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5-20 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are back where -- coming of sandy beach Pamela brown on a Friday after we already signed jobless and often known. And there was heading toward Niagara on the lake for enjoyable couple of days. And I heard through my. Email that panel brown has decided she will leave her post as superintendent of schools. And the issue honestly gracefully and and she's made some I think are pretty graceful statements of the newspaper obviously. She doesn't agree that she wasn't very effective or whatever but. Our issue she wants to leave on a graceful note I have no problem of that she also probably wants to leave under the auspices of this school board. Because this school board that sitting now would not have letter ago. But the one coming in July definitely would letter ago so she's trying to negotiate. Our departure. Her contract by the way -- A little bit about -- witnesses. And usually contains according to Sandra examine the ball windows it contains six pages. Of reasons for separation. And so they're negotiating now Carl Paladino on some others. Would like to see the good bye kids as about one year's pay which is 2171500. Dollars so essentially if we could. You know round up a little bit quarter million dollars to say -- I think most people would say go by with a big smile on the face with a quarter million dollars. But there there will also look for -- the affected she will -- agreed not too soon for any any reason after the agreements made. They're probably a non disclosure thing through as my guest. Although it wasn't with and Williams. I got his 1101000. And another 101000 for consult things ago 120. But he also got an unused vacation which goes saying but he also guides. I think 80%. Health care paid for life for earned him and his family. And selling -- remove clear there were Baltimore when he started their Baltimore when he finished. So that's where that is so. My thinking if the cup and board. Wanted to really him you know get a little of ugly way that what they would do is just give her sweetheart Dubai deal because they have the votes. They have the 54 votes they could do it I don't know what kind of procedures are involved in it and delaying tactics would be possible. But they could do that if they are really wanted to do it -- a squirrel. They could they could hire a new one they're -- -- no one before there unseated. I don't know if that would be very well received. And -- to guarantee you wouldn't be able. I think because unless it could be delayed by the minority on the board. So we're asking some questions should race play a part in the new superintendent the reason -- asking as the last full time to -- and James Williams two years ago. Said that he should be replaced by another African American because of the cultural. Insight and should the school board get a replacement looks like them. Looks like MI mean the fire in the belly I mean the lets do it a different way and see if we can get it to work. The let's get rid of excuses. Rather than physically looked like a might think a mentally there be on the same. -- secrets we have some more FaceBook entries why don't we wrinkles. This is from -- he says we need to hire somebody qualified who is experienced it should have nothing to do with race sex or anything else equal opportunity should be equal in all respects. I like that does sometimes when you ask for equality be careful what you ask for. Because you should have a obviously but when you have it you may find value better off without it because you're given an advantage that you are no longer enjoy so all of you that the you've got to roll the dice on that one and I agree with the last balls in other words Kristen says -- should be no factor after all the buffalo schools the -- it's time to find somebody with a proven track record of students deserve better than what they've -- yeah I agree and I also agree that if there is a qualified candidate and I would find it hard to believe that there hasn't. A within the school system let's let's votes that because when you're in the trenches oftentimes. You see things you don't some you'll see otherwise. Like when I was programming radio stations. What I work for NBC they did not allow their programmers to be on the air. So I was off the air while I was working. -- for NBC but every once in awhile I would to a shift just one shift you know -- Because I want to see exactly what the air personalities were born through the the might sound good as the placement of the computers right was houses are do we have an -- of this that I actually walked through what they do so what I'm talking to them I have some inside as stupid as to how different might be -- the challenges are. That's I think that's an important part and any kind of a management scheme is to put yourself. In the shadows and in the job of the people who are working for -- is they get an idea what is real life. And that's that and I think that if if they interviewed somebody within the system already. They know where some of the weaknesses are because they've had to deal with -- and maybe they know that they could build a consensus among their fellow teachers principals wherever they came from. To get things done that may be somebody on the outside would take a long time to get to if they ever got to. So yeah he's telling me there -- no qualified people within the buffalo district to have become superintendent I'd would disagree I think -- Another waitress. Tina says the main factor in hiring should be qualification now race it's a burden on the students and our tax dollars when we keep hiring is unqualified individuals that's true and the problem. It is the same problem we have. -- the president the United States if if you hire somebody for racial reasons. Are they still gonna take the same criticism. As if toward non racial reasons or are. You allowed to make legitimate criticisms that you would make no matter who was in there which can now because. -- racial consideration that's wrong. Equality is equality he get the good with the bad -- you get the pats on the back project at -- kick in the pants -- that's the way it goes that's the real world let's let's life. And so I think that throwing race out as a consideration. It's not in -- you know an equal opportunity I mean this should be an equal opportunity. Job it should not be a racially preference job they shouldn't be any preference except on your ability to do the job one final one whiskers. Are just comes from Gail sees -- absolutely not the last few superintendents were selected in part because of their race. And it's been a disaster it's time to pick somebody who was the most qualified regardless of race. I agree obviously and that's -- most of -- affect everybody has said that today now you'll notice nobody has challenged that. Now we obviously have -- -- black we have listeners who might feel -- that race should be considered. Nobody's come forward. You know like -- is not a good argument for there's not a good reason for. All your life you get preached at a power race shouldn't matter in the decision making process and now suddenly we're finally find out it should matter. It can't work both sides of the mystery you really can't. You can dedicate any -- -- are always come back we're going to move on to something a little wider. Something a little bit more fun I can tell you that because I didn't even know this happened until I came to buffalo. I've been our longtime. And a maybe you're a buffalo and you hadn't heard about it either and that -- kind of dig out other things that may be -- know. -- news radio I'm thirty WB yeah it is Beijing company without we move on something a little bit more fun I mentioned it casually at the beginning of the show. And -- -- you -- times are sometimes as you move around to different parts of the country. You find different customs and you see different things. Now I'm not referring just to brands which might be regional they might -- a local brand. Or regional brand. But just things that they do in certain areas that they don't do in other areas. And though when I first -- came to buffalo I learned some things that are just too many true buffalo. And even as I've gone to other places I've worked in eleven states. And every state has their own unique things. But some things aren't duplicated anywhere else -- Justin in one area sometimes is now is nomenclature. What is soda in one place might be pop and another as is the way it is usually a pretty -- by saying give me a Pepsi or Coke. But it's auto employees often not there someplace it's very strange milk shakes are one thing in New England for instance. Milk shakes and for apps are two different things. And then they if you go down to Rhode Island. I'm milk shake is called a cabinets strangely enough how they got that is beyond me but that's the way and as. All right so we're talking about. Saint Joseph. Now. And I biblical scholars here. But I have heard something it's done around here and I've ever heard of it being -- or else I mean maybe they -- in other places and I might be surprised to find out they do. But I did not know OK are trying to absorb as much as I can. On a person I know was a selling a house. And so in order to sell the house what would you do if you were selling mouse. -- it's oh spic and span make sure everything's in place the clutter do all the things they tell you to do. Maybe put on an apple I don't an open house day you know the usual stuff that real -- that a year ago. But one thing that seems a lot of people do is they go to the Catholic store. In and get a Saint Joseph is statue kept. And they put it together aren't. And then for what reason I have no idea the Barea in the backyard and I guess Chris Hughes said because -- -- talk about it. Saint Joseph has to be facing the street yeah upside down facing mistreatment Branyan to a mental work for her okay. So when you bury you make up the -- -- Catholics or the other saint Joseph's statue put together -- -- place that I'd dig a hole. -- -- strange you'd call it puts angels is -- -- which I think our road but faced down. Facing the straight now I don't know if your calls activated technically yeah I would work output. Okay and then you -- barrier and that's supposed to help you sell the the house. And a lot of people after we mention that say. Wouldn't that one woman calls it yet she's all three of our houses like that some people after they sober house they go back and dig it up. And because then it's a good lock. Saint Joseph statue now there may be some time and be a public biblically that I'm not aware may be saying Joseph. Had housing that he gave to the -- something I have no idea. How this originated. But if you do know I'd like to hear from you and if you are you this technique. It's nothing that the realtors recommend. -- -- or eight. But it seems to work. Let us know -- 03093018061692. Through six and stuff and I'm thirty. And not only do I wanna know about that I wanna know about other things that you find here. That you don't find anywhere else to the best of your knowledge. There -- bands that are going to be one more example. Because I've been around I've been around but until I came to buffalo I had never heard. Ever of -- And now this Tuesday is a big they got a huge