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5-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll actually it should all is just an incredible. Display. And intuition on my part I don't mind telling you that I was listening to most candidates this morning. Now if you miss sandy beach where you miss my show. We have the solution for you because we recognize that well -- changed a little bit since Amos and Andy. And we now make our show is available to you when you want to listen now look at prefer personally -- -- selfish little guy. I'd prefer that shall listen live from three until seven every day because it's the original social media talk radio. I'm sandy I'm sure would appreciate it if you listen live from mine until -- But we also understand the things come up in sometimes -- shows -- really wish it would hurt well in the old days if you missed and they were gone and gone forever. Now if I say something stupid is preserved for all time on the Internet bank you bottom line is if you miss one of our shows you can always check out. Sandy or the hourly show the WB and audio vault. At WB EN dot com and IE. Like -- listen to myself. Every now and again on line and I pride myself nodding my head in agreement with almost everything I say and moreover I. Find myself just thinking that fellow on the Internet sounds like a brilliant dazzling individual. Boy firewalls and I'd wanna be with him boy part of that woman's parents I'd want my daughter with him. How often find myself thinking. And the reality here it's me but it's eleven minutes after five we're going to be talking with Carl Paladino just ahead. But the reason the coincidental. Lower the the impact thing kicks in is Santa showed today. Was. Does the Tea Party -- the GOP. Does the Tea Party hurt the GOP does the tea party of the Republican Party -- one of the callers called -- made a great point. That it's the other way around the Republican Party hurts the Tea Party. And sandy symbol that is an interesting way of viewing. And I'm gonna put that question out to you. Now I happen to be one of those idiots who thinks the Tea Party has been tremendously. Misrepresented. By the media. Yes go figure people who don't go along with the socialist progressive Communist agenda. Are picked on by the media and misrepresented to -- that which they are not I know that my covers an amazing shocked this view but not to me. Doesn't surprise me in the least now. For those who don't know Beers and some of this is basic politics 101. And I feel like I need to explain this because look you've got a life you've got your kids off the scouting. Right your kids are worried about third Girl Scout Cookies sales and you know you're wondering how you're gonna get everybody to soccer practice in T ball and everything else it's my job to be geek. To basically have no life and sacrifice. Sacrifice myself for you on -- daily producers and I and I do that so I need to explain there is no such thing as but Tea Party. You know when you go to vote. Democracy that key party you won't see 'cause it is really a political party. What it is is an acronym what's at Akron and well. Tea Party really is TE means text. Eat enough. AA already Tea Party taxed enough already. And the basic theory is we already. Have enough of our self earned money. Two other people through the government. -- any other platform in any other scenario. It would be called a -- it would be called a rolling. All right you are cold worst by the government. To give your hard earned money to the government. So the government can AA have lots of government employees. And BE. Redistribute. What you -- two other people who didn't earn it. So that the politicians who give the money Santa Claus never ever ever get voted out of office. Now I realized that I -- oversimplifying. Because let's face it folks there are. Aspects. Where we are taxed that all of us enjoy it and from which all of us benefit. You could be hourly or you could be my nemesis -- of the -- ago. All right and I think we both would agree you know what having taxes taken from us. And building roads and maintaining roads that's a good thing. Having money taken from us and invested in -- a military capable of defending the United States against foreign enemies hey that's a good thing I'm gonna get it to a slugfest with anybody about that -- liked Erica most intelligent progressives would have any issue with what -- just -- And I'm gonna go one step further. There is a misconception. Among some people listen to this radio station. That. Sandy beach Rush Limbaugh and I think that everybody on SSI. Everybody of this ability. Is a worthless. Slow. That's not true. I can't speak for anybody else. But I feel comfortable in saying that I'm sure their views are similar to mine I understand. Anybody with -- common sense understands. There are people in this world who are on the able to work. There are people in this world who had such physical. Issues that they cannot hold a job. There are people in this world with the mental issues who cannot hold a job. Now I have never met anybody. Who is told me eight top. All of those people let's shoot the ball and lower our taxes. Let's make sure all homeless at lower our taxes. I've never heard that argument made. At least in my lifetime -- I haven't heard it. So if you are somebody who is disabled. And you think that