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5-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May get into that in limited major but when decided when it is time was a happy ending it with Emerson. An addiction. Asian and German accent that were. Portraits let's go to Michael to put right now political expert Kathy local has been met named by Andrew Cuomo as his running mate. And first of all let me express my very very deep disappointment that I was overlooked by Andrew Cuomo as his running mate. That really is the story of my life you know always good enough for second ever good enough for first. You know it's just storing some people go through life -- -- golden horseshoe and something in the go through life with the bronze and I just go through life with the browns kept the local as the golden horseshoe and Michael good photo does as well. And -- Michael basically you well you saw this coming from a mile away -- the Cuomo was gonna go with -- whole goal now you're practical man I have to ask you. Does it really matter. Whom it is selected as lieutenant governor -- we just went through David Paterson but doesn't really matter. Really -- -- look at their history. Of lieutenant governor job in new York and it has almost no impact. At all on what the Google result of the election really. During the summertime. I'll put parents no apparent governor innovate and eventual nominees -- -- -- Are people with the Hawaii and trying to figure out while they're going to vote. Count Ian Halperin a little bit so. Demographic in and they aren't there -- quickly well that lieutenant governor doesn't end up helping very much at all but however -- I didn't say it was inevitable. Once. Not -- -- -- -- -- you know the greens are primitive the Republican -- And play guys here are great law. All eight sports. -- Cuomo. To look or you know or minority or both. Speakers. Everybody respected. Well welcome timeout I think that tapioca a lot of play the Warren -- -- -- Massachusetts I think at the local as 134 black. I don't know what it is partly why. I -- -- You know Susan and a partner -- in Vermont state. And -- -- Gartner. Well no longer an opportunity. -- -- -- someone. From a different kind of record differently because they expected the republic to you all white -- We typically do and win may surprise some equipment to Western New York female or minority. All right now. Asked arena. I talked to Carl Paladino just a few minutes ago I had the time that I was a little bit surprised by some of his answers because. Correct me if I'm wrong but. Haven't -- the hearing from Karl that the Republicans. In New York State. Are basically no different than the Democrats in New York State. And that the Republican establishment in New York State is not to be trusted because they are rhinos. We have been incompetent. Saying that seems. -- let him down and it he ran for darker it would have there with a message that resonated well. -- crop upstate New York especially in Republican primary. I don't think Carl changed soon identity and partly I don't know there's two. All right I know that he and congress Petrino met. And I think they came to compete I think and that the only thing I agree there is probably give up the principles anything. So we've got the armed some kind of -- with rock at green island and he's I think believes that -- does not represent the app. But let me ask you based on what you know about the Republican establishment and all the obstacles they threw -- Carl Paladino was way is that it realistic -- assessment that the establishment. Republicans are going to be behind -- Reno and that he's any different than any other Republicans. Well I don't think. Serena wasn't at that Whitman Republican I believe it used comparable with the -- -- -- so that he was able to achieve the nomination. And active. In politics prepared here I don't see much wrong with that however. I do believe it you know a bit -- Ellison meaning chairman Ed Edward Ridley and our support the chairman of the state. Party on the -- under. There was Republican chairman Crocker this city county or are they are a couple of -- the problem we have is well. EI. County Maryland in the old outdated -- or -- Who have sworn to support. It will be -- and here and hundreds of thousands of well. Like built into well. Snarl what's guided though when the political party ID the Republicans. No longer. Speak. For him and the Democrats never spoke for him. And that to the -- quite indistinguishable. One from the other. Well it is true the Republican Party at all to do in the Democrat party and all you are are. It is definitely for awhile now -- government coalition. On the senate side of the legislature. But. You know I believe. It actually that was -- from that all the all -- Supporter of -- -- movement. And you know I got -- don't cooperate in the -- -- up there with art by doing that but I never ever ever popular -- -- governor. I never thought of him as a right now. -- -- -- -- conservative or is it going to be a acrobat are being active being pro life in an -- for being fiscal conservatives don't county. And and so it's not fair to call them on line or establishment when he and paid a price on the open at that point. Well the Democrats like in my would be conservative. Now IA -- also ask you this is and I question is. Carl Paladino said that he for the exact. Exactly the word he used but. Words to the effect that he was confident that -- Reno would prevail. What are the existing statistics on Democrat vs Republican enrollment in New York's that. Plot basically two or three to one -- replied Democrat Republican -- well -- to an important regional groups Greek. 