parade. They got a big celebration. Other communities are contacting their low of the newspaper people. And they want to know Cleveland has and they want -- parades and celebrations in their communities so that those are my contributions. Saint Joseph statue is buried upside down facing the road. Two helps sell your house. And I wonder if that works for cars to got a car for -- put some angels have been withdrawn. I'm not repeal it it it. Tony and I ever sensitive about putting anything in the trunk but. And -- Tuesday. Those are my two suggestions Tony is there anything now you've been here your whole life -- when -- in the debate -- Vegas so there's it might be a little harder for you to come up with something because you're only been -- for one year. Was there was -- a lot of things in Vegas that we don't know about. You have any examples you wanna throw in the plot. No not really I mean the one thing is I don't understand. The you know praying to a -- to find something like -- pennies policy you'll be fine in my wedding ring. Patron saint of patron saint of -- -- sort of understand. Well remember saying Christopher. Not -- saints got demoted at one time does that work I don't. No I mean the saints in order to become saints there already gone their debt -- so they can't change anything. At least on earth. And then suddenly for some reason their. I don't know what caused that the emotion whether the thought process in the original promotion to sainthood. Was flawed or something but they get kind of -- debate all of the dashboard saints remember people put a -- on the dashboard. Because they felt that was them if it was a good lock. More than anything else at a and I find it interesting that we would use religious statuary and whatever. For basically. Unless there's a biblical tie to it. For basically a superstition. Wouldn't you -- -- -- -- no I don't think you would what would you call it by putting saint Joe's putting Saint Joseph in the ground. Upside down facing the world -- to -- superstition. There are she has no real power now that it's -- it's basically. A a replica of what we guess angels have little. It's -- out of materials. It's not obviously Saint Joseph made in China yeah maybe Saint Joseph visit Chinese saying that were not aware of thank you for bringing that up multi cultural show -- where very big on inclusion. Iowa we come back we wanna hear from you we wanted to hear not only have you ever done these and Joseph statue of things to sell your house. You know off our realtor. Every listening I have I give mark Friesen angeles' that it's just to be safe there I think they'll be good. And -- so does the things that I have not heard of gonna -- buffalo. Is that for one thing which I just learned recently -- the last couple years and -- -- which I didn't know right from day one. I had done a few going to stay jokes two years after being in town without a pussy willows and chasing women with squirt bottles I found -- speaking. But now it's coach it's huge break. What's cool is that is some of our what's known as you know waffles -- chicken wings. And as you just mentioned being estate are spreading and adopting his take on. Original version and now yes you'll -- wings everywhere exactly in the column buffalo wings were the only ones who don't column buffalo wings a worm buffalo -- -- barrel wearing Wang's got it. OK. I -- -- eyes I've put a nose man upside down in my front lawn. Until my council that was gridlock and that newsman ladies and gentlemen. Was found out he's next on your credit and I blurted out Libya. You're hearing the voice of the DN call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine dirty air toll free line is 1806169236. Backward region don't let me guess what I first candle of all I'd never heard of doing this day ever and now it's it's a huge the day around here and in different parts of the country. Also of the a couple of years ago I was not familiar with people buying a saint Joseph's statue. And bearing yet in the backyard. And apparently it has to be upside down facing the role in order to help sell your ha your home. Would be bizarre to be -- -- but I don't know where comes from. I'd like to hear from you different things that you've learned since you've been here or maybe that you learn when you travel away that. Aren't universal than not the same everywhere they're particularly your two of that area. Let's go to a Joseph in Gainesville New York Joey here on WB end. Our job. Space while we're about to an area years. And I await orders factory. Mia and -- are sure that the that the that the daily news. I'm Guam and he got pregnant with my old girl. So. People at the that support daily news decided through or baby shower. Which you can bet in the baby shower and told me this story. Well the show is just a normal baby shower by. When it came time to eat there was pressure on the table. And the finish. As I isn't that was caught. The eyes were in the fair. I learned the British Open because she was -- about her she would support he'd. All I don't know -- don't mold. Well man the guys that haven't. Auto body guys. Well. Lecce respectfully declined to eat I mentioned as an honor. To I needed to Merrill. And she actually the. Well you know I hope they understand that sometimes things are different for -- well that's a great story I'd never never heard of that but. A lot of food traditions the existing governments of the world we're totally unaware -- That refund at its hold the thing on Guam baby shower here from now on. Cajole bank verbal. I'll wild -- an onus is gonna have twins. So that's see that from general do. I like -- workers she's in as good job about maybe