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5-21 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward region governor at 7 AMC BS news unveiled their latest poll regarding that Tea Party and their position. In what's going on politics today. First of all -- The plus horror or minus margin of error is 3% on this. A total respondents -- 1099. But remember what I told you. Of -- 1099. The on waited let's see out of a 1099. On waited Republicans only 239. Democrats 325. Independents or 45. Than they awaited them up. But they keep in mind now you have to kind of put -- -- -- dole with video digest a digest of track of these numbers supporter of the Tea Party movements. Yes or no this is for everybody now yes only 15%. No 75%. Supporter of the Tea Party movement among Republicans. Yes 32%. No 58%. So it's it's it's overwhelming. You know among Republicans Silverberg booted the goal of the Tea Party is to convince. Rank and file Republican status quo Republicans that we we must be more reform minded that we can't beat by just adopting lite versions of democratic proposals. And if you can't do that. It's going to be very tough 20 win a sizable number. Of -- elective offices I mean you might get some simply because of people want some change. But I think for a real movement you have to convince those who aren't yet convinced in your own party first. I think it's much harder to -- somebody who's in another party to start with but your own party should be here for school. So I'm asking it took questions basically does the Tea Party help or hurt the GOP. And then get one word description of the Tea Party. Maybe the -- is hopeful. Maybe the word is angry who knows that the lord has forgive me a one word description and then we'll talk about. Let's go to was stand in Rochester stand here on WB again. I ND. Looking at -- Tea Party movement. The 2012 election -- most important election right kind. They failed to visible out. Obama won reelection easily conservative lost seats in the house and senate. They're failing. These Republicans do not elect them they wanna get rid of them. If it take a look at reality. They're a little or no use to be conservative movement. -- the problem is if the Republicans have no use four of the Tea Party people. Even at 15%. 15%. Of of your total is up that's a lot of votes so -- they don't do do much to reach out of the Tea Party people with Tea Party have to do more. Two to get the conservative rank and file a filed a change -- attitude about it I don't see it happening. Probably lived up. The problem is that they're getting it wrong that you've got to do it into the media. Right -- doom and -- this guy is falling very depressing the women don't like it. Say like the 49%. Both feel like the women involved and I are able to dusty. The -- and cut it hit the wrong messages. Very impacting people going to hurt apes prequel to the. So what what are you go first of all any talk about a third party is ridiculous third parties it just doesn't work you get your message job -- -- never gonna win. Basically. So what are you don't you just fold your tent and and say okay let's I'll go along get along so we can win an office where do you stand your ground. Particularly -- your wounds. Gonna pick maybe a decade. -- reorganize. You put a little happy face down. Is that we get cracking and everything else. You go out and reached to the people. Who need people. And then win them all for as long that you conservative state in a Republican Party. They're going nowhere and that they believe they have no place to go they got totally did you make over happy face the whole bit that it takes to win elections. Well look like this if you couldn't. Put a convincing argument against Barack Obama in the second term in the second election. And while I mean what you're lucky that I did the guy has not been a success by any measure by any manner of means and yet he won two terms if you if you don't get your message across on a second term -- it. Her anymore they're they're turned out. You don't wanna hear it you're preaching to acquire. Yeah I think it's and I'm not only that. There are ways to trying convince people not only it's in your best interest to do it but how about best it's a good idea. How about this it has legs it has long -- and -- if we if we managed to get this done we can be empower for a long long time so not just use the club his little convincing every once in awhile I don't get the impression that there's a lot of convincing coming out of the Tea Party is mainly if you don't wallow like what we're going we're gonna try and defeat you. Which I guess that's one weapon but it's not going to is not a commits a lot of people. Candy they compare it will stay -- minority party within the Republican Party that is the big guys to Democrat who looks like. There have -- there's these deep successful party and no matter what compared doer out what they throw at him he can't take them down if Obama. What a conservative or -- curry general they had been gone long on the go there and third period state. And you know what so what disappoints me so far we're only talking about though the the infighting within the Republican Party. The Democrats are very happy feeding all those cookies out and the people getting those cookies are very happy they're -- voting democratic. Unless things change in a major fashion I see a long drought before the Republican Party before we -- Off. That'll do it that'll do it and you get to amnesty you might as well forget about the two party system thank you. You know people who take a different political