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5-21 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is my number two man I caught him number two. Four Andrew Cuomo all his number two is -- local. Not really a big surprise. And to me anyway. Chris Cuomo wants to probe these geographically relevant. He wants a win across New York State because -- and when it's his time after Hillary. He wants to say that look I can't -- Everywhere in New York State. -- well and by the way I voted for Chris Collins. Wait wait where did I vote for Chris I supported Chris Collins I think at that point I was in Aegon is district that voted -- -- But I voted for Chris Collins -- -- they keep redistricting Alec come on the I spoke of districts -- -- felt I Columbia so sometimes my congressman is Chris Collins acknowledged Brian Higgins. At least. You know Chris Collins he may be huge bag but -- might -- should thank. -- let's go to Ross Thompson Honda WB and I've called him far -- Art Ross thanks for joining us regularly a general fought to the independent free thinking -- vocal being named as Andrew Cuomo's running mate as is a lieutenant governor and try not to swear. Is currently in the local. I don't think so I mean it's good that I heard from the -- nude poster of me. At a local. Who didn't see it's. When it first -- her name was about six months ago 88 months ago I knew it was going to be it was going to be here. If you take a page from that senator from Massachusetts maybe she could say that she's won 34 black. I'm gonna dissect and you know. All due respect to my blood Brothers and sisters are some humor in them. Yeah. I expected to why. Is the local beings. Clerk if you like I wish she would be -- with a good job. Almost like running and running it like running a -- I think she could get up there. Why she -- congress should congress open is one thing -- vote for that benefited the New York or this country is Obama. Poll. Yeah she completely aligned yourself with Obama. Down the Democrats I don't think she voted it might have been 12 issues which you would it he from a lot of -- Where she -- that was allowed to all sports but the majority that pupil rate for the Democrats. The follow the constitution arrests -- Barbara that quote. -- Yeah well we have the guys in studio with the father -- and we had. We had the other guy. Brad Brad I think his name. Go ahead I'm sorry I. -- Well if I could -- introduce you to a lot of gays. Sorry bread and I let my friend Brad. Have to take this with a sense of humor because as you said it was so predictable. And let's just talk about the political strategy I agree or disagree this is all about Andrew Cuomo. Absolutely soiling himself over getting his ass beaten again in Western New York. I'll like it did by Garrett Carl Paladino several years ago and he wants to prove to the Democrat hierarchy above him. That -- when it comes to throwing a punch. Well that might not be good way to phrase that com. That when it comes to being appealable to a cross section of a state that he can win upstate. That's exactly what it is you want to win he works at west New York so bad light your wallets -- that's why he's constantly throwing money. Where money doesn't want any taxpayer money is not year to build new government buildings to rent out the private industry. That Utley need to wanted to mature on any kind of -- -- and they should actually be bankrupt. And then you don't taking over a good section of downtown. For our expanding something else. But the guys all coming up peers quote we -- billion dollars they want to give away to everybody up and New York. Trying to buy your vote is what he's doing it all he's still in trying to bite the -- and not taking -- local. She's well liked in -- New York but you may not yet well light. As she she -- -- -- it -- Well I mean it back over here here's the thing first of all the other way I think I've been a little nasty cat you vocal over the past ten minutes actually as a person. I like -- the whole goal. I didn't I do think she did a fine job -- Erie county clerk even if a lot of records did end up in garbage bills in the basement a town hall and Chris Jacobs at the clean up the mess. I I -- it's not personal with Kathy -- please please understand that camping I'm not trying to beat the total. Mean guy on the radio but. The idea that I never bought in -- Russian channel that you did either -- is that -- the whole goal was gonna go to Washington and she was gonna be this independent voice she wasn't going to be up Nancy Pelosi skirt she was -- going to be in front of Obama you know -- up on everything he put forward that she was going to be this independent free thinking member of congress and I just remember thinking how incredibly naive that mindset once. Well you -- thing is to it and I'm not a -- name. -- Don't position all adult not quite double but don't worry about it bombed people that I know. People what you know. Actually told me that they voted for her because she was gonna be independent yet. She told them to the pace. I'm not gonna go there and -- aligned with the Democrats who know me I'm more of an independent banker and after about 68 months of went to those that very same people would all be that I think it IG capital well she really independent you put all my product you -- So all they asked of them people. You would automatically. That they would vote the other direction which was Jane Corwin of. Just went for about Jane. You have -- back I told a lot of Mary Jane if -- -- -- Just out there I don't know Jane Corwin midnight if we Tom just did. I. I like the soloist with you know at the whole -- sleeping I don't wanna bring it up gambit. You know what seriously in retrospect I wish you just were stuck it out I've been in a dangerous their state -- Oh boy I wish I don't that he resign precipitously because seriously. My -- -- my evolutionary thought on somebody's personal and private life here's a shot I would not today ask Hillary Clinton if she cheated on bill. Somebody said you should say that on the air and I'm saying it on the here because you know what it's not my business that's