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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>What's Needed In New School Superintendent? - George Arthur

What's Needed In New School Superintendent? - George Arthur

May 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We opened up the WB a live line again and welcome our next guest she's George Arthur. A mister -- among Buffalo's leading figures and our African American community is a former president of the buffalo common council. He ran for mayor and member of the control -- buffalo among a laundry list of other contributions she's made to the society around here. George good morning. Good morning and good morning dealings. You know we're talking about the next two buffalo schools superintendent of Pamela brown. Has asked foreign early departure she's negotiating now with the school board to. Get out of dodge so to speak for Jorge -- -- Whitfield buffalo public school system. Made up largely of students or African Americans or minorities. You think the new school superintendent should be. An African American. Well I think it it is in. You could say yes there -- souls who beat that it should be an African Americans as superintendent but. My personal opinion is is -- -- someone who can command. And really continue along that -- fit shall we couldn't promise that. They'll said things about this whole. Episode that's been going on what are they this year. Is that -- -- -- in this round never sees -- Support. See deserve into the and real record is not come out but. That's something that. Only tribal law school where her effectiveness. You know George a lot of peoples have said that she never really connected to this community so with that said. Should this search beef for someone who knows buffalo schools who knows the problems here and should that person have an edge over a national search. Now you want somebody who -- affixed to -- That's necessary to somebody who is good friends do look very different -- should not -- -- broke out usually get the best. Qualified individuals that's obvious there are those individuals out there. We're known as sixers who come in and you can deal with the problem such as this. If that's somebody who's going to sit down at the BC your sentence. And you know in seeing -- -- is somebody's going to. Rolled up his orders please they get to work to correct the problems that we're having in this who is this and to continue the progress. Let me give you an example when you hit the what we have also. And these desegregation. To you know that was in control of effective that was there. That's one of the things that we're missing that there was a lot of progress that was made -- that fiscal quarter orders. The last five years continues so. That progress has been you know warned it. All of that targets it is genes. And Joseph McCarthy's and so forth. The magnet schools and indeed the very recently -- this system is this definitely with we have to have someone. Was gonna come in in return and that kind of -- in the in our system. George used candidates said the doctor panel to brown who's never been accepted here and never. Received any kind of support one do you suppose. That is did she contribute. Do you think she contributed in any way to her rejection. I think it is -- there -- that we all have to reconcile. That they -- is that see if you think courage and reason when as superintendent Williams sees Williams case. Everybody was you know touting here in men is going to round and he was -- or -- outspoken. And and so forth in. She was just the opposite. -- -- is not is -- as he would. But does that mean that a person's qualifications and ability to shop is that. Sickening that you had. People like it was you'd you'd think are warm. That chancellor emeritus it was if he's worked with the have no problem with you know the superintendent here helping her -- So over the rough times and that's with a person like that simple and that's with citizens community. Principals who rolled up sleeves and help urgent. You know the community if there's an outside. You've got diagnosed recently has invested. Of the leasing. To the colleague there -- -- You know. Who's been -- -- people about two years you know wasting any of our product the -- -- -- which he's doing beam matches. I haven't seen how's he is -- in two years since he is she is connected but yet it's still the same attention. Is that. Direct. Here as does it is sort citizenship. Georgia unfortunately rather atomic gotta run it's always struck out we we just got started eventually right about that we've got to run. And it's always always great to talk with some thank you here again that's former president of the buffalo common council and leading African American buffalo Georgia.

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