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5-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves -- the look and he would write. Then. Go to the hole looked. More than ten. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest -- -- because of guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know how to put this. People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. They're wet I'd quit net news radio yeah. I don't like black Brothers -- received a great day audio bit greatly and thank you revenue says -- humor about it that that's you guys are my audience how could you not have a sense of humor about it. Something we can't -- that is traffic which really sucks right now. -- that it's gone from bad to bad to worse. I was as it is at once chances are you know mother nature does gonna screw it up. Folks deliberate modestly does understand that I don't have a house and -- like I live in a very small house and I. That's my one extravagance in life aren't one of two extravagance is in life. The other involves Asian women. Anyway AccuWeather. Says overcast and my shower or thunderstorm 55 below tomorrow cloudy with showers and thunderstorm seventy. We're at 63 right now and up by the way I want what you know about why we do traffic when we do traffic. And I I think. I had the past conversation -- I again is Rush Limbaugh which they I don't wanna go too far inside baseball with you with the radio stuff that probably didn't want to. But. I -- communicate something to you that I took over the afternoon show we -- did traffic every ten minutes. Now the problem was that a lot of times there wasn't any traffic to -- so all it really did was interrupt the flow of the shell. So we decide that we do it. At twenty and fifty after the hour in addition to the news at the top and bottom so would be top of the hour 2030. And then fifty. But when traffic is bad as it is today we will do it every ten minutes and it's kind of hard to communicate that in a 102 pro ball. But that's what we do. Mean let's face it guys are days when you -- it and I knew it traffic was an interruption that really didn't matter is everything was moving smoothly but today is not one of those days so we'll have plenty of traffic warrior. It may not be easiest thing to communicate that I want -- why we did it. Because again honestly with the audience is always the best policy. And there's one other thing is gonna mention and a Ole Ole Ole Ole. Something that. I wanna share with you that. I hole. Viewfinder helpful. We're doing a show on Greece and those of you who have lost children to death and how you get through there. I -- -- Honored. Very few people are calling me with these stories. Not for my -- But for those people you are helping them who are going through various. You have no idea what it means to them. To know that there are others who have been through it. And Tammy Shuler who is and always will be Alex rice's mom. She is a great person with whom to email and talk about this and up my friend Eric Miller. Whose son DeVon I mentioned was the organ donor he is also a terrific person with whom to speak. And little DeVon touched the police officers who responded to the -- you know you might not remember -- but. -- died at about the same time as I was having heart surgery. And I just got out of the hospital when -- wait was held in west Seneca. And there was no way I was gonna miss. Making an appearance to honor DeVon. At to honor his family because they've been wartime listeners and correspondents to my show. But what really touched me that day at -- wake. And you guys on the west Seneca PD. There were at least five west Seneca cops that I knew who were there at the weight. And you guys didn't have to be either you -- -- because you cared. And I did a four hour show few weeks ago on your good stories with the cops and I didn't bring it up at that time. But. I was so touched. That you guys showed up on your own time. To pay homage to that little boy -- tried to save but the injuries were just -- crushing and too enormous he could not be saved. And the Miller family folks. They may -- an organ donor. And whenever you go through the organ donation process please understand. There's always that second guessing that you go through. You know we we and the life support. Then then Donald Evans going to be an organ donor there's always going to be that second doubt in the immediate aftermath of that. But I feel comfortable in telling you today that -- lives on. Because of the graciousness. Of his wonderful parents who. Made -- and organ donor and gave his death an affirmative purpose it otherwise would not have had. And there was a little boy who died in the accident on the -- about five years ago. And his parents also made a hero of him by donating his organs. And folks if you find yourself in a situation. Where. A sudden death -- One thing I don't think you're ever gonna regret in the long term. Is donating the usable organs from your child -- somebody else's child can have a fighting chance at a better life. And all I can say is. Ottawa Senators. I know that for whatever reason we have various. Mind -- bond between us. Even those who don't like -- We do have a bunt you know it might be hatred pot but you know it's still a bond. And there's not a day that goes by right take that for granted. There really isn't. And one of the best things I can do. As a radio talk show host is. To try to bring people together not just across racial and cultural lines which are desperately been trying to do now for the past couple years. But to bring people together who share -- commonality of grief of losing a child. Whether the child is at the University of Virginia or whether the child is little -- sour. You however. Are the -- two hours in today's show. And by acting I don't mean you're putting on a show I mean. You are the agents of helping other people through this program being a conduit. And not every radio talk show folks have to be about politics. I'm not gonna spend three hours every day talking about climate change. On -- and spent three hours today every day talking about coal -- or guns or Obama. There are times when things have to be done but are serious. That are outside the realm of what. Ordinary talk radio can do. And by the way sandy beach also does that. And -- on the year from nine until noon Mondays through Fridays in a -- -- shell. You can always check it out at the WBM audio vault we have different styles were two different guys. But he also. Tries to bring people together in the same way. With the same noble and good intent as I do even though we have different styles. I just want to let you know it we have supported management what we do -- management here knows that not every show has to be. Yeah we're gonna bash Obama. Today we're gonna talk about guns they know -- That would be boring if that was every day what you had to listen to I don't today's difficult a listen to. But there may come a time sadly and tragically when some of you are going to be. Looking back on what you've heard today. And you're going to say wow I'm so glad I heard that lady called Tom show. Because. Those words are suddenly gonna come back the and frankly. A long time after I leave this planet -- we don't any of us know along we have. If that is a short term legacy. For my career I will consider my wife to have been a success. Let's go to traffic right now which is not a success yours Alan Harris who is Alan. -- you're the last let that happen we have a terrible fatal accident at Delaware and shared and in part because of the increase in volume last summer. Well please guys drive safely please drive safely on cheered and you might not be used to see a lot of pedestrians on the drive home please you know -- common sense god gave it to your user. AccuWeather tonight overcast showers and thunderstorms 55 major traffic issues call the traffic outline WB yen. 8030321. Next traffic during the news at 530 and then again at 548 and will -- in traffic as much as we have to. As conditions warrant on this radio station. Let's get back to the calls leahey I want to thank you very much for holding you're on WB -- Leader on the radio hello. I'm gonna presume that -- may have gone to peace. Here is done that -- all that on WB the end and that hello. Hi I'm. I didn't -- it made it well I lost my daughter twelve years ago. In January. And some days it's. I just it just happened and you know what -- -- is. Like you know we're just going through light fast on an informal -- in and everything is hunky dory. But the odd thing that happened with is it was a car accident but -- year old son was driving. So. They were under way to impacted and you know in January and of course there was black -- and you know unfortunately there was a car accident I thought it might sound like. -- Your daughter saved your son's life. Well at the same time losing hers and how did that how does that happen. What happened is my daughter first -- ever ever ever sat in the car. You always sat in the back seat behind the driver. Because. She had a bad haven't -- -- bombs. And kids fourteen and of course he didn't want her father of the year and said predominantly he drove one before that quite an error. Really sat behind the driver of the car. And it didn't matter there was two people in the car there were people in the car that was Larry that. And that -- -- we keep in -- and -- up front and extra brother. Attention in the Arab leaders like need to. And it was and eighteen Wheeler truck pulling on the cab of an eighteen mile of this huge Trout. And they were it was behind -- the -- one -- Coming in from. Well it heading toward. The gap -- legality. Is Walden is in the air and it. That area was that for -- anyway yes and as we've found out later. And is now sick -- -- basic ingredient eroded every now but at that time it was. You know is notorious for crack. And deadly car accident. And -- But basically the entire force of the act and my son -- on the broke out of bounds from where her head it is. -- Then that this is such an important call that -- -- would you please hold on for seven minutes -- -- the news and and then spend the time with you that you deserve. -- -- -- -- Other people are gonna appreciate their story or carry stuff for me it's for them so please hold on and I will get to you after the news on WB yen it is -- hourly. And regulatory I'm honored that I have the audience that I have you guys. Amaze me every day. And I'm hungry now available -- -- drills and drills on the home. -- -- -- have to level. Allen and everybody is getting better. Okay now hug them see this thing. It doesn't have plans to appreciate big and rich and the video in particular for that -- 534 news radio 930 WP and be careful slow spots and traffic basically it's the weather I mean it's not like there's some horrible accident of which we know it's just the rain slowed everything down. And people adjusted for conditions as we would hope -- would do and if you do see major accidents or major slowdowns on major thoroughfares. Give Alan Harris and the WB in traffic hotline call 8030321. And if need be we will check in with traffic at 540. If need be. Let me get back to done that in -- who lost her her twelve year old daughter to an accident. She was sitting in the front seat next to her sixteen year old brother. And she took the brunt of a giant tow truck hauling the Arab. Of an eighteen Wheeler and a twelve year old girl does not have a chance. Now. -- And it and your son was driving. Is driving. And he had done. It or other way to practice apparently they were under -- from putting the club. And C. -- I don't want to take them because I -- I thought there might join me. The team. But I thought I'd been on for quite a few years and my daughter didn't want I -- my husband. Anywhere near it. -- -- That's -- kids will be kids as you know. Now okay the shock of the phone call I need to get to but my primary focus right now the news you're sixteen year old son will obviously now is that sixteen is in his twenties but. Yeah eight audio EU he was putting my time. Last Friday. How old. How did he make it through that because -- you know why I'm asking -- that. Yeah I know there's big burden that he carried. He carried our Writers Guild and the first thing but he won't. We walked into his cubicle at caddies DNC. Was issued in team should have been me. And I think you know we stopped him right there aren't that well it was an accident. It was your fault. If you do not I don't ever want to hear the end. We don't know what why it was that. We don't know why you actively involved. In. Might say but tell me that god knows the number of days honor. And we -- And the number -- -- -- and recovery. That we won't know -- when it art I did because now we're. Why don't we -- That's what you told him of duty by. Current. Period all right thank god. We have for a couple quietly and the first thing we did was get. Out there right away. Because we won the agency where in the heck was that. And what political thinking and you know what what you know if you're gonna have problems. When you know who it is people it was the right way where we can't have a debate yeah. That they need to -- was saying you know what courses as actions and we need to take. Because in my son is quite planned out from the tiny country. And he was going to -- point that was that it is no doubt you know no doubt you -- know -- else. He ended -- the last point. And graduated 2007. Particularly in the army. And -- He married. In January and well you do -- He would he has. He hasn't. -- my husband. You really had. He sounds like a remarkable. Young man of whom you must be extremely. Proud and were very your only two kids. And explain to people who have not been there why it. You are always going to be your daughter's mother people don't get that sometimes. Well you know just because they are here on earth did not mean as they are not lose it here. And poll does not make yourself present to you why because they do. And if you are willing and open it. -- -- You know who. Well noted that you know maybe strange things happen around I wonder what the heck does -- know what's going on. And there were things that eat that happened to my husband and I'd -- the only way that you could. Explain it was. Divine intervention that while they're at that you know just made it known that he's watching Oprah. And TK take care of that and I am when people ask me how many children Greg -- -- -- and a 21. On her. One Internet. And it will be that way I had two children and I don't have any children. Are able without them I grief from other. I am sure grateful for my blood. But. We note that. -- it right -- -- She -- And I I have to tell you -- -- coping you're the way you cope with this the entire. The faith you bring to it. The success on earth of your surviving son. Just a tribute to