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5-20 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How -- glare of the Beijing government sandy beach Pamela brown has shown a desire to negotiate a graceful exit from her post as superintendent of the buffalo school system. Right now they have shares of friendly school board go by I think one vote. And in July it's gonna turn around and should be will be less than friendly. By one vote but for now she's negotiating a way out it's not personal the job didn't get done. On the job causing it to somebody's got to try to do the job again. So my question should race play any part and superintendent Campbell Brown's replacement. I say no and in those of you who use the culture card. And I'm I'm pleading ignorance you tell me. Tell me what in the African American culture is advantageous to learning bits and not anywhere else. It's not a you know we will see it everywhere. And if it's advantageous. I'm sure anybody could do that could use it -- good ingratiate themselves with a I don't think you have to be of the same culture. To use says simply put so I don't think race should play any part of it any more than I think that. A your suburban district looking for superintendent would recommend what we have to get a -- -- superintendent because it's part of the culture. That would be outrageous we'd all be on the national news they -- All the reporters will be standing outside a school and here in interviewing outraged parents but it doesn't work that way the other way because people. Walk on egg shells and talking about race there's no need to. As long as you have -- on his mind about it as long injure your realistic about it most people as soon as you mentioned race will clam up that's the end of the subject there's no further discussion. If they say -- black superintendent because of a cultural issues that's it. Nobody ever says why. While I'm saying why I'd like to know I really would like to -- and should the school board. Hire replacement that looks like them how many times have we heard. Voters want a vote for somebody who looks like them. I want to vote for somebody who looks like success. That's what I want I don't care one package that comes and I want success especially with a billion dollar enterprise. And the future educational. Necessities. For living in today's society. It -- on Montreal one and under is 61692 visits are 930 okay Chris we've got some us several posts on FaceBook why don't you give Mexico. This one. Comes from Brian he says Pamela brown was well educated which elect a leadership it's time for leader with a proven track record. Superintendent of a major school district is not a place for affirmative action. Yeah well I like go to -- leadership and their because you can't have the academic. Qualifications. On paper. But I'll leave her what a leader does is tries to get a group together to go the way he or she thinks it should go. Are you say hey take me -- my word this is something we should be doing and that swept you have to believe in your leader. First of all of Pamela brown was in there. She had an assistant that was making more money than she and and apparently from press reports was doing a lot of the work. Much much of it there was a -- Albany wasn't accepted by Albany. And so the leadership aspect just didn't seem to be there you -- -- -- people little book Smart. Of the day there -- you know they're quiet there aren't assuming. They have the intellectual capacity. Of between the -- but they can't really project that leadership come on number of the patent leadership of war war to come out what are over Helen and you know that kind of thing. Ever achieve she doesn't have that I can understand the last post. What else we have Chris this one comes from jail she says race should never play a role like we just hire somebody from within -- we have enough qualified -- here. We don't need to spend thousands of dollars to find some Harvard Yahoo! doesn't even care -- well. I liked that the odds -- hiring from within. We certainly have made a large group of which two. To look over and those or interest that step forward and know that they will be given consideration. But one thing we have to recognize and this is all these true or I don't care what biz veteran. Whether -- in the education business the radio business the newspaper business whenever somebody from out of town. Is always better in the minds of people at higher than somebody is already and now for some reason. An album which escapes me and always has the smarter if you don't know them that if you do. And that's part of what is you know you bring in somebody. Hey look here they were here they are in charge of the shoot this school system and that in their -- -- look at this as opposed to -- yes they've been working fifty years. So that's that's always the appeal bring somebody in for months now. Pass code as some of our roads and governor let's go to a Billy Williams -- bill you're on WB yen. -- -- On you know my grandmother -- fiscal for 45 years back when education was thought to be education and oh. I was accountability. Of Matta there was so let's say it's got -- your teachers that respect but. Nowadays it just seems to be subjective arbitrary and whatever seems to be at all the political saying. Than actual accountability for the students. There's there is just -- that was on the outside the money and it's this type of results and it's like a -- -- that comes from my abnormal psychology. We -- New York State are like a bunch of abuse children -- gravitating. Or the abuser and we see no other way out of the way we've -- and it's -- term while we have. Voting record from the schools and -- not state local and tribal level where it's so low that it's just ridiculous. We need to -- people tolerable. We need you to make it law or you need to vote if you don't vote you'd need an excuse me your mother and it's just ridiculous so. I like like if I like your thinking OK thank you bill thank you yeah I like it's thinking and another factor that goes into what he was just saying is. -- and I was a student which is some time back obviously. But world team while. Government way that when I was a student there was a united front. You with a student and the united front was made up of your teachers. And there -- superiors and your parents okay you true. That they were all of one mind you better do the job endurance of the best of your ability. Now it's a fractured front. As students look I mean I don't think students would totally unplugged. They they look at may see this fight going on between the administration. Air and and teachers and the school board and the superintendent. And my mother thinks I've never done anything wrong. And on device dared get suspended they'll bring in a high price lawyer it's a fractured front there's all different messages being paraded in front of the student. It's all my parents. Always assumed that I was guilty of everything I was accused and they -- right. Okay. And that's the way it was. I knew that I I couldn't go home and and divide my teacher from my parents my teacher and my parents were allies. That isn't like that anymore in in some cases in most cases probably. And I didn't know anything about who the superintendent of schools -- was. End of the school board members none of that was of any interest to me all I know is that all of these people on the other side of the educational wall. Had the same goal in mind from so it was me. Vs them now it's everybody's got a different position. And so it's easy to see like kids think -- get away with something. You discipline and school while mom and dad are gonna like that with a going to be -- probably not you probably the school so I can use a wedge between. My parents and the school. And that's the way it works we have a wedge between the superintendent. And the superintendent's people and the school board in the school boards people. So it's fractured right now and I think it has to be unified to be successful. You can have a little disagreement here and there about what and so wholesale Fisher it doesn't work. Will be back -- more on beach in opening a were asking about whether race should play a part in these superintendent -- I'm Pamela Brown's replacement. I say no the last superintendent James Williams says openly that it should -- the next is so bright as the successor should be. African American because. They can bond with the students and they understand the culture. More than a non African American. And I say explain that Samie. Explain that to me what in the culture. Would be advantageous. -- it to somebody else couldn't also possess. Or couldn't use I don't understand that at all and battle like this if you is race in the hiring criteria. You would not welcome -- from these people applying for the job I think about it like best. Are you applying for the job and you made -- so -- like the final five or whatever it is and -- before the -- school board. And you know when your job interview. You should be self assured absolutely should be confident absolutely. But there's a fine line you have to walk there and so can you imagine somebody being interviewed. Pseudo with the school board and saying things like well your mind academic qualifications that went through the school received his degree. And here in my professional qualifications. My personal. People who would personally recommend me and then. In case you didn't notice I'm black. -- And your school district is predominantly black and soul I holed a cultural key because I'm black and their black. I have an advantage that anybody else you're going to interview it's happens to be white or Hispanic would not possess. Well I think if you said that you'd probably be eliminated from consideration. It will be gone before. After that Aaron and keep my job interviews of -- very specialized. Things. I can say this with full authority and believe me I'm telling the truth. I have never in radio never interviewed for a job that wasn't offered him. Never not once not one time -- interviewed for lots of jobs where they would offer the job and I didn't take it because I didn't think it would be a good place for me here. Or -- the right people who work whether or whatever. But the bottom line as. I'm very comfortable or around a job interview. Because I get excited. About the potential where where we can go from here and I think a new superintendent should have that same level of excitement. A not a same old same hole or looked at me because I'm black and Unita black superintendent I want the best superintendent. I want somebody they're gonna have on sixty minutes who can turn this a school system around that's what I want I think it's it's if by happenstance that that blacks -- redundant fine I don't care could care less either way. I just want I wanna get this thing moving. Because right now we're dump and a billion billion. Dollars a year down the drain with very little success. And that's okay Chris a couple of more Facebook's who know Vodafone. This one comes from clawed -- she says race should not play a role in anything experience or inexperience has no skiing collar when -- -- local for the job I'm tired of wasting money -- glorified placement agencies. Well that's a good points it's a good point plus the the thought of when they come in from out of town they always have to take while to get used to it. Together -- -- platforms of travelling same must be as the ride. And it would be nice to have somebody here who's been in the trenches who can understand. What's going