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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Another Lawsuit Filed Against NFL - Joe DeLamielleure

Another Lawsuit Filed Against NFL - Joe DeLamielleure

May 21, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more about this issue with former Buffalo Bill JD hill. Those folks by the way goes way back to -- -- the -- replying in the late nine teams seventies JD hill. Widely respected -- wide receiver. Pro Bowl wide receiver our guests on the WB and live line. Is hall of Famer bills' offensive lineman Joseph DelHomme -- Joseph good morning thank you for joining us. There -- a JD hill. Is one of man they've players in the NFL former players showing the league. For allegedly supplying drugs. Without prescriptions is just to keep players in the game. -- you heard about this. Eric how accurate your survey as a common. Knowledge throw the guys so these ladies. You know does. Not a new army guys we we're -- One you got there would be a copy we got together entry he was what those. Engender earlier this year but that's a common thing Almonte crisis in the seventies and eighties and that's why. All these losses are commendable what -- Post -- shoes -- or owners are so it'll sell. And you know but that's the bottom line people are making this saw that happen. You know JD and Joseph many fans are surprised to hear what happened to JD hill after he left the game. And he was addicted to painkillers that they went to street drugs he eventually became homeless. You know -- guards -- I would -- -- at all. Well banquet at Detroit we approached it could be greater grace we have someone on the people -- we have all these there's some of them talking. Why white movies and music just like that greater barriers we've put this -- guys who can't help themselves. And that. And we we -- -- -- groups -- partners of those seventies and eighty players that the league Arctic and terror. I've been complaining about the struggle. There. There's guys have this she's older and the league is making billions of dollars. And it helped secure -- treat 93 guys played before -- entry. He used to sort of about such a precarious place after -- trio. And ballots come in Jerusalem you guys are going away I mean we have a strain among all of us so late that night we got that the other polls open. But there are guys who need help obviously help. And we don't you have sculpture first -- -- my wife worked for my culture I think thirteen under currently my attention. This. But less than 30000 dollars a year that's before taxes no health care. I'm -- suspect walked -- -- I -- -- -- Connecticut casino is it harder the united holds go. Build games and a maturity about but I didn't have left. I'd be in trouble. -- -- Lot of guys can do what I do -- troubled part of my -- to have to do a lot of these guys who aren't that slow or they hadn't folks. -- -- let me run this by you. JD hill alleges that the league and the Buffalo Bills at that time what about a prescription. Gave him drugs just to keep them in the game now his alleging in this nominal defendant of Buffalo Bills or the National Football League about. Teams. Employ. Physicians. And so if a player does need a pain killer. It wouldn't be illegal. For the team physician. To give that player. A pain killer -- all really all the necessary paperwork would have to be filled out by the position later on. Our -- that's true ba boom were there was abuse and cannot solve all the Gupta drops those given to everybody trainers. I'll Google prescriptions written all and I love our prayers are pretty you're almost -- undermined and Rick are what. Does the fact I mean all you have to do is look at USA today the front page seniors complain. All brought it there didn't -- because of WS it rather those ladies were getting all these painkillers such as sort of paint or backers. So are they -- prescriptions when they don't regret. And we got to look at it we -- Oregon coast twenty to 2324. Year old guys that say. If you don't cannot claim to turn out on the field -- drop. So whatever so stay on the field you would do. And those polled believe it like it is today where there was a lot of people you know watching you social media that. The -- was a free for all basically. And that's why those and vehicle urges voters the drug scandal there -- most of these. And though it's it's an -- was the -- Which reviews there's -- -- it are there any other former bills. Part of the suit that you're aware of. Not part of this -- well I don't know I don't know because. You know I don't want to get into another lawsuit because Google does premieres of concussions all he knows us. I never miss a game and government purpose well. -- -- But -- never -- game and I have -- -- percent you're lost my left here. Because we're at it as slips -- that slaps and not long -- tell us what I don't be compensated from C group. Well my hero lost that's just part of the you know if you really get their football. That's what -- you all the time we have. No representation of our union -- -- -- but what happens all the guys go go lawyers Soviet assault can be lawsuit. Don't so who knows. Because we have no representation. And that did happen in Cairo we played out short term which basically -- -- But it took all that up it'll planned to have any longer there's no more has -- social more wedge which -- -- for thirteen years and are both so. Yeah and we do their -- even walk around like a lot of interest pedestrian street Bernard or work out all the time. What are the lucky ones that you guys who who can't walk. And has the white strip very terrible that a parent news. And I sort of -- of westerns ever make a million dollars -- result. We have our dreams in the apartment there. Pocketbook and was before employers. And -- all they ever do ars spoke Roger Goodell was structure built a sort Chris or do us a little more attention. And I hope that. Just give us we are -- In the mountains -- McCollum so now this happened because they're greedy. -- nice talking with you this morning unfortunately there -- other time boy you know this was supposed to be found. The -- has been lucrative. Go to chapel I don't. Joseph blow a lower former bills' offensive linemen and a member of the NFL hall forum.

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