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5-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I -- the -- he would be great benefit them. India the whole look up moderately anxious and -- And I'm glad that -- think it's. And yeah. It's easy to clean right. With a single. We've -- and now the -- Tom hourly barreling back and lucky charm it's live -- local. Last night that it can use the fact that it's come hourly you may well I would -- On news radio 930 WVU. -- hear this statement saying the amateur getting adjusted properly. Good afternoon. It is our -- Israeli and I'm thirty WB EM. I -- afternoon. I didn't -- joke ever master control -- John Germany -- your -- trainer and you're stuck with me your post until 7 o'clock tonight. And I just I had a really fascinating conversation this report came on the here with Europe. What could be one of my head honchos here or radio station. About some research that we -- and research that we -- And I will -- Grant access to the inner sanctum of -- research. But it was very very interesting because I've always been a -- cultural anthropologist is part of what I do for a living. I observe people I observed the way they act ever where -- think I try to think about why they do the things they do. I try to think about the things we do for love like walking in the rain and snow when there's -- -- ago when you feel like the party's dime back -- -- stuff. So we have so many things we're gonna cover today I barely know where to begin I usually try to throw in some seventies or eighties lyrics during the show just in case you've got to wonder if that sounds familiar. That's all I met with the intent it's all part of a grand master plan. To get inside your head. So well. A week yesterday and had the WB EM anabolic complaint -- open for you guys. And I was actually kind of surprised. That the issue about the various school. Controversies. And notes controversies but I'm trying to be appealing to our friends -- borders well. Actually kind of surprised that did not come up yesterday. Nor -- received a great deal email from you guys say -- top. You all want to show on the local school board controversies. Like what's going on in Hamburg and what's going on elsewhere that. Surprised. At Charlotte at. I thought we get and that what we did not in fact we didn't get everything -- on -- in the four hours the WB and -- complaint bass with open. So I thought that was interesting. But even more interesting than that was as some of the things I found out before I came on the air today. About -- -- I don't wanna get what would Rush Limbaugh's I want to get all inside baseball and you. But just some interesting things that I never would have -- in a billion years. That came up in some of the research the radio station does. I am. I am very. Very interested in in -- And again I am trying desperately. I don't know why it. Folks give -- a -- Can somebody explain speech to text to me. Can somebody tell me why. We have not yet taken the person who invented speech to text. -- that person up against a steak and shot him or her can somebody please explain why. Can somebody please explain why this product is even on the market half the time. If you've noticed this on your fault speech to text screws up about 25% of what you say Joseph. You do -- 25%. Jump. I folks what I do is based attacks I use Dick Shawn. I speak very clearly when I am doing speech to text because I realized that. The sets them is not exactly perfect that yet. And does not really make a lot -- says for individual. Accents and individual. Slurring. So I really tried my best when I'm -- speech to text to make sure of what I speak. What I'm speaking is actually translated into tax nonetheless only 75%. But what I say in the -- actually get translated the right way and I'm looking at some great speech to text messages that I have sent out. In the past day. There is not one of them that does not have a significant. Significant. Error. So well that is a system that is a computer algorithm where every wanna call it. That is just not ready for prime time yet it's like going to the Dominican Republic for vacation. It sounds great it's not like to work out just great. But it just ready for prime time. And how many times is this happening you bureau and job. You're in the middle of a message speech to text and for those who don't know. Speech to text is. When you hold this helpful up to your mile that you speak into so instead of typing the words in that you're going to text somebody. The computer in your phone actually. Turns your speech into written words -- the text -- right. So anyway long story short I realized yesterday how many messages I have sent. But I haven't proof read that basically make you sound a like a flaming idiot. Using expressions that I would ever use in a million years I said something the other day and somehow speech to text translated it I kid you not as docs test. That's it and I. Folks I have not use that expression ever. I wasn't even alive when the DA hairstyle was in the -- to talk about it all the time on happy days ever happy days 1 to 3 o'clock 4 o'clock -- the use the bill Haley -- the -- on as the theme for happy days you know the bonds Ritchie Cunningham. Bausley Tom -- public advocate called -- bobsleigh and school I don't wanna tell you the happy days things already. Now I don't look import but he decided it wasn't worth it after all and it might be right. But. I am looking at this message. For out of nowhere total incongruity. Ducks -- is in the message. Now can you imagine what it. What if Paul Francis. Uses speech to text can't imagine