well. Those conservative types or conservative area but boy they're really don't like people who can't defend themselves. Don't fall for that line of illogical thinking and frankly misrepresentation. Of our positions. Are right look. Were all grown up here. We know that sometimes people get hurt. People get -- backs. People get bumped knees. Sometimes people develop. Diseases which render them on able to even stay in for more than fifteen minutes. I get -- you get it. Anybody with half a brain freaking gets it. And we also understand that there are people who vote. Have bipolar disorder. People who have schizophrenia. People who have schizophrenia. With. Bipolar disorder. We understand that people can't work not everybody can work. But here's the problem. Those of us would consider ourselves conservative area -- And immature generational. Dependence. On others. Former. Their very sustenance. Like they're not even giving it a shot. In other words they work harder. Gaming the system. To get as many and is much benefit as possible from the work and labor of others. If they would apply the same kind of diligence. To their own career they wouldn't need any help from anybody else. All right right now on WB yen let's go to Carl Paladino who. Ran against Andrew Cuomo last that time out and it did very well in our part of the state. And -- Carl Paladino I think. Andrew Cuomo's choice of -- -- indicates that a ball ball really really really really wants to show. The national Democrats that he can win the entire state your comments. I still don't think he's gonna win. Oh win over people and upstate New York he's mission -- fatal mistakes. In dealing work. Current. The people -- upstate. I don't doesn't matter what some commotion -- cool by the -- -- I think get the locals are capable lady and she's. She's illustrated in the past the chiefs. A good representative for Western New York interest. But I don't think it really. -- didn't hit any significance when it comes to. Andrew Cuomo and currently in the upstate vote I think interest concede that he made a big mistake but he denied trekking to. And economic opportunity to millions of people in southern -- And he also could not have to face the consequences for what he did were safe effective ramming their own throats of people. And also the minute -- answer. For what it is expected that if he goes -- it should make a left turn actually can get on the international stage. And when he makes hard left turn he's going to probably give -- effect number two. Which if we thinks that the number one -- -- number two is going to be around. Shall. Just I feel birdie. Comfortably that the the Republican candidate here as a little world type guy. He's very solid these particular issues and that he will prevail and in November. You really think they're asked -- gonna win because haven't you also said that there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans in New York State that it basically we're talking about tweedle dum and we will be. You know when I'm talking about rhinos two that steps -- on talk about it OK I don't feel that -- mr. I don't like is strategy to think that continued. The non establishment. None Rangel. Element with the establishment and -- people would shall misguided Republican Party in the in recent years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- good place and action. Especially when the subsidy issues they just addressed. And a number of what is significant troops including those people burning taxes and the nonsense probably you know because they could carry. From around the country in here to get -- -- there -- taxpayers that they that is so. And the Republican civil all the Democrats shouldn't expand. Their base. Ed and now it's -- music or. -- did you take a quick break for Traficant and wanna get back to you on WBM Allen Harris houses drive home. 71 degrees right now tomorrow's high it will be only as sixty to talk with Carl Paladino ran against Andrew Cuomo last time about almost electing Kathy vocal as his running mate. In this year's gubernatorial election. Eight do you believe that -- story you know in a heavily Democrat state is going to be able to beat. Andrew Cuomo what do you see as this strategy is gonna allow him to -- Because. I've heard -- you know he's willing to talk strategy about. Do you know grassroots campaign. And get him out traveling everywhere and stayed in speaking heart to heart with people. Connecting that back the most important thing is that to connect the dots for the voter explained at a voter that is played in law. This taxation burden. Elect good job of Gujarat the -- announcements to come out of Albany gold street development plans or billion. You know Andrew Cuomo took a billion dollars and your power authority over the last four years monies that we should've been dedicated to western Europe's economic development. And it took that money and then he comes and gives respect to -- announcements that will never come to fruition because they're really stupid. Development. Agendas they just don't make any sense. And he's got the invite to California companies which have never earned technical. And nine out of ten of these hi tech. I'll start -- -- if all of your post and he's gonna invite them in and of you get a don't look at 1250 million dollar building debt is. Unequivocal. Nonsense and anything can