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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Tom Golisano Bids For Bills - Adam Benigni

Tom Golisano Bids For Bills - Adam Benigni

May 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- the needy channel two sports director. Is just back from covering the NFL owners spring meeting in Atlanta is with us on the WB in -- line and we appreciate your time this morning. No problem reportedly doing great. I have one of the newest developments to wanna talk about concerns the bills and it's the report in the Toronto summit says Tom Golisano is getting set to make a -- what do you make of this. -- we -- for some time the -- -- was anxiously awaiting the perspectives. Which is now closed to. Are closer to coming out of the build. Retain the investment bank and legal -- necessary to move forward in the process he's always been considered. You know our candidate too bad I'm not sure of some of the specifics. In that article but figured Golisano mainly to a potential but it is nothing new and quite frankly not a surprise. The article says you go to other bother to him on his own or he could believe investor promoter group of deep pocketed. Investors. Do you think you could -- the -- all of that but if he did have a group pool might be included in any idea. Question and a lot of that would be speculative I'm not entirely sure of who would be there including his group there are untold number of groups lurking beneath that your approach right now. Golf tunnel that potential group whatever might be would not be alone drawn. I I don't have knowledge of who would be in his group could -- -- -- two billion dollars potentially yes he could buy the team little. At the timeline for the process how long do you think before a new owner is named. For this team. Well again that's. It's a fluid situation. Everyone wants specific that's one of the questions we're asking them to be owners meetings in Atlanta the bill that just retained. But the -- necessary to. Value the franchise and the -- potential. Buyers okay they have said themselves. That they would reach out potentially to prospective bidders within thirty days. It's a complicated transaction. People just don't parole. Whether it's 870 billion dollar bid to billion dollar bid on the table people -- gonna wanna break this thing down based on the perspectives. Understand the accounting involve the profit those types of things that could take. You know three weeks to a month potentially before -- start coming in. And then you would have presumably multiple bit. And embedding process that would take place by the investment bank where you would look at okay here this. Bitter orbiter and a group let's break this thing down and it kind of like applying for a mortgage. Times. I'm fifty maybe in terms of how complicated when they're gonna wanna see -- told the Wong -- Long term viability of the money up front but can you sustain any potential bid. Long term that's gonna take time and then what'll happen is maybe. The read two or three bidders potentially would would be. Presented by the bank to the billed as saying these are the three strongest candidates. And then it goes. From there. They would assess the bid and whether there's another round or whatever but are the highest bid Earl we don't really know how this is all gonna. Shake out as a fiduciary responsibility. In term -- dollar value -- that -- had the trust and estate like this. But -- sense of -- gonna go until October. For NFL league approval is still a a possibility. More likely toward the end of the -- march 2015 so in that -- the timeline so I've been told has an entirely change but the ball would be an option. We're talking live with channel two sports reporter Adam Levine Adam. At the meetings and Atlanta we heard some of the NFL owners are brought up the Buffalo Bills and keep containment buffalo one of the teams as the Green Bay Packers. The other remark came from the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones. What do they say. -- was -- on both of those interviews and I can tell you what Jerry Jones is known for. Bottom line. Eight financial business sense and eighty talked about how he. Respect these comments have been well publicized. Respect what Ralph Wilson has done. The buffalo had some positives to it in terms of its history. But the big NFL should continue to expand the quote financial side and look at Toronto potentially has an option because of the greater population. The stronger corporate environment those types of things. And -- it on the other hand Mark Murphy. Who are also talked with who was president of the Green Bay Packers talked about how -- You don't have that smaller markets. Are important. -- Buffalo in particular he views it as such a part of the NFL history in the league used to value those sort of things and that was. -- strongly out of my -- by falcons owner Arthur Blank who. Went so far this suggest that the the trustees'. In terms of who they -- to should strongly consider. That. Individual desire to keep the team in buffalo and and and that is what I've been hearing as well that there is overriding sentiment. In the NFL at this point. To keep the bills in Western New York but I think an important part of that message. In this may go beyond the -- your question on. Is you'd hear them all talk about the need for a new stadium long term. And that brings us around to a lot of the issues we've heard talked about in the new stadium working group in what the governor is. Doing in pushing the envelope to try and export potential sites in what quite quite frankly the commissioner. The National Football League once again shed in his wrap up press conference down in Atlanta that he believes the seat in the future. Buffalo Western Europe and the film market is in new stadium based on. A lot of the revenue streams and the main attraction in all of the momentum that a new stadium would create -- I think that based on the leash. And most of what we've been hearing. That obviously the build -- going to be here in the in the short term but the key to the long term. You hear more and more people say it's becoming kind of a course is the going to be the stadium solution. That to keep the team here. Now -- goods. Thank you for joining us annum and we have our way in during your coverage to on channel two. Thank you so much I haven't okay that's -- -- -- channel two's sports director.

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