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5-21 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All alone alone is bridging company and I'm sandy -- thanks to Johnson's number giving doesn't -- what's going on weather wise until I turn on the radio 5 this morning. I didn't know that the rain was a problem in the southern -- Not much going on up in Niagara Condit will keep informed of all that got a lot talk about today. And I went Saddam base in the afternoon around there and didn't get the -- fabulous chart apartment at a good time. Yes yes yes you know they sell about a five pound chocolate bars now there about likeness they would like gold bars you know. And I had to walk right by them went to see a movie yesterday normally I don't seek out religious type movies I just don't aren't. For a reason but I don't. But I went to see a movie yesterday that you may be aware of called heaven is for real. Our guest says the book came out like four years ago and says people I talk to read the book. The movie I thought was remarkable. Really remarkable the acting and it was fabulous 41 thing Greg in the air. Is the father. The of the and and his acting was superb. I don't know the mother was I didn't recognize -- name in the credits she was good true but the boy. The boy who nearly died on the operating table and says he wasn't haven't. Set in jesus' -- lap. And whatever the -- it is unbelievable. When you go to see the movie you know usually with child actors. Even good ones. Like two and have meant. Every once in awhile you'll look at -- you go the other acting now misses you could see they're acting. You never got that impression -- this -- this was not the most adorable kid -- in the world and and you believed everything you said. So I I don't know if you're inclined to see a movie like that. But if you are it's. Very well done I mean very while non and obviously. For those of you are super sensitive it's a difficult. Subject they're talking about the death and and near death experiences. But I think it's worth the worth your while. Except one thing it was at a multiplex. OK and it's at -- moderate voice that I really -- I don't know if it was God's Zeller or if there was another film. The problems of multiplexes as the sound on everything it has a lot of base and that like god -- Bleeds through. So here you are watching this very religious movie about. You know people's faith and whatever and you. -- -- god awful roar coming through the wall. I mean and you -- that's part of that movie. If your -- when you're watching -- part of something else. -- and there is almost superhero movies and things playing at the different affairs I'm not sure what the soundtrack was it was bleeding through. Now but it was it was good. A before the movie started though I I've I must mention this. Before the movie started. There were a lot of people at the theater that maybe does okay. And they were to only two people sitting behind where I was sitting so I couldn't see Democrats in the others are problematic. And all during -- previews and Alvis atlas. Yeah activity activity activity activity activity. And -- figure OK it's gonna stop. Once the movie starts so just bear you know it's it's only go previews anyway. But that once a movie started -- the more he -- the agony and I'm thinking. Now what do the largest turnaround Google. I decided maybe I'll turn around a except when I turned around. And the women were are all I don't know all estimated 860. Years old. Both of so. Go -- a minute run out of words -- -- -- mean did -- the movies are some images that captured by the movie. Because. And that -- got a savings you know what what are you gotta go. Yeah yeah this is excellent fall guy who -- other plaza was bald. Turnaround I wish to us. Everybody's mom and -- can't prevent -- that's not that's not acceptable not gonna happen. But it was great you ever go to see -- movie like that. Where people are talking and -- run at the religious theme. No I don't either I really don't I'm not drawn them for some reason I mean I've seen all the classic religious movies. Passion of the Christ was brutal. To sit through but it was very well done. And and there was some excellent religious religious themed movies. A but I usually don't -- don't find my way into the theater for -- but yesterday it was a quite quite nice. I think if you look at me you know movies just being content means probably my favorite. Yes they've but they managed you'll find a new heights -- -- to split the waters. It's not as not as mechanical refused to -- the animals is headed out now most of the ought to do that without without that the of the technical aids right -- just sit on his army was the original editor he got nevermind. Nevermind some of these others. I care a lot to talk about a lot -- today -- -- -- -- and company you tell me about this the other day Tony off the air. And I just saw a piece about it. First of all if this doesn't get you all our attention. This is -- at Texas. The first sentence ought to get your attention. A sixty million dollar high school football stadium all right you're saying why. I I remember when I was going to work in Dallas and they showed me around the town. Are doubtful worth and bay they showed me some they said this is such and such high school stadium looked at it looked like our stadium. As it while -- or yeah football is huge. Down here. And -- when they play football it's like the NFL let's just the way it hasn't -- any stadiums