you'll laugh at that it's not nothing to be -- -- amnesty. What -- thirteen million people are now illegal nobody really knows that's usually the lowest number that your quoted thirteen million. Where do you think most of those votes ago. You know our most -- ago they go to the Democrats -- right it's over it is over with amnesty to say. And but the Republicans seem to be very comfortable with the thought of immigration reform it's even. It's even this named. Reform. It's capitulation. That's all it is it's it cause I'm sorry is still part of an effort for you to make -- come on in no questions that here's your gift basket. I'd -- I don't think the Democrats are gonna give up that format because it works for them generally. -- usually they have to screw up in order to lose their seat. I don't know maybe we've had enough of Obama nationally all the service agency. Say though a lot of the things that he's done have not been well received including obamacare but if you look down the road so. -- even among both parties don't think we're heading in the right direction. Now it was a time to take advantage of that he can't -- -- fighting he got to deal would be and fighting privately quietly and convincingly. If you just get out and day and denounce your fellow Republicans. That that Chisholm is gonna stay there and your gonna stay home the day after Election Day in the work -- in office will be back office. Where are working -- Vegas CBS poll. That -- as a of all the parties. That were interviewed. Supporters of the Tea Party movement. 15%. Say yes 75%. Say no when there's always on the don't know. Among Republicans. Which it did include the Tea Party members. 32% say yes we go whichever of the party 58% says no. So -- mission statement from the Tea Party is to convince others in the Republican Party. That it's more beneficial to start thinking reform thoughts. And instead a status quo and I don't know. -- you do that -- people of fat and sassy and comfortable with where they are even though most of us tonight happy. With the general drift to the left of the Republican Party let's go to a -- and Roy -- on WB yen. And then give me your thoughts on this. Well my thoughts are -- try to make it quick curled callers are the party I -- all for. And when. You were. Because you are -- eight -- it markers. Are right in the east are there. And a poll right during my situation is that yet public but -- -- in fighting. Crying out while. They're ready at what I hear someone a Republican candidates and elect me because I can work with the Democrats I can work that means not. And you. It means is it in the buffalo will they Democrats watch it looked like reaching across I'll. If -- we it would never backed out abortion they were never back down and now. On gay marriage. They would never back down and -- -- taxes error. That while lower taxes smaller government. -- Just didn't you do that you might as a Democrat run at it right. They look back council white should we. Why is that the party -- rotten because we. As we don't get it. You know. I -- -- view. Of the Democratic Party and not concern about working wanna get off. Circuit. So what 101. Or. Are. Now. I yeah I I love the goals of Tea Party to a and a bit. Various aspects of it but it's like a revolution. You know you can now vote let's -- -- like that you can have a group of dedicated people who are anti government. And that's fine but if you can convince some of the government troops to come over to your side now. Now you can get things change and I think that's what we have to do but in this case we don't even have across party lines if we can get our own party to come over. We can be ultra successful. And I don't see that happening I see it going the other way. Well I feel like what narrows it got a call from Rochester -- -- -- -- man one Italy he won it in or -- or Italy because first ball. But the -- -- walker. Accurately the Ira wheeled mobile Eric. Poppy you know that that and the cage right there I I wish it would get from the little more -- in the did not rob but I like. Are all quality was good and it -- -- Watch the front of the woke up. And have you noticed that -- Democrats do one thing much better than Republicans do and that's positioning. They've even taken something like been Ghazi which for alive -- is a loss and a lot of serious questions have to be answered. And now they are they're positioned it as anybody who brings it up now it's just a radical but they're not they're not interested -- really been Ghazi they're just interest in hurting the Democrats. They're very good -- turning stuff like that around. You're absolutely right eight. But the thing is when you look -- trick out. -- you know stay the course he'd go what you know don't forget about what the immediate strike food and not just going to you know you're going in the right direction. Well I -- -- keep the faith Dan because that we all need that and if we have to win -- one on -- time one conversion out of time that's what will do but I think it's important to have. Our standards it's important to have plans and ideas and to be able to convince others that they should join in thank you Dan. That don't have a problem as. That though we have to convince our own troops first which would be the traditional Republicans. Maybe you're not upset because you got a good job blah blah blah blah blah but if you wanna get if you want the big prize. The big prize. Makes you have to think about your priorities. And sometimes you may have to -- the ball a little bit and kind of slide over to the Tea Party side. And we get bigger as the