being a cardinal. And getting a text from the -- And the Pope somehow gets translated saying something that he didn't really say. That sounds like he is vulgar vile and despicable as I am. I can't imagine what that must be like. Sorry just a side thought and then to make matters worse John and -- you got -- good test subjects -- me. How many times are you in the middle of a message. And you have phrased it exactly one of the phrase that and the little thing popped up on your cellphone sorry Google can't be reached at the moment. You get that one ever know. How come I don't know if you've got an iPhone you have and -- OK I've got a Droid. So. We'll see if the technology improves over time but right now it is less than impressive. I assure you ladies and gentlemen. -- -- is not exactly part of my daily vernacular nor have I ever used those two words together simultaneously. To the best of my recollection. Usually however what I'm referring to a duck walking I talk about eight -- wobbling. Because just watching a duck walk is enough to make me laugh and that's the worst thing in the world. But I want to duck waddling across a field I just -- a -- of it reminds me a big appeal super -- I don't know -- but it -- anyway. All right I gotta get serious here. That I really don't want to folks. I I just I have to plugs right into topic here is there's just no way to do it ease into it last week during his program. I learned that the Labatt blue for -- -- hour. Had died at the age of five. After a long battle with cancer work as long as -- four year old who had just turned five could possibly have. And I remember talking about the absolute. Devastation. Of the parents and everybody in that family. Because that is not the way things are supposed to go you know that and then also in the news. You know about. The young lady in Virginia. And two others but in our case the person of special interest. Is a garden graduate. And she died when the balloon. Careened into power lines in Virginia. It took them a couple of days to find your body about a 100 yards from the ultimate there crash site of the balloon. And it turns out that the mother. Of that young lady who died. Used to be in this business at the beach Newark and tiger were to her name was on air name was -- -- more. And the best way I can describe Trish in addition to being one of the sweetest most incredibly awesome people I've ever met in my life. Trish mattered more was Delilah before Delilah except -- metaphor was better than Delilah. Now I don't know why -- decided to leave the business. But today with a kid -- at the garden I think she did -- for herself but she truly is one of the nicest people you'll ever me. And when I found out and it was bad enough to find out that three people died in the balloon accident in Virginia. When I heard the CBS report at 31 after the hour the day it happened. I actually thought to myself and I said out loud I -- those poor people god rest their souls. I had no idea that. -- local connection was going to be -- and a local connection from whom I was one step removed and frankly you're one step removed. And. -- -- backtrack. To the -- saw our story. Because that was today where I have to admit I rate. Feel like -- let you guys down. And I please don't call him and tell me that I didn't because they did. I know -- well intentioned but. I had a very hard time getting through. Talking about -- sour. Without. Breaking up. Because. Little kids. In an ideal world. Just aren't supposed to -- not in our generation. Not in 2014. Those of you who put time and your family tree as I have I put thousands of dollars into studying the family tree. And crib death. Children dying of very bad childhood illnesses back in the 18117. Hundreds was very common. You would have ten kids and -- five live to adulthood that was pretty much statistically what you can expect. And metal that just is not the case. Now there's a famous line. Which -- -- word for word but from William Shakespeare's Hamlet. And you know I hope you know at least some of the play basically hamlets uncle murdered hamlets father who also was named Hamlet. And then married hamlets mother to become the new queen at the new -- rather. And. Have let's step father the new king. Was trying to give a lecture. To Hamlet. Made all the advisors in the king's court. Tried to tell Hamlin look. Your father lost a father who lost a father who lost a father who lost a father that is the natural progression of things that's why folks without seeming like some kind of heartless you know what. When my father died is hurt. But it was an unexpected. Nor did I fall in two. Spasms of great. Because that is what is supposed to happen demand was almost eighty years old and he died. And that is the natural order of things. But when we lose somebody who hasn't even begun to live. Like little -- sour. Were -- is nor. It is just. Something in our generation we have a very hard time dealing. I'm mentioned that there is a gentleman who listens to my shown I don't wanna give his name -- I hate trying to to remember it not out of -- But because of a thing about -- -- -- But he calls they show. And his son -- about ten or eleven years ago after a motorcycle accident. End to this day this father of this dead young man. Believes that his son leaves him little times little mementos. Just to say hey dad my spirit is still around I'm with you. Please don't be set. So then I started thinking about all of you who are gold star mothers or gold star fathers whether it was World War II. Korea Vietnam. Whether it was Grenada. Whether it was Iraq Afghanistan Persian gulf one Persian gulf to desert shield desert storm. Operation enduring freedom whatever you wanna call it the marine barracks bombing in 1983. Whatever you wanna call it. Who have buried at your own children. They have free deceased do you. And I don't even know. Holler all you begin dealing with bad. As an adult you could be the most well adjusted. Normal. Saying the roll with the punches yes I know life is filled with this institute person in the world. But when you have to bury a child. That has got to take a special. Deep. Wound that is got to make a very deep incision into your emotions and into your heart. And one of the reasons. The events our story really got to meet that day. Why is because before I came in to work. I had just finished writing. An email. To a dear friend of mine who very recently lost her daughter. Two. A relatively rare disease. For her age. And I spent about an hour trying to get the exact verbiage. Just trying to find the exact words in the proper order to offer some comfort. And some consolation to this individual who over the years has been enormously helpful to me as a human being. And I wrote what I thought was as close to the perfect consolation not council late consolation letter. I wrote as perfect a letter as it possibly can right I hit the send button. And at about three hours four hours later -- -- up against Howard died and owing to the circumstances. With which I came to work. Having just written that letter the band sour story hit me as I know it hit you. Because you're human being it just happen to hit me that day because I'd just gotten through dealing with that we're different. My question to you is. If you have been there and done that. And do you think that what you have to say could help others who -- parents. Who are. Mourning the loss of a child. And I know at least three of my listeners who were there. Two of those people. Are people with whom I have some degree of closeness and I've developed some degree of closeness over the years. How. Do you find this story. I know you'll find it because you go lot. If you didn't find the strength you would get off yourself. How do you find the -- How. When a kid pre deceased as you accidentally in a balloon crash. Or because of some horrible disease. I would like you deceive you can't help other listeners today. Because thank got I have not been put in that position. Hope whenever him but there are no guarantees in life. 8030930. Is the phone number. I don't want to see a lot of make the show an affirmative show a wanna make this year -- positive shareware you can help your other listeners. It should not be eight dollar and it's gonna -- surely be a dollar. But I wanna take a downer I wanna make something positive out of it if we possibly can't okay. -- it doesn't matter what I'm going through right now. In my life that matter what you're going through right now in your life I don't think there is a pain that could possibly rival. Having a child by. And you're having to make arrangements for your child's life is not supposed to work. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EM I'd like your help my friends for your fellow listeners because. You guys some times need each other I'm simply the intermediary. I. It's. Can't really say that I like the don't let along with the live performance by a Roger Waters but to me like right wing bashing. -- like seeing Jon -- encountered and besting the intro by Bill Clinton you just knew it was going to be one of those shows. I have an idea shut up and -- thank you all right original thought about it it's 330 sexson who's ready at 930 WBBM. Our gang I want your. Personal stories. About how you dealt with either a sudden death. Or death after like the oldest. Your own child and how you got through that. Because I come from a generation. Where. Childhood mortality was not. You know it it wasn't what it was in the thirties or forties or the 1920s. Where we still ahead all kinds of diseases that ravaged populations of children. Let's go to Carol in locked work on a WB Ian Carroll you're on hello. Oh Carol I can barely hear him. Every now are you a speaker phone. OK can -- get off the speaker phone please yeah. -- Better. Yes marginally what what's your story. I lost eight grandson. And he was to boarding up your goal. And he died at the same thing that and -- from. And it was fifteen years ago. Now fourteen your goal and salary. And I was going to Greek creditors. As a grandmother for -- And I put it bluntly -- should be would you rather not have known him at ball. Should -- it was so touching because he truly ball. I. Even know you only get them for what he appears Graham. So that was a while ago you obviously is still painful for you how did the family itself. Managed through -- exceedingly. Difficult time. My daughter is a bunch of gambling so it got together and get the relay for life. For him. And we can't stop doing that because it was too hard on my daughter. It was a team. We raced -- -- diamond teens for. The relay for lightly raced over 181000. Dollars one -- Now when you know well how closely given the fact that today your grandson. Died of the same. Illness from which bend died how closely did you follow the go blue for Ben campaign. All of my daughter fallible it lately because she know what was ethnic. Because it is it didn't occur to. Mean. Well it's a very are the the moms blog very very poignant and I have to -- -- sometimes exceedingly difficult to read the article to read in terms -- of the the emotions it engenders. As you've -- if you've got half a heart it's very difficult to read that without that