routinely they were 203040000. They sell season tickets for high school now. So this doesn't surprise me except for the big price tag a six feet. Million dollar high school football stadium in Allen Texas not Mack Allen Texas. I thought -- that was McCallum knew Tony yesterday that's on the board this is Allen Texas. That was opened in 2012. Will be shut down for the upcoming season. Administrators have hoped to have Eagles stadium ready for the fall but. Inspections found structural problems including cracks of the concrete concourse and building code violations. So imagine putting up a sixty million dollar stadium for high school football. And I'm finding it can play him. Came out we made a big deal about it. Yet all that fall school football here at the great. In the -- unions can be shields for well I think that's one of the that's definitive proof that anybody tells you there's a lot of money in Texas is the line. I mean there's a lot of money in Texas. Meanwhile in Minnesota. At -- -- on the house -- name. Outside of Springfield mass -- it's uncalled Chicopee this is shackled me. Is that what happens when O'Neal has to use the men's room is at a shackled feet. Oh yeah and I we the various elements of the show into one small piece of clause. In check OP Minnesota the State's only women's prison. Will get a fence around its perimeter. The -- painful the president has tight security for the 600 women inmates including nearly a hundred women convicted of homicide. But has never had a fence surrounding its grounds from the surrounding neighborhood. Now I'm thinking of this 600. In a female inmates in there I wanna buy a house close by just in case one escapes a you know they'll stop at your house first would that be nice to come. And its content that. Day here at the president. Of yeah they AM I don't know how many of them over the wall before they decided they needed a perimeter fence. We'll take a break will be back with more road between company under his radio and I'm thirty that we are WB. Oh by the way of those of you -- Now get this slow forming put the -- aren't listening now. I wanna remind you that you can you can hear what we're doing every day on demand if you go to WB and -- come. And so if if you're not listening now want to write that down. I did it is -- access via. -- A lot if you are listening tell somebody who is endlessly about it OK are you just can't get enough of -- I'm -- outselling it. Are they re it's repeated every day time show my show ended the newsmaker interviews that Johnson doesn't do each and every morning it's on demand on. A WB and dot com while Paul McCartney -- of us are Paul. Paul McCartney has had to cancel his entire Japanese store he was gonna try it was L. And he said he was gonna try and perform anyway despite the advice of his doctors. And that and and it couldn't go his doctors have. Told him that he needs complete bed rest he's 71 years old after all. -- or cancel whole Japanese tour you know what frightens me about this he cancels the Japanese tour. I hope -- about you know what I'm talking about a hill squash that little vegetarian I got -- I'm just said and if he tells this friend mark throw. I mean -- never be able performance and what are what happen. Great during a McCartney concert. I'm he's got enough money could do it. -- set up an appearance without telling anybody of god -- touring the concert except people would stampede and the injured and -- I would -- an outsider that is good idea. -- McCartney. I was playing you know a Milwaukee. Once when I was up there at the WZTR. And they were he and his wife at the time. Were touting these though these veggie hot dogs they were -- tofu hot dogs there weren't real hot dogs. And mine knows woman. A -- was going to the concert. So I said you've got to buy one of those and bring our men and tomorrow morning we started 5 AM. At 5 AM I want should be. I want you to eat the hopeful hot dog. And she did just watching carried it -- column mad are you kidding me it's like she didn't particularly like it wasn't very tasty. But you know there were doing her part for. The earth or whatever who knows but but the -- they were selling these hot dogs a county stadium he had a great crowd there. I don't know if he still does that are not touts a certain foods election. It's hired let me just get your opinion. Don't you get tired of being lectured by all of the celebrity's. And -- and people with special skills on how were all doing everything wrong especially -- our diet or were reading the wrong things. We're doing the wrong things and all the things that tells we should be going if you like ten years they'll tell you shouldn't have been doing. Just -- works. But we get lectured all the time you can have this you can have that. You can you know -- this has got to be a moderation now some schools trying to opt out of the federal guidelines. Michelle Obama who put herself in charge of our menu. Is not happy about that but they're they're trying to do -- him in the of the losses they can opt out if they're losing money. I -- it was money. See what's in the trash cans and that's what they're doing gossip and -- -- admitted to prosecutors are -- -- -- -- -- a dollar store you can impact your kids hopeful for the rest of his life and it's -- -- go up the door and he's gonna did you. And he's got to get the PBJ did his friend says our government. And that's the way it is and start making deals yeah yeah you know I really don't -- -- it was not that