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5-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And wolf the EU with great bend but yeah if you go to the hole looked. -- -- -- -- For those were. I'm glad I don't know you're not. And and and just system. -- -- speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. Tom hourly. Right he -- that -- -- gives life -- its local unbelievable this view doesn't know not really I like everything it's Tom hourly. Hey you pick up that group you have to drive to Cooper who. On news. You know I gotta say about -- ago because the experimental references to not play well with women listeners are right now young women women now women and women and -- admit. Don't -- don't get me wrong women are great at picking up. After their dogs and cats don't get me wrong but when it comes to the whole open thing at a -- and that's a turnoff for women all right unless they're talking about their babies. It is that's that's on -- marketing folks that's our air branding you just heard it. And I just say Brandon are right shoot me now she made up by the way my complaint desk is open and what -- my complaints corporate. Speak and as you know. I am adamantly opposed to corporate speak except when I use it. And the only word I -- think during the whole bottled sterling day when I was trying to get through people's heads was. Luke Donald Sterling can marinate in his own hatred -- For all I care okay seriously you can merit and I. Whatever. Whatever but. Dubbed land of the NBA that's what is at issue here not Donald Sterling. Donald Sterling dinosaur. And I hope I mean at least I hope I'm right because if I'm wrong Graham. We got a long way to go now Michelle Obama over the weekend. And by the way folks I don't like the Obama's. Especially. Barack Obama I don't like the white part of Barack Obama I think the the black part of Obama is absolutely awesome. But the white part of Obama I don't like him. But Michelle Obama over the weekend. She called for graduates. To pay attention to. The older generation and the older generations racism. And that's good and fine but excuse me hello pot kettle calling party -- an expression from Jim Rome. Did she not seven Jeremiah Wright's church for twenty years. Listening to him spew his anti white rhetoric and god damn America rhetoric. So it goes both ways. And I've said this a million times folks as a conservative area there's no room for hatred. There's no room for bigotry there's no room for racism. Nothing like that. There isn't -- there's no need for because they conservatory and realizes the value of all of us and knows that every single one of us. In terms of our ethnic background or religious background or you know from where we com all of us have made contributions to this country. Every single one of us the American Indian. Otherwise known as -- -- the black people African Americans. White people. And then you can sub divide white people Irish German data about we've all make contributions to this country. And I think those of you who've seen the movie about the Tuskegee airmen those of you who have seen the movie about. Well. The civil war and the -- 54 Massachusetts regiment. Folks. If you think Barack. The next time let me just put this in the tangible yours are at the next time somebody says -- all the white man fought to give the black and freedom. True. Except there's one little problem. By the end of the civil war 10% of the union army. Was black. So it's not like the black guys sat back on the couch on the porch saying hey let -- the fight and all that we're fighting. For themselves. Because. We understood. That a slave will not fight a free man will fight not my words Frederick douglas' words. So just let's keep in mind all of the contributions we've all me. And it's my little sermon today because as I've told you guys. And right trying to say this once today I hope it's not too much. I think it's important. Because I wanna draw a distinction between what I do on the radio. And what other talk show hosts do on the radio won't mention names because they think they're counterproductive. I wanna bring people together and I wanna show the value of conservative area and -- And frankly the loved the true love and respect for all human beings of conservative Terry and his. Now I am allowed to tell -- -- what were all love to tell jokes about our own ethnicities. Okay. Like if I wanna talk about Asian drivers. I have the shield all right. I effect I was looking through some letters that I received her cleaning out my office because I've I I'm fighting that battle with clutter. But I've won the whole battle now fighting the work battle. And I looked at his old letter I got from a place called the Asian connection. Because I talked about my old apartment complex putting the in basically the Asian building. Well there was like imploded there was an agent Bill Clinton and laugh about it. Because I didn't realize until quite recently that it was a component by -- my ethnic or genetic background. You know it cousins folks. In some way shape or form I happen to believe we're all cousins we all share according to latest scientific research a common male ancestor called scientific and so. Believe it or not Barack Obama is your cousin Rush Limbaugh is Barack Obama's -- Barack Obama is Michael Savage is cut it seriously. And frankly guys life is too short for hatred. And to take this one step further. Part of the area from which -- com. And I'm talking philosophically your fears. That if in your past. Maybe you are black and you were a black racist who didn't like white people you know kill Whitey cracker. And you realize the folly of that now. As a white guy of course I forgive you. Of course as I hope you will forgive me my stupidity when I was younger. And I know you do otherwise you wouldn't be listening so I'm serious about using whatever influence I have whatever power. To bring people together now I know that we're never gonna bridge to gap between liberalism and and and the other