it's you know what's good for business. Winning yeah winning so I mean the -- together. So reading you know a running economically. Is one thing but to winning a real especially. On a grand scale is if we had a new stadium. There have been a lot of seats that fell but the attitude of with the sabres you're probably gonna fill most of those up most of the time anyway not all the time. But some maybe yeah maybe that wallet wasn't as open as it would have to be in the NFL what is -- The other shows a different animals to it's it's been said a lot that sometimes it smaller market teams buffalo included. Would have to make the playoffs maybe even win a router to to make money. Because it's not to cast doubt that the NFL is and I think that affected how he ran the sabres and it did affect how many guys he would bring him. Are you gonna have that -- problem in the NFL the NFL prints money. Gotta do the last time we talked about a pose a nine billion dollars a year. Nine billion dollars a year to I had a laughter Jerry Jones. Because we know it's nine billion dollars because though when they had the thing with the players what was that last year's summit that's what the number -- he's got to increase the pie. -- back how big the event -- SC I think I don't wanna be and a naysayer but I think eventually. The NFL could implode I think it's just getting so big and so piggy piggy piggy that it could just pop the balloon. I was reading some expert talking about the NFL is not content with being billionaires they wanna be trillion -- now they wanna go global. Now and so well we'll see where that goes but pretty pretty good knows there. And also let's see in Cannes at the film festival home and I couldn't believe this when I saw this. The camp film festivals going on now and so Eduardo Ponzi. I had tea of movie showing their call human voice and he said I think I'll bring my mother with me to can his mother is Sophia Lauren. Now -- field ran. Is 79. Years old did you see this picture of severe -- camp law that is our god is there. Wait she looks at 79. Has always been one animals you while in the world absolutely and and and you know why. Our guys think she's beautiful and women think she's beautiful she has those high cheekbones. And classy. -- classy. And as at the one thing I can't figure out though look at her she's wearing. And -- kind of a tight sweater and slacks. For a woman a -- so -- -- that how does she keep that figure that I can't figure that one out maybe she works -- -- work out but good for severe. It said that this year was I hit all the photographers of course lover. And jazz shares yeah. A lot of a memorable films and so are a good luck to work camp for the rest of the film festival. -- -- say let me see let me see what else is going on -- well as you know this this coming weekend is the start of the barbecue season -- but some people -- getting their -- -- getting ready to throw things on the Barbie and as as usual Brando -- from -- is by -- On WB and dot com also her show on 1520. Which is at 1030 on Sunday mornings. Talks about the most popular things to grill. This is probably the easiest survey hit -- no effort. Today. Yeah and a final leg of lamb on there -- -- -- years -- cumulative that -- was not included -- Doug carelessly how many things we have here we have 1234. Things to tell you. I bet I bet we could all have -- the fourth things are your fur shop for books are dog man. And hamburger and Amber's gonna end Chris chicken chicken and NN one mark. And. They stay out. I like my -- -- -- -- wasn't sure there was a -- or Colin and Ken you know yeah there are different but I think they sound. And there are not many people do an imitation. Of the -- line you know it's not really in great demand -- go to comedy clubs nobody's doing -- bovine comedy. But when people. Imitate it how they always do it the dumb way normal doesn't do -- -- Alone means look at that hot towel over an attack happens I'm getting even though -- afraid that the best way to under American. Look at apple buy out so here's the deal here the most popular according to Brenda is bites on WB America. The most popular foods grow to 87%. Hamburgers that's the top one that they might not -- Amber's okay. State 83%. Not so much from me I mean I'll I'll have -- but this is not a big deal meat chicken 78% yeah chicken electric and and hot dogs for advice 76%. Aqueduct which yeah I would think hot dogs would be right next to hamburgers. Is if I would've guessed this what is said hot dogs hamburgers chicken and steak. That's what I and I would have been wrong all right what else is going on. The what are your favorite toppings yes well now you put Tony puts everything. On everything okay toenail clippings. Dust bunnies it doesn't matter if if it's anywhere near the -- it gets on the food. Note I just picked up by the way what had hot sauce. Photos I don't know which has had a -- -- and it's in his job or I'm it's fabulous I like. Basic things a -- you like getting esoteric. Yeah there's so many different thing I was reading recipes last night for -- relish that would go on hot dogs -- fruit relish -- Okay I guess I'm on hop -- -- guys that -- -- -- -- had that Bulgaria could you watch although Jones but you Chris I'd like to basics ketchup mustard pickles and I think that's about it that's what I kinda yeah. Oh oh emptied to vacuum cleaner program. That I'm learning and I'm like Ferrero bay bay -- -- are -- -- everything molester at -- have you noticed the resurgence in bacon. You get bacon after shape now I mean there's everything has bacon on in nineteen air freshener for your car has been around forever. But why assembly of big push to bacon now I don't know. But I'll say this the best smell in the morning as you get out of bed. Without question if somebody's up -- you. Bacon bacon coffee would be next. You guys like -- -- company -- a moment of my house Saturday morning one. All right now what we get started after the break we'll have -- talk about hopefully otherwise real home early on news writer and I'm thirty WB yeah it is region company Tony's the executive producer Tony -- always causing problems -- we don't have enough problems. With the regular show. What you gotta get on line all the time and and give your outlandish opinions about Bob pop music yes and ticked off a lot of people know what was your position on. Who was that Banjul Bon Jovi went lies about bonds. -- people coming out obviously there are upset with bonds shall we because he must be part of a group that wants to move the bills to Toronto okay. So I took that opportunity to our dump on Bon Jovi is -- my favorite things to do because I don't like him as an artist I don't care for his music. And my wife is a huge Bon Jovi fan and she was able to get me to totally I mean I didn't like before but now I despise -- Yanks have other you know that's what pop music's all about love and hate the but I have here and this isn't pop music this is just singers. I have -- world's greatest singers and I will take some exceptions that this. First of all its area interactive chart created by concert hotels. To identify the world's greatest singers by pinpointing. There recorded vocal ranges these are things that. Were recorded in studio the chart shows the highest the most notes in the Asia studio and on the findings. Axl Rose as the greatest vocal range and studio. Mariah Carey is second followed by -- Steven Tyler from Aerosmith James Brown. Marvin -- Christina Aguilera and David -- now first of all looking at this chart. And I'm like get mad I'm look at this chart is what about eight miles long. Strangely enough. There's a guy who had a little bit of a voice that's not even on here below the last one on here is Rod Stewart. Okay because Rod Stewart has that raspy voice in Nevada I lover sort of the idea a lot of his interpretations of -- all -- -- not even play it is pat Roddy. Did anybody ever hear Pavarotti sing how could how could Pavarotti beat. -- -- he is ahead of Pavarotti -- who has -- -- like they -- young but he doesn't have a huge range. Does this right next have a huge refrigerator. In his kitchen I mean I love you are young right. Whoever thought that Neil Young. A great range. I mean now I like -- as an -- like his music I have a lot of my iPad and my iPod and its air but. -- -- He's -- -- Pavarotti is not I'm OS I don't wanna see highbrow or anything. Let's DOC who is on the list. As I just told you let's see Axl Rose Mariah Carey prints. Steven Tyler. Let's -- Marvin -- Christina regular David -- -- McCartney. Like McCartney is great composer and a broad you know he's good on stage whatever. But I thought of him as having a great vocal range -- you know I mean if you talk about range -- one thing. Freddie Mercury on the -- are you targeting yeah now you're talking Elvis you know it's funny about Elvis. Is this. You here. Artists who occasionally when they're performing live have a bad vocal. The voice just isn't there it can't be there all the time even the greatest voices. But somebody wants out of Elvis and it's so true. Of -- he had a lot of problems but his voice never failed him. When he was then his voice was great when he was fat his voice was great when he was doing all the other things that Elvis was known to go. His voice never failed -- never hurt them in -- voice. I think it's the same thing with a Aretha Franklin and she falls into that category 20 but I just think if they're being legitimate about this with actual. High and low ranges of recorded I mean you've got to put some people in here that are on this list. -- able to show of that. But the thing that Axl Rose will be at the top of the list. Those -- strain. Credibility well. Understand with Hussein in in -- measuring so they're kind of use and a little bit of science in there and it figured out what if we look at just pure and singers I would not put -- I'll Derek how yeah -- -- ahead of. Yeah if you -- Mercury and urgent issue is doing a of the U meter or something like that to measure high and low notes one -- but and keep in mind. Artists stay within their range usually. Some like Mariah Carey like to shore up and now whatever but most people I know -- With classical artists with -- opera singers but they they are in a classification. And they they they -- pieces that are within their range. So they don't they don't try your when he got a -- no she's not trying to VA bus Oprah fund oh I mean it's just doesn't work out. So there's a lot of things to -- this that maybe someday we will. Talk about how -- obviously good looking young Axl rules because I don't believe -- there's all Axl Rose. And -- have you seen what Axl Rose looks likely. Or some guy that's put humor me and I. -- exactly I -- -- -- selling tigers. I mean you rarely if there's say there's a website are probably C makers are on 1 -- -- it's called celebrities