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5-21 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank may have -- well yes they CBS poll was though was released at 7 AM. Today and it says that Tea Party support and control of congress what they're talking about. Supporter of the Tea Party movement among all of the respondents. 15% say yes they support the movement 75%. Say no and obviously 7515. On lap two under but there's always people. That don't know among Republicans now this is a key. Among Republicans in this survey. Causes do you support these Tea Party movement yes 32%. No 58% so it's around off its its like one out of one. -- -- out of three so that's not. It's not good it's going down some it's down 23 points since July of 2010. Down ten points since February. Not a good thing and some of the key races. A yesterday like Mitch McConnell raised the Tea Party supported. Academy did not win. A story asking that others see Tea Party help or hurt the GOP. I think you're gonna help the GOP immensely if the GOP was willing to listen. But the GOP thinks that. By the more capitulation we do. The more in line with the democratic ideas. And suggestions that we do. Of the more will be able to succeed him that is totally wrong he stand for something. He can't stand for being a white version of the other party. -- Republican -- Sampras something I think that's what the Tea Party wants to get back to. And -- with a fresh message and until that happens it's dividing the party. And technically dividing the party hurts the party. If the if you can convince the party that your ideas. And your your suggestions are the way to the future. Then it immensely helps but until then I think it hurts because it's divided. House divided. You can throw in the neutral let's go to us salmon Rochester Sam on WB yeah. And listen. Well I know is that the Tea Party is about more influence. And a occupied Washington. That's true. I don't members and are right about now. Doesn't buy equipment and know. Equipment and that it would you like and not. But it represented here good -- his opponent are -- and are known right. It was a good candidate would do well. You know it for the his opponent support to do and it involved -- an election you know noted how -- Up to -- the reality. Went near election time so I think that there are approved as to what is being. -- is good for the Republican Party. That they want to clear that the problems are -- out there. The Republican Party and that people aren't important but certain Republican Party. It would end up. They have to open up here talk about that -- that house members you know and Nebraska. We're looking party won a primary. It's as the senate primary for the Republican and conservative. They are swept. The state. Legislature and think that it. And the Britain as a red states and people intensive. That it never happened and they ended up. And in -- company tough -- -- -- I think you know I absolutely. Power of the practice power of the purse. The for example the panel's. Republican and that's an amber at our act and a parent or Aetna because they want. -- -- cap the and they want to control the senate so but it -- into an Atlanta based. The senate senate majority leader. I think we have to -- only to make an attempt to Isiah Williams I multiparty. Have to make an attempt to zoom get more independence because if we can get more independence more than just the ones we're losing from the Republican Party. Then we've got better chance -- -- whip out the independence and without a a solid one piece Republican Party it's awfully hard to win elections. Bright and now I -- right talked about there's so it is truth to it. 2010. Was a landslide election we don't know that -- the good guys on the -- his. It's only twelve. It was not so good now why well -- and it and it wrapped. It sounded more like a Democrat. I hope not but did remember that. It. Debate where everything. About it. Randy -- ended -- and I support day to. President Hamid more like -- -- -- know what are the Democrats do. More than anything they've positioned Mitt Romney as a rich out of touch above the fray not a common guy while the truth is he was rich and aired and he's not a common guy. I think he's a decent person. But what happened is we -- left are so wide open -- present of that wider target. I and that's that's why we didn't win. And conservative state probably not. Three million people. Normally voted. -- for a good guy stayed home Internet modem -- talk about different. Knight and day between one election to another. And the Democrats are good at not only position -- taking advantage of things that. Really are are quite normal when a Romney said we're never going to get they whatever percentage was. A voters we're gonna concentrate on the rest. That's something that said every day behind closed doors away from the microphone because you pick your via best places to finally got a win. A but then by positioning what he said as he doesn't care about you. It made an even worse. Well -- fraudulent election. -- police spokesman for that Democrats. Which can they. My -- -- talked about there's somebody because we got to. Perpetrating. Minority plank right we -- gonna get away under way to -- -- -- -- the Democrats do the same thing. -- bubbly but we're not gonna what are gonna positioning them the best we've done as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi that's it. And they're good at that position everybody and