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Medical Campus Thoughts - Jim Fink

May 21, 2014|

Part II

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim think visual studio with us this morning Jim as a reporter with -- business first Buffalo's premier business newspaper. Jim what do you think Barack were terminated as a suggestion about. You know -- complex that concentrates on medicine a medical facility. Other things too but primarily. A medical campus it's far removed from our medical coroner. Not that far removed the demise it's probably as a crow flies two to three miles for Myles Max. In your rate on the subway line so. When I really only in buffalo do people feel that if through. Now within 500 feet and I view of someplace -- what do you think it's a good idea. It's a possibility. I think right now on everyone's focus for medical research is more up by the medical campus. And that makes sense is in terms IBM. If that deal happens and and -- 5050 if it ever happens. My guess is probably lined up over the key towers. In the -- or north spaces soon to be vacated when they build a new building. In on the and the idea of residential housing there you know is is Rocco writes that. You know these these floors are so cavernous and people while windows that you know what do you do with the interior -- this building. Well I mean people say and what we gonna do with the hotel -- in Rocco proved wrong what we do to win a building Rocco proved wrong. I mean they're both close recent history has a lot of examples. Of billions of people looked effort -- generations it's -- -- do with. And we found new uses for them. In this in in -- this year in 2014 going forward. Architecturally and engineering -- you can you can just you can known. -- he apartments and almost vertical so there when his windows. I mean there's possibilities. I'm not an architecture and good taken -- -- -- But I would think there's there's always a solution out there if if residential and have been a part of the tower. And my guess is -- an earlier. I think. At least a portion of that -- probably end up being residential somewhere down the road whether it's two years down the road five years' time there -- ten years down the road. That remains to -- unknown personally at -- owner of and somebody willing to investment property you got -- mention -- the top floor of that building would be the penthouse level. It would be it be the I receive the tallest or the highest that penthouse in buffalo. If remembers going back through the mists of time. The restaurant that was out there -- quite popular with and you know that's right we forgot about. I mean in there has been some thought of he's in the top floors as some sort of restaurant slash entertainment. And you although I think it's pretty first on the list. Will look at an in an accident we'll get into the Stadler which is also taken from. The second floor up if you take this. Out there in is the tower combine you're talking about one point six million square feet of empty space. In downtown buffalo.