who have aged badly. Have you ever seen oh or you've got to see it. Because these are real pictures he's -- pictures and get a centrist I -- usually go the the end result is some bot play up plastic surgery out is normally job. Like Joan Rivers and stuff like that for -- out. But it DR Redford would be the best the best example in -- of Redford as an actor when Redford Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. God gave him everything there is to give a human being and -- okay now it looks like a wall I mean are really truthfully. The whole attitude. Got what you play with -- all the toys and then he takes -- always hope if you are -- on prowl and that's happened with Redford okay. I'm just talent. When I could put my picture next Robert Redford ago. The numbers and a and I'm not darkened early read -- believe me. And that's bad. I know -- backs and then we will start our growth subject of the day on newsreader and I'm thirty way RWB. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight ten to one on W. He beat. I give back your bag is Beijing -- a very special day you've heard of west of our -- fame dentist who has spent reservist. -- well doctor west -- birthday is today so happy birthday if you're. I've you're bumping into doctor west tomorrow because number drove his hand at that time but I'm happy birthday to you dark horse mark. Idea I wonder how hard he must beat up by four you know like -- of I heard it's like appointees are real thank you I said. I don't know why maybe I didn't have to give him a shipment. I shouldn't even its stock the west Myers -- to go. About it. But am I happy birthday to you of course every day as a birthday for Douglas records he gets to work with Korea. I'm I'm okay good and doctor. We don't want him to go out and it it it. By the way I you can hear the newsmaker interviews that John -- into every morning you can hear Tom show. And there might show beyond their original times on demand just go to WB and dot com. And click on what you want here. I now I kept thinking. That there's so many things going on in the going over stuff with Tony and and Timmons and Chris today. Basically there's a lot of stories all happening at the same time. And everybody picks and chooses which is more important of them and which has of more of an interest level two of them. So it is the way I phrase these questions has to be. A kind of broad simply because there's two ways of looking at something. Something might be important historically. Or for the community but you could care less about it aren't something could be very important TO. And everybody else could careless about it. These are three important individual stories and I'd like your opinion the way -- have awarded the question today. What's more important are of more interest to you -- can be both. It can be both -- things that are important can be of interest to you. And there are three things were looking at the governor's race. The bill's future on our future plans. And the next schools superintendent of vote Buffalo, New York. So as I look at them I'll give you my analysis. Of them and I'd like your analysis of what's the more important. And no more interest to you. -- an ex governor is going to be our weather has asked Perino or squabble. We all have to be interested in the next governor is going to be because. As a great deal -- -- our lives how much tax money was no we sent in Albany what kind of programs are. Our -- at what kind of programs are taken -- there's a lot of things that we rely on. Big governor to do. And now the Governor Cuomo way to move a yesterday which is going to be fulfilled today to put on the I was on the back of that ticket -- local. As you know I -- a great admirer of her she is a class moment. And though I think she's a first class -- and having said that the problem I have is this. New York State does not allow me to vote for Kathy local and rob -- the Reno they frown on that you can't split your vote. And I wouldn't vote for my mother if she was running with -- Andrew Cuomo. So unfortunately. Idea I'll have to work did not -- and I would be voting against Andrew Cuomo. And you can't do that. And vote for -- the -- it can't do so it's impossible. So I'm saying. That you it is important. Because it does affect us. And I -- routing Florida will be voting for -- -- -- simply because. I'll vote things we've done during the past year talking about Andrew Cuomo so that takes care of that for me I understand the importance of it and the deciding you know what's what's best for the community. In my own thoughts. Be just one home alone the bills and their future plans this of course. Is a great subject because. The future is psychologically. Of a great deal of buffalo was tied up with the Buffalo Bills and of their wins their losses their abilities stay here. When a new owner comes it comes by will we get a new stadium do we have to devastated looks like we do. And all of that so I think that's an important community issue on a lot of different levels but not necessarily financial. It's important vote. Psychological. Because while Europe host of an NFL team here in the big leagues that's dollars to as much as -- of the sabres. The National Hockey League and the National Football League are two different leagues. I know you knew that already but the bottom line is yes. I hope is someone that will keep the team here buys its name. If for stadium is needed