everything they they dictate. The narrative of the race they really do and people follow what they say instead of doing independent thank. Well. And I like that pointed out I -- Liberal newspaper in this yeah Kratochvil is left you to know that the way that they're actually act. Editorial pages and you know -- and it probably is -- -- but -- the Obama been president. But -- other scandals in basement. You have written that one. Democratic and -- the editorial. Remotely critical of the president that one and I think you know -- can make it look good overall blown out. So tell -- the media is the last but -- back and barrel by the Democratic Party we know it. -- have played through it. Yeah and it's so you've -- I mean we've got a heavier burden than they do because as is the skids agrees it's a lot easier for them thank you Sam thanks -- well always a good starts them. We'll take a break we wanna hear from -- Does the Tea Party -- help the GOP. As a set it can be out of an enormous help to the GOP if the rank and file would listen. If if they don't listen it's it's our loss and the tea party's losses well and one word description of the Tea Party energetic. Optimistic. What what kind of word you want you -- -- -- -- here formulate a trio and -- -- wanted on six and 696. Starr at 930. And if you hear about guests that are going to be interviewed on the early morning news which you know you're not going to be available to hear them. Everything each day from John as Susan guest wise and Tom show and my show. Are replaced on demand go to WBN dot com and check out what's going on day and listen to it when your life. Caller we could do the show and we like. Tony that would be really like cool I. -- so let's say maybe we can porch of the doubt on that. Meanwhile us what Kevin has to say and Reynolds and our friend about the Tea Party or whether it's been good or bad for the Republicans are Kevin what's on your mind. I unity can be alone the -- one word to describe what happened to keep one word what would that be. In so treat -- infiltrated by home. IA BC reading and said it's been treated. The -- it used to be go. People like the reader and the party that you -- into the unfortunate -- -- Back in 2000. And opted to 2010. And you know street. You two are cheap -- he didn't keep up 81 Pete Sessions. And Mike Fitzpatrick access and the other guys I think it's a lumpectomy. I -- get these guys want. They went to Washington and its sister in Germany what we did we -- Fortunate to -- That's what's written -- read it that some some. Meet you calm and keep it. So that's why. I'd be a minute to set that are already millions of people Q -- from the last election because to see that because it will it will. Well you know you bring up fundraising. That seems to be prevalent no matter whether you're not going to run anymore you wanna build a war -- -- -- Mitch king -- maker yeah I mean we we see it all the time with the president. Anything important has to be worked around his fund raising trips and and and he can't run again for this for at least for this office. Why that's why Indian Didi -- sort of know here is their registration it was great article you to run for the show and on the deal senate. You know what -- was these. And we don't -- -- to the public you know we topics Seubert. Should give the guy he paid minimum reach. But in addition to that I I I picturing where are a repair my opinion that. If you are in public office like all these -- to -- to in order to -- right now. If you're you mentioned BP BP you. You know we deal is that you sit there and why you -- Campion and I think. That that's something that should be changed unfortunately he itself that that money is what is it is -- and everything right now but you'll want and not mine. I'm glad -- I'm glad you brought that up because that's always -- Burr under my saddle as the fact that you know they are there public service they're getting paid and once there announced candidates they're hardly ever on -- either running here they're running there. And to what kind of representational we getting. Exactly like it -- display and particularly just like pledge allegiance to the flag the race let's say. I pledge I pledge allegiance. To opt in 0222 Wall Street to something because that's -- we could be human. I also think that if they -- if they are sitting in an office okay may run for another office if they lose that race they should lose the seat they were holding. I really believe that there's no reason they should have that cushion because as I said they're -- and you're here reiterated. And they're not serving as when their out campaigning and benefit is we've lost their service as well I think they should give up the seat in order run. Exactly yeah so let's hope that they carry gates you -- that we get real here who will be a key party get Democrats not majority Democrats and Republicans. It was sort of a real change -- nick walked with these kind of idea and they're involved. I love it haven't I love it. I I like -- thinking thank you and minute Tony you said the same thing is while part of what Kevin just. Yeah term limits to me is the answer is the way to get money out big money out of politics and how you can't be so beholden to your party if you're just gonna be either for -- you know wherever the term is. Think of this the concept. -- concept of people giving up a job there would last for years and years and years to limited to say two years of 2000 represented as. And the