on. And don't they don't need that period of adjustment there already adjusted. And I think there's a lot to be said by hiring from the rank and file because oftentimes management. Or -- different department heads. Say here's how we're gonna do it wouldn't know import. From the people who have to facilitate that. Another words the the superintendent. And they have enough discussions with the teachers. Is there enough going on a communication wise with the parents. And so if you're already in the system and you see some of the faults of the system and -- gives you a -- up. Let's go to -- Yemen Lancaster -- here on WB again. Yes -- are trying to concerning. They're the people who make the decisions were the so called education would even consider it a priority. A culture or race. The priority certainly should be the students in it in a position of superintendent. You wanna get the most qualified person notes are rich in culture if there's -- subject in the schools. Or a particular subject for Richard coltart that you -- the person -- it would be able to -- -- In -- appropriate and needed to digital borrow this particular -- -- we're called the superintendent. They should even be considering that this about certain. Yeah I'm the last one all James Williams openly said that yes thank you very much you openly said. It should be no way I minority I think he said African American I'm not mistaken. Because of -- of the culture and they understand the culture so I'm thinking OK what am I missing here. What's in the African American culture there wouldn't be in the white culture of Hispanic culture or any other culture. Regarding education and our dollars are key that we don't know about and if so why is that. That the previous superintendent. Who happen to be black. Who would happen to be a growing up -- being a part of the of the history of that culture and living their culture what do they know that somebody who was -- and it wouldn't know. And you never get an answer you know why it's one of those things that people say and that's that once they said nobody replies. Always comes back Adam. When they say a culture remember we had. I think it was it would oil was bringing in a and author doctor can do to Daria and that's what he said. He was going to speak here reason noted that -- and respected in national name he was going to speak in western new York and that's what he spoke of that I'm I'm obviously paraphrasing here that the kids would respond to somebody of their own culture. And that the problem with -- education. Is that the white educators I think he was pointing mainly into the suburbs here. Don't understand. The African American culture that was the whole gist of of this discussion. And -- and that they should adjust their teaching methods. To tell the students culture and I'm say and I said at that time we did that show well guess why. The last ones that are gonna do that because when you're going there in the army -- then I'm going to adjust your culture when you go to a company they're not going to adjust to your culture. The police are gonna adjust to your culture nobody's gonna do that. So why start now you have to you have to become part of the world community and this is the way to do it. It's an immigration a method rather than an isolation that. So when they say it's part of the culture I'd like somebody explain to me what's missing from the other cultures. That would that would be true we'll be back. Forward featured company. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and start Nigeria or toll free line 18. 806169236. And a spot for the -- BO. But Joseph handful -- enemy is so attractive I think I've never seen a bad I've never matter. But I've never seen a bad photo over and I don't know what it is specifically. But she's a very ever accomplished woman obviously and -- tractor there ever -- nice and nice addition to our community should be. Proud to ever but there's something about her. You know no matter how how attractive -- on May be occasionally you'll see yeah a bad picture of them ever see female tennis players. It could be drop dead gorgeous and they'll always get the picture where they're reaching for the ball in their cheeks are like a blow fish right. -- as Sharapova forget it doesn't matter what is. But would join Florida all good photographs maybe she has tight photo of of photogenic control. That usually have to approve every merger but I'd never seen about one -- -- -- That is something about -- you know -- very very nice let's go to O Larry and find out what's going on in buffalo Larry here you're on WB yeah. They added a region that like the of -- And we support that I mean have at an American Italian American Hispanic Americans we're all Americans. You know who have you mean -- because of race you'd have a little bit of an advantage while I agree I I don't think that should come into it at all. A great -- so that that does that fit. You know that that that did Baghdad. Separate. We're always call out we're always hold. That the US is or at least was a melting pot but it does not seem like not everybody wants a melting pot they want separation. And I think they would education. If you've got some things that others don't have share the wealth a lot of snow because we can all use it but that. But they'll get somebody an advantage because of the color of his skin is as wrong as not considering them because of the color there's. Thank you yeah we're told not to. Let rays enter into all kinds of things in our lives. The letter but for some reason it's OK let -- answer the thought of who the next superintendent school -- Now panel brown has not said anything about race at all. But the last of the last superintendent doctor James Williams who are really kind of miss because I enjoyed. Sometimes