happen come up with some excuse in December election. Two get himself away from the seat there if you don't get elected. -- -- sent out some hallucinating. One of the things that you win and -- Thompson talked a lot about is the influence of people like dean's -- and the Long Island Republicans and the Republicans who are incestuous -- entangled with each other in Albany and entangled with the Democrats in Albany. What am -- missing what's changed. Knowledge about the exchange were ordered just take Arum after the election because I couldn't persuade. Mr. -- Can call him denounce them and how do you how do you come out and say that your anti -- And that you're pull wreck and then and then you give. If you. Choose as your leader. Okay in the New York State Senate. A guy like these skills and leave them there afterwards and we couldn't have denounced the guy who actually gave us straight acting skills. Just it just certain apartment where it's. Would -- my logic doesn't make -- system. Nevertheless. The greater. The greater. The greater. For stayed in New York is to squabble but on -- Unquestionably well it is no. But there's no analysis justify giving this -- or more years. We're not better off -- -- -- four years ago there's no transparency in government he's wasting taxpayers' money constantly. And he takes curb his friends and family quote very very well I mean there's there's a whole litany of reasons it is -- should not be even. Given the privilege of driving in the -- actually true. Well -- I'm sorry I'm sorry Carl I know that and you know that bat to if I can steal a line from Rush Limbaugh how do you beat Santa Claus. Well there -- you know the guiding hands of the Irish cream is usually abide by certain. On form part of the population use Easter Easter got he's the guy that. It's gonna ring your bell and that's why he's console for little. And and because he watched and here insult to those people. Yes it's going to be difficult but the only way to freedom there's -- brief upstate voters called an actual ordinary numbers. They couldn't get the same old. People quoting from New York City inevitable the same old way. But it's upstate new York and come out and extraordinary numbers and I think. On most issues I described earlier fracking and the -- effect I think he made some real good at stake. And I think he can energize people to come out and that's good that's done grassroots campaign I think that's what -- restaurant that's a good part of my discussions will -- mr. militia. That doesn't doesn't he also in addition overcoming Andrew Cuomo have to overcome the obstacles of the -- calluses and Leo Long Island Republicans on the downstate Republican to learn that several tough road to halt. Once you're governor. With nature opening your ear okay bill and get rid of the -- -- oval who have been matched. It would have been abusing their office and abuse in those constituents who called them an office. All right Carl I do I know where would legal -- later I do thank you very much effort getting back to us appreciate it and we will talk -- -- -- Carl Paladino joining us that WBBM. And let it -- past statements surprising. To me. Some of what he set. Relative to the the state GOP. It is that by police are gonna go back with FaceBook page and check in with some of the other statements that a -- 527 in his radio 930 WBBM. The Tea Party does it help or hurt the Republicans or vice Versa. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- place as something that is a huge issue would be with FaceBook news. I find. Very very difficult to find what I'm looking for -- past posts. For people. The close Carl's web site. Defiant his previous statement to the Republicans verses what he just told us now I don't. Agree with Karl at all -- that I asked arena's gonna win this thing the demographics of New York State military against him. The money military it's against -- I should have bet Carlton program that's what I should have done I just didn't think fast enough because. Would have been a very handy. This -- Aniston -- would have been very -- I don't see after you know winning. And I do see Andrew Cuomo winning with a about the the call about 57% of the vote. Now whether people are gonna go with that -- the whole goal on the first lieutenant governor. That is the story of the day by the way for just joining us while we talk about the governor's races not for a few months -- The reason is Andrew Cuomo wants to be governor again number one number two Andrew Cuomo. Needs a statewide win because he needs to show the people in Washington. And the people at the national Democrat level. That he can't actually win the a cross section of New York State in other words not only New York City but that he can win the Peoria. So he's gonna whip back Kathy -- So it is an all white Democrat ticket. Now they've they've got the women. Of course would get the whole. Because they can still continue the war on women strategy I find that interest anyone with a woman instead of a guy. But see if I'm a Republican I talk about the all white Democrat ticket just to play their game. But I do not siesta Reno winning this thing. And I am trying to find and I unfortunately I I can't talk and were searched at the same time. So well I can't. Find the previous statement from Karl -- I was looking relative to. The state of the Republican Party