particular. When I was going to school in fact the UV featured ingredient in any one week would be -- As -- could I have another helping of lard -- I go back to Allard president stated that isn't there an expression Allard -- you think that comes room with him to play. All the things that make food better are good for you right. If it's. -- cruel joke seriously that anything we really enjoy we shouldn't be enjoying -- anything we really hate is being forced upon us. I've read are -- recent studies and they contradict each each other as to what you can eat well. -- for years you told that this is bad for you and then another one -- actually it's not. And you know we've heard the term special needs are usually. Applies to children who have special needs for learning and things like that but I think any time you go out to dinner. You are usually with somebody who has special needs. Now I can understand allergies like I'm allergic to moments. I need omens to die so I pretty much stay away from moments you know I don't need an -- electric shock as -- I just only that but most people. When the waitress comes over the waiter comes over the server comes over that's just the beginning of a long diatribe about what you shouldn't eat. And them I don't know I just usually for the third item armament. -- when government move as well Chris you get that -- when you're out to eat little lectures on what we should or shouldn't be going. There is a list I saw yesterday of late -- twelve worst -- you can eat. And it was horrible it was like hamburgers hot dogs bagel and Robert stuff that's legitimate -- was analyst at what are we supposed to each his -- out and what's the point. What's the point of us walking on the earth -- I will walk a few years longer but we're going to be miserable whole time if given a choice. Cut a few years off the end enjoy something. What's the point and I just don't get the point if you obviously if you have a an allergy to something that's a different story. But just trying to do the right thing every day is not against gets boring to. I've photos -- great comfort to us should it's not like we just use it for sustenance we use it for wrote. I'm making Arizona -- matter is there any better comfort food and nice piece of pizza. I'm cheeseburger cheeseburger. About that haystack you -- all of a haystack a banana split at all the most payable theatre I had some a great big might mean -- chocolate bars for the biggest Hershey -- look like a wimp compared to this this was really good stuff but I didn't get spring and the apple -- you know well -- -- should be selling apple -- It's something during this newscast just to prove what a rebel I am will be back after this. -- home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WD again. Elliott back Rivera -- -- governor of sandy beach. And there's no CBS news -- a lot of it was released currency it is denying. 939. It was released two hours and 39 minutes ago. Kansas so it's it's kind of looks at -- party. And its effect. On the -- on the primaries which are just happened. If you would just turning on the radio or TV or you'll get the paper sometime today while some of the things you'll notice is that. Some of the Tea Party candidates that went up against the established Republican candidates. I didn't have the effective that the Tea Party was hoping for Mitch McConnell would be a good example of that well there's a survey comes out in conjunction. -- win of the fact that it is that we just had via. A primary and it talks about the Tea Party and its effect on those Democrats Republicans and independents. Now keep in mind just so we'll set the record straight I you know I've I believe a lot of the things that the party believes absolutely positively. Believe in smaller government I believe more rationalize spending things like that I believe that. When you keep drifting and drifting trying to accommodate everybody lined up not accommodating anybody. And we've we've done shows on that where there's not a lot of difference between a Republican position. Andy a democratic position on things like illegal immigration and things like that. So having said that. Oh while one of the things that I noticed about this survey. Is something that's kind of technical. A but I think I should tell you because. Because -- program for seventeen years and I I can read you know I can reduce serving inside out backwards in a dark Rome okay. I know I look at the front page -- the back page the back page of a survey we're usually telling you. How many respondents -- a margin of error things like that but they also talk about waiting. And just and is known not like waiting for a train now waiting word they wait what they wait. Things to make them representative of the population. Okay say -- let's say a certain percentage of your population was a certain age group. About they'd interviewed people but they didn't get enough representation. To represent that same percentage in the survey so they'll waited up. Another words one opinion my account for more than one opinion in order to get it where it should be. And then you know look in the -- how much the survey was -- see if you can figure this out -- this is the CBS. Other total respondents. Where hot 1009. Which is a decent sample size but he margin -- error is three points plus or minus three points so so far all right. Now because this is about. Political parties and and and factions of parties which I am a Democrat independent. Republican and Tea Party. You'll look to see who they talked to -- group. Now some of these are specific to -- just talked to one a section and they identified as that but when you're looking at the at the grand totals. Then you have to add these things in your head. Total responses a 1009. They talk to 200 and at 28. Republicans. That set 327. Democrats. And 453. Independence. And and so they got a big got waited. But if you look at the the original sample. Why so few Republicans why so many independents. Why are so many more Democrats than Republicans. As I said some of these questions are for a specific party only. And and it wouldn't impact bat as much as it would impact. The total look at the service so I I hope I explained that enough to say there should be a bit of skepticism and here but. We will go through numbers and we'll see what's happening well ask you some questions. Via text of this CBS poll says the Tea Party was an important factor in the 2010 elections but their support may be waning. Today just 15%. Of Americans say they are supporters of the Tea Party movement. Now okay now the number I just gave you 15% keep in my what I just told you about how this survey was weighted. All right so -- you gonna take that into consideration. Because they're asking not just Republicans are asking independents and they're asking Democrats. Which would far outnumber the Republicans in this -- So 15% of Americans say their supporters of the Tea Party movement the lowest since CBS news began asking about the Tea Party and Janet in a February about ten. Tea Party reached its highest level of support November a 22 and soon after the mid term elections okay this is for everybody now. Do you support the Tea Party movement. Yes. 15%. No 75%. But -- -- my what I just told you have to put these in their proper. Places. The movement may be losing some of its core constituency. Of 32% of a self identified Republicans now consider themselves supporters of the Tea Party down ten points. From February decline of 23 points since a 2010. Supporter of Tea Party movement yes. As we just said 32%. No 58%. So -- it within the -- within that. That structure. It is losing some steam. It makes no difference which party controls congress that's the question things go on just as they did before. 45%. Agree 53%. Disagree. Well if they had asked me -- totally disagree it does matter which party controls congress because. Especially when you have a president like this. This isn't a president that has its hand dominate on the tiller and it's steady course straight ahead. This is a guy that it's far far left -- on a solid drive and so you need what correction you can get from congress. And and that's that. Also the CBS news poll would you agree or disagree with a following statement makes no difference that I just gave you of those numbers. Here's here's a number in the back. That I found interest -- -- -- you consider yourself to be a supporter of the Tea Party movement. Or not now give reminds us whether -- talk to everybody so you can imagine you can almost guess where these numbers are gonna go. 15% yes no 75%. And don't know 10% there's always some. The don't know they don't know what time it is I don't know if they're in favor of a sunny day. They just don't know Edgar I don't know if they want and I screamed don't they don't know anything. But they're usually -- in the ninety's of rock so they don't always get to talk to them so my basic question is this. And does the Tea Party hurt or helped the GOP. Now it depends on what the goal is of the Tea Party. Although I'm a supporter of the Tea Party very. The inherent weakness. Of any thing that divides. Of party. Even if it's the greatest idea since sliced bread is that it divides the party. So have you got a unified. Democratic Party. And a splintered. Even if it's a smile -- Republican Party. That most of the time you're not gonna win most of elections I've doesn't. Hold true for every election. So if your goal is to get control of the government and do some things you think need to be do need to be done. There has to be some area where you'll find common ground so that you can go in as a unified fighting force in the election. If you're going to just keep yourself out as separate. And contrarian and your -- look at anybody who doesn't agree with you as. As just a sellout or simply not conservative enough. You know gonna win many things he got a dollar rally you want you to put on a three pointed -- You -- -- it doesn't matter you're going to have to come at the election cycle. With a unified product how you do that is is more difficult and it's now obviously if you are -- reform. Group which obviously as he party as. You've got to you've got to convince those who aren't reformers those who are drifting. Two. They're getting too soft they're not standing for anything he got to convince them that it's in their -- their own best interest. It's who has start paying attention and a differentiating themselves from the Democrats so if I ordered just answer mighty mighty him. Questioned clinically. As the Tea Party help or hurt the GOP. Right now I think it hurts the GOP because it divides the GO pre. Now -- help the GOP yeah out if the people on the other side the ones doing the drifting the ones that where where we call rhinos or whatever tag you wanna get them. If they see the light and they come over to -- okay now you've got a unified party and the people have something. Decidedly to chose. But if they don't. Then -- -- wounded in -- shot yourself in the full. And we've got so many issues where we're seeing key issues. That could -- wind up costing a lot of votes that the -- of the traditional Republicans are just drifting and drifting I can see why. We need reform and want reform but I don't see it happening on a large scale we come back we want your opinion. Does the Tea Party -- helped the GOP and get me a suggestion as -- how we should proceed. On news radio I'm thirty WB yeah. We're asking the very question as simply as I can trying to uses CBS news poll as a you're jumping off point. Does the Tea Party hurt or help the GOP. I think that if you look at the -- a -- famous sayings that would cover something like this house divided. Cannot Stan. You know divide and conquer. It says that if one side has united front and the other side has a divided front -- the united front's gonna win all the time. And so I firmly believe them a lot of the Tea Party. Things of that team part of relieves and but I also believe. That we have to make an effort to get. As one. With the upcoming elections especially the presidential elections -- we have to get it together. But it seems like. What's happened with the Tea Party is that initially. There was good feeling that hey we just don't like what the hell's going on here anymore. And we're going to try and change it and had some success early but then it got in true. It's his success has many masters OK suddenly individuals all wanted to be the head of the Tea Party the Tea Party -- doesn't happen. And everybody wanted to be the 1 on the 6 o'clock news and quoted in the paper and and on Euro quotes used in the radio newscasts and everybody started getting into of that instead of a core. A business of the Tea Party was to convince the Republicans. You're not necessarily gonna convince the other party. But certainly the people and basically in your own party had to be convinced that this is the way to go if you could do that you had a really good chance but if you couldn't do it all you're doing is splintering the party. I think what we're scene is because so many people are fed up with Republican and light. Republican -- guys that -- they just want everything to stayed the same event status quo that they're making their money and they're gonna be set for life short so where's the Tea Party the reformers a quick no we can't do character like that urgent got to get a Contra backs like understand that part. And I backed that fully what you're right there's division in it is hurting. Division -- is that shows weakness division shows. Shows that you are not bringing your the whole teams have a game. And if you don't loans and and that's just the way it is nobody wants to hear that but that's the way it is people principle the out. So good if you think of why you became a Republican in the first place. And how that's drifting away. And now you can I -- why you became a Tea Party member in the first place I can tell why I liked it. But I understand also the need to convince fellow Republicans. That they should like -- two minutes in their best interest. And that's that's the problem let's go to work done no -- on WB yeah and. Good morning good to -- to -- -- what's your thinking about the Tea Party is this helping or hurting the GOP. Well I think the way you phrased it is that it's. Not helping the Tea Party right now I think that's the way used to edit. Did you part of the GOP it's not helping him you know. -- I I I do agree with that part of what you said. Because right now is basically primary season and they are running candidates. Against some of the entrenched. GOP. Incumbent right like mid sentence Donald hill right however. When we get down in November and the general election. I think you'll find a majority of the Tea Party members will coalesce around these Republican candidates. And support that. Well that be good if if if if the reform party could help get out the vote helped convince people that he should rethink some of the things of the Republicans are drifting away from. Could be very beneficial. And and all salt you alluded to back in the elections in 2010 and so forth and so on the Tea Party. Carries a lot of weight as far as who got elected and those people are now the incumbents based on the support the Tea Party gave -- Make them get to write offs. And and so. I always look at it as an incumbent most of the time has the advantage over someone trying to unseat that person especially in New York. Via that you got that right and -- just the way I look at it that it started this poll was. Only about 23% of the responders in this poll you're alluding to what we were Republican. Yeah out of a 1009. Only a 228. Were Republicans. So bad. I I don't know why they took the sample size like this because more than a hundred more were Democrats in the 453. Where independence it seems like -- -- the sample site was all right but the way the way they did it I had a question about that. Yeah because 3% but up on a note almost Wu wrote. Republicans in that they accept. Either Democrat or independent. And by and large. Not fixed supporters of the game part no matter wider when you look at the total number is very close and the most total numbers -- it can be deceiving -- thanks Don nice calling appreciate it's an out of our depth -- development. Will be back tomorrow -- company we want an overview there's the Tea Party herder helped the GOP. Will be back after its.

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