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5-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I walked down upon the -- with great benefit them. India the whole look. -- -- -- -- They keep going for -- and. It's easy to clean right. But the central. -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm it's live it's local. -- that it could use the fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I wouldn't discount. Our news radio 930 WVU. Already it is the hourly under Israeli about thirty WBD. And that. Yes. Yes yeah and it's now we're with you on a Monday. And I'm very simple topic which I can't -- you. Is doing as well as it is frankly not that my own abilities -- you payment. Might complaint desk is open isn't like what I do this every few months and think about which you wanna bitch. As long as it's. Doable in terms of FCC rules and regulations. Knock yourselves -- here is we all have something that grinds our years. And fortunately today. Very few driving aggravation scares you -- shell and driving aggravation -- And that if you really wanted to you can drive yourself bunkers just with driving stuff. All right. And I like the variety there's nothing like variety it would be the spice of life words to live body. -- -- -- thrilled I'm thirty starry night 3180616. WB EN -- and let us go all I love this let's go to. WB and hello. -- love the show. I and four children I. Three boys staying in my younger than daughter ranging from thirteen to war. Handling legal to the mall or anywhere for example. I keep my boy just like my father taught me. To open the door. Again no matter what bury her rocker Kurt too early eighties. And then nothing bothers me more. -- and I am right aren't open at quarter. Of the land and and you get aid they you know point by usually it's around of anywhere between one and forty. Where her. They don't say it -- you'll say don't give you wouldn't big. I'd you know she might pale at cure anything else like there and I tell my children -- and it happened -- -- seeing. -- -- and her call my attorney he anger you know he Caleb. When you -- you Arnold the door trio you'll make sure you'd say thank you when you're DO and you wouldn't bowl game -- talks. And ideas from land and the only eagle the someone should get all the door for him. You know like you're there where you know your being gentle man and you're trying to do we agreed -- And not a lot of people do that anymore or -- I I'm word pig walking in the eight ball the doors currently. -- I tell them you know dog -- you can't Altidore Berger wrote younger I don't normally wore number quicktime and pick up deceitful woman. And I'm -- in Iraq and respect beat people there and I Q a woman standing. In on certain acts for my life by calling a lot for them this week. You know I always get obviously we -- -- sit down. You know and you don't see that anymore. -- -- -- -- my boys and which I am ready they responded well to ready them Iger also on. Responds well to at the open door from he he -- mom for hours outside -- we eat. -- -- And effort that we need. I mean pretty much everybody comes inside. -- look for our firm -- model because he's seen me do it one time. And now he does that the united. Constantly and I -- just so proud of Purdue and at. And they can be -- or any other time at least there and we stared they're picking up yeah. That this thing could be a gentlemanly. Thing that you hear about oh. -- People are treated nowadays and help people are -- every party in carrying out. One good deed goes a long -- today. Well you know it's funny you mention that because I had a very similar experience and drive into work today at mill and Sheridan. There's a young man on a bicycle he was trying desperately to get across Sharon. Aren't and I yelled out my window I said dude when the light turns green when I get the -- you can go. And I know we heard me despite the earbuds because he wept. Not an acknowledgment night with a thumbs up not -- -- I wonder what is going to be like what is on four wheels instead -- though. The error I I it -- do you. It's a sense of entitlement I'm 35 years old. And I'm just I'm -- cost. The age where. When I was growing up we didn't handle computer so I mean the only thing that we -- retirees. And that it. All they're clearly a time out time out time out to a time out sorry I just have one word that needs to be said pong. Well barn and now. No no I'm sorry Pacman does not work it was a Tyree that made pong was at Mountain View audience we have confirmation of that yet. Yes yes that's little allies yes but I just feel like that kid nowadays. I'm and I hate to say it let everybody feels really vital -- who looked. They aren't locked or anything anymore and it and it even might -- I'm guilty and it can be. I mean I I I mean I -- Find myself doing things turn my children that my parents number did for me. I bought my thirteen year old -- or real hurt her birthday. Okay and I had no money for it. I wanted to do it because I had a 500. And you would too big -- and they are not only did the first the fund may be -- -- -- earlier birthday party forum. He went flying down the street. About sixty by a mile an hour here's more -- where my next door neighbors state trooper got across the street -- And I got down a little bit amber app and -- might thirteen year old Smart ass son has gone wrong I have like a maniac out on the street has. Can you portfolio are Rangel of thirteen minutes later I got the to have my house I had a birthday party -- Hauser and everything else. And that and -- seen -- first -- with encrypting had the counter at my house. So your basically if I had to ask you to summarize your right it would be one. Migrate. It is people -- appreciate. Nice gesture and more everybody. Not every party I'm not saying that everybody. I. The normal -- I am and what. It's like I said what you Altidore -- lady and I and I would have to say this. All the older women I would have to say 99.9. Percent of the -- that point 1% at eight when they won't say thank you they probably can't speak. You know I mean what is the older ladies appreciate he has become -- used to. You know dying -- more people. That the -- -- eats. And you know make my song you know I tell my whole menu yes it at a C yes you know I give -- honestly. And it and it means that you know and -- -- now aboard every -- Which would you regard because you learn something. You know so I. It takes the tragedy all the picks is one person to not -- knowledge -- gentlemanly ways and your generosity. And it is going to have basically. Let's make you less inclined -- your -- less inclined to be polite to somebody in the future in that way. I would say that 20% of the time I hold the door open for somebody I do not get a thank you. That's right actually I was in the military I traveled all over the place and I find myself I found myself doing it all received -- -- and even -- they don't and they get treated like -- And you all the door for hermit and sometimes it won't you -- too dark because they feel like period bearer who like committing a crying. Well you know there are cultural things -- did you have to understand I mean not every culture. Is that considered a gentlemanly or portly or -- walrus into bill. Barbara flight into Toronto from Mexico once were. The bus was jammed from the airport to the parking area I gave up my seat of his elderly Chinese lady. Not even a smile not even an acknowledgment and I found myself wondering if that's the way that men are just supposed to behave in China and she didn't really think it was a big deal made I felt like -- hero the woman I was with -- a gentleman but there the woman to whom I gave up my -- couldn't have given a -- a duty. But that's right and you know that's that's the thing -- -- on my wife senior. And and my kids -- Then that's that's what matters it is the point that they're gonna do it when older and I guess hope that they can't sit under their children. And if they don't I'll give them back and wonder thirty. Well and I got to play is something else do you wanna teach your kids something that's gonna stand them in good stead as they get older they started dating women of class. When they get up to powder their nose every time the woman gets up to leave the table you should stand up. When they come back to the table you rise and your system into their seat in if a woman gets all defensive about that she -- for you. That's right that's absolutely right there's not been sexist about there. I learned that from -- bets -- -- used to behave in the old days. That's right absolutely you see your movies I watch I watch -- movies all the time. And you know pre you know awards ruin and from the forty's and fifty's. Movies that were made further out. And you see -- all of you know what I mean. Well I've often said that all there is Stiller and life can be learned from the godfather movies The Sopranos and deadwood and very shortly I'm going to be adding boardwalk empire to that. At least boardwalk empire has taught me the validity and value of the word the trots. Saw that while I have to check that out when aid to the longer your radio upon the banner you'd hear a lot natural -- here for about fifty years. She's well thank -- very kind thank you that I am I hope that you have noticed a positive about improvement and as some some growth and every now and again I'm going to be bill weed and disturbed. Thank you -- and thank you for your understanding and advance on that one -- just a human being thank you. It is up -- 803 on -- thirty star and I'm thirty and 180616. WBE and the we're talking about the complaint best of hourly complaint that's proven to be a very popular show. And Alan Harris proving to be very popular man with traffic and here's the latest report from reports. And AccuWeather will hold its sixty degrees the overnight low tonight is going to be 47 under partly cloudy skies. Tomorrow will be cloudy and a shower or thunderstorm in spots the high 78 Wednesday cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorms 71. And we ever gonna get four days were restrained. Together you know sunshine eighty degrees. Ever will that ever happen is if it doesn't think tennis. Is gonna stop you need to break jump. Yes you do OK it. Guys almost the full board of calls just one line is open. By the way again as somebody wanted more information and the Michelle Obama's story and I actually found a pair of my Boston Winger found the forming on the blaze are Glenn -- site. First Lady Michelle Obama is encouraging students to monitor their older relatives friends and coworkers for any. Racially insensitive comments they might make and to challenge those comments when ever they are made. I have a two word response to Michelle Obama and it's not the two word response you might expect I would differ. Here is the two word response. Jeremiah. Right. I rest my case. I -- just -- at -- to him in a big bad way baby always have even as -- -- 534 news radio 930 WB -- Bauerle review on the radio. So up my complaint desk is open and I -- The variety of complaints. We're getting the best part about taking complaints is for once I'm taking complaints not dealing with myself. So there's that. Tom you say that every single show. I know that's a line from elsewhere engine in deadwood but I always laughed when I heard at least that it wants so there's -- Always cracked me up still -- -- Not nearly as much as mr. -- his favorite word from the same TV show but you get the idea. Let's get back to the calls on WB at -- let's put somebody on hold I don't think arrogant. Now I think -- I think on -- ago good to go oh all quick public this one how many do you ability kids' performance whether to play or piano recital or dance recital. And how many -- event the annoying carrot in front of you stand up or extend the Smartphone with their arms so you can't see your -- -- All right let's take these in order now on WB yeah Edward is 535. And first up it would be Randy in beautiful Alden New York it's like on the Amtrak you know you're getting home and go through all of them hello. There have been sounds ominous start up would say in politics and politicians. That my biggest biggest. It's employment and Brothers -- probably. One of the highest intellectual on knowledgeable. Population. And that we bring these folks the Washington. And the end of the -- of compromise. And compromise. Was. So all 9% of our social skills however. For just personal political agenda. We've chills and scissors they -- that and did you step back thirty years and say you know on the on Andre instead over. And we don't agree indeed. However. -- -- it may be Social Security. That. I'm always gonna work on things. Now it's about the politicians. But first -- -- -- is the leading money. And make sure you robbery back you know right back in office. Why I have to interrupt you I have to interrupt you what has changed between the era of Ronald Reagan. And Tip O'Neill and today's era. What is the fundamental. Difference and I have to say -- well you know what from -- with a Democrat but also with the Republican Party. What is fundamentally changed. Well profoundly as. Too deeply -- -- do to make it chart. I just need to one word or two word answer because it's kind of easy. Busy this social needs have been. David -- so easily that it is taking away the ability for people and it just I get up and you know make eleven. And the era in which we live today Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan at least had a common vision of the United States of America as a country. That was in fact exceptional country that was the last bastion of freedom and country frankly that had very little for which to apologize to the rest of the world. We now all have a polarized country in so many areas and in so many different ways that that polarization. Is beyond that compromise you cannot compromise. With an ideology. And -- presidency. Which fundamentally. Wanted to change the greatest country on the planet. What the hell -- people think you're getting. And I furthermore would have been just say that really need. And I -- -- does -- these different fashion and he didn't think about what matters in had to worry about. You know more about doing some and it'd take up the street. It was a Iran is back -- and your mother India match. And he hit everybody who is correct we became educated we've we've. I don't know. Population -- -- you know. -- practice -- done -- and -- jacket to promote what. Personal. Interest in that does that. Ever change that make it what was once great country and I still believe that -- country. -- the inability to move forward. My dear sir my dear sir I must allow me to retort as -- said in pulp fiction lobby to retort. What you're saying is nothing new it's like break out publicly as he asked if there is nothing new under the -- people have always lobbied for what they perceived to be