21 and every day in the and while we're government be more Republican -- And India ratio continues to change -- not -- paper. And from Western New York respective. Outcrop at Reno neat. Carl Paladino like -- debt and corporate it before -- them and now but he did. An -- doable or we knew we do. The governor chosen lieutenant governor -- at the local on the ticket. Carl Paladino becomes extremely important rock -- campaign so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Men IA. I'm trying to think of the next logical question here. And it has to be if you were a betting man. How is this gonna end up in November because and I'll I'll put mine out first okay. I don't see Andrew Cuomo losing I see him winning with at least 57% of the vote. Given the demographics of this state and the political enrollment and given the democrats' program ability to get out the vote. And given frankly the the numbers the numbers just don't work in favor of -- Perino. They don't they also don't work in favor any of the statewide candidate for some of them have more chance than others for example. Eight dole the Republican running for attorney general says they have. Even a fund raising advantage in. The -- -- -- -- attorney general also will look at they've been -- are probably not. Who's running for. Were comptroller. Are people are saying because of that fact be participating in the public. Campaign funding art experiment that he's going to be able to run neck -- neck with the back immediately be. Accurate of a different story because they -- -- impaired it's not just about to the 131 Democrat it is really -- money. That's the problem -- And I believe. It. Bit -- protect freedom gonna run and who I greatly I equally fine -- that you what I do not know it. I know they're shopping for I don't hear people are from all walks light. Yeah especially business and industry that are not happy with well but here's the thing and I think that's what's important about today. An army I have to apologize in advance all. Well I I -- the local news from Hamburg my family is Hamburg. Kabila are now. She'd been really good in Hamburg and my family like Supreme Court and they are remote they're all public and it's always been a very good person to me I am. I find it very hard to criticize her beyond policy. Because she did -- to -- successful. Politicians successful public servant and a good part. Well beyond that of course. We look at the differences are between Cuomo and and Cathy she's not he wrote back and -- -- an important part in -- in Iraq front. And I can't find -- I understand where you call this state back from -- state. So rare but really interesting things of what year are Brittany is ready a very different today that it -- you know Iran about an hour after. But in practicality. In real terms of BioWare we're talking a political strategist Michael Caputo and practicality. OK so a woman who used to be in congress who -- a secure at seventy -- says the New York -- -- was a mistake. What does she then do now that she's running with the guy who rammed it through. In a message of necessity and who's that basically. Not retreating a single inch on analyze it. Well I think you know bump -- political standpoint I don't know what will all that well I predict behavior crooks you're political standpoint. A candidate who do 108 degrees away from her. Regard public and numbers but wait forever gubernatorial candidate. What likely are aptly character -- there's gonna have to -- a little -- probably ignore it up with -- Democrat -- but that's -- -- interesting here. How old Mark Cuban people. Use. It is in a -- call -- find the right here because it is him and share. Mark we have. A very strong and very authoritative. Opponent of New York State and he would point. You want to take that message to all -- upstate new York and get out the vote on behalf you know Bradley we have these state backed opponent for. Now Obama just to Guatemala Cuba I have to ask you after traffic I have to get your prediction because you said you're 100% sure it was going to be -- local nominated as lieutenant governor. And I have to get your prediction on how this race is gonna come out in November. -- up put your you know what's to the fire something about chestnuts roasting on an open fire so all the Michael right now let's go to traffic on WB and here is Allan Harris. -- AccuWeather IA I wish we had better news because I'm really. -- wanna get my theory the garden going and the weather is just not cooperating. Because I don't wanna see my little -- get blown all over the neighborhood that would be most unfortunate. It would confuse the hell out of the codes the codes would certainly think they'd grown into a monster beings. A flash flood watch for the southern tier expires early this evening otherwise tonight mostly cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorms 56 the low. Tomorrow variably cloudy cooler shower or two and 62. We're holding at 71 degrees which frankly is beyond at news radio 930 WBM. Okay Michael prediction. Culpability in -- believes -- Reno is gonna prevail I do not I believe. And -- ball is going to prevail for the reasons I have previously mentioned. I -- not like get any more than I liked Barack Obama and saying that he was gonna prevail but we're do you see this one had. Well no. I get my paycheck from the computer but beyond. All of the conventional wisdom. Is not like they're not. Almost wanted to win it by how much. Army is sort of personal goal of warning by 60%. I -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody going to running for president with strength. Back in New York City I don't think he's gonna get sick he. I believe he's gonna get our let's imagine a more right here from the act Nokia a expressly -- -- all. I think