because she's having twins you put -- Vista lies on a fresh right. So as 131. Like that what would you know Tony and Chris if you're there in Guam and you didn't know what this is a baby should -- but there was a guy thing. And they they -- the fish out -- -- -- because -- the guest of -- you get to eat and I. The thought of meeting and I -- gives me the creeps. Me. -- to be road and not beat the -- very much so okay so Mario I districts -- a -- by an inordinate districts -- Honest. So -- I can't imagine. Wondered out what the attack on texture. I'm big on texture of food I can't imagine what that texture of a Fisher I would be. We've we've -- I have fish are members on and so on trucks that. Via your your raw buys you -- wegmans they're gourmet department -- that might have fish guys. Yeah and tong and tong and -- -- often -- -- -- now. They don't have and it brings. It does not look like something I would want to whip up hey put some brains on the Barbie -- know a little bit onions and let's go to. Charlie. In Alec -- Charlie you're on W via. But it aria. Good journal and what's going on. It is all that can go right -- unlike other -- it yet Salem opt out. Yeah I know there are some places you can get in my always bring him back to New England when I visit there and people used to bring it to me in Wisconsin when I was there but yes -- -- regional thank you card but they're good in the best. Love sales -- my sister and brother in law we're here. They got hooked on surveillance and now. They actually send forum. In and sometimes we send them -- -- -- -- Great I told you will need to ideology rather have a fish guys are assailants all that's a pretty easy wanna go the doctor -- -- maybe make a -- -- And -- I don't want to go and end -- well Matt I don't think so. I was the safe and in Las Vegas in the San -- fast. In the a person I knew. Providence -- once hot dogs. We set up the boo him put to see one sign in how many people would walk by you guys are from buffalo. There is in Wisconsin there's a route your call strikers and they use the cartoon characters the mag pies. They look like big crows and they have an orange big whatever. Of that was there -- their logo as Parker's group here it is I floor. It is so good but that's regional brand -- candidates brokers here and -- still a bit in what looks like a beer bottle. -- when I was first in Wisconsin. And I'm sitting there analysts and be aware having lunch at a -- place. And we see a mom and her son was probably like seven okay. And the waiter brings them their food and refreshments and the kids go one of these Sprecher is bottles and -- with -- the year. And we were wondering mrs. child abuse -- -- the deaths in year old beer while it wasn't was -- And -- I got to know Randy. Sprecher. Because I talk about -- once and if you've ever come to my garage. Yeah. Probably won't because I don't know you wanna say about. I have -- strikers aside and is as beautiful there are they doing nice graphic work him the root Beers that. Eiffel I'd love -- Jeremy people who just from that that's -- -- ever if you ever know anybody that's coming in here from Milwaukee. Numbering some brokers group here. -- would take a break we'll be back one more -- -- didn't know. But we didn't know -- this day we didn't know Saint Joseph had to be buried upside down facing the road to sell your house. We didn't know living Guam on a baby shower you better be prepared to eat fish guys will be back Lamar. And is -- thirty W -- so we're talking about things that are either peculiar to. -- -- or you're not aware of of them being anywhere else or something you found some Morales that you've not heard of here. When I first came to buffalo wings were not any big deal wings probably weren't even available. The big deal food that I was not aware of until I came here was. Beef on whack. Now certainly I've been no other places that had roast beef sandwiches. But I didn't know what I chem. And I don't know to this day the revert Kimmel our roles are rose are sold as beef on work. Outside of buffalo because I I've not seen them I've seen -- -- certainly is plenty of that. Reject him away excel and later when wings took over now Kimmel you know beef on wecht is secondary position. A load on our wings rule of the wings weren't even there when I came here but beat on where yet so I wanna list that is one of the things. So I haven't I heard of saint Joseph's statue -- upside down facing the roads are your house. Dangerous day. And beef on let's go to the next caller -- jurors are being Howland how I'm here on WB and hello Allen. That comfortable. You know -- made out of heard of obtaining a rose three in a tree or out or -- if you don't monitoring Perth about -- and. All -- I did not know that Syria and give -- a trigger stroke. But to ward off the rain and for years you know has done the work I try to get the appropriate that it in the front yeah out of my. It's pretty economy are number one I put appearing know that from different than mine but that we are having -- big product for apple and I want there was going to be outside. And she kept walking grocery in the treatment -- yeah okay well I did. And I think that the got to put it there until we were doing something with the -- -- and so it growing that the -- has now growing around the. So now you are responsible if we -- drought because you left the rosary in the tree -- Or are but it must be insisting work doing decision across with your you have to climb up a trade to get it done and Edgar Allan. That's all there -- that yes that -- yeah. Have to worry about. That want to and he found it 25 years later all why. Point if I think. Well if your husband