in New York State. Because I'd certainly -- not hallucinating. When I talk about Carl having talked about. The downstate. So called Republicans who basically call the shots. And Cox. And all of these other guys who talk a good game. Demographically. New York State is a majority Democrats state that is not going to change. The one thing he did say that I agree -- is. Any election is determined by the turnout. But if asked to Reno is to have any chance whatsoever. Those who support him. Like every single person who supports them is gonna have to come out of the woodwork and support him. Now here's the bad news let's just say. That Carl's right I'm wrong let's just say that -- Perino proves to be the governor of New York State. You do realize. That that does not necessarily mean and -- safe is going anywhere right. You do know that we're still basically talking about three guys in a room. You do realize that. Well blog I really have to go further. Let me just the other side of that is -- here's -- I agree with Karl. If general Cuomo is reelected. The New York safe -- Is going to be not only. Made more stringent. But is going to be enforced. With a ferocity. That you rarely see. Because -- confiscation. As I've told you is the Democrat wet dream. They want. Say what you will but they really believe. Bat taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. Will reduce the crime rate and the murder rate. And as the Albany, New York police union pointed out. The so called assault weapons which by the way is -- missed nomenclature phrase. The latest -- support statistics show they were used in so few homicides. In New York State. That we're really talking about much ado about nothing. So I mean I folks I wish I could be more optimistic. And I got to play a lot of this. Also goes back to some of what I don't remember doing shows about during the presidential election which wasn't all that long ago. Where I would -- phone calls from people would tell me how wrong -- ones. That Barack Obama was gonna be reelected. And I remembered taking those calls. I remember getting in arguments with people trying to explain the demographics. Trying to explain to you I did not used the phrase you can't beat Santa clause that was a Rush Limbaugh expression which he coined after the election. But. I don't sequel will lose. Unless he's client number ten I don't see him lose. I really don't. And Kathy local. I don't think it's gonna gain him any votes I don't think it's gonna lose them any votes. Does anybody vote for vice president. Does anybody vote for lieutenant governor theaters now. This fundamentally is between asked the Reno and Cuomo and the story. It's like what to do that is made over the vice presidential selections. During a presidential election. I don't know if -- remember. You probably do Joseph Biden. Our vice president those of you who don't know Joseph Biden. Has a pinch off. Force saying first stupidest things ever uttered by an American politician. At the end Quayle who served as vice president under bush the first he also had eight and shot for saying dumb things. But when you compare Biden. Against quail. Joseph Biden how dumb square hole by a country mile. Yet Biden does not take the heat -- did -- why. Why do you. Because he's on the same side. As the media. I just a sequel logo and don't. Unless suddenly New York State is divided by an earthquake. There's an earthquake that basically separates this state from Hudson River. And New York City floats off into the middle Atlantic to joint Atlantis. And then the rest of the state is left to vote. I I just don't see it happening. Any more that I saw Mitt Romney or John McCain beating Barack Obama. And I know you guys didn't wanna hear. And I know I took a lot of crap for it. But at the end of the day. The day after the election a 2012. When you looked at what the professional politician people said verses what I said. I was spot -- I I think there's only one guy. About -- I read it. Who got it as right as I did and I'm talking nationwide. I'm not talking locally I'm talking nationwide. Why. We wanted to say. I did the show the day after the election it was ignited the noon show. And the only thing I got wrong in this kind of funny. I under estimated the amount by which Obama would win. It wasn't just a victory it was an ass kicking. I think we're gonna see the same thing here in in New York State. But. Again. Time will tell. I should have bet that 101000. -- let's go to lives yet and that East Aurora on WB and Jeff Cathy O'Connell lieutenant governor. I don't get a lot of talent you know I understand where you're saying we've got to look at. You know there -- -- with the words we have to win -- -- and we can only do my grass roots supper regardless police said you can light. -- -- -- -- -- They are -- believe -- involved and I'm I'm definitely not no final out by remote dyed in the wool conservative Republican. But I helped the campaign against our primary. Again they've DiPietro and I'd love Dave deep victory on a great job -- we get that out well. But the other pro football with a friend of mine and out through the help. We came very close to winning that I'd never that in any politics and most of the people work -- camp and were quite good had no clue. They just know that that you know they were behind this guy and they wanted to win. Read about it I