their own personal best interest the difference today -- you have an administration in Washington. And I'm specifically refer to the obamas and their minions who believe that America as it was constituted is a fundamentally. Messed up country. And that it is always in just and that in order to correct the historical injustices. We must basically. She toured the United States into a second or Third World country. Well agreed but insecure is that it just happened. I didn't have -- coming up over -- spoke. Date back. All the music celebrated German. Actually under this man. It's well he's only an exasperated problem. But the last three generations have just become so selfish greedy and a higher education. They broke it themselves primarily. Their personal agenda. Like that they malpractice lawyers but sued for that hot copy it off the McDonald when the people that just lost. That their integrity and character to say that but in the right thing. And what we you know collectively as a nation is it about interest and then write it to the point where we have these two political agenda. We did you know that I won't go. Differences and grabbed his sitting down and government sometimes -- 9%. All of these problems can be solved if people are willing it to the table from -- Obama. No there there I I have to I I -- all due respect. The differences are so great they cannot be compromised there is no more compromise. There is -- -- the civil war the American civil war two issues a slavery beat states' rights today. You can't even get. Agreement on two issues there is more. Division. There is more. Confrontation. And there is a greater. Gap between -- The two sides if you wanna call them sides than ever before in the history of this country even going back to the verb verses Hamilton bass. Okay I think that is I agree with you -- ratings are reiterating just went right sides. Well that's why we got we don't sound absolutely brilliant sir. -- I think you're you're look you're not desire and the and the head and seriously I mean really think about it. We we -- have become sole opposition as a society. That these big picture what is in the best pitchers this country that is compromised. Edit comments and bad is the difference between it Obama promoting this first social skills. Well that's a lot of good everybody at this aid the united Arab yet these good intentions. It escalated to a point now where did nothing gets done. It's almost like it's something to case that I just stubborn and -- And they will yeah no shape or form compromise say yes it might -- that. Well we -- is and that's where we are right now as a country and it's not just on a couple of issues and I think it's tragic end. I I cannot find the exact quote I keep hoping somebody will find it for me and email -- to -- Thomas WB EN dot com were Abraham Lincoln said. If this country goes down it will not be because some colossus strides the ocean and invades us it's gonna come down from within. That is already happening it's well under way and I fear for the millennial I fear for Generation X. Because frankly. We are leaving New -- kids went to my age you're gonna look back get our generation and you're gonna curse us and you know what. We deserve. You're right it is yet and they're. Right right now Arianna. And I generally I generally do except when I'm actually doing carpentry that I just hit my thumb with a hammer and say a whole bunch of bad work. I felt pretty good choose only to -- the same way. Well there's that wells were certainly the same team. And in the same league accordingly thank you very much for the call -- we sit here and hold each of his hands already but that might become. That might become well people will talk. Not that they are all about me but why Rick you're reputation associated with me -- looking -- for your best interest you know. No three on I thirty -- -- 3180616. WBE. And a. All let's go to Scott in Niagara Falls got the buy hourly complaint desk is open fire away -- you with your best shot. OK so much earlier. Please call me top please call me Tom or actually deal we've. I will answer to the name dill -- -- remember the fond of. -- -- do we monitor. Group. But anyway -- all personnel -- to what's important -- wrong. I look -- purple heart and -- -- -- I got two years aren't the only -- I lost in the person below at a -- And adversity you'd like. So what's important and what -- and grant him or -- -- over. Anyway. What qualities in the minority. And it's like we -- him among white and we have a lot of community amounts. And -- and such as the big one down there at once worked as we market and -- I don't know something. And there's people would bring -- Big bodies. And wide. Trailers in the near me. I am listening to every word and rapture. By each syllable -- -- That your general conceded certain. Rome are -- -- -- in its -- if they're narrow corridors and sort of lawyer you know a certain order in our problems are. It's crazy the unit it's like