philosophies. Because I happen to believe that conserve terrorism news. Frankly represents the best of all worlds. It really does. And and let's not forget something here -- try not to ramble but it's difficult because and tried to explain some esoteric concepts -- easy to grasp language. Libertarian. Sounds an awful lot like liberal doesn't. And it put -- in there are elements of libertarian is and for example legalizing. Drugs. Which could be thought of as liberal positions. And William F Buckley. Nobody would ever call him -- liberal yet he was a libertarian. When it came to that very issue later on in life. And the issue of keeping government out of our lives. And I mentioned on Friday that I'm under no delusion that Ronald Reagan was perfect nobody years. Not even your humble host an element perfect. But. The -- the point be Reagan was the best president in my lifetime. He was the best president because. I think better than any president before or since in my lifetime he understood. The founding fathers and he understood. What it meant to founder the United States of America. In listening to his speech in 1964 at the Republican National Convention and listening to his speech that we recap on a Friday. He got it he understood -- for. Now did he always practice what he preached now he did not. But he got it he got none of us look none of -- feeling lately to perfection. Our -- the -- lines are open. Michael should it. -- have my question to you is actually it's more of a statement the Bali complaint desk is open. Anything you wanna complain about all the years. Because we all have things that irritate the hell out of -- and what I love about the ratio is. Only two or three calls about driving. Because that can be a whole show and I don't want to be -- show us are so many other things about which to be. Incensed. Let me get you -- -- I have a problem with people who make promises before a sale. And they failed to live up to those promises after the -- That's what I have a problem. If you tell me acts. I want X to be done if you tell me you're going to do why why -- to be done. Because if those things are not done that I kind of feel like -- political bought stock. You don't thrilled I'm thirty let's go to -- Williams bill on WB and -- ever contemplated buying adopt just for laughs. I know what I'm related to -- -- Pattern is that now they want my -- A couple of this kid in elementary school girl I had a pet duck he brought into kindergarten when bill ever forget that what's on your -- We have on the -- victory. There Graham library on the -- and it's great -- -- -- -- -- -- nobody eager. -- as suddenly IA. Yeah second I couldn't be a farmer and I'm such a hypocrite I'll eat meat but I'll be damned if fired wanna have it as a pet and then either side anyway what's on your mind. Okay yeah without my mind. One day -- at state and I won't mention the name. I don't and so on my life as to what -- want but yet the bigger but not a good start wiping. No go at young's at main street. I am learning Campbell and now. -- -- And quick Phil is doing the same thing. I talked about then on Friday because the -- quick fill on Saturdays his name is Mike fine fellow. They started doing it not just for cigarettes but also for lottery ticket sales I wanna pick this up on the other side and news because. This is a giant us off to me as well for reasons you might out of a lot of Judy hold up. It is the -- complaint desk were gonna get your complaint in 8030930. Start 930 on your cell phone 180616. WBM. Let's -- get home safe and sound here -- is Alan Harris. Yep I am very happy Vick to date you guys from Canada. I don't quite understand why you would celebrate a queen that guy did almost well over a hundred years ago. Who spent most of her life and mourning over her beloved prince Albert but. Then again we have presidents day which I never quite understood. Anyway AccuWeather for today at least punitive congressional they imagine that. Mention every celebrate party frank. Anyway I guess I get a little behind in my work -- way to do grip. Prepared them for clear to partly cloudy skies tonight overnight low 47. Tomorrow it'll be a cloudy -- shower or thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon seventy degrees Wednesday cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorms 71. Joseph I know you pulled it earlier but I just don't leave you with a temperature it's. Yes sixty degrees at their news radio 930 WBE and all right now let me get back to Judy and Williams drill so Judy not only now just so people understand this. Do you have to show your driver's license to buy cigarettes or even lottery ticket. But you actually have to remove it from its case and it is stand into a computer why do you think they're doing that. And that the government without them out. And why would that be the case. Crap but I don't -- any parent company -- is not yet but then. You know what I'm I'm at work if they don't well -- equity editor Bob Graham and it's -- legal work and don't. Well it's it's not it's not illegal. Nobody's forcing you to buy cigarettes nobody's forcing you buy -- targets but I find it to be ridiculously invasive and I do believe that -- information that put into -- -- -- and at some point in the future when you -- contract throat cancer lung cancer heart disease etc. they're gonna look at your records and they're gonna say. We see you bought cigarettes and such and such stated no -- were quick throw this at that. And you know what you're going to last on the list. -- we're gonna put people with asbestos related lung cancer ahead of you because you caused your wrong. Yeah. Well look at that I have my doubt about that can't do it right. But I'll. Well again one of the rate by the folks I mean this this is what some -- you apparently want -- goes W actually trust the government with cell -- scanning techniques. This is what does not. That this is the kind of world that this is coming to the kind of country this is coming through. Please understand that it's all