have I have to interrupt -- talking about an assembly district right you're not talking about a statewide. Race. In the same way after we don't have to get who asked a little. In every community and you know whether what I go to showed some of that what I go to extreme clubs. You need to get those people not just voting but at -- important people that all of that so we did. And it and it it -- very quote our light along the airport on the back where at -- behind. But but that's. -- late and that's what what -- I was talking about that we have to do we can't win in what we need what we need standing. Now all I'm not gonna be on your side. I'm a libertarian moderate Republicans we just have a fundamental difference of political philosophy. It really either. Are found -- -- -- -- a party that I had that you -- and I'll probably be I I feel like you do. I I can't I guess tonight the best the best day of my life whereas when I wrote to the Erie county board of elections and said look just take me out the Republican role because I have nothing in common with these people anymore. And I find I'm much more comfortable with the libertarian philosophy and my own philosophy which is conservatory and -- but that's neither here and there. The demographics. You know Jeff I hear what you sent you wanna tell me how you're gonna work that New York City. We can we went -- I mean it's going to be -- but you know. People really think he's gonna win they won't come to a pole but we need to tell people we can win that we don't count up bam we need are people out in math. See that's -- Donald Trump disappointed me and I forgive my interruption but. Donald Trump could have gotten enough downstate votes in addition to the upstate boats that head he run -- he would have won and I think he would have won handily. I don't -- Reno do. Well as we go down there and he's done very well in the you know very level I don't know that not a tax credit how -- I -- -- you from downstate. I -- I hear what you're saying but Donald Trump has star power Donald Trump has been recognition -- Reno does not. But he's not running in all we are you gonna vote for well. Not I know you all but I don't think you. -- will be voting for -- the libertarians port forward because that is my prerogative as an American voter to vote my conscience which is more libertarian. You're right it is but you -- I'd hate to say oh well the lakers who. No I think I'm throwing a photo waited to go with the Republicans I've I've been down this road before. And if I had it to do all over again I would have actively campaign for Ron Paul for years ago. I'm you know I I I agree the air but they are so. Although they happen to talk to further but I sir are gonna take a break and be happy to talk to further. -- I I can't I consider voting against my conscience. To be a throwing away of the vote because it's not just one or two issues with me and the Republicans. There's a lot of issues. I did I just I just can't I can't go there I -- I can't I just can't support. When I say fundamentally transform America. I mean -- fundamental return to freedom which I don't hear from the Republicans nationally I don't hear from the Republicans in New York State. And if I don't hear a fundamental return to freedom at a fundamental reform our return to the bill of rights IE simply can't vote that way. That's just my conscience. It is 549. -- news radio 930 WB and order more throw -- players who won't you are probably -- about him and W media. I think I'd just get people heart attack in radio -- when I said if I had it to do all over again I -- campaign for an actively supported that Ron Paul in the last election that I give your. Mike how does anybody get it anymore. Anyway AccuWeather flash flood watch for the southern -- expires early this evening. Tonight it'll be cloudy couple of showers and thunderstorms 56 variably cloudy tomorrow cooler shower or -- around sixty to the high. Still 71. That's shocking at news radio I'm thirty WB EM. Our gang let's go to Michael 2.0 political expert -- gonna start now put that we're gonna finish after the break Mike's a busy dad as you might imagine. Michael first of all -- election of -- the whole goal how pre ordained how predictable to you was. All I make no mistake about -- -- not go out with a big prediction and assuring people -- -- -- It would get -- check your local. I I would -- respect certainly going to be. I think most people -- -- in politics. Out here Western New York solve it -- At the -- poll the current from the deck and -- from our current team this year ought. It was a pinnacle sleeper hit mobile but he had to go with either of Western New York. Minority you're watching your email. And at all it was going to be a local. Okay to put John hold. And we also you've you've got to consider the horseshoe in the ass theory -- is one of those people who. No matter what she does she always ends up with a golden horseshoe you know where. It's like I would love to go to casino with Erica I'll bet you she does want to hug a blazing seven's and wins the progressive every time that -- Stay -- historical and were Michael in between diaper changes and everything else you do and so all out. Ball come on what Michael Capuano after the break -- are also gonna give you a little bit of a happy ending today.

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