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5-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right brands. You know Mike topic today actually it's got a funny how things worked out sometimes I feel like -- intuitive. Sometimes I feel like -- an -- path. Because trail have been called words believe they know not Psycho but and half. And I was listening to city beach in his program this morning try try to listen to city every morning when I wake epics it's sometimes that wake up at. And sometimes eleven. Because. I just I keep weird hours. -- and what can I say we do expect me to be normal of course not. But anyway I was riveted to -- -- -- excellent. And it usually is but that all users end any time you -- it -- you show or my show. You thought we were so awesome you wanna hear us again as I frequently think that about myself. Just like certain -- It you could go to the WBM audio vault. And listen to sandy beach which. Listen to me Tom buy hourly listen to some of the various interviews done by jobs -- Susan rose. And that is a great way to access our radio station we've tried to maker sells. More available to you. In fact Joseph wasn't you know who actually started -- are they gonna Conner would you. Joseph -- ladies and gentlemen is actually the guy I don't wanna be inside baseball here Joseph beamer is the guy who actually started to. De facto the WB and audio -- because. Joseph on his own initiative decided. Let's start putting up every single hour of Tom show so people can catch the idiocy they missed when he first said. So GO. Did exactly that instance then it's kind of taken on a life of its own Joe's idea in fact. What our corporate CEO was in town about a year ago to pick up the money bags and take him back. Well without leaving any meeting here. Except of course -- paychecks jobs livelihoods and -- things like that. Joseph was singled out. By your humble host as the guy who started that. And originally in radio see there was this push -- thing. About -- -- if we put things on line is that can hurt the ratings because people will then listen on line but not lie. But the other school of thought one to which I subscribe is you know what. If you're a fan of mine where you like to show Europe and sandy and -- love it shows the more the better. And sometimes I thought I'd rather read listen to see any -- show from the morning that I would watch that those sitcoms I see on TV it might. Sandy beaches -- nine to noon every single by Monday through Friday here on -- WBBM. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And today his topic ironically was does the Tea Party hurt the Republicans my question is a -- republicans' hurt the Tea Party -- I think the Republicans are suicidal. I really do. And the more I hear Jeb Bush touted the more I realize that a moderate Republicans. The more I realized I am a conservative area. I'm not a Republican the Republicans the party of Bob Dole and I honor his service in the war but. Also the party of John McCain and of course we all honor his service as a veteran. The Republicans. The establishment never got behind Ronald Reagan. They went along for the ride with Reagan but that hey if they had that fairway would much rather have had four more years of Gerald Ford. Where they would much rather have Ron. Bob Dole. Our goal. Goal my goal. They would much rather of had him as president that Ronald Reagan folks and I hope you'll forgive me for being a realist politically. But there is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats at this point certainly in New York State and unfortunately. Across the country. Do you guys get it there in bed together their incestuous. They are Porsche Lee and tangled one with the other. So I resented it when people say well. What when people make the assumption. That I won't vote for somebody because of one or two issues that's not true. It's not just one or two issues it is an entire tectonic plates shift. In the Republican Party that took place over the past thirty years. Which is why I'm not a Republican. In which is why I had to -- I don't political movement conservative organism. That term coined by Rachel wells. Who lives in the PO and who is a political genius. It is up for fifteen. And she's got a hot which doesn't hurt our news radio 930 WB yet Kathy vocal is Andrew Cuomo is. Running -- I don't think that's a big surprise. Because Mel Andrew Cuomo can talk about the Republican war on women and Republicans are too stupid to talk about the all white Democrat ticket. Because it's -- asked the Reno and moss on the Republican side. Now you know the the Democrats are gonna play this war on women crap for all it's worth even of the gubernatorial election. The Republicans will have the balls to say the all white Democrat ticket they won't say that. I'm just saying. Don't thrilled at thirty is the phone numbers. Your thoughts is -- local going to make Andrew Cuomo a winner in upstate New York. I don't think he's going to hurt. I don't think she is going