we'll see where that goes. The only thing that sticks in my craw is wallets quite. Obvious because Goodell has said -- everybody else is set it. That we are going to have to have a new stadium in order keep seeing here as there are saying this were spending a 130 million dollars on the one we have. So that's you know what that's like. It's like I'm putting in new paint job on your car the night before -- traded him. I'm thinking you know the and I got to get that money back when you traded and you know that's not gonna happen and you -- or filling the gas tank. You know filling the -- had before -- turned into the dealer you know and all you don't want to do that that does that that's fine as part of his business. But you don't wanna do that. -- so yeah I think that's a very important story and let's hope that as we said somebody can do it that and has to keep the team there. Of Green Bay has spoken out they'd like to keep it here they're giants who said that Bob Kraft has said that so we've got. Several heavy hitters so far you need nine to make sure. But I think the team. Probably stay here let's let's hope so. The third one who is going to be the next buffalo school superintendent. You know as you think about this if you think about it intellectually. Could be. The most important a victory. And I'll tell you line. If this school system turns around. And becomes a stellar school system whether that's possible I don't know that is demise of my profession that's beyond my pay grade. But say they did if they turned around suddenly became a model for school systems. That would that would ride that would lift buffalo. Into the stratosphere. Because what happens then is this -- turning out better. Better people would diplomas who have more skills businesses are always looking for skilled workforce easier to recruit people to come here with a good school system. It helps recording for places like Roswell and in the medical court or in any other kind of jobs you're looking to again buffalo again people would come to buffalo. So if that's better the economy gets better. And the economy gets better housing gets better jobs better pay is better act less crime there's so much. Of a benefit. To the school system recovering and becoming a model. Debt I would think that intellectual. Not emotionally and intellectually. That would have to be the top priority. Because it's it's right here where at the epicenter obviously what the governor does affects the whole state. But this would affect us. So I'm thinking bed -- -- that maybe I'd have to put that at the top my list that the next buffalo schools superintendent of ahead if that person has the magic wand and can transform. -- there -- an agreeable school board into something that's successful. And any model for row for the nation that in that case be hard to beat that. But I'd like to hear formulate a 309301806. On 69236 aren't very also go over with Tony and with Chris and find out what their thoughts are. On beach and company. The way I -- of this says some things may be of more interest and importance to you. Personally. Some CU as a citizen of the State of New York you as a sports fans so there's a lot of different balls on the air right now but. I'm asking what's more important. Are aura of more interest to you. -- the next governor is going to be who the next bills owner and their future plans will be or will the next -- buffalo superintendent of schools will be. Let's go to our Gary in Cheektowaga -- on WB again. You know. Well my my number one priority is the bills in the stadium this whole issue. You know I'm just wondering I got two questions elective like you to expound NASCAR. The first question is if they -- when -- build a new stadium. Is it just going to be for the bills or -- they have other venues and -- other events like you know. Other other items in there. Or and then the second thing is. If they build -- outside of Erie county how's that gonna affect Erie county as far as. You know sales tax revenues and you know expenses and their responsibility to pay for you know maintenance and so forth. 120 OK Alex I'm on the air thank you others are good questions first of all multi use. Usually. If you have a multi use new stadium it would be football and baseball. I think it would be hard for I think we will be hard pressed to say let's not only mothballed Ralph let's mothballed the downtown baseball stadium. Because that that would not fly I don't think because it's it's a model form finally baseball. And so you would probably not include that I can't see the taxpayers say. We don't wanna win on a fund a partial baseball stadium we got a perfectly fine one. And there's really nothing wrong with a -- but arms are being twisted to upgrade that are regarding. Who gets what and where it's built. One would assume that is all to be settled out. On most of the money would come of from as best as best we now unless it's a private deal that that would be the best of all worlds but. If it's not if it's partial private partial government are all government. A most vote come from the state now we mentioned state local whatever. It's all tax Payer money. But I find it hard to believe that Erie county which has the the least of Ralph right now. And technically owns the Ralph I -- taxpayers -- very counting on. I can't see them being involved. About to a level they'd have to vehicles and -- on -- as the open ever count. And I worked on it would have to get more involved as well so those are things to be settled. And to be hammered out with enough time to -- what are we got like six years before that it was a seven year window and we've -- into about a year right. Seven years before before via pay out if if they leave. Gets back to normal. Because before that it's very expensive. So it depends on. Who's proposing the stadium. Whether it's private money or public money where it would be depends on who kicks in what but the state would be involved at all times. I the only thing I don't like the stadium thing going on right now is. There all smiling. And they're all paying homage to Ralph Wilson. But our arm is being -- behind our back practically around our neck a few times. That we have to have a new stadium that's -- our media we talked about positioning all the time. In politics and how -- the Democrats are positioning the Republicans. Republicans spend more time on the defensive trying to tell you that what they just told you about -- isn't true. I think it's also taking place with the stadium thing. We are being aware being told in no uncertain terms. And they haven't said it this way they've set the opposite of if you don't build a stadium new ones you can forget the team I mean that's basically it. Because. For the commissioner has said he needed no a stadium everybody else's set a new stadium. But there they're being very nice to the memory of Ralph Wilson as they should be. And be just passed away fairly recently so they can't beat. Two words too rough on that. But it's quite clear that if if they have the taxpayers don't -- fund. A new stadium and there's no deal with private money that the bills probably would not be -- state you get that impression yes absolutely I mean they're date they've been an unequivocal. About that. Especially the commissioner and we don't on film and some substance here that. Please Tonys and again you can't be that naive can you relate. The commissioner who makes a gazillion dollars and -- Gets paid for performance the performances. As Jerry Jones -- sweetly put it the pie. The pies -- nine billion dollars a year right now that's what the -- and Jerry Jones says he got elected keep. All the -- well well we're getting friendly voices from the New York Giants. And the Atlanta Falcons. In the Green Bay Packers. And the New England Patriots. They've all spoken very favorably of making sure the team stays here okay. But meanwhile Jerry Jones's -- we've got to explore all avenues. Two to grow the pie as I said the -- nine billion dollars now. But they want more they want more big no mistake about it as much as you like. The Buffalo Bills as much as you wrote for your favorite player or whatever the NFL is piggy piggy. G. Now I understand return on investment in them maximizing your revenue stream or whatever. But they think nothing of moving franchises out in the past in the middle of the night. And doing things that -- benefits them and not necessarily the fan base so I don't get carried away. Because the the twelve man as up among all. The twelve man is the banker that's the twelve man. Okay we wanna hear from -- go through and I Israel 1806 on six nights of the 630 we'll start with Tony Tony first off. What's more important and more interest to you who's the next governor is going to be who the next bills dollar in their future plans or the next school superintendent -- -- I would go with the bills. The way I look at it as far as the superintendent goes I don't care who they -- they're not gonna turn around that district. Like you would want I think there's too many problems in it all starts with parent team until parent teen improves in the city of buffalo the school systems knocked -- to approve. I agree -- that the you'll notice they put an asterisk and said the big word enough right if it would it would be a big deal if a miracle happen and they if you just had that perfect storm that synergy of everything's clicking then that would be different. As for the governor's race I think it's all. Gonna be decide it's all Andrew Cuomo why don't really -- Castro you know has a chance -- -- would love for him to see him win and pull off a big upset but I just don't see it. So that leaves me with the bills and I think looking at the bills and and the fact that the NFL does want the new stadium. They kind of gets me for eighteen in the direction of all right you get a new stadium. Would have the NFL were able to follow in the trend of every city via Scott in new stadium also hosted a Super Bowl. They -- with that could do for the area now I know we don't have an awful -- space. To accommodate your -- But it's just something to think about that the possibility. Of a Super Bowl being held here where the focus of the world will be looking at buffalo that's exciting do it. Half the vehicles stadium well yeah I mean as as we talked about off the year the NFL was willing to roll the -- -- New York City the best New York City law in New Jersey. But that's that's the Big Apple they would roll the dice on anything less than a close stadium. Would buffalo I can tell you that right now. I will be back we wanna hear from you know. What's more important and -- more interest to you who have been ex governor is going to be. -- on the bills next in their future plans and the next buffalo school superintendent will be back with the age of.

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