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5-20 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I'm sorry I'm on the phone logs and yeah well. I'll be out well we haven't announced it and then we can do to help or garbage as sure that this right now motel six you file today a man's wedding ring. And guys have been if anybody can describe it to ability it'll be available at the desk after 9 AM OK guys now OK good you know make them. -- how we are here -- help I mean we really are we are public service organization and apparently somebody left Dario a wedding ring. At the motel six yesterday and they asked if we could announce that their -- and you know you can describe it I guess it's yours. It's a major governor and senate each day they know what's so it's -- -- -- so they don't lost one race. Oh what a coincidence that would be. Are you lost your wedding ring yeah you know on some cultures. When you take the royal wedding -- off and you can't find it that's it you're allowed to Guam to account no woman with a. So what happened. As far as I can recall I was -- I noticed it when I was washing my hands. When I was home and Gaza immediately went into panic mode like you'd notice when you're washing your hands of the ring wasn't there right okay got out that all. And Star Search around when frantic rock in all all prop -- house. As -- OK well maybe it went down the drain and took the pipes apart owners don't. Hundreds of captured and in now isn't there now how about here gradual -- that here it's possible I sent a message to Joseph beamer last night. You'll wind -- -- and you let your wedding rings and a whole lot of Alaska FaceBook for -- year. Should find it also. Daycare when it picked up Samantha. I'm looking as well so. -- I'm really sorry I'm sick to my stomach about -- well guys I don't mean to make light of it I really don't. No that's a seriously until I felt bad -- want my fans -- that he lost the reasons as early. Well one time my wife. Lost her wedding ring. And the truth is she lost that while raking leaves and we lived in Snyder. And I thought you know what it could've gone into a bag of -- The only problem cause it was near the end of the -- broad leaf raking process where we discovered it. And there were eight bags big bags of leaves no -- -- isn't that big. We had to dump all eight bags on the floor of the garage and sift through it and we finally it without that it was a one of the bags. So apparently as she was picking up leaves this stuff I'm holding the bag open she's picking them up. Throwing him in the bag in the -- the ring came up have you been doing leaves. Known active. God. Now that's -- seriousness of but Terry maybe you'll find it. I'm people people are honest and you'll probably find that your house more. I'm like okay. Cassini pennies I guess seen Anthony is the one that helps you won't find things. -- I did you know. There's another custom I was not aware of and I'm not making this about I forget which saint it is aren't. You go and you buy a statue of this thing I've never heard this before okay. Yeah let's say you're selling a house okay you're selling -- you wanna just -- yourselves. So you go and get a statue of this saint. And you bury it on your property and that the supposed to be. Good luck for selling your house and -- I guess you retrieve it after you saw -- that. But I've never heard that have either of you guys aren't that never I never had either a -- apparently a lot of people do it that in Western New York as. I'm the person I was talking to said via. They were surprised I didn't know I didn't I never about it. But that's that. So good archive of turn up really well so it'll turn up where you least expected. Today a time when least expected the true I was thinking after I thought you lost your -- I was thinking about people losing things. I don't recall in my lifetime knock on wood ever losing anything of any consequence. Occasionally misplace something not lost. Where -- come across that a week after I was looking for are here it is it was tucked in behind this you know whatever. Have you guys ever lost anything before this nothing but are you -- -- is firing from time to time. But I usually don't panic mode and am able to have to find it until you get my my rings very loose in my hands I'll lose a horizontal falloff right now they don't. I'll be out there as long as they -- -- at an otherwise it won't be able to focus I'm gonna hold my hands up. Guys how many rings in my wearing none. Here's the deal when I got married I had a wedding -- okay. It drove me crazy. All day long I would do this I would take over the Michael and push it back on the amount over the knuckle back on the knuckles turn it. And finally I I said this is -- -- -- so I can't Wear this anymore stripe make easy it really truly is and so I still haven't. I still haven't come amusing for decoration but I catch -- -- a it I couldn't Wear and I can't wearing earrings I just can't that it's it's like a obsession with me. Two and I also don't like it when it's a real tight fit on your knuckle. India and in some rings -- -- really time. I think they should have some kind of an invention where when you wanna open open expanse. Would be neat well maybe your finger. -- lost weight yeah well lesson on thank him. President thanking hagee who had another haystack your ring it's still beyond finger yes or -- and I think like what our trip also and then you still have to be not -- ring. Maybe lube -- Terrell scenes he witnessed again -- -- -- -- -- its next week that's. I should spaghetti Parma pizza