movement gets bigger instead of the fact that it seems right now would be divisive. In doesn't seem like it's convincing many people on our side let alone people across the. See the way I look at it as is the old school Republicans are more the problem than the Tea Party. Because they're the ones that are the sellouts they are the ones that want the status quo because they want to keep what they have they don't want anything to change. I agree -- here's what they do have numbers that's the problem they have numbers of people they have many more people than the Tea Party has people. And if if most of those people are not dissatisfied. How do you convince them that they -- or look over their priority she may be repositioned a few things. Yeah I think now's the time more than anything and the than ever to get behind the Tea Party. Especially. When we talk about amnesty we because once that happens like you said it's okay. It's over now I would be if Hillary Clinton runs OK I don't wanna jump too far ahead but if she runs. I mean when people start bringing up the baggage I can tell you what the Democrats are gonna do block the same all arguments the same all fanatics can't we move for a fall short. And all the real issues all the core issues getting lost. Because they are so good at positioning. We are not good at positioning. I mean yeah -- every once in awhile somebody will try to position Harry Reid. Or maybe Nancy Pelosi because she seems to be the dumbest person I've ever seen that was -- about -- she -- yeah she gets. And Doug Whitley wing position wanted to -- they position the whole movement. And they've been very successful at that. And so if they are really bad for you. Would you be inclined to drift over to what some what one group has been positioned as as radical probably not. So it's it's all about that don't and we're not good edit and we don't seem to be getting any better at it. Positioning is you know a -- Brees drove the ball positioning them the battle for your mind and they did -- about you know things that are on the media. And products being sold or whatever but it's the same thing -- politics positioning is everything because once -- position you you've got to not only sell your message he got a and so the message I put on new. We can't look at rate now the perfect formula for this country going down is what's happening -- now you have a high number of people who are. Beholden to the government who are getting their monthly checks. And they are not interested in and change because they like it. You've got the other -- you got the other. Mindset of -- of Mimi society while only care about what's going on in my life I don't care about my knee broke. Exactly and the thought of vote immigration reform just that term. Every farm thing. About that most of us have no problem -- reform but this isn't about reform it's about capitulation. They don't save that. They don't have to say that they're good at positioning. Take a break we'll be back. Are let's say does that Tea Party help or hurt the GOP and give me your one word description of the Tea Party under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. Religion governor just a -- a couple of days ago we reminded you but a WB BZ. It's a TV and meet TVM buffalo is having giants' week Monday and Tuesday they had or African Tom. You know last names and today and tomorrow it's the giants of radio. The rebroadcast from the event awhile back at the history museum would Danny -- And Joey Reynolds and stand Roberts and chain and myself and I like to thank counterargument for listing. By the way the personalities and putting me last thank you. But anyway so that is that tonight and tomorrow hopeful. As tonight tomorrow on WBZ its -- and that on Friday as women. I'll vote a vote buffalo broadcasting including our Carol Jason's is in banks -- LaSalle ski. I see -- George Jones everybody's going to be there so Phil's gonna go jump along with that station and I want chicken outs tonight at 6 o'clock meanwhile if you -- part of our shows either -- show or my show or the interviews Donna in the morning news. You can get among demanded WBN dot com idea or sell most of my own show because you know why because I'm amazed by. And once I listen to myself I can't tear myself away from radio to do anything else that I sit -- -- before and say. Could a man and the wiser on this man and that I realize it's me. It kind of makes my day you know what I mean it's that's same as the -- back I get from Gregory. Actually I feel stabbing pain every time the pass in the back I think -- something in his hand. A let's go to -- Mike in Cheektowaga Mike you're on WB again. You know and a -- Mike the question is does the Tea Party help or hurt the GOP what do you think. I think he is you're looking at the wrong way I think it's the GOP. Get hurt that -- -- good and I like. The Tea Party is -- in GOP put up forward. They wanted stated crow and were willing to take credit for Reagan when he won. But it's the Tea Party with the Reagan ideals. That is trying to -- come up here and the establishment GOP. Just doesn't want to do that they wanna keep the power themselves. While that's true and that's a good way to look at that I that's a fresh perspective I wish we could first of all we have to convince those who. Allegedly or under the same tent. And then try and reach out to maybe independents. We're never gonna probably get Democrats but the independence is -- out there and if we can commence our own people. We can have some some traffic on this how to -- how do we do it how do we convince. Traditional GOP