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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>More Rain/Flooding In Southern Tier - Dave Zaff

More Rain/Flooding In Southern Tier - Dave Zaff

May 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Meteorologists Dave's death at the National Weather Service in buffalo was with us. On the WB in my plan is the southern tier is being punished with rain Dave good morning how much rain. Have you been able to attract its fallen in this area. Yes good morning trees and we've had a quite quite an event going on down in the southern tier particularly long much talk a -- We're getting reports on the order of about two and a half as much as strange is probably over three inches in some locations. That's the hardest hit areas are from a -- and down through be at this point across. Don't largely down there in through Jamestown. They have at this point yesterday morning and we didn't even have a clue. That two this was coming when did it start raining and when did you guys realize that we could be in trouble overnight. Well it started raining in the -- late afternoon hours and started to continue. Into the overnight hours got heavier -- Heavier towards on the midnight hours and now we realize we had a problem on shortly after midnight issued a flash flood warning for that area. Now the flash flood warning is being extended is that right. That's right. Although the rain is probably gonna end in the next hour to they're still a lot of water to have to work its way down into those them in their area creeks and streams. And a lot of it is running a Dellucci at a -- river not too far from -- folks living along that river what could possibly happen to them. Or their properties. Well through that particular river has. -- to at least or early this morning and Michael up a little bit again later this afternoon. There are a number of other creek stats could have some problems Dutch -- creek is one. -- this creek. Some of the other smaller creeks that are -- usually don't have much water -- -- and all could be flowing not quite so rapidly at this point. The main concern for annual living along the area creeks would be to keeping very close -- almost water levels and at the start rising he got to get out of the way. Any roads that are puddle -- water you don't wanna drive over them they can easily take a car and not. Take a right off the road in you know that becomes a major problem very quickly. -- now you're saying that that this should end in the next hour to putt. Is this going to be a long term breaker Currie and do we continue to see this weather pattern staying in that area. This farmers -- been real heavy rain go this this should be the yen for a little bit we're gonna have some more showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon. But that the main event for at least a couple companies is essentially essentially the overnight and early morning hour rain. Okay Dave thank you for keeping us up to date on us we appreciate it. That's meteorologist Dave staff at the National Weather Service in buffalo.

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