to hurt him. But I don't think that she is going to help him as much as he may believe. I'm sure -- other research I'm sure they've done their own internal polling. But. Upstate. Is not exactly global country. Except Erie county. Where we do have the dumbest voters in the world. Sorry. Manager most of my life but I got to face reality. I hate facing reality I'd much rather live in fantasy land. That reality it is it'll -- I'm thirty start 93180616. WBBM. Gang your thoughts on -- local being number two. And and also. Let us get a question. Where are you work closely -- that Tea Party the Republican Party. And folks first of all please understand that Tea Party is not a political party it is an ideology. It is an acronym T. T means text eat enough today already taxed enough already it has since become essentially. The conservative. Voice. Within and without the Republican Party. I think the Republicans are suicidal. I really -- Jeb Bush illegal immigration is an act of love well I will never vote for bush again in my life I don't care they're not even in the same family. I will never go what bush. Here is a norm in the buffalo on WB and a fool me once you know that'll expression from George fool me twice fool me once you needed your that. There's nor -- WB Ian norms storming Norman welcome to the buy -- show I don't. -- -- -- They in regards McAfee vocal. Vietnam Paribas and go when you're offered stones at all. I haven't kept exemption for first time home buyer. And she gushed totally treated me like I was dirt cheap so we don't. I heard them -- anymore. And you know -- -- -- it nicely she she could've been more actually. They -- just shut out of Vietnam error and that order treat all governed that way. Well I have not heard widespread discontent among veterans with -- local to be honest and usually. When somebody is consistently that way I usually hear about it. You were the first complaint I've taken from a veteran I don't know exactly what exemption. You were trying to get -- for Wahlberg we all had their star exemption remember that. Audio acknowledged different order form veterans tax exemption. The first time home buyer. And I think veteran and the vote on seer I wish they -- -- -- and give their reaction you know to allow they were treated by her. Well you said you went down to City Hall as far as I know -- only worked in county hall as the Erie county clerk. It. -- vocal and was the Erie county -- I don't remember her holding a job that would have put her in City Hall which is the buffalo administrative offices. How the hall is Geary county all she was the Erie county clerk that's were officers were. Are you sure you have to make person. Pretty certain I was sure sure do look whether. I would urge you to double check that because seriously in all fairness and in all candor I would hate to give her a black guy over something she doesn't deserve. Any more than you'd like -- you know you know. You know what can -- double check your paperwork and then call -- -- so we don't want where the other. There was -- -- checks. She just totally go under and earn you political someplace else or some antsy about senator and two adventurers well. Yeah are you sure you didn't deal with the city of buffalo assessor or the city of buffalo property people. You bought your -- within the city of buffalo limits. When actually pitcher million times and -- I can just -- and mind updating that went on there some. As people look alike I mean that -- Brad Pitt tries desperately to look like Tom -- sometimes he succeeds. -- Are my friend I'm glad you called and I hope you don't I just hope the facts are correct I just have to go by your word that's all of our tell. -- don't three all right thirty starlet thirty. 180616. WB yet but I just don't want unfairly maligned somebody that's just not -- I wanna fly this -- one run my life if it was her. It I'd like to know that it definitely was her. And you may be -- deliciously worst case scenario let's say it was her. She must had a bad day because when she was county clerk. I don't think each I don't think anybody offered better one on one service that -- -- -- And look I got. A lot of political partisan. But I also knew what she what the Washington it was a totally different by them. Let's go to traffic right now and traffic is always dynamic it is always changing. Dynamic is just a fancy way of saying you can never stick your foot in the same stream twice because it's always a movement. The times they are change him here's Alan Harris yeah if you do see any major. Traffic issues we always appreciate your help would you call the WB in traffic hotline 80303218030321. And if you need the email Alan. Basically the four guys worked 24/7 365 I don't know when they got sleeps it's terrorist WB EN at -- WBM. At Here is spelled his people usually spell it. AccuWeather we have a flood flash flood watch for the southern tier expiring early this evening. The remainder for the rest of -- the remainder for the rest of us the remainder of the evening. Cloudy tonight a couple of showers and thunderstorms and 56 tomorrow cloudy cooler shower or two. 62. Degrees and are right now Joseph I neglected to write down the temperature you gave me earlier. 