what great parents. You when your husband are. And it really has been an honor and a delight to speak with you despite the adverse circumstances. Under which you call thank you. Thanks to and something else you're gonna say go ahead. No no not really I haven't night I hope people who happens. Whether they've -- scattered children armed troops tragic writers or -- an illness. At all that they. We realized that the they're there with them. -- different people you know different people have different takes on that I -- more in concert with your way of thinking because. Even though you know I don't care that people think I'm insane when I say it is but I do believe that. I have been surrounded in many cases by some very positive energy. Call them angels called the benefactors. Have always felt like I had the shield of protection around me. And I've never lost sight of that the number -- are delighted you called and thank you so much. Well thank you and that let everyone. All right well said well senator we get a check in with traffic because of a slow go I think we ought to end Minnesota's Alan Harris standing behind WBM traffic command col Allan. Hey -- even you know you still -- about a million times better than I did last what Friday and Wednesday oh my gosh. Element -- -- -- WB yet as far as AccuWeather goes over just about a shower or thunderstorm 55 below. And tomorrow clouds showers and thunderstorms seventy Joseph we still hold the 63 degrees at news radio 930 WB EM yes we are. By the way it. I often tell you -- a twelve year old trapped in a fifty year old body. There are two things that I'm going to be doing in the next week that I'm really looking forward to -- a water balloon fight beat a silly string fight. Don't laugh. It just makes me who I am I can recite Shakespeare and get off on a silly string fight. I call that a man for all seasons not quite sir Thomas More but close. Let's get back to the calls now here's lead in Amherst on WB EM Lee thank you for holding and I'm glad I'm sorry we caught at a bad time earlier what's on your mind. I know I can hear you earlier I hope I don't -- calling about my son he'd have to wait. Three years ago on now on May twelfth 2011 about four days before Mother's Day. He. Was an only child. Of my husband and myself. Am and he'd have to wait certainly it was unexpected. He was. From what the business pitcher and he was an NBC sports anchor in Chicago. Women are we Jerry. -- But you know. He is this second -- sports anchor. I can think of who died way too young. We'll all -- IA card because I I don't think your son is the man of whom I am speaking. What was -- part of the sports machine. -- know you're talking about here and check in their camp and went to work. And he worked in the same job like I'm -- eight years earlier he yeah the way if 37. Yet Gary and Gary Chapman was a magnificent. Human being with a great future ahead. And he had one of those sudden a written news. And -- had a pacemaker or ICD he'd be alive today. I -- with the same way he's passed away from an arrhythmia. All my dear I am so sorry I mean I can say that from personal experience you know. In thank you he was covering -- bulls game it would Atlanta. And recoverable game has done. Gone to bed discussing this topic to his wife and now have to wait endlessly. You know for the team so they noticed they noticed she wasn't there -- cameraman and couldn't find him. And -- checked on him because he demand -- the -- call and. He wrote that he was already gone. All my dear and went when the call came. CU and this is where -- need your help. Because. Breaking the news to somebody as a police officer or doctor. Or first responder that their loved one is not a round. There is a tragic art to bat and it has to be done exactly the right way. How did the news get broken to you and did they do it as well as they possibly could have. Well that would mean my son had you know in your business I attempt to get default on the company and you that your -- phone. So instead of calling his wife and they must've called me from his work phone and called me first. And -- in -- the Chicago. And they did that that the hawk residents and ankle. I thought methodical and as we talked every day that I was going to get me some news -- -- -- -- -- And so I think know that this is -- mom and I immediately -- that something. Was wrong I mean as a mother you have what I think I knew. Before they need incentive. I mean I think it -- actually a few days before. And just from the conversation that we had cycled back and I think of the application. And -- it what was there about those conversations that they gave you a sense that something wasn't right. Well I'm on my son's wedding date he played AM. He played on. A fault for me. And I heard on the radio on their Mother's Day and I started crying and we call me that they. Skeptical about the flowers in my president -- you have to you know I heard this song you played from around the