that number dwindle more and more. But -- I don't what's going on the back rather went to my attitude is -- -- to see what's going on here. -- Talking Els might tell Al Harris is Mike is Mike is on -- I don't know what is happening there but be totally blew me away. OK so -- and I don't know what happens in traffic when I'm not bitter but that suddenly I heard some legally. And it reminded me of the old days in radio which at some point I'll tell you about but it would be unfair and unfit for radio right now so I do you think it's gonna be a melt butter them between Cuomo on -- Republicans I just a sequel -- getting less than 57% of the vote. Well I you know. I wanna see at 300 -- nah I'd wanna -- a little raised more money. -- and you've been condemned the potential. -- them. I wanna see him -- been written yet -- that I see in the Republican Party. Or actually you know. -- I I think it he's got a possibility to do that but conventional wisdom usually end up being correct. And there's not a lot of people out there who see cap arena with the juggernaut taking down and all of. OK in fairness to asked to rebuild there weren't a lot of people who saw George Pataki taking out Mario Cuomo either at first. And -- by the way someone you in my in my article right now right well he isn't run. Right I mean I think that. After -- police -- there'll be. -- campaign where he. You speak it fluently and and and -- an audience that there but no on the Democrat hit it in regret. There -- things -- and and and mr. and knew that it earned it but want a commitment here and it imports for all of all of -- want to live here want our children to stay here. It the issue here not just jobs which position number one but also the date back if parents against the Second Amendment. The problem is. People who were set up they don't vote. Also conventional wisdom -- thirty to 40% of them aren't even registered to vote. Don't let there is an effort out there are a substantial effort to register these broad spectrum of voters and get them out on Election Day. State senators eight crisis could not win this race. Well I have not seen him on the ballot unless he's been right in. All right hey look I am. I am very very happy to talk with you Michael it's going to be interesting to see how this whole thing plays out but there I -- nothing has happened over the past. Two and a half three and a half hours have been on the -- that would. Make me believe that we're going to be talking about governor asked the Reno after January and even if we did talk about governor -- you know what I find particularly irksome is the fact that. Given the way Albany works there's no guarantee -- all the NY safe and most other Cuomo initiatives would go the way of all flash because momentum has a way of carrying through even the worst ideas. You right duration. But yeah. What happens this it -- Cuomo wants for president. What am I bet if he does then -- -- -- governor is gonna have a very big -- are right what happened god forbid if -- mobile becomes president. You're talking about governor at the local. So it could be very interesting I can't wait to debate between them and governor -- I think this year gonna do real well. Yeah I'd I'd I'd just unless I Hillary Clinton has a stroke her seizure or falls down I can't remember her name and by the way I do not wish bad on anybody just don't take that out of context I just don't see anybody beating Hillary Clinton either. Mort is Hillary but I thought it was when we're not gonna get all the candidates be if we see if we hear Clinton camp for these so ultimately there aren't all that shows. All right well as long as though nothing interrupt said the voice in the NFL. America's epic. I'm I'm glad that the talked to Michael thanks for much free time. Our political strategist extraordinaire Michael Caputo joining us that news radio 930 WBE. And good stuff. I think -- You a happy ending and boy do I have a great one you're simply gonna have to wait until after the news to find out exactly what it is -- it's going to be so great I may have to bring it back tomorrow as almost an entire show. IA says hey me I spent an edit in the song I could be you're on it is our earlier news radio 930 WBE. The end there with you on a Wednesday can't believe how fast it is Wednesday -- and and that hallucinating OK good good. Right -- folks I. Questions for you here as that a happy ending material and that this is one this is one of out of my mind now for quite some time. And -- -- ours got around to having the opportunity to actually. Do it's worth doing if I want. Number one. If you has yet to do all over again -- what would you do it differently. -- if you had to do it all over again what would you have done it differently. And it's got a funny because it kind of came up today. During the show -- they've had to do all over again. I would realize. How old different. I am politically from what is the Republican Party and certainly have different I am from what is the Democrat party. And realizing that I don't. Fit into those bolts. So I should have I don't. I'd probably should've gone with Ron Paul. Probably should've done. Probably should have now the only problem is he was just a little bit out there for me. So I'm thinking to myself well maybe ray and Paul is candlelight the best of both worlds he still has that libertarian streak. He also seems a lot more I shall we say grounded. But here's the problem. Every time somebody. Speaks. About. Immigration. On the right whether they are libertarian right or conservative right Republicans are right he says LOL. They always end up putting their foot in their mouth. In my world anyway. And let's say that basically what we have right now in America is