71 at. News radio 930 WB -- -- -- -- and if you are just joining us -- the breaking news story of the day is actually a political story and as you know why. Don't do politics every day. I think a steady daily dose of politics and talk radio news and instant cure for a paycheck. Like you won't get anymore. But today it's it's relevant. -- -- -- Has served in various political offices and they are -- her doubt you know from a talent Hamburg days. Dan she advanced her political career she went to congress. She won a special election she beat Jane Corwin. Then she went up against Chris Collins Chris Collins beat her then and as fate would have it. Wouldn't you know that the minute -- local needed a job. Seventy bank instantly found a position. Just right for -- all -- that was remarkable to me talk about Sarah that that is now Andrew Cuomo has picked Kathy vocal as his number two. Is it a good choice is that gonna make you vote for and report focused -- presuming mostly can't stand Andrew Cuomo if you're listening to my show. I vote for him but again I'd vote for S Perino I'm going who the libertarian is a vote for the libertarian. -- -- -- -- saying it was definitely a high notes. The lead singer can't hidden anymore either. So there's that fourth 33 and it -- -- good night thirty WB EM I have they are running gag with a friend of mine. Who. I -- friend I have looked up word up myself actually but. She actually now. Tries to out do me whip so there's -- she tries to work it and every conversation once well it into a conversation once a day with me. Seasonal trends start. Our folks -- the local. Is going to be the next lieutenant governor of New York State how -- any -- are we haven't -- yet. Esther -- now has about as much chance of beating and -- all as Franklin peers. Who died along time ago and he used to be the president of the United States it's not going to happen. And for those of you who -- call in and bitch about me and criticize me and say -- Which you are kind of an attitude mr. Halladay how can you expect Republicans ever went in New York State. And heard my answer I don't give a rat's ass of the Republicans win in New York State anyway. Because you -- under -- delusion yourself that there is a difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. Well. Mr. -- right I don't believe what you're saying. You don't know what you're talking about. -- -- LB you know nobody's talking about when it comes to politics. -- he was the guy who beat the establishment candidate. Rick Lazio in the primary for years ago. Remember that you'll ever Carl Paladino right guess what Carl Paladino says the same damn thing. That the Republicans and the Democrats in New York State. Are in distinguishable. One from the other. So don't fall for this nonsense. Bet if you don't vote Republican somehow -- York edition loyal or you're supporting Andrew Cuomo. Because voting for -- -- -- you're voting for Cuomo. -- for all all you might as well be voting for history now they're all the senate. Don't you give it the game is rate you lose they win people like -- vocal and her husband. They win people like Mario Cuomo and Andrew Cuomo they win you lose. It's a game. They have power you don't. You have to work for a living you have to send resume is all over the place. People like capping local job just open up for them. And a keybank. Spread its legs than a minute Kathy vocalist freeing up there she is vice president and at the bank. Not sure exactly how much you knew about banking before an issue was county clerk. Bat. Haven't you can make me vice president and in no show job -- care. My not being nice to 78. Are 803. I find it offensive. Because don't you know a lot of people in your family -- credible -- a lot of here to get a job. Don't you know a lot of people in your family or working a job and a half or two jobs to make ends meet with crappy -- and pretty much nonexistent benefits. And yet the minute. Kathy local needed the job seventy spreads its legs more. What do you want to say. That's how the game is played. People like that never are without work. The last thing she needed to survive was another paycheck. Last night checked the US attorney in Western New York. Kept these pension I pick must be pretty good her pension is probably more than he'll make. That's the way the game is played. Folks it's politics. And I am not going to buy into -- normal life that I'm not gonna buy into the the false dichotomy. This beat -- bifurcation. Between Democrat and Republican. In New York State they're one and the freaking -- Who says sell ice -- so. -- says Carl Paladino. It's horrible whack jobs. -- monitor. Let's go to. Donovan. My favorite may actually of -- time on WB and -- that you are on welcome to the program a friend. Appreciate it yes you did the irony can