buys another one it's -- As good thank you. I wonder if anybody has. A patron saint for there are patron -- -- lost causes. But I wonder if there's a patron state the -- help with a loss wedding. In ever now we don't know about selling your house witnessing Joseph's statue of it and this person that I know. When she went to Catholics or they only had one left. There was the summaries and run on Saint Joseph statue is so apparently it was right in the middle of the real estate season. And that people or were buying them in droves. I see I would not know if I were cash if I were stocking the Catholics -- you know making -- the stock was the what I wanted to order. Those nominees -- As Saint Joseph is it's that Asia -- That he's you go to any publication CME else's that that's not arguing it where we can offer deal on Saint Paul buy two get 13. But things roses are on top price as well. Two polls were Joseph thanks Joseph noon during his lifetime. Someday you'd be buried in people's yards to help themselves real estate. I hope I bet you shouldn't up. And let's go to Chris and now want the pressure on that Libya. My guys of Italian value that you don't know about things just let us know about that. A point is a lot of the end Saint Joseph is the patron saint -- -- home we took care of baby Jesus I'll. But the point is. I think joke that is the protector and it's also what prayers but what you put into uncomfortable position. Let's say you're you're lucky it's time to go. We've put in Canada call. And I don't think that I knew what you -- gonna sell you your home so putting a face I as. Like it does but it put prayers and -- -- -- you're out. Are so you put him face down he's uncomfortable so you're you wanna move on to a new home right I like at thank you Chris I did not know is an Italian custom. I hit it to Antonio and heard of it either that's why we takes a long time for us sell our houses thank you. While also they did you know that patronized and announced I'm learning I'm learning I thought Jesus was born in in India to Manger. Stable via. They sell was stable as time to move on I'm not sure but state whom these things remember saint Christopher used to be the patron saint. Of crashes. On me well is I have buicks out of a hit and they usually and it up on a dashboard of -- -- Buick. With a hood as long as -- area like Roman chariot -- areas and on for dear life but then they deem them. And that we don't see you Monday ashes anymore. I think last -- -- is on the Smart Car you know you take your -- really going home. The ambulance that was Smart Car he had barely enough room. On the dash. Let's goes. Next OK I think we have a real estate agent on the line Amy from Williams -- you're on WB -- High say and yet that they knew Michael -- with century 21. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I went I have lifting that have been on the market a little bit too long I always recommend it they'll buy it at. To air it out site that basic how. Sports history. Really they really -- probably at about five I think -- a joke that there by the Pope. Now do you split your commission will visit Joseph or do you -- at the -- -- from a -- -- really appreciated. -- the black. Wow that. -- -- we've always known about the power prayer. But this is the power of moving realistic and sometimes a difficult market well. You can use -- -- -- besides the regular things that you do the clutter house and -- make it you know. On smell nice big an apple pie you have seen them in the available I kind of stuff and tidy up and take personal pictures down things like that. I've never seen on a real estate list. I've never seen them. It's angels of the statue listed as an aide to selling. Off the called damn lucky. I know him and he knows all about realistic. You know he works -- the real estate people here. To find out how big -- angels is on the list of good things to do remove your house. But some of these other things the -- on the finish. Well no -- you'll be polite. And hopefully community. And I wonder if the guy is actually attached in the finish but you gotta like yank -- -- That oops I dropped it on the IR I can't I get Giorgio. Thank you very much the Eagles play the eye of the tiger it's totally up in four hours ago when they -- on WB yen. I can't -- and I'm -- -- and net and primary that -- that meant it on the high kick you appeared in California. He never heard of that ignites his guys. All bats a big deal here absolutely. Yeah. I did not I went to school in Boston and I never heard of home. And in most markets the only place I've ever work where fish Fries -- big is Milwaukee -- -- very much like buffalo with the same. Ethnic mix in all that so that's it but I'm glad you straightened about the -- like a fish tries now. It come on thank you very much yeah Friday night there's a place of Milwaukee call sir Paul. And now and on an average Friday night they'll do 4000 veterans. Ordered 4000. Fish they've been on a futon food out of his serve up -- They tell you when you go to Milwaukee if you want official writes her balls -- ago. And -- so bill why he's very much like buffalo is bigger. But it's very much the same if if you. Like buffalo you love Milwaukee are right that about wraps it up I'm going to go and get a -- Joseph statue in case I ever wanna someone's house. And there's a shortage in on the keep praying Xenia and yet to find your ring we gotta get their patron saint of lost rings as for all its a ring for marriage should -- -- I MRSA doubles here tomorrow morning and I know newsreader and I'm thirty WB he had. We'll we'll. Which they never -- to -- be used she.

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