a free fall. Anybody who wants to come -- can come and nothing is gonna happen to you and nobody's gonna say anything about you because you're gonna be called racist. You're gonna be called. -- is -- -- folder while megahertz -- in some cases but nobody wants to enforce the borders. So we have essentially become in your lifetime a nation without borders we are the only country on the face of this earth. That does not have borders. Anybody cares about. We are as I said it's a buffet. And everybody is invited. And you're paying for. And nobody ever wants to check the ID at the front of the line to make sure that the wrist band is there. Indicating that eventually paid your dues and are entitled to that the play known as America. -- for the first time. In my life anyway I realized that. Not only do we not have borders. Well you know we have borders but they're just for show. We have borders when it comes to go to candidate. When your grandmother wants to go to work to notice he Jersey boys and next time it's there all she's gonna have to show a passport. Or her enhanced driver's license. And they'll make a big security theater deal out of waiting in line for an hour showing your ID asking -- -- bringing into the country. But when it comes to what really matters a flood of immigrants. Who. Were here you -- go leave who did not go through channels were just basically here to latch on to the American taxpayers nipple. Nobody -- Nobody gives them. Not even ran the ball carriers that concerns me greatly. It was bad enough when Jeb Bush said that illegal immigration to the United States was an act of love. But when Rand Paul basically is going down that road to. I think the myself you know what this country is over. Stick a fork in it it's done. If you think that -- being melodramatic about this but folks kids and any other country in this world. That does not have borders that it polices patrols it recognizes. And it -- Because I'm gonna tell you right now the Mexicans and force their border with great vigor. BIG all are they enforce their borders. Especially there southern borders because he and how they like to look at America. And they like to say. Oh well America you know your land of racist you just don't like Mexicans. I have some news for -- The Mexicans are real big on the act would cents. And the Mexicans are real big on the Hondurans. In fact the Mexicans. Look at people south of Mexico. As basically I don't see sub human the one -- develop. So -- the Mexicans talk about the United States. And our border and how open it should be yet they don't practice what they preach when it comes to their own border. And we let them get away with -- -- Because it's. Well my view is. There is a master plan to bring America down. I really believe. Because there is no logical explanation. Why a nation would allow anybody and everybody import country. And then client there's nothing they can be done about it except to make what was an illegal entrants legal and then. To have Jeb Bush basically urinating on your leg and tell you it's raining by saying that illegal immigration is an act of love. That just insults my intelligence and it ought to insult your intelligence and unfortunately IC Rand Paul making the same missed it. So that's just a long way by asking the question if you had it to do all over again effect with -- actually narrow that down. If you had it to do all over again politically what would you have done. I don't know how much time anybody spend thinking about this is after all the the voices coming up. And NHL playoffs are going on. And Donald Sterling is still making news in some places. Sorrow I'm not sure how many people think about -- that's my job. But if you got to do all over again politically what would you have done differently. I would have embraced more of a conservative area and ideology a lot sooner than I did. Because I realize that. The Republicans don't speak for me. The Democrats don't speak for me and I think that there -- just fundamental flaws with their views of liberty and America. And the bill of rights that both parties have. And that their's -- why. Gulf between what -- -- And how we actually practice freedom in this country and that land of the free nonsense. Is Holcomb. Anybody thinks is the land of the free why did you look up how many laws are passed every year in the United States let me save the trouble. Every year in this country roughly 50000. New acts are criminalized. Every year roughly 50000. A new acts are eager criminalized. Or civilly punishable. Led to the four. How can you be free -- every year fifteen. Thousand new laws regulations and rules. And prohibitions are put into effect. That's not freedom. It sure as hell is not freedom that the Celek freedom debate has -- -- freedom to you -- it sure as -- don't today. The one freedom we don't have however is the freedom to sneak in the the United States stay here squirting out your baby's -- anchor baby done. And that establish citizenship and cut in front of all the people who've been waiting years and years and years legitimately to -- American citizens and then have both the Republicans and the Democrats. Because of their political cowardice and lack of principles all -- gather. Not back you up if you are an American patriot. So if I had it to do all over again I think I would have embraced more of a libertarian philosophy. Help a lot earlier in my life than I did. Now I'm the much lighter side. Me give you a happy ending up much lighter side. They tell me and I this is true. They tell me that some people actually read books. Now as I learn from family yeah. The books. They're kind of like the Internet made out of trees. And if you're going on vacation. Even if it's just gonna be in your backyard. The issue is gonna be you. Your beverage the lawn chair and the clouds are almost said the son and then I caught myself which your laughter. It's yours you your backyard at a book what book are you in the middle of right now what book do you wanna tell everybody about NY. And -- I don't have a lot of time to get into it today this is just kind of a a starter show. Some and take an early break. And then get to your phone calls. What book you're reading now that you think everybody ought to read. The book that we should all be taking on vacation. And it's it's not a book book it might be an. It might be you know whatever Kindle whatever you -- 8030930. Is the phone number 803 all right third start at thirty on the cell phone. 