my libertarian side which is really been enriched coming out. I would not ask her that question again. So I'm not gonna disagree with you whatsoever there were I serving in office serving in Albany that it could worse than what he did. You know currently sitting in opposite talking about the taxpayers. And you know and you eat yet he never should of you -- -- yeah. I mean and look at the kicker Chris what the categories -- categories and it was good friends with -- -- -- and you know I like -- both those guys and it's a shame what happened to -- career because I think he was really on the com. She's in Washington. There's just no way I can get out of anything and saying today. Says I SK -- whole goal bring any thing to the ticket. That some other candidate. Is lacking. -- -- -- It's a pretty smile and a pretty big -- about it. But this is this is a geographical choice is it not an equal more really thinks that the NY state people are gonna vote for -- local. Because she's pro Western New York. Oh yeah there's no question about it that's exactly what impact now look at it in much site. It's not sold -- or -- because the end and now -- things that I think you need your don't know it would be able -- But don't go there but it is surely lieutenant governor I am extremely happy I mean he. Can't think of his name they share. Approach among county yeah. And I can't think of it I can't think of his they've either because I already know that he's not gonna win I mean I'm sorry -- but the reality is in this state. Rick. Are asked arena just doesn't have much to the minutes -- a chance. Yes well it might say it on your show when I -- at a rhino in the last sport nevermind we won't. Yeah MM frankly you know here's here's the thing rattle me to -- all over the place here. But as far as -- as to Reno is concerned. Carl Paladino said it you have said it. Everybody I know who knows anything about politics in this state has told -- the exact same thing there is no freaking difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. All of the argument is just for show and the phrase that I invented use. The Republicans and Democrats in New York State are racially and tangled one with the other and pro misty was sleep incestuous and I mean that any political sense as a metaphor. And it equal to change. And 100% agreement which would you got a Republican establishment. On Long Island to be headed by dean skeleton that ought to -- gone along -- -- I pity that the Tea Party down here because they'd they got a lot more about a spike in that we -- -- year. But. There all line we've seen scale look like candidate a wind whipped. -- -- -- Poodle lobbyist. The model in GI number they're all in cahoots with each other and they are all running the cover. Back to running the government so we're. This whole state is being run by. Liberal Democrats extreme level that Liberal Democrats. And I want to write notes to -- are related deals with -- -- ball ball. We're gonna put up somebody that you know might have a good shot in 2018. -- -- the 2006. Need to would call hole when the president should. You know I mean that's where there access. But here's you know some of thinking about this -- all want to speak devastatingly. Large margin of victory especially in Western New York that's why he picked -- vocal and by the way if you're just joining us at the local is Andrew Cuomo's running -- which means that the local will be the next lieutenant governor by the -- a job which means exactly nothing to most of us are less -- -- to step down unless he's client number ten. It means absolutely nothing. As just another paycheck and is just another government pension for -- local that's it. They're not you're actually right and can you imagine. If she -- she takes all or you were entrepreneur and get elected that we can't -- -- local and -- governor of New York State. God help just I don't know what are gonna make it. The funny thing here's -- gonna sick -- in in a sick way if she was the chief executive she might actually be more independent man. That she was in congress if she's the one at the top of the food chain in New York straight think about that for a minute I'd rather have -- vocal as governor -- mr. Cuomo and probably asked her well. I don't mean to -- contradict myself but seriously. W when you when you look at it -- it for being executive. Chief executive of the cork stopper so it should recall the DMVs and actually the techniques and make it probably picked him that it. In congress should do what it was all. Are right at lieutenant governor she's gonna do which -- all. If she does it in all. It's not about that up epic in the last straw sprawled out globally now. -- Sorry for us. President Clinton left about this stuff you're absolutely nuts. I wanna talk to look like to -- later also wanna talk to Karl I'm -- -- -- -- are we got the message for Carl I know get back to us I don't get back to is because and a one of Carl's heroes as a US marine. As Carl -- history is Presley O'Bannon who lived on a mission to North Africa to Tripoli. Little known fact of American history but well known and well remembered among military historians Presley O'Bannon. Anyway. Kathy locals gonna help Andrew Cuomo. Collect. A little bit. A little bit he should be denounced it could look at her as a strong email. All right bill because in the and you get at Reno was what would win another male little boy -- -- all boy -- He'll -- -- Although the share but but at the guys that mastery -- chose the shirt he is he's a black. So you know it's gonna be the war on women like I'm sorry go ahead go ahead. I I just say that the reason why do we get the liberals want to make an issue. Be real legal. You know and and I did because your black -- didn't need to him well upright he's one of the nicest guys you don't -- if you like Phil Howard -- like you'll like it's got. While not exactly and -- Christmas card list but Christopher moss by the way is his name I've forgotten it but I. Usually he's been sure of moss has been a critic of our Cuomo's. And why safe but then again being a critic of it and actually having the power to actually change it are two different things altogether you know -- we're talking about the keyboard -- racing added that a great show today on. Is the Tea Party helping or hurting the Republicans and a guy called it it's that the question really is other Republicans helping or hurting the Tea Party joke if you permit us to -- what's in between shipping off mixers to Ecuador Bolivia -- an alert on. Actually and get ready to head in North Carolina got to make it delivery. But other -- on north. Carolina LS guys told me that ended up fifteen years and out -- your. Just. Saw him and become to look for property while I'm down there. All I care I guess my question is you wanna hang out the first few minutes or -- taken up enough for your time. Are now grow more aren't they -- somebody is gonna talk to. You know obviously they just work on myself better. All right Art Ross Thompson by the -- getting a -- is a very dear friend he's a patriot. He and I were were very very good friends and the best thing that. I have ever done I think the news rekindle my friendship which went through a year or two of hatred with -- And I just said you know what enough is enough this is stupid he's an ally were on the same side so let's just get together and and work together so. All the unrest because will be back with you on news radio 930 WB. -- I don't know what Kathy welcome was making your seventh day but can I throw my hat into the ring there is competitive with what I earned here I'll take the job. Because I -- job why don't really have to show up but I don't really have to do anything but I just get a bit. And -- what I have not never mind. -- AccuWeather we do they flash flood watch for the southern tier but that. That expired early this evening thank goodness tonight mostly cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorms 56 the low tomorrow which can be cool there -- beat me. Variably cloudy shower or two. Were true and the high temperature 62 degrees right now -- it's 71 Joseph beaver by the way folks if -- show his sound that at all good this hour. Joseph beaver has saved my bacon once again. Joseph beaver is like an octopus in there John Sherman is also like an octopus but Joseph I don't know how he doesn't. We're talking with Ross Thompson of key new York and if you're just joining us -- -- local. You ask -- local has been named by Andrew Cuomo as king Andrew's running mate and again folks I I'd. Probably sound a lot meaner and nastier about happy that I'm trying to sound. Personally. I have nothing against Cappy she was very helpful to me when you and the auto bureaus when she was eerie county clerk okay. I fundamentally think -- the. It's a good person how ever I never bought the myth. That she was going to be this independent congresswoman who was gonna stand up to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama when she went in to -- Washington and I proved to be correct. On that one. -- and the irony is folks and and and folks I had -- -- -- -- with restaurant and as what is the irony is. I think if kept the -- was governor. I think she'd be a better governor than Andrew Cuomo and I think she truly would be or independent as an executive that -- -- lieutenant governor or as a congresswoman. Because it's a completely different means you. When you're the one at the top of the food chain so I don't mean to confuse anybody that sounds like pretzel logic it really doesn't. -- -- What do Republicans do now to counter the ball ball -- local ticket because I'd already be stitching a -- what it. Well first of all I want to say it'll do everything that you get it got the help meet at the clerk opposite. I mean I'd I don't happy April long time we met quite a few times we get many discussions. Which you visit which you would have been EMB -- help at all with getting our I am getting those special licenses to go to work. Go to Canada -- duplicate license I'll let you know outside get. Is art -- on a personal level I like her a lot this arc serve all of a huge -- and her politics. And that just didn't should note -- -- -- what are politics. Well it but you know again -- as you know there's a big difference with what you were able to do as CE Ol or somebody who is the top executive. As opposed to somebody who is in second place as she will be with Cuomo. Or has she was as a freshman congresswoman in Washington you can't be independent you basically are at the bottom of the pecking order. So I I just folks this is just how the real world operates and I'm sorry to break a few bubbles out there but it just it just how it happens. They they do pick up pet Alvin's pensions at up to more than the local pensions so what do you think that is. I don't I don't know what the check on and I could do some quick math and don't have them I won't department. Anyway that. All right Russ looked up at the talk to you -- and it's that we can't get a hold of Michael Capuano as well as Carl Paladino we get a message out to Carl and I I I wanna talk about the Tea Party so if anything comes up on it sounds stupid talk about the Tea Party feel free to call back you got my secret number okay. -- but it does take it one thing about that is that. And it would talk about this morning at the on the that's split and infighting in the Tea Party. And 2002000. There's no dissension in the Tea Party is now inside the you know wiping. Its extra check history and I -- -- the -- All -- we all get along fantastic. Everybody's doing their own thing we have to join together like we do what we -- -- -- look at. I get a different kind and different groups all joined the idea that we get so much. -- I'm in a quandary because I love and respect sandy and I love and respect you and I kind of feel like you know in an uncomfortable position and we will talk soon Russ I will owe you dinner Carrick. No problem and this time I get the toy from the happy meal. Thank you my friend. Rus Thompson joining us and news radio 930 WB yet its hourly -- vocal is Andrew Cuomo's running mate. Mariah it I'd like to introduce you to my number two I called him a number two.

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