why would you think that ruling. Four month old -- are more info older to ultimately have more on into orbit widely bring them you know they have sitters and in Manhattan. There's no way -- I don't there's someone learned the limits and that you know there. There are field -- the -- from. People are bringing dogs to festivals that's been that. I'm gonna complain the line for how long. -- but it got like a -- But even there's like a hundred people they've been trying to get down -- narrow corridors are to be comparable followed up a -- -- -- Okay well -- I I gotta tell you that I am on the same page -- certain festivals that are so crowded that baby strollers are a major annoyance as our dogs I've never understood the people of debris underdogs to the Allentown art festival I did. Meet a dog. -- -- -- -- was -- for Europe they don't smoke and now we've been around -- -- Well I've yet to see a dog. That was impressed by arts. -- a baby that was impressed by art. Well you know people look at people who go to the ball. Now you've got to go to the mall with a child that is age appropriate understand some of you were single parent it's tough. But if you see these people at the mall are -- And they've got these little kids. And they're their for an hour two hours three hours four hours. A little kid was not designed to be in that situation for more than twenty minutes to 45 minutes and you gotta get it out of there. You work or. Are -- generally answer. -- by away from coup coop. Resilient. Flowers your garden your -- like. Admiral -- -- a. Okay here's the problem. Here's the problem if by Google that I'm not gonna get past Brazilian and then click images appreciative. I. Erupt this of course you do your hourly listener and oh yeah they are. You'll. -- -- Brazilian passion flowers aren't LC -- thing about passion flowers after Brazilian but for me that may be a challenge that I mentioned about where we are. You know the bad part is there's so there was a hundred strange problem -- beautiful. But they bloom for one day only and they closed in the world can return. -- like your honeymoon. Lou I am glad you called thanks very much. -- and these -- always makes jokes about his honeymoon in I always laugh but I didn't want him for anything -- -- It's okay if he jokes about it but I don't -- joke about it -- you know without his express consent. It is up by the way the city beach show may be heard every week -- nine to noon and if you ever missed the sandy beach show live you can always check out of the WB and audio vault at WBBM dot com. And just you know we don't always agree on stuff and I always invite you to listen to a show like on Friday. Right sandy and I have a totally different take on the cell phone thing with the Erie county sheriff's department. Listen to both of our opinions decide for yourself which one is the most sensible to you. And you might think his arguments are better you might think -- better. You know I don't think it personally if you think he's got the better arguments. Yes I do open rather than 548. At. Their news radio 930 W be eaten but it. And AccuWeather clear to partly cloudy skies tonight the overnight low 47. It's going to be a cloudy day tomorrow with a shower or thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon and seventy. And then Wednesday cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorms 71 we still hold the sixty degrees -- news -- 930 WBBM. So mansi -- can't give me arrive after work Sherman kick him here right after work. I don't think my ex wife can give your ride after work. How low cab company. Let's get. -- -- I have to pick up the other car it was the three -- oil change -- -- these guys leaders need to work together through your joke. You don't have to work it out here. I'll make it worth your while. Would you like an Asian prostitute. Are right let's go to. And he simply awful well but it's WB and Denise thanks for -- future turn. This. I. Complaint is I'm I think grandchildren who were sixteen years old. And I go to these plays at school auditorium. They're forty minute long at the hawks. And people to come -- Content giant. He's in big battle the water. One guy you came in Canada. And a copy for everybody and you can launch it. I -- I can't even and I actually thought when my children grew up there is no eating or drinking in the auditorium. All of those days are long gone by do. Basically. You know what the whole bottled water thing. You know what Denise you have no life could you hold on until after sex because we need to address this together to -- you envy and people listening to us because. -- we now live in a society where we have to take it -- with us to go to the gas station and all that. -- -- hold until we have some fun with -- I I didn't expect to do this all day long. But this has been I gotta tell -- for from my perspective of Joseph Johns has just fog yeah I think has been awesome. 8030930.

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