180616. WB yeah. 803 all right thirty start and I birdie on the cell phone. 180616. WB yet so if you had it to do all over again politically what would you have done differently and if you're in the middle of this really awesome book and you think everybody else ought to read it. Let me know what it is perhaps you shall enlighten. -- 03 on -- thirty. And -- also that I email because I usually off of email by now. At this point in the show I begin the walk out process so I don't get hung up there for fifteen minutes after the show. 8030930. Start I had 3180616. WB EM. All right my question. I guess nobody lives anymore. Iran is that that would Kindle books on tape. Books on tape weight do they even make books on tape anymore was that the books and CDs. Books on sim cards. Books on the Internet. Now I'm confused now I feel like a technical. Which wouldn't be the first time. 803 on -- thirty is the phone number starlet thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBM to my gag is that book that maybe we haven't heard of that you think we should. Read. Now other presume most of you heard the Bible sorrow that's out. I mean you've heard of it on to presume most of you have heard of the car ran so that's I. What are. Books that you. Believe based on your personal experience. We need to read you know there's -- time. Win anything by Tom Clancy. -- suggested. There was a time. When I would do the show and people would suggest things about the founding fathers. Jurors -- and that was all that long ago now. Seems like everybody has beach reading material. Unless at this point it's all about Kindle. Nobody reads anymore. I learned something today my audience does not read. -- -- Honest to god I'm fascinated by Burris does this mean. There's I have to I have to try to socially figure this out. Have we become a nation. And about casting judgment on this. Have -- become a nation where we have put books away. In favor of Reading quick snippets on FaceBook or quick snippets online. Because why spent three days reading a book. If you can get that just. Just from somebody's one -- or from somebody's FaceBook. Really. Really. Around traffic usually you guys are big on civil war books. But no okay I've -- Tom don't talk about books because nobody reads anymore. That's amazing to. Like if you're gonna like bridges do they just -- you people just go to the library on the Internet to look at port. This is very interest that. Our let's go to dinner in Hamburg I'm WB EN Dan. I'm I'm increasingly realizing that. I may be a rookie of Soros. Richest horse brought his -- maybe a dinosaur because I read and actually have books of home. That are pornographic then you're on WB and hello. Then. Brad he has Dorsey I -- -- that a letter read about dinosaurs but I was deprived as a child. Yet some -- book I think everybody should read as the book god is not great. I Christopher -- Give me the central thesis of the book god is not great -- I know they're just the title is gonna (%expletive) off people. Yeah you would think so but it actually. Or tropical study. What we know now. And what we knew at that time what our country. Was founded. And -- Syria quote from the book. There are seen -- show up on the mountains. North of Thomas Jefferson today. Knew -- that was should be. There's no an educated today does not know exactly how that. And we all know exactly what happened ancient aliens landed and put the sea shells there I got it all figured out. Form Christian. Each of aliens as a Christian belief system I was and where are thank you very god is not great is the is the story as it is the book. But right now that's cool let's go to Barbara in Lancaster -- she's got up her -- Barbara. I guess you're the second person who reads -- and what are your Morton -- Riddick. Well I'm not reading now but I credit because that would require. Sick of it happening as the book called the perfect date it was written by the guy well Rosemary baby. Heavy equipment and. No I have not I don't look I don't like scary books. Well it's not as scary as. Because that I -- -- almost -- the time that we're living right now. They wouldn't let map and people smoke that ethical but I didn't smoke but it would be arrested if it's some kind of like Logan's run. Well almost like soil -- OK Barbara the -- this perfect day. I have to look that up if I can find a place that actually sells these things called books anymore or maybe downloaded onto my cell phone. Thank you I'm gonna do seriously guys that I'm haven't following I would do this as a longer show. This was like a -- I thought it was going to be a teaser but it's sounds great sorrow. If tomorrow the news weren't that -- doesn't work that I will whip it out again not as a happy ending but maybe is happy -- beginning. All right well thanks god I'm sorry got a lead on hold after all my -- but it is interest in our society has changed in their evil evil. No yourself.

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