it would be very we've covered just they're great fun time on the air and sometimes it was very. -- sword play was involved but he was always an interesting guy and always a guy that would stand -- to Olivia I admire. But when he left that's what he said. He said my you know the person taking this job next should be. Of African American. Descent because of the culture and the makeup of the student body. But I don't think it really should make any difference and I don't think coming Pollyanna about that. Because of the African Americans have any secret to education -- anybody else doesn't but. If there is something that would help and accelerate the process of like to -- it. But no real no real answer beyond that original. Let's go to John in Lancaster John here on WB -- And understand other determining rates and it has no real test. You know I I undermine its from each. And everything about it Middle East and in Egypt and Africa African American I mean there's not a lot of that would identify. -- is the mother is Russian. So that means after Asia because people don't associate Russians aged and another and -- -- do you know it's what an application and news they would think you -- You know bring up -- -- -- a good point if we hired Barack Obama we let him teach only half of the school year so often and -- the right time. He that your -- what keeps you from learning Spanish just saying stench would ever tested. Don't barker I was like -- -- in the and on people and say okay. I hear you John I hear loud and cleared -- make a lot of sense thank you. The other is no litmus test for it but that's the way it's thrown out there like this. And it's sort of like that knowing they'll be no push back on it. Nobody's gonna stand up and say well -- that nobody will wanna say nobody I mean most people it was gonna stand up and challenge that. But I'm challenging right now I challenge you wanna set it. That is shouldn't play. You can't work both sides of the street he can't tell us you can't consider race when hiring. Except for affirmative action you can't consider race for renting. You candidate consider race for of this that the other thing. But you can consider race for superintendent of schools. Ha how does that work I thought I thought we're supposed to get back to. The ability you bring to the job to get the job accomplished. I think that the next superintendent. Let's face it if the next superintendent. Works together with the school board and their both hungry for advancement of the program in buffalo. They can all write their own tickets and education but especially via superintendent because those ones usually move on. And it -- do this against kansas' -- you can you can change any system. We have a dismal graduation rate we're stuck in radio and a failure chain. That's not my expression as an expression that an educational group -- uses in their advertising. And that's worry and we perpetuate failure as success breeds success. Failure perpetuates more excuses is somebody else's fault. It's not my fault for lack of effort or my parents fault. -- -- -- teachers -- it's somebody else's fault always. While I think it's the fault of all of us we don't get the best people in each of the each each job not just superintendent. But the best -- the best everybody the best school board members misses the chance to do it. So let's let's play. Let's just play along and listen as this those scenario unveils as to whether Pamela brown will say anything and I doubt. Very much -- she will I don't think you will but see if any of the school board. Members mentioned that in the hiring process remember him. With the school or that sitting now it's an exact. A separation of the races and genders. There -- nine people on that there are five black women. And of four white man that set and that all the votes came down exactly specifically. To gender and and race. Let's hope the next one. That doesn't have to bother with that kind of -- and get on the to the challenge of education will be back -- more -- oak tree on 93018061696. 930. Our -- so we have some more FaceBook -- and I'll get to cause more calls please this is from Bryant he says race should and will play a factor. Majority of the students are black and a black superintendent may have unique insight into the cultural dimensions of the school issues well that sounds good on paper. Why didn't Pamela brown of the cultural insight why didn't James Williams of the culture islands. They -- one for him I can never member's name for some reason it's not in my in my -- and Harris James Harris. Bob why James Harris why didn't have it that's three car there three full time superintendents in a row or all black to man one woman. Apparently none of them have the cultural instinct and insight. So and that's one of those things that sounds good. But I like to know what it means I throw the check out there -- some tells me what it means give me the secret grasshopper. Two is eternal educational life what do you have that nobody else is as being a black person. What what's in your culture that nobody else would understand and if you have a secret. Why not -- because obviously the predecessors didn't know it or didn't you as a pro. I think what's wrong with the thought process of it has to be any. A black superintendent because he or she would understand. The students that are the students would understand he or she -- has nothing to do with that it's more economic than anything else is our US CD person. That's what they're gonna relate to this is just a different culture. From the city to the -- You have an appreciation. Maybe it's an appreciation things like use that. Of -- of what the city has to offer including educational opportunities but maybe there are times. When where and maybe Moya and