wedding -- so I just cried and cried. And then -- I'm so glad you heard and then we started talking about what that would defeat my mom at that at the -- cemetery and he goes on. Because to me well. You know all I think cemetery prefer -- living -- -- while you may think that we come to town of Everett of the buffalo again I want to visit me. And that it and he doesn't think that the old mom you're never gonna go out that we use every now and then the next application at the day before he went to. Two. You know to Atlanta he says to me -- we were talking you know and you know you're in the business when you have contract in full -- And you think how contract with coming up when you thinking about getting out of -- -- -- going back into the he's talking sepia and other. You know other. Possibilities you know I -- possibilities. And so ultimately you sure that what you want that's what you want to do and it -- -- -- care physical scale passive for her. Clara but anyway he had to me I said I think we you know learn how to whatever you decide to do it. I think I don't care what you wanna be a garbage and you know it doesn't matter to me and says I want to know that I love you and I just want to be happy. Any Google thanks mommy to what I'll call you well I'll give us tomorrow from. Lead if we ever have a chance to meet. Would you please. Make it clear that we spoke on the phone who you are. And may I please have the honor of giving you a hug. Yes human. Thing you're on the -- but what I like about to actually look at options. You know I actually -- I'm I listen to almost every day and you know we don't have to put their political views. But. I know -- you're good man. You know I think I can't I don't think my opinion didn't think obviously go to the -- reflective. I made that's all I can do is you know try to be a decent person you know sometimes likened sometimes I can be -- -- I know that even moment Tom. But I'm I've I've tried to make myself a better person and I'm I'm glad you picked up on that and I'm honored that you called Lee thank you for remotely Cutler. Calculus and tell you -- and everyone you know I just want everyone to know day. I I totally agree with you with are the closure. And I don't I I don't believe in that I think I think -- phone with me I have so many different things. I mean the story -- to tell you I mean. The things that. Wendy had a story about psychic ultimately because Tropicana -- -- you get -- -- -- 11 day talking about psychic which I totally believe in. And I think we are talking about fame and I'm not gonna say the name but. -- personally felt good. If that thing to me that there is no way. 00 we've -- -- something happened with your phone and I think you're talking about -- -- correct. That yep yep she's the real deal. Thank you my dear I love you thanks thanks very much for calling and you know what we're never gonna have a percent agreement politically. By. We can still. Well you know I don't have that something's gonna have to verbalize let's find out what's going on traffic here is -- her it's. All right -- and AccuWeather basically what you see is what we're gonna get overcast skies shower or thunderstorm and a 55. Degrees. One of the ways by the way one of the things have tried to do I'm not always successful -- is I'm trying to put myself more in other people's positions to understand. Why they come from where they come. I got a got a story about the casino Joseph if you remind me tell you that after the news at six and I think people might get a kick out of it and it might be instructive. But first let me go to Bengie in -- a lot of on the WB and -- welcome to the buy -- show and a tell us about losing a child and give some advice to people who. Are going through. -- -- -- I appeal it and are you actually look like you're talking about the cocaine exposure with the firefighters just called. Yet it was gonna do memorial. But. My. Firefighters are full chrome. Yes. You're. Fourth is without -- -- thought. I Ayers. And got my. Can't I can't I get them it didn't hit solid and it being. A little. -- -- -- I I kind of agree with all the audience of the audience -- hit the nail on the head with the fact that there are a thing as closure. Journey been a lifelong journey. The -- Where -- good days bad days. It doesn't matter how many years old bag. Your child whether they work six -- six years or 34 years that's my finalized. Always. Going to be -- all in a part of your life that that there are more. I did not know your son knowing of your son he was a great man. I hope. You can hold off until after the news or we can take your phone number call you back after the news because I have some questions which are going to be special to you. As a mom who had a line of duty death. Of your son would you be willing to talk to me about the little bit. Okay -- we'll make sure that we don't lose the other phone number 554. At WB --

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