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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Kathy Hochul to Run With Cuomo - Analysis With Carl Calabrese

Kathy Hochul to Run With Cuomo - Analysis With Carl Calabrese

May 22, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Former congresswoman Cathy how local is reentering the political arena as they're running mate of Governor Cuomo. I am proud to join governor as a new voice the communities in upstate New York. For all New Yorkers I am proudly running with Governor Cuomo and lieutenant governor and defeated north. That was part of a video announcement at the state Democratic Convention yesterday on Melville Long Island. Joining us on WB in life like now is Republican strategist Karl calabrese Carroll good morning. What do you make of this picture of Kathy -- -- and has geographic balance gender balance is this a home run. It's a real solid choice by the governor for a lot of reasons you'd use mentioned a couple from gender standpoint from the upstate New York standpoint. And she's an experienced. Political and government person. She's an excellent campaign horses and I don't know of anybody in the political business in in any party that doesn't giver and -- as you can campaign here. And then there's another consideration. I think they're probably meandered in the governor's calculations -- and then she's been that it. Penalties the worst thing you can do was to pick somebody. To be running mate at this level and -- surprises come out temperature campaign off balance and on the defensive. -- didn't -- support for congress point. She's probably not probably she has been vetted by the Republican congressional campaign committee if there had been something in her background. Of a very serious flawed nature light can pay your taxes if you had an illegal housekeeper you can bet. That that would come out of one of those two congressional races the fact that I can't remember. Any anything even close to -- anything of any substance that. You know if that says that your product -- activity that surprises on the ball in paper look at the vocal. Candidacy so you know allows him to hit the ground running. A lot of pluses and and more -- no surprises. A girl the selection look at the -- there was also no doubt it moved to capture his mandate. The closest possible here in Western New York where she as you say is incredibly popular. And were the governor did poorly in 2010. When he lost to Carl Paladino using -- -- called a strong enough to accomplish this for the governor. -- I think it -- we've got to keep something in mind as an edit you know people don't vote for president because of the vice presidential candidate. I think it's true that the gubernatorial level to I don't think people vote. Four and formal because it can't be hopeful. You wanna make sure they don't vote against you because your -- but also parties use her now to convince people who might be on the sense undecided. That. He is the right person who occupied that office that's going to be a major role and I don't think just in Western New York I think. You know they may use downstate suburban areas around New York city's Suffolk Nassau County. We you have our plays of Republican suburbs since she can be very effective down there as well so I think that's going to be her role she's going to be out there are talking about. Andrew Cuomo and why people should reelect him based on his policies of performance. That's what it's gonna come down to November in my opinion just is known -- credible or rob is real because he chose Chris from off the sure a among -- as his running me these folks are out there now to talk about. Wipe their candidate for governor is the best person for the job. Okay let me students and heard this yesterday that vocalist previously come out against the same effect. Now she's paired up with Governor Cuomo how is this going to come up in the campaign and you sure am in need can be sure -- well. I'm I'm sure it will affect it is according to the that this morning's report. She has been asked that question already and Atlanta what she support the -- -- she's very equivocal about that. And I'm sure that the club especially in upstate New York in the Big Ten counties in Western New York. That is not a popular piece of legislation I'm sure she's gonna get a lot of questions about it. -- she. Can she change the minds of the folks who are really really opposed to -- probably not. Again I think she's gonna be speaking to people on the -- undecided. Maybe that babies of women. Who may be undecided but say that they think that'll be cool I was unaware that she came out. Against that in in the past it's interesting to -- -- she was endorsed by the National Rifle Association in 2012 race for congress. So we'll see how that plays out but. And I think that's going to be a role to talk to those people. Undecided people in the sense that it about that issue but maybe a whole host of issues is related to this governor in the past four years. Think our -- you think other Republican candidate for governor. Rob usher in the is gonna react to the selection McAfee local and you know this powerful democratic ticket -- and what is the most he's gonna do to counter. Well I don't what you can't account which he chose. An African American from among county. Assurance. I you have to assume that that that -- also has political skills you once were for their office ensure long county. It I think it is if I'm obviously -- like I don't react with very much I stick to my game plan I think to the issues and the message is that. He used at the Republican Convention and and you begin to develop those and bond. And and that that's what I would do I would I would not react a whole lot to this site I would just stick to what I think would be my winning issues which I assume. He has decided on based on what his gut tells them what is public polling has told. -- glad you could join us this morning thank you. I pleasure thanks John thanks to a. That's Republican strategists. Carlo calabrese.

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