I'm saying maybe because I'm not sure that you consider I have more insight so I have more excuses. I think maybe as somebody who doesn't wanna accept excuses and and show you ways to overcome what you're using an excuse war. Might be more beneficial. There might be more beneficial is one thing to understand. The problem but it's another -- to solve it. All right you can look at today at a -- complicated equation or something like that. And understand what it represents but you have to have the wherewithal to -- to move on to the next level. And so far with the last three full time. African American consult -- -- our consultants superintendent. They did not have any special magic key that unlocked that information so why do why would we do -- a fourth time in a role. I don't get it I think -- what we over students of buffalo is the best education we can provide them. And if that includes. A white superintendent. Or Hispanic superintendent. Or an Indian superintendent. Or native Americans over I don't care or don't care and they do the job -- camp. -- that rubber meets the road -- assailant commercial that's all accounts let's go to Marie in Cheektowaga Marie you're on WB yen. I think they all agree wholeheartedly with what you. You know European and of this situation dot. I -- thinking was it hit me this morning what he had been with these people that I think he can't wait it we have KM of the -- superintendents. What would happen -- already leaders and we were in the suburbs and there was a black person and thoughtfully chosen QB. -- to present at whatever school system that the suburbs. A lot of -- are from this city we grew up in the city we've got this city still so I don't I don't understand why people can't see them. Yeah and I thought the Euro reversed have if a superintendent was needed -- in the suburbs and they said it has to be a white superintendent because they understand our culture. And outrage. It would be silly do I get my dad as saying -- you know people. Cool are -- probably this -- why a collection -- should realize first of all I agree we should go local. And I felt that wages superintendent to go out. And second -- I can only vote in the public school system I would love it because. I can't and that and just step -- he outlined. Just to let you know how I feel and they can -- and a great -- Thank you Maria appreciate that yeah you can go wrong. I -- field by standing up for the best person for the job. Part of the tanks that we should judge people not by the color of his -- by the content of their character. Well this is more than just character you need the educational requirements the you need the psychological requirements it is a lot of things that are necessary to be a good superintendent. All right but I think out of all those things that's it of their individual traits. Their traits that not come from the culture are necessarily but from the -- thinking the inner heart of the person. And if you look beyond that. Then you're also breaking another rule which says that any group is not a monolith. Where everybody in the group thinks the same way. You could have somebody in the African American culture who doesn't think with a mainstream African American culture people at all. It's still be good for the job. Or bad for the job it's an individual thing. In the -- had about solving problems. If we if we narrowed down every single problem we have to. Individuals. Would be okay but we're not we're all caught up in labels what do you I'm a Republican. Audio battalion. What -- you I'm African American. What do we bring to the table as an individual. There are some people who work harder than there are some people who adapt better than others is all kinds of individual traits there are some people who are committed more than others. There are some people who are competitive more than others. And and we don't wanna be a monolith. I'm I'm -- I'm half Italian my grandfather used to relish the thought that. A lot of Italians were perceived as gangsters he would not let my mother watched the untouchables on television because Eliot mess was always chasing down Italian bad guys. The truth as they were Italian -- guys but it didn't want that that perception. And so when would you wanna be judged as an individual that's the best thing you can hope for and the best thing gonna -- war. You don't wanna be. Grouped in with others that you may not share traits where. You wanna be judged as an individual. And you do that nobody's ever gonna come after UNC and -- That's where your heart is that's where you're in elective it's in the individual person there are Smart people there are dumb people and there are people in between and they come and all different sizes all different colors all different -- all different backgrounds but what we start saying. Let's focus in on this because it's good for the culture almighty god. To me that's so superficial and nobody is ever stood up and and said what the secret it is what is that magic bullet that we need. To get the job done it -- three on 3018061692. Through six and start -- thirty will be back would mark the basic questions today. Should race play any part in superintendent -- Pamela Brown's replacement buffalo. In answer to that as far as I'm concerned has no. Should the school board higher placement that looks like them I don't mean physically looks like them but I mean it looks like them and their make up of being hungry. Wanting to reform the district wanted to play by some different rules I think that's the kind of Timor we need. We don't need all the fight all the kinetic energy. Flowing from the top. We need them to work together and move it down that change. Will be back for more on those radio I'm thirty WB.

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