people that are OK what what it is now. That it really is an okay and they should reconsider. You have to run someone who like Ronald Reagan expresses the ideas. In a way people can understand and Reagan took a huge number of Democrats. He had the landslide Dick treaty that would because he could express an idea. That everyone could agree to lower taxes. Make it -- tiny bit better for business. And any also ahead -- yet the ability to announce not a -- but articulate. The idea -- in -- even though he was a movie star and and and wealthy man as a regular guy. -- it was hard not to like him even if you didn't like his ideas so those kind of categories don't come along everyday. He also did -- fighting against. The GOP establishment that wanted to run forward. -- on you see what kind of a president Ford was. So you don't you think that yeah I should look at it the other way around and I think I'll give that consideration because you're probably right Mike thank you. Out it is yes -- This seems to mean I was just thinking about this that may be wanting that the the Republicans in the Tea Party kid. Really gain the trust in the rest of America would be for term limits come out there has said look I am willing to only know Warner two terms however. -- do it and then turn it over to someone else because I believe it's the good for the for the country it's gonna take the big money bribes -- of politics. I like it and it's certainly the argument can be made for that because especially now will evolve the the big money going to lobbyists. You if you're in congress or whatever position you hold once they get the announcing -- -- -- but once they convince you that there. That they're worth considering they got -- forever. As opposed to okay remind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have to bribe into a new group every two years in the house. Six years in the senate that's longer but the bottom line is that it wouldn't be in your pocket all the time. And what is it a body in motion tends to stay in motion. You're working with a lobby issue tend to stay working lobbyist whereas opposed it if you couldn't run another term. Then in aid. A person with new ideas. Might have I think we keep government -- -- If you really think about it at end of the outrage of this. To get a life time pension. From the government as -- as a representative. For truly yours that's all you have to do is when one term. One arm to -- -- 24 months are you kidding me. A lifetime pension for two years of service what's wrong with that picture a lot. But there's -- any goodies in there. That somewhere know about somewhere down. That's that you're not on the top of the priority poll I can tell you that. Their own personal welfare is is right up there. The ability to have staying power. And do what you have to do so that you don't have to pack up and go home is way ahead of you that's all they send you the bill you get the -- -- for all. But they get to pick and choose how the money spent we'll be back after. -- CBS poll released this morning at 7 o'clock. Says that's a part of that Tea Party movement may be waning now I told you before you look at the back pages these things to find out. Many first of all how many respondents they had in this case a 1009. Which is good sample size. Margin of error three points which is acceptable. But this is an acceptable. The let's let's look at the on -- numbers is the actual people that they talked to. Republicans. 239. Out of a 1009. Democrats 325. Out of a 1009. In independence 445. -- each of those is all right if you're just asking for that party. But when you put them together is that it doesn't skew properly because of the percentage of on waited now they trying to wake him up. To make them as a fair as possible but I'm I always casts -- -- I wanna see things like that. According to have a -- of the movement of talk about the party may be losing some of its core constituency Republicans 32%. Of self identified Republicans now consider themselves supporters of the Tea Party that's down ten points from February decline of 23 points. From July of 2010. The summer before the Republican Party took control of the house. Percent as the Republicans who identifies Tea Party supporters is now among the lowest and CBS news poll but I would take that with a -- Gasol. However the the trend is downward in numbers for the Tea Party so my question is. The Tea Party helping or hurting the GOP's. And give me a one -- definition if you. Let's go to Christine thanks for holding in buffalo on WB. -- and the you make a lot of sense. You I've been active Republican in buffalo for some time and second 1970s they ran twice on the Republican ticket for public office but right now the Republican Party in buffalo is dead. And I'd like to -- parity. Most of the values of the Tea Party that they have to change their tactics they have to. Become very invited to get to run for committee people and an even become it's part of -- election -- Republican inspectors in buffalo. When they become they could easily become. Aiken many person by maybe getting three signatures in about well then they can go to meetings. They could have import. And they could start changing the parity and they could get their candidates that they -- in -- -- The word that I would call them would be energetic I like there enthusiasm. You know and they got good ideas but they gotta get down to vote. Nitty gritty and a priest -- and talk to people pass out literature mobile worker and someone. Makes a lot of it is sense what you're saying is our our ground up -- all Iowa I don't