you get that -- on there and they'll stay there so that's good -- -- and it never fall off before well you know as seriously people who stuff when we see it all the time because when people in this complex we have seven radio stations. When they lose something. So Monday at the desk always post and then pretty -- before even get a chance to read that one it's. I'd founded here is who leaders who has. Now -- vikings Minnesota Vikings have Avaya a new head coach. And his name is Mike Zimmer okay. And -- -- you know when you're -- head coaching and a ninety man rosters sometimes it's hard to remember boys and but they're gonna have problem of finding one player that was actually drafted by Mike Zimmer because his name is. Mike Zimmer. I -- the same name and no relation at all but he went to the same college -- -- they both went to Illinois State what are the odds of that that's that's weird now if they've you know would be even weirder they both played the same position. And -- that we're good outstanding -- in middle school records. How could you differentiate. One Mike -- from the other rights -- I don't know what positions they play it doesn't say in this story that the one a sign that the linebacker the linebacker in them we don't know what the coach Floyd. But that's it so he has a guy with the same name -- pretty cool yeah. We'll look at we have six Williams and seven Williams oh yeah we got a lot of we've got everybody but Serena Williams and -- thank -- -- -- Serena and actually -- -- might be a rejoiced. Will be back Lamar would -- and company under is -- at 930 WB yeah. I'd be a good day thing to do what is let's go out tonight for tumble yeah I think I think that would be good now anytime we have an ecclesiastical question we go to our religious senator Chris Johnson hit a I'll grant that is the question about what sank -- buried in the back yards against your house what you have -- This is extremely specific and much more in depth than any as a rail cars are just ultra woman during the break it up -- Saint Joseph. And you can actually buy. As Saint Joseph statue home selling -- that they sell music camp but Taurus and not Amazon -- respect -- you got to bury him upside down. Is right now he's got a base as straight as they see upside down so is his feet that are toward the house. And it's never be toward the street buddies that's weird and you bury you make you make the kit you make the Saint Joseph you Bay Area. -- now upside down and that's it yes she said that saint Joseph's has sold six houses and her family and her saint Joseph's is currently in Erie Pennsylvania. Which you might need him backs -- all like a lot I think -- Can you say yeah. I mean obviously if your biblical scholar that was a real Saint Joseph -- is essentials as mothers sending them. You're going to be famous I know you -- first -- all we're gonna name a children's act aspirin after. And then later on people are very -- their backyard. Now you're going to be facing the strain -- gonna sell their homes I mean now that that's quite a legacy. Yeah I heard I was somebody who did it. And I looked animal like. 'cause I had never ever heard that there are things that I've never heard until I can about all how many do have ever heard of -- us today. If you did not know if you're not born and raised in buffalo. Probably not many of the -- and now it's the coach amid huge. And and in the Saint Joseph statue a good luck to those of you. Buying your -- to bury our what do we have here we have Pamela brown who is still the government was superintendent of schools. In Western New York. She had a press conference after we had signed off on Friday. Who was signed off the show on Friday next thing I know -- mom and traveling in Niagara Malloy can I get one of these. Alerts. Saying that she was going through -- drugs -- leave the polls she wasn't equipped. It and there organize and negotiate a graceful exit. So I knew it was something we want to talk about because we gotta talk about something that. It's been talked about but I think we have to talk about it so little more wrote it shall we say out in the open and -- sank late. The place of race. In the selection. Of the buffalo schools superintendent. Now we are told and we are told rightly. In our whole lives that race really should not enter in. Into a conversation regarding somebody's qualifications. There either qualified or they're not. There they're well one race or the other and it shouldn't matter. Martin -- OK we shouldn't judge people by the color of skin but the content of their character in this case content of their character and their educational as a man. Now Pam brown has a Pamela brown has a a wonderful -- and there's no question -- -- -- characters fine. She just can't do the job it's as simple as that. And it can't be taken personally but we know that race enters into the selection process. Because it's brought up. By people who are leaving the job as you know of their last fulltime predecessor before Pamela brown was doctor James Williams. -- in this studio two feet away from me said that he feels that his. His. Successor should be African American and the reason he gave is that they have -- a better feel of the culture. Of the predominant number of students in the buffalo school system. And it's him that always. -- buzzer in my head when I heard that because I always turn things in reverse. And I'm thinking that if I don't know if -- Williams bills they needed a new. Schools superintendent. If the parting once said it should be a white superintendent because of the culture of Williams bill. I would repeat it I'd be outraged and mortified. But we seem to accept it if it's an inner city question. That oh well I must be so. And and the one before that the last emperor of the last problem before that was a yeah. A black male and he didn't work out we give my 100000 dollars to leave. And then doctor James Williams and work out we gave him a 100000 dollars and they left something out of the of the news article. The fact that he not only got money Italy I got lifetime health care I think 80% for the whole family. For the rest of their lives paid for by the buffalo school system so he mentioned race. Pamela brown is not a Hazmat not mentioned Erica her thoughts on success or -- she probably won't anyway. But I'm thinking. I don't get this. The definition of insanity which -- well aware -- is doing the same thing over and over and getting a different result. We have not had a good result when we focused on race. Why why would we focus on and if it happens to be another minority that's fine I'm a -- -- But if the best person applying for the job doesn't get it because. They. There are not. African American or minority. I I think that's wrong I think we all the district that we all the students in the district the best. Superintendent we can find that's basically my position on most things -- the best person that's there wants the job they can do the job. As far as I'm concerned that's that's the way to go. And so I have heard two questions really should race play any part in superintendent Pamela Brown's replacement. I say no. I say first of all the kids in the district. Could care less what their superintendent looks like. I think they care a lot more if they had a diploma in their hands when they grow and they graduate and that means a lot more to everybody because then they're ready -- But on to the next step secondly we always hear this expression. And the expression drives -- cores. We want somebody that looks like us. First of all I don't wanna buy it looks like me it would scare a lot of people they wouldn't go to school but at the thought of we want somebody looks like us should be school board replace. Doctor brown was somebody looks like -- now I don't think. -- looks like them I mean mentally mirrors them on other words there in the air to reform the district. And that's what this last election showed they got a billion dollars to play when they got students desperately in need of achievement. And they've got are hungry school board should we get hungry superintendent. With no matter what our gender or no matter what race and get this thing turned around game get on movement on the road. 80309301061692. Through six and start 930. This is Michael Savage and you listening to -- he should listen for tonight's pencil. He. This gives Tony some advice I think it's sage advice -- losses wedding ring. It was on his left hand obviously. There are things judo and you -- it would wanna have a the other road buckling seat belt. Reaching for something. The way you wash your hands of the way to turn off -- there's. You don't even realize what you what you do during the course of the day and so you start keeping track of it. So I suggested though almost everything you do -- your left hand. Just make a mental note and that's worth could be a civilized and doubt I'll expect the finder's fees. You know always should -- Here's what should Joseph win should go to the Catholic storing got to saint Joseph's statue and bury -- in your backyard. And they'll hopefully he's good in real estate maybe he'll be good at finding lost the wedding rings well that's seen yet and he's all all we don't want the saints dug a bit dressed I should know there's a localized saints at our office and let's -- As the which say it would cover -- I guess I mean they're pretty particular the out earlier are are a good luck TR OP apart. A Pamela brown said -- Friday or she is going to of triumph over -- with a graceful exit though the buffalo. A school system after via the numbers changed on the school board that the new school board will be seated till July. But she wants the maker graceful exit a first -- let me just say this it's not personal. It's not personal it's not whether she's a nice woman -- not it's not whether she has the -- qualifications. To do the job now whether she has the credentials to do the job it's affected the job isn't being done and that's it it's not personal. And so I think the school board. Would have made that decision for -- try to do it now although I'll have to -- credit remember it was not that long ago. And I wasn't crazy about this to be honest we're here where a group of business people got together. And they said if you views if you'd care to -- this is a parting gift. And they put together via a -- are a financial package. That would have outpaced anything she will get. By leaving or being fired and she didn't take. So I had to give her credit for that and I think it's what is set a bad precedent. If businesspeople suddenly just get togethers are pulling money to buy out people that. Aren't -- doing the job that they don't like or whatever reason. I think that would not be a good things on -- -- ticket and I I think it showed a lot of class that she didn't while right now to give you an idea. Most contracts. Have a couple of general areas. If you're leaving a one his call on suitability. Which means just what it says on suitability. You're not suited for the job. In radio maybe you're a talk show -- and play your rap music while you're not suitable or vice Versa. OK on suitability usually on and on suitability discharge you get the maximum pay off. That's on suitability the other is called just cause. Just cause is a more serious of the two just cause means there's an infraction that has been committed. That we can't have way and so you're gone and you're gone without any of our money. Odd that at best the one you don't want you don't want just -- on suitability any timer and a -- it's a nice little. Kissinger leave the building but it just caused no. But in her contract. According to this article by Sam -- watch my lips because I've never heard this there are six. Pages. -- own reasons. Why the event to show part six pages of them. That's unbelievable. I'd never seen anything like that so she's -- goes -- her lawyer is negotiating. With the school board to come one day of package that she'll be happy to leave. Uncontested. They'll be happy to pay her uncontested. And they were there'll probably be in the package. Area. A -- That says this is that they'll be no further litigation. That's my guess so let's see -- every ten NASA say. About what's going on note with Pamela brown first all a quote from Pamela brown and this is from the buffalo -- -- course. Its clearest segment of the school board desires new leadership and I think she's got a handle on that. She. Sites baseless allegations. Recently made against her well those are things that it would have to be ironed out obviously. This is -- tan -- schools superintendent Pam brown. Said Friday she's ready to leave the post. Due to the recent persistent and baseless allegations about my suitability. For the position of superintendent of lawful schools. After much thought I've determined it's in the best interest of the children in the district the community and myself. That I attempt to region AMOCO amicable agreement with the school board -- my departure that desperate that's nice. But whether it's baseless and are there that's her her judgment but that's good. Face with a new board majority in July that's prepared to fire her because people ran. On that platform but not so if they say SIA I would vote to fire event ended. They have to do -- brown is looking for a graceful exit that would avoid a career damaging vote for her dismissal. And I think that's right you go to the next job saying it really was a difference. Of opinion in style and whatever as opposed to getting a bounce and saying OK leave your fob on the desk. This 34000. Students in the buffalo district. And she says that her educational background and professional experiences are well documented. I don't think anybody's questioning whether. She has the the background and professional experiences that didn't work here. It didn't work and if it doesn't work that's -- that's the only thing that counts because there's there's anybody out there really think. That it's working. 'cause if you did then you have a legitimate reason to say hey this is she's getting railroaded this is unfair. But I don't think in the -- any real rational person would say -- -- a great job here I'm extremely proud of everything my team has accomplished. On behalf of all of our students working closely with our stakeholders. I don't like using the big eighteen dollar words they're very good. Brown didn't take any questions. And those issues and issues there for two years despite all this progress she said now there. Now we're getting into delusion land despite all of this progress. Let me city as far as I'm concerned though when they run the Belmont. The horse that comes in first comes in first the woman comes in second comes in second -- comes in third comes in third and all the rest them around the money all right. Well you can either look to see what the graduation. Rate was. Then and now make a decision on that. -- UK if you're going to talk about attendance policy I guess. You could you could -- look at some of those numbers but I think overall as the as the leader. Of the. Of the school district I mean she works for the board but she's the face of the year educational system in this cut and is a city. It's not. A lot of progress it's clear that a segment of the school board desires new leadership therefore I'm hopeful will be able to reach an amicable agreement. Four slowed the fair and civil transactions sounds good sounds -- -- nobody wants system being mean and nasty and and throwing things at each other brown would likely wanna settle matters now because she still has the friendly school board now. In July she's not -- -- -- from a school board so it'll be different. Now you say all. These poor woman is she going to have to him to get government Shays I don't think so. Paladino. Carl -- -- down Paladino and others have expressed an interest in removing brown. Under the no fault clause OK and that would be on suitability as opposed to just does. Under the no -- -- she'd get a year's salary of 2171500. Dollars. So because she can't do the job. They would giver. Nearly a quarter million dollars okay well. -- you just said that they don't run radio stations like yeah. Let's say it's -- you get the job. Here's a quarter million dollars goal way I'm being yea okay. So that's -- they're going to have to negotiate some things. A series of releases a waiver is one of the things ask for probably. That the issue will not -- the district any further James Williams. In the 2011. We got a 1101000. Dollars which we know we've we knew it was about a 100000. Equals six months' salary 101000 dollars for consulting fees of -- at 120. In additional money for unused vacation time what they don't mention in here. Is affected you got I think 80%. Of lifetime health coverage for him and his family. That's a big number we don't know it depends on I'll I'll always looked to be but it's still a big number no matter what it is. The board expects to get an update next week regarding the status of separation agreement talks. So what it is it's like -- say pay an amicable divorce. It's not working now. It's you know you're not a bad person it's just not working now. And I want to know from you should race play any part in this in the superintendent's. Replacement process. I I think that if race does play a part it's a mistake. If race does play a part it's -- it's bad precedent. Because is it -- that mindset it hasn't worked out in the past. The fact that the superintendent the last two full time ones were black males didn't help. It didn't help. It is no matter how much you think of the kids would be further spurred on. There's more bonding as a superintendent walks in with smoke I think in the real world doesn't work out that way get the best person get the best educated get me also a good. As per cent. And are you saying while education we shouldn't compliment -- was we have to count the numbers all the time and they have such. Large budget. I said before that I think one of the problems of the buffalo district as they have too much money to billion dollars the a year. They got too much when you have -- and have to do with less you're more particular in your choices when he got that kind of money you hire assistants that make more money than you do. You've got people who aren't even qualified that you iron and give him thirteen thousand dollars that. To go to school to get the qualifications. That there was 07 the first place and then they turn around and sued the district. So I'd I don't think race should play any part and I think if it does it's a mistake. Should the school board hire a replacement that looks like them and I don't mean physically looks like them. I mean looks like them as far as attitude is concerned this is they reform board that's gonna take. Of the of the seats on in July I'd like to see a reform superintendent somebody once again in your roll up their sleeves and and kick some butt. It 0309301806. On 692 through six and start 930 nick has a game tonight ready six years old and yes he's a playing baseball and he got -- game ball. -- last week. Yes first game so our -- -- nationals are taken the field tonight. At 6 o'clock and I'm excited. Florida and hope it stays dry on the yeah. On the infield in the outfielder and a good game tonight that for all okay here's the deal were talking about -- replacement for a school superintendent Pamela brown. -- she's not worked out. It's not personal it's strictly professional is she didn't get the job done are still. It's as simple as that. But it now they'll be looking after that deed is done and hopefully before that these is going to be looking for a no. Superintendent of schools the last one James Williams said that his replacement should be African American. And the reason he said that was because of the culture. And I had to be honest we're gonna plead ignorance on this one right now aren't. I would like to know I'd like somebody to explain to me. If there's something in the African American culture that will help education and help learning. I'd like to know what it is and can only be implemented by somebody of the same. Our culture or care and somebody recognize it as beneficial. And and do the same thing I don't get it what is in the African American culture. That a black superintendent would be able to. Have a better results on the educational process than anybody else I don't know. I don't know and when I don't know something it drives me crazy and select find out I don't know if there any simple answers or is this one of those things where it's just said and accepted. That happens a lot you know. Where people will say something that's been said for a long time. And and when they say DO you don't -- question it because you don't want to have a seem ignorant. Well I'll I'm willing to sound ignorant on this one tell me because I'd like to know I really would. What would be in the African American culture that would help of a better result get a higher graduation rate. In the buffalo education system more bang for our box because I I think creative thought somebody was -- -- of evidence that this helps the learning process. I I think they'd be you know very very open to using whatever that was. Together together to better results 48%. Graduation rate is not. A great result and that's and that's overall. There's some that is dismally -- are remember it's likely it's either the third of the fourth worst graduation rate in the country and all school district. For -- black males. High school graduation black males and so it's it's around 25%. So that's not acceptable. And we've had black superintendent who obviously were part of the culture runs for the culture. And we've not had any any answers pop up we come back we wanna hear from you and we'll start the using some of your FaceBook post. Should race play any part in superintendent Pamela -- replacement I don't think so should the school board. CK replacement that looks like them. What I mean by it looks like them not physically. But resembles them in their hunger for reform. Two two not do it the old way let's start doing at a new way. Should they get somebody -- is on as they wait for him because -- they get a status quo superintendent we're gonna have gridlock. -- -- --

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