people would have to make the decisions. Are the people holding those jobs now. I mean I wish there was an independent body. There could oversee elected offices and said this these -- the rules for elective offices because asking the people that hold them. And benefit from them to change them. It is like really tough I mean maybe they'll do it for a they'll stand on. On the moral high ground to say I'm doing a program -- country. But let's not mix any of these up with the original patriots the start of this country. We'll look at how the excuse themselves obamacare ya know if we have to live by the same. Rules is you people but we're gonna make -- there's another thing you tell me why rules -- congress passes oftentimes exempt them. And so it's it's easy. To pass judgment on somebody your supposedly representing. And make them jump through hoops that you don't have to jump through. Soviets -- just a few things we brought up in a couple of hours talking about this today and you wonder why oh why you know politics is so screwed up. They enact laws that they don't have dual bay. The they have better health care plans than the other people. From Obama care if things like that. Term limits means that once you get and it's really hard to get you outlets you screw up big time especially at a place like New York. If you if you're holding a seat Iran for an Odyssey -- still have the original state. I think you should have to give that up -- I mean there's a lot of things that could easily be changed. In the way we govern this country both nationally and locally and statewide. That would not affect negatively. The ability to govern. But they're not gonna do it because they found the honey pot they're up on the trade with the honey pot I've got to give honey -- to everybody else. But you'll put him there you -- send them there they love honey pot and now you can't get him away from it. -- tell me how that's gonna happen. With the people who are benefiting wanna give up the benefit -- not human. So I don't know way out of this thing on the record -- very little wanna hear from you go with the CBS poll in front of us does that Tea Party. Help or hurt the GOP and give me your one word description. Of the out of the Tea Party I'll give you my one word description of the next newscast. Fabulous. Standby. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA -- and that call is now 8030930. Cell calls are free and star and 930 -- toll free line is 18061619. -- -- This is CBS news bullet through his release his seventh this morning says that though -- talk about the Tea Party movement. And are you a supporter of the Tea Party movement novices across all of the of all of the designated. Republicans Democrats independents okay out of the of the 1009. Are you with support of the Teemu Tea Party movement yes 15%. And I know 75%. Now the highest it's ever been was 31%. And it now it went from 312221. When -- -- 2215. So that's -- that's quite -- among Republicans. Alone. Yes I'm a supporter 32% no I'm not 58%. So we have to win the hearts and minds I say -- week. I'm not an enrolled member of all of the Tea Party but idea must sympathetic toward their goals. I think first we have to win the hearts and minds of the people who pretend to be like us just a different version Abbas then we have to reach over the independence. We're never gonna get the Democrat you forget which -- -- time on that. So that's where you have to go and I'm asking is that Tea Party helping or hurting the GOP and -- one word description. Darien Williams always go pleasure to talk to. -- -- on WB. Well syndicate boring to you how are you -- description for the Tea Party. And I am a past member current member I believe in our philosophy is -- okay. The important thing that the Tea Party. They're Montrose was we want to ever reached still want fiscal responsibility. The one thing that solidified my membership with the Tea Party was a book that I read it's called this time is different. It goes back almost without ears and history. And look look -- what happens. When countries. Britain money like admit. It is the inevitable. We sent the Tea Party to Washington DC -- with great hopes that they would try or. Possibly be able to bring some fiscal sanity to Washington DC. They've been there it's not going to happen. -- you don't hear people talking about it that's for sure. So. Being myself an educated person on history and what happens when we're on the course -- work on. Is. What's going to happen is inevitable. And now we're really not. We're going to have to go bankrupt. Mom while we've seen what happens when Detroit went bankrupt. You're right though they were printing of feds are printing money like crazy. There's no there's no it is not a good cells say we have to tighten our belts it's a good sell to say hey here's some more free stuff. Sandy I -- in my possession. A Greek calling it's called a separate from. It was -- 2400. Years ago. I look at it every day because. It reminds me of -- the Greeks to. And the last days of the empire. It's worthless because they printed sole many all the things that eats except that all in. -- crescent point became worthless. It's been done by empire after empire after empire. Single out the course of time until present day. That's what we're doing now that leash the -- that I have it made a silver. The metal value of the calling. But as far as value has not. We're pretty cheaper. Think about it like this -- like this we hear the term kicking the can alma -- we hear it all over the place and that's exactly what we've been doing. It's like. There is no end to the party we if we need more will just print more money if we need Maher will will put off via the debt payment will do some thing that doesn't cause any pain right now. However late Iran. It might be catastrophic and that's what you're say. If you look or at the end of the world because other countries are starting to. Put together. Currencies. That work around that now. The dollars days are limited and assist the whole premise that it party we must balance our budget if that country will survive. Can you imagine. Two seconds after the rest of the world the players that dollar. Not the world's reserve currency and say -- that can't happen. -- that happens Simons island I'm entirely into history it can't happen. But the people at a Tea Party going back with with everything within their. Most of the other people in the country. Are actually. Well you know we have we have an arrogance. Sometimes it's amazing. Even the people that those that are here and have been here long time we seem to think that where immune to history. That a history will not repeat itself -- -- us because we have extraordinary -- methods and means. To avoid that but the bottom line is it's the same format -- it's the same format and the same result can be expected as you just outlined. Although they. Had the same Eric and so we didn't know where they are. Now as well I mean by prepare. Well -- is inevitable. I agree with you and I was a little nervous when you're talking about the last thing Greeks -- where their coins before they went bankrupt but thank you Gary always good -- -- vehicle. And I'd like -- law but he's right we have a certain air of and I think we we've earned a certain amount of self confidence so we say. We certainly have done a lot of great things but we can't rest on our laurels and we can't think they'll Wear a meal and it's like being immune to gravity. There are certain as certain things that happen. And if you do certain things most things happen at one of the things is what Gary was just talking about now. We can't keep this reckless spending but nobody wants to talk about tightening the belt. Nobody wants to talk about what is the last time you heard a federal giveaway program. Was taken off the market because it was either too expensive -- wasn't cost effective they never do that ever. I don't recall one. In fact they did they panic if we have -- if you don't need one as much as you estimate that because the people administering that giveaway program might might need to get another job. Imagine that we put a -- we don't take them out it's a scary adding and adding and adding in those subtracting. That math doesn't work will be back -- more would be incumbent. The Tea Party is -- helping or hurting the GOP that's the question Miller using a promise of CBS news poll which was released. At 7 AM and -- one word description. Of the unity party Chris we've had several oppose things we have and use any of them on FaceBook yet to give me a couple ways missile come. From just and he says the Tea Party help at the beginning but it seems to be hurting now which when he -- help. But then the Democrats fought back and when he twelve and just think if the movement peaked in 2012 -- about it the president. Yeah if you think about it oh wait we lost that though what's the word I'm looking for not aggressiveness but that fire in the belly. It's like a bunch rag tag people got together and said let's do this and it was a good idea but suddenly somebody stepped out of a crowd and said just remember. Remember where this whole thing was my idea. And if there's any radio or TV -- I wanna be credited I want my face in front of as I'm in charge of the Tea Party. And and you got everybody wanted to piece of these initial success. Have but the fire in the belly although it may still be there is not as apparent. And anytime you start any kind of a movement at the at the beginning is so important. Buddy it's easier than the middle. Okay the beginning as hey that's a fresh idea I think -- do it and then you find out what's involved in doing it. I'll wet -- opportunities you have -- obstacles way in the way and getting through that second segment is the toughest part. Because then if you get through that now your honor roll and people will be joining the movement there weren't there originally. But the first one is OK that's doable but the second part is the hardest and that's what we are now. That's what we are now we're in the second part. While I would like to believe that that we still have enough. Enough fire in the belly to keep this thing moving. But what I'm saying is some push back -- members of allegedly our own party which Republicans. As that as we said earlier if you wanna start a revolution. And you've got the rebels OK that's great you can fight the government troops and them maybe you'll win that maybe you won't. But the key is to get the government troops side then the government is overthrown not talking literally about overthrowing the US government. I'm talking about overthrowing the status quo. And that's what were and now we're in status quo where an okay I'm getting all these things I don't need them I'm now on any change change now. Fiscal responsibility however that suggests what Austria. This one comes from Amy she says I disagree with the Tea Party but I do give them credit for listing their fifteen non