wanna say because of Democrats use another term. A grassroots but from a ground up a build your foundation and work from that way up instead of just jumping in front of the TV. Might become chairman of of my area you know there's as -- person but low as they say it's is very lonely and -- being -- Republican. As we need workers you know. Well I understand -- and the Arabic at the GOP always sacrifices buffalo so that they have a better chance to win in the suburbs tonight. I think that if you -- legitimate -- try to compete every place you can and even if you get your head handed to you on a plate early show will -- your message was -- Right right I did it change if things change because they ran for office so even -- I came very close to winning. So end isn't it good to get out there you know I got a stack the deck I like your -- if they got a we invite these speed by -- their energy Asia cup in two apparent in every. You know all these and Republicans. And -- and we need to. I know why I like your energy level right Christine thank you for staying -- OK very good but Christina is right. If you really want a movement it has to start I don't wanna -- grassroots because grassroots is basically -- a democratic. But it's the same thing. If you've got to start a ground up movement. The stuff that's not very glamorous. You're winning these these people's hearts and minds one at a time and you grow from there. Instead of vote instead of the focus being I'm sure other workers stunt but the focus being on appearing in front of the media. And then bang and a drum that's fine occasionally and you know the right time it has an impact you've done the right way. But the real work is the behind the scenes. It's it's much like watching the Buffalo Bills play football. You go to the stadium and watch them play the game that's one thing but what went into that. The drafts one into that the training went into that. The the college experience of all of them went into that the coach's philosophy went into that there was so much that went into it. These before you sat down to watch the game that the game is the final part of okay. Now it's sad that all that went into it and and sometimes you still -- went but at least you've got to put in your time. And I like what Christine says Christine made a lot of sense I think -- we have a a rush to. Photo opportunity we have via with the Tea Party because it seem like the moment is here. Quack let me pay that tall and get down about -- like get in front of a camera. That's what I wanna do a lot of their front of a camera idea I want my name Jabil is that a newspaper story does that mean I'm important. You really cared about the issue you wouldn't care whose name is news you wouldn't care whose photo was on the paper you wouldn't care about any of that you'd only care about winning winning winning. -- -- quarter famous coach. I think he says that we're not really sure what the Lombardi said winning isn't everything it's the only thing. That he denies saying that from what I've read that that's not exactly not exactly okay I I never liked that concept to be honest -- To me the end results are are the results of the hard work would -- when nobody's looking. Like doing the right thing when nobody's looking. And that's -- at the early should be if you believe in that I think most of us know most of us but a lot of us. I do believe in in reform specially now governments that loaded. Just handing out money like it's it's never going to end this president. Is is going to go down in history long after world gone as maybe one of our worst presidents ever. Ended at the thing is that his party is so good it. Attila at positioning the opposition. That he's not taking the criticism he should -- now the latest thing I wanna get off the track of the VA thing. The -- that so he just seems to deflect everything. Then guys now now they think if you bring when Ghazi up your raving idiot which is unfair because we did lose four. Human beings and that people forgot about that all of these things that legitimately. Should stick of a coat -- of this president don't he's just like the Teflon Don. All he has the major media back to them optional if you only have one network fox that's going after him -- Would hope as the rest of the country now. Well that's that's because the main communication between. Any government and its people as the media. And if you have very compliant media like this one is it reminds me -- a media that doesn't -- lows there accessibility pass. In -- I'm talking about and they fought and when they shouldn't be fawning. They're not good aggressive journalists when they should be good aggressive journalist and this president's skating and he's been skating for a missile time. And when he's gone what I'm afraid of is gonna hand the states that Hillary Clinton. And we certainly don't need that and anybody bringing up a legitimate issue with Hillary Clinton is going to be pointed out as. Same ball same ball let's pass that lets move on all the blob blob block crap that we heard -- As an example of its anti women eggs they hate women -- go to war on women all of this crap. And the the mindless C -- of people get all of their information from the mass media was his dog series. I gotta root for her. That Republicans pay women will be back tomorrow -- company under Israeli Illini started that was my imitation of a clueless -- -- like that. I haven't changed my party affiliation. -- Yeah thank you and -- Iraq one bar would be to governing under is ready at 930 we are WBE.

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