only goes so far down her husband is. The US attorney. In what way is that ironic. OK because the guy before him mr. Terry Flynn. Did an outstanding. Individual this release. It's all political it's all. Cliches are all all the -- you just mentioned. Are. Well I I would use the word ironic I would use the word all the dark it. Yeah that. -- won't. Folks that's what this is what I don't see what people aren't understanding about this and Donovan -- don't often you help lead in the final minute but did not. That is one of my favorite names that are gonna take quick story Ben Franklin middle school science teacher Timothy Donovan. Lost several of his fingers when he was in the army he was eight the high or a grenade instructor -- the recruits dropped the grenade ten dollar. Donovan bent down picked that up. And as you restoring a way to save other people's lives he lost his fingers he put up a valiant battle against cancer in the 1970s he -- And to -- notice to of his kids. Went to his funeral myself and Scott Michael Schmidt who later became a political figure and Orleans county. As a Orleans county coroner decided mention that. Were it wouldn't -- -- but the word search is old league RT Andrew Cuomo. Mario Cuomo. LL. And about Kathy -- Don't what part of our republic no longer means a damn thing. Is anybody not getting. Doesn't mean anything -- and everything it -- and TU. AUU explained it perfectly. If you heard a spot on exactly what you said. You'd be when I talked about MT bank spreading its legs for -- hope hope the person least -- -- the job in Western New York just walks into a cushy vice president's job at a bank. Yeah I I would -- but I you know -- it'll -- me -- Well look I don't people who've been struggling their asses off for twenty years who haven't hit 30000 dollars a year yet they don't get that can opportunity and are smarter than -- local. Like layer -- straighten. May see during the winner you know working in this should. What's New York you know everybody know it works outside -- -- Not wouldn't damage you. No well on the pipe layer by. Hobby but I don't think we're quite in the same week. I appreciate that anyway I just right by Iran and thank you all the -- you -- you find Arctic. The Arctic. But there are and you're -- Well you know I try. The CIV. That you use the word cliches call limit. Mean Meola Jerusalem's. What they just say knee elegy is the invent -- of a new word and that's what I do. I like inventing new words and I like putting phrases together such as horror -- and angle. And promiscuous -- incestuous. Both of which adequately and accurately describe politics in New York spirit. I always say that in the dark with my yup what we ladies but anyways. Yet to at a time. Good for you. Well that it doesn't make you a guy. I don't think the same about a mile -- that they Hubert -- -- All right Donovan thanks adultery all right 38. -- -- put up on my FaceBook page yesterday that I had to run for political office here's the prob here's like I could never do it any I don't want to. That's -- one I don't want to why don't I want to. Because I'm not willing to kiss the fair days of the people who would give me the money. Because I'm not investing note and I'm not -- invest my own money. Into a job that does not pay commensurate with I have to invest to get it I'm not going to do that number two. I would. I could not run -- less than honest campaign. If there was any thing in my personal life I -- That would be embarrassing to a lot of people got news for to me it's not embarrassing in the least. Seriously. Joseph knows this John Sherman goes. I don't error. I've come right out of the box as it were I'd say hey here's my personal life deal where it now let's talk about the issues. I wish more politicians would be that way. I saw what you just said sell what you just said Joseph. Thank you very much. All right let's. Little double beamer. Can't trust these the end Austrians you know class ends at the German border. Deutschland that is life. -- with Germany. At Germany with with Austria. -- let's go to you know try to -- by and I lingual and all hell breaks loose. He is. Didn't Maria is in buffalo is the sausage fest so far Marie is here to change that Maria you're on WB -- welcome to my program. Right right you know my pleasure my leader. Our opening GO. The reason why I'm calling it that would highlight moment I heard about yet the quote and again. Does anybody remember actually last I think it was the county clerk. Yes and Chris. Was there and now the day -- Black yes. Obvious. And and now nobody. Even. Questioning at. All of that's up to -- you know that's up to his running mate moss and frankly I would if I were the Republicans I would I would refer to the Democrat ticket as the ball flight ticket. I play the race card because the lieutenant governor the Republican side as a black guy because the Republicans the Democrats make sure you. Are gonna play the Republican war on women. -- cart so first of all the Republicans the Republicans should get that the Democrats are racist. Number one -- -- with the Democrats do to beat Republicans. Also. Is part look I think -- hope will be an eight -- -- -- understand the difference here folks. I said earlier I put my FaceBook. I think -- vocal bit -- my job is county clerk in Erie county because of her personal. Attention and her service I didn't say perfect. I didn't say flawless I said she did a fine job and yes Chris Jacobs had to have his people put in overtime. On the weekends to clean up the piles -- -- left behind because she was too damn busy seeking higher office. Exactly -- what I heard yet get trampled frustrated. Really I can't I can't believe that I and so -- I do you believe that. I can't believe the stupidity. Of the people all. Yet know what -- -- and achy but Latin you know it got accomplished and it really does. It's not going to air act here that might might might year career. If if you should learn one thing from my show here's what you should take away from it. It's not going to end it it is only going to become worse. And the best analysis of Obama's reelection was by Rush Limbaugh. Who used the phrase you can't beat Santa Claus. And you have to understand the changing demographics. The open invitation to illegal invaders by New York State. You are stuck in a state that will perpetually be stuck on stupid and minimal private sector economic growth. If you have more to say I'd love to hear a -- there at the end Austrian and the next room is give me the finger. Joseph -- he spells his name -- FJOSEF. Wise guy. Hey I have -- more out in my name in German and blew out over the -- -- -- say about whom -- don't trust people with whom outs don't trust what ever. Our starters and you out immediately distrust. All right sir and any additional traffic in there. You need to pass and I've been frozen for thirty freak in the years need the isn't that note sorry my Austin Powers phrase again I apologize. AccuWeather for today the flood watch for -- -- interior. It will expire early this evening mostly cloudy tonight a couple of showers and thunderstorms overnight low 56 tomorrow cloudy cooler shower or two. And sixty PO and it is seven. All it's still 71 at news radio 930 WB EM -- gang I've told you this before and I. I actually had to tell Tim Howard this before because that them. Thought that I had his cell phone number at one time I have a cellphone number. But I usually went through -- Mary Maria mr. -- -- hippie era treasure department or not but here's the problem. Do you okay you guys know that when it comes to electronics -- -- -- you know that right. You know that there could be a million electronic devices and I will select the device. Out of a million of the same devices that will -- OK I got the world's only defective Samsung galaxy phone. OK the good people at Verizon Wireless they and I don't do ads for them I should but I don't. They should use me and they don't and I feel kind of Julius about the whole thing but anyway they hooked up with this new fault but here's the problem I lost all my contacts because I never backed them up. I used to have Chris Jacobs cell phone number. I don't have Chris Jacobs cellphone number anymore. Now you say Chris Jacobs. You mean like sports service you want to order a beer now for ten -- know. Chris Jacobs is the Erie county clerk. Am I want to talk to Chris Jacobs about the steaming pile of to -- at the local left him. When she was busy running for congress. Okay. Unfortunately I eight got his number anymore. Now I do actually have a friend it. -- he's black man who doesn't have Chris Jacobs cellphone number so. You know who you are Desmond. -- if you would death -- If you would be nice enough to sent the are chris' cell phone number. I will never say good Desmond brown as the guy who sent me Chris Jacobs cell phone number I will never say that. But we get all the Chris Jacobs I wanna get the inside story about these steaming pile of fecal matter that he inherited from Kathy local. Now I told you. I think -- local did a fine job as county clerk are I didn't -- outstanding tonight. That I say excellent that I -- flawless that I say affection. Well I did. But I will tell you. Bad she did help an awful lot of -- during the time when many of us got registration stickers from the state that -- second to work our hearts our windshields I went through prayer for the damn things and Kathy helped me as she helped a lot of people. So in that sense she did a fine job. But she also left. I don't think LC steaming pile again. That's overstayed its welcome but I wanna talk to Chris Jacobs hey Chris tell me about the mess you inherited from Kathy -- All right. Chris Jacobs you've got my personal cell phone number I don't had yours anymore. So Chris. Really. Text -- text. Love you don't ever change will do launch and other cliches from the eighties. 455 -- radio and I'm thirty WBM will run that up the flagpole and see if Chris salutes.

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