negotiable core beliefs right on their website. The Republican platform has become much more market -- Are you and and that's exactly what -- Alyssa has complained about earlier. I want to point you could say I can reach across the aisle and work on something for the common good. The atmosphere -- poison now and that's not the people -- but the timing is not right on the now. It doesn't seem like we're gonna do that now as soon as anything appears publicly would wanna pick it apart. Like go like road kill. We wanted to I would discourage. Anybody from actually are coming up with something creative but it's done. That's the way it is that that's the time we're living in one more please before you go back home. This is from Cathy she says it hurts it divides Republicans leads to too much in fighting. The Democrats loved this and they're taking full advantage Democrats absolutely love the one thing you would want is. Your opponent to be divided. And I divided loyalties divided in numbers divided in concept that's a dream come true. So as long as UK that the Democrats have a way they can fight among themselves. But when push comes to shove they close ranks and they know how to position I think that's the thing that benefits them the most positioning. Their opposition. In two. -- not worth your -- your attention. Net jobs away you know when somebody points -- it's of the opposition uses it now they're just the fanatics that believe that. He said that long enough I mean Masco World War II -- Noble's. The big lie keeps saying it over and over and over people believe that they -- so that because they've heard of X amount of times that it's true. I don't -- women but they tried in the last election you hear enough do you believe it's true. You can't refute everything you here at times you heard something you and not really sure it's right. But you don't challenged the person. Or the writer that wrote it. Is this kind of let it float away but in the back -- your mind it's deposited back there hasn't left you you haven't hit the -- delete button yet. And and that's the problem the get more more -- those -- tend to believe it's. You know I kinda think that that's the genius and Karl Rove implanting be over Hillary Clinton running up the brain damage yeah brain damage. Well what do we know about that we do know that she allegedly fell and hurt herself just before she was going to testify. Right we do know that. So I'm guessing that we never saw doctors. You know law. Outline of what was what what happened -- with the treatment laws or whatever I guess you could throw that in there but you're right it looks like Karl Rove trying to position Hillary Clinton. Okay -- because for years we never position anybody. We just kind of did our own thing -- we got clobbered many times call he had to do was throw that out there that little bit the doll. And that could that could that it and that's the way it's going right now. Let's go to it's doing and can mark thanks for your patients suing Iran WB again. It's been a good point about broke global on the the media because the media today is just -- like like the world. It's well movement a cookie party. And other conservative movement split. You know what the first few parties in Boston Harbor was on the taxation without representation today. We only have half the people paying taxes so we have a represented representation without taxation. And I don't look what what the two parties Tbilisi a look at what we have to -- academic record make and I'll be here. Ten million a year but it puts us in a position where we're world will -- and all the worry. And now we're we're good -- there too many people writing on the on the bandwagon dispute between two people calling it. And I think at most Miley pole partisan and get -- -- -- as well. All the abuse county executive of all people not just the taxpayers Elise said not just that taxpayers. And you wonder why it's six figure income and all of -- Paul you all out of this area droves but that's not want. But I want simple -- -- the -- here you really wonder about that the other elements and. And plus it's so much easier to raise taxes land on the federal level of 48%. -- like that don't pay any federal taxes so if you asked me. And I didn't pay I'd be in favor of it sure why not because it's not going to affect me and and you bring up that's that's the Achilles heel of this thing but we're not taking advantage of thanks to -- it reminds. I asked me. If I'm not paying taxes if if I'm in favor of higher taxes for everybody else is more more and more revenue -- -- Absolutely. It's like it's -- I have my car in the paper member. I have my car in the paper but I knew it was a specialized car. They'd have to see it. If they come and see if they'll want that but I'm not gonna put the price and because the price would scare them away and I got a call from a woman said I'm interested in your car I said yes man she says. Will you take the last. Keep in mind the price wasn't in there. I said less than what she's at less than you are asking I said what are my gas gauge that I don't know a similar view on alternate last. And that's the kind of -- organic that's -- kind of government we're getting. Where accepting less and less for us the taxpayers. And more more for the non taxpayers. That's the way. That's bill. All right we'll see tomorrow morning at nine on news -- 930 WB yeah. We never dreamed could be used --

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