about data mining getting as much information as they -- -- you why so they can screw you down the line. It won't be for your benefit will be for your downfall. And that you win the lottery and -- wire -- if they openly immediately because. And then. Well they're gonna get it anyway. It you're -- you're not gonna walk away with 200 million tax free from the feds are okay. -- well I mean Tim Geithner did he end up as secretary of the treasury what a great role model thanks for the call let your love of -- my thirtieth news radio 930 WBM's hourly on Monday hopefully Utica Monday. Here well. Best line. We can dream. All. Masterful song masterful I tell you it is 434. News radio 930 WBBM so I decided not to get the Stratocaster. I instead. Sank a hundred dollars in two. Fixing up. Eight vintage 1978 electoral eight. Now here's the funny thing I paid 600 dollars for the -- car in 1978. I'm seeing it online for like 16118100. Dollars it's vintage. But part of adult -- once a grouch country gentleman like George Harrison used to play and some of the early Beatles songs. In and part of -- still want to Stratocaster a -- guitars the only thing is I assure you I would suck equally on all three instruments. But it's fun it's fun to play. All right let's get back to the calls my complaint desk is open you know I put something up on my FaceBook agent for whatever reason it just didn't seem to take. Photograph of my friend Ali's. -- his doberman. He's -- the -- -- I loved opens I just Victor -- dogs and people get scared by them. I guess I'm a little weird -- always been I'd have always love people's gold bees and a German shepherds they don't freak me out. Here is harmed in the north buffalo Tom your WBM welcome to the shows -- I think it's time for taking my call of course Conoco also injured driver's license for beer. Alcohol purchases. Well doesn't surprise me and one of the reasons and again it with all due respect to let -- -- family the owners of -- Remember the state. They send out these people who look like their fifties when it factor twelve to buy beer so they can socket to these stories that are. Selling alcohol and tobacco to minors because the it's devastate is that bigger fish -- Well I can appreciate that time but I am I'm almost seventy years old and I think it's a little intrusive. -- like the rewards cards. A lot of the supermarkets. Yes if you are buying a long list of items. Days that's all digitized through this with your credit card information or anything else. And if they can develop all of and and -- -- profile and he's from your purchases they've got a tremendous amount of information about you. Well you're absolutely correct and again down the line. And again we live in such orwellian times but some people are historically ignorant or perpetually naive I think -- people like IE are delusional and you know mentally ill and a all of these kinds of things. And I'm funnier that this information is being collected for a purpose it goes beyond a marketing purpose eventually. What's gonna happen is you are gonna get sick they're going to be able look at your supermarket shopping cards and they'll say -- with a minute. You bought fifty pounds of chocolate a week for ten years now you want bypass surgery on obamacare. You get last in line pal. They told you so that's that's the funny thing I don't Limbaugh said that. -- after Clinton was elected but I told you guys so that -- this way. -- the job -- worked with me every day. From the time I -- the last couple years in the morning show nine to noon until every single show we've done unless he's taken off which he usually does. I love you -- you know that. But he -- have been on this rant forever. They can they can correlated tremendous amount of information from widely desperate database is now they've got the computing power to do it. -- -- they do and it and it's not just about the market that's what you have to understand it's not only about how we increase the bottom line with this information were collecting eventually it's -- be used to discriminate against people with healthcare it will be used to discriminate against people so they don't get pacemakers if for example they have demonstrably been buying cigarettes or what if you bought cigarettes for somebody else about cigarettes for somebody I still had to have my license scanned the. Well you gotta wonder we're all going to. All mean I mean if I hope I cigarettes for twelve year old who well. So I just thought I'd throw that out there to be a jerk. All right an -- thank you thank you 8030930. Starry -- 3180616. WB Ian. By the way I told this story -- My friend Jack follower. Who I used to Libya big fish tank guy he is the guy who now is the leisure of saudis on main street in Clarence. -- it in a way it was gratifying in another way it was insulting I hadn't -- the holidays in years a walk in the door. The guy says. Do you have ID. I looked at him and -- that you're joking right he said note do you have ID I looked at a much that brother and fifty years old I was born September 4 1963. I'm fifty. And I said you're really not gonna make me walk out to my car on this cold rainy night and get my wall -- sword -- -- ID. And they were strict orders I'll say that and I actually congratulated Jack Fowler I said Jack I just want you to know your bouncer. You -- at the -- does a great job just like the guy quick film might in Clarence on Saturday nights that's a great job. Nobody gets a pass nobody gets -- Now let's go to -- in buffalo on WB and -- -- Piped -- and didn't minor but what I listen that the weather reporters such special people should they referred to the temperature. Drives -- -- the -- temperature. And they always think that temperature that sounds like a child. Well I have another one if we're going to be fanatical about words. About what a doctor or a nurse says. Does he have a temperature that's not the question the question is does -- a fever because if he doesn't have a temperature it's a little bit. For rectal thermometer okay. