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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>School Board & Budget Votes Today - Tim Kremer

School Board & Budget Votes Today - Tim Kremer

May 20, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As we focus on school budget building and school board elections. Let's welcome our next guest is Jim Cramer Tim -- executive director of the New York State school boards association. 10 good morning thank you again for joining us. My pleasure -- morning maybe media you can be the motivating force here -- go through folks to take a few minutes. And go to the polls the polls are usually located right in the school in most cases. As always here is the fact that just a tiny fraction of people vote why is there. Well. That once again the -- just mentioned the weather's beautiful what a great data go -- vote. So. I'm always frustrated by this here is something is probably has a huge impact on -- property tax bill. This is on public education which is the future -- -- community. You would think that people would be turning out in droves for something as important this but. I've been doing this for 35 years and I have to tell you that almost invariably the voter turnout for these elections is somewhere between. 10% to 20%. But he eligible voters. While you know on her FaceBook page Tim were asking. Why you vote or don't vote on a school board election -- budget today. And and one post and I want you to react to this guy says he doesn't vote because taxes go up no matter what. Well there I can understand it tenement but this year. They're not going up by much. All but 23 school districts. Our. Staying at or below a imposed tax cap. Tax Levy limits of less than 2%. And on top of that be in the state budget was there a tax rebate plan. Was included which means that what ever that increase is between. What you're paying this year on your -- and what you paid next here on your Levy if it passes in your school districts stayed at or below the cap. You're gonna get that money back forever rebate check this fall. -- -- in a reading above budgets it's not exactly really exciting stuff to sit -- -- -- maybe John Grisham. The -- I'm certainly -- John Grisham should be paid to. In -- write some of these leaflets some new blood vessel to school districts and also in the mail and email to people read that stuff and could that be part of the problem. Well a -- -- good question whether or not they read it. It is by law regard required of us to put forward those notices. To make the comparison between last year and this year to idea identify what will happen if this budget goes down all of that is required by law what you're seeing there is a legal notice as much as any sort of interesting reading. Tim I'm wondering if you're familiar with what's going on. In Hamburg schools very contentious school board situation. There's been vandalism against the superintendent you know what's going on there. I I do I've been reading about it in the paper that Paula -- my only familiarity though. OK -- get any comment on what's happening. This is not right. I don't know the players. I've only spoken. To the superintendent awhile back. And I have met. Members of the board from time to time. I am sure that there are embarrassed by having. This controversy be felt their community. This is community very good schools they've always had a good reputation. And I really don't understand why this has become so controversial -- -- and such vitriol between people. On the test it and we have to always remember that the purpose for the school board this school system. Is to prepare our children. -- their future and ours their future so that they're college and career ready to do what -- they wanted to do and the next stage like. The pre K through twelve educational opportunity. -- the preparation period for the next step it's not an end unto itself we cannot let adults. Make this problem. Because those kids' futures are more important than -- Well by ashamed that you have generally echoed Lou words of doctor Richard generally Hamburg school superintendent. Who told us just slapping all the stuff -- despite him being an actual victim of all this nonsense. The stars' bouncing right off him and -- following to continue the superintendent Tim nice to talk with you thank you. My pleasure thank you Jim -- the executive director of the New York State school boards association.

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