having moments where you just have to look away and say OK I have to get back -- his later. Yes in the picture of him laying on the so far or bad whatever awards will -- like -- -- -- Understood Carol obviously the pain is still with you -- how long did it take for the acute pain in over sharp pain. That stabbing pain that all -- god you wake up in the middle of the night in tears saying how long did it take for back to goal way for you. You know sometimes I still can't. But it is not as often and I can't think of all the good things this. We did enjoy doing and my granddaughter Waddell -- my daughter would always -- it now mom you don't need to teach -- stuff like the. How is your daughter holding up now. Home she -- -- really well she should write a lot but she does really well. When you say she hides a lot what do you mean. I -- -- right herbal and I think that the public. And she don't enjoy talking about him. But you -- you you have to do I mean it with with all due respect. People. Do not. Have a lot of tolerance for the long term of weeping. People were in -- everybody wants to console you in the immediate aftermath but F a year after two years after four years. I guarantee people who don't know your family that -- gonna say hey maybe it's time you kind of got over maybe it's time you know maybe it's time yet moved on instead of letting it control your life. And -- let me give you worried and wanna give your thoughts on that word closure. Yeah I think closures crap education wanted to know that -- taken closure always has been my taken closure it's crap. I don't think I ever. I have -- -- there has now I think about him being an astronaut or president nor you know. -- closure for me I don't I don't. Now and you know what -- and that that is why I think closure is one of the most destructive terms ever invented in the world of psychology social work where psychiatry because it gives people an unrealistic hope that at some point. Everything's gonna be better again you'll have closure you'll be able to close the door on the -- and that is approachable. Bet that's a bunch of crap. Because the all time is the greatest year over time it provides the greatest ball for the human soul. But there is no such thing there never will be such a thing as closure for you. Or for your daughter or for anybody who is intimately touched by your grandson the best you can hope for in this is worth thanks so many psychologists psychiatrists and social workers are so screwed up they got to be honest with people and they got to tell people. All you can hope for is that over time the acute sharp stinging pain. Will diminish the memories will never go away the key is never gonna completely go away. Very. I mean I'm not telling you anything you don't -- and I'm saying these things for the benefit of people who may not. I have ever heard those before and they rely on somebody with a social work degree to give me advice and and I'm here from the real world to say closure is crap it does not exist in the real world. The only thing I can say. I can think of them know vital. And bat is a step obviously in the right direction we need to remember the good. And this sting the immediacy of this staying and are burning. Goes away like when you touch a hot burner that's satellite grief you know those first few seconds after such a flame. That that's the grief that you feel when somebody immediately guys over time you might have scars in the skin tissue may have some sensitivity but it ain't ever gonna completely go away. Because people and little kids affect us too much. I'm Carol I want to thank you for calling I wish nothing but the best for you and your family. And for the spirit and the soul of your grandchild luxury smiling down and you're right now thanking you for -- on the show. -- well hi I'm sure I'm sure he lives. I'm glad you called Carol thank you so much. Well I I well and folks and on this because that we lost Natalie Lewis. Who was in -- swimming standout but that's just part of what she won she was charming young lady she was engaged to be merry -- great character great mom. She'd just she had so much going for. And you know be on the swimming pool she -- so much going for her little Ben will never know what -- sour could have been. We know the agony through which is to and we went. And I'm asking goes have you been there. To tell us what it is like. Because. It is for me. It's for other people were going through this right now or who have gone through it before but have never heard the cold hard reality. And one of the nicest compliments I ever got on the air from sandy beach. Wives when he said you know what -- is right when he said there is no such thing as closure because he had somebody in his life to me was very very close. And he heard me talking about closure. And I have always believed the closure is the most overrated. And miss advertised concept in the world and all it does is he usually falls all. That things are going to be the way they were before they're never going to be the way they were before you met that person who is no longer in your life. All you can hope for is a diminution of the pain you're never gonna find closure please take it for me. I can't relate in this particular area I can relate to other areas. Worker. People who know me best understand what -- What I'm saying and why I can speak with some authority about theirs and some personal firsthand knowledge which -- don't torture which you guys. It's kind of private to me at this point someday I'm Mike -- -- but I might never ever mention it here is. Or leave it gets built on WBE an early in your on WB and Heidi. -- I -- my son almost four years ago. And he -- eight. -- decide after the raid on Tuesday morning. This tent and listen to him and I will never forget that. When. He heads. Yes it's six months old when it was -- he became a diabetic. And so he has publicly their leases. And all of -- -- -- that they were giving him for his sales month. Do -- -- -- thing we're slowly killing his kidney it. And he had a colon area -- -- to. So -- timeout timeout -- -- this this is so important in addition to contracting diabetes at the age of ten which is what they used to called juvenile diabetes which we now refer to -- type one or insulin dependent diabetes which in itself carries a wide range of long term health consequences he also had asthma. And the treatments for asthma do -- like any other treatment there is a poison aspect every that you put in your body and eventually it cause kidney failure form. And so -- the anecdote. To dialysis. Three days of week. Three times a week he had adult. And -- -- a leader he replied -- he ought to. And people like calling you and talk continue without stop. And -- done. He went and -- counted. And that -- in Japan can count and he hit it went maker hurt it can't keep with him I can't see you. Dumb thing brought them there because I would if I. You know yeah I -- I can't. I -- it's got to come to him. And the window into an apartment where I -- he had another Arctic cat -- Think actors. And then me I don't -- -- they've let me sit there. We can I would open up an extra -- cases -- yes that's true. Reviews were you there with him holding his hand when he when he passed. You know I -- I'm here to -- I. You know why. You know why I think there's a reason you missed it and here's my theory he -- he didn't want you -- He held on until he left the room so he could die I can't tally of how many times I've heard this I'm sorry. I I I can't tell you how many times have heard. Of people who. You know their family is gathered around gathered around gather round. Keep they keep waiting Ari is this the last -- is this the last -- then the minute everybody leaves the person finally says are right now I can die. You know another not here I can test. Great that night that Fareed did I was debating. And me but I can't put him on Knight says Bryant. It's OK you know critical now. So day either you. Thank you go now. Our -- our idea of I am very. And I'm very happy that you call them. I can I can hear obviously the pain in your voice and I hate I hate to feature some call from Grand Island by any chance. No. Amber heard -- horror. And -- Amherst can't say you know that didn't -- -- terrorist acts and you get added to appear that they humor. Because they had helped me grow it took so much can't. It and hearing and who he quit on me. You know can go to a less in Albuquerque when I. Understood my -- I I have to move I am glad you called -- thank you very much a sense of humor can be very helpful I have a very difficult time I have to -- with a sense of humor when it comes to children who -- part -- -- stay with us -- news radio 930 WB and this is -- show for you guys. I think you can help other people listening in a way that I cannot. -- -- right hander -- pay attention to. That little wry comment in the newspaper today nobody reads it anyway AccuWeather overcast shower -- area. Well overcast skies showers and thunderstorms 55 the low tomorrow cloudy showers and thunderstorm high temperature about seventy and I call BS. Right right now it's -- 69. At news radio 930 WBBM. All right gang it. Many view have been a situation that ID cannot personally relate to and -- having to. Bury a child we'd proceed. Mentally Louis young lady with a promising future ahead of her and sour. Both of whom died within the last week. And you know. You try to look for some operative. Meaning. For these kinds of tragedies. And by that I mean you try to find gold it. In basically what is a situation. Where. How to -- -- there doesn't seem to be any positive you can extract. But there ears and services one open this -- want you guys to help your fellow listeners. Because there -- people right now who never had a chance to talk about this there are people who never had a chance to deal with -- and their people out there. Who have never had a chance to really talk with other. Parents or listen other parents who've gone through what they've been through and it can be a very very lonely experience for them. Let's go to update in -- worked on a WB -- faith you're on the radio hello. I hope it believe me I don't think your college green you're dead on I could be an authority on this subject. I'm. Not my there at the age of 51. I'd lost my front then at the age of sixty widened. Until years ago. I Berry and little brother at the age of 51. -- -- -- -- they they were all 51 you -- 51 they were all 51. Each one of -- it went. On good. Happens. And -- the one act Ares about that in other Ares -- when I'm in right. -- You know how to with it and your tire company. It on. And -- -- -- capital local copy. He went as a copy and started to choke. On but we're joking about something which it never -- -- I mean should I -- hold -- I honestly hold on because I didn't know the story it was going to be this involved but I wanna -- I do wanna hear it so don't go anywhere I want you to stay with me. On Ned WB end -- over but he also like to hear too. And especially the way in which you were telling the story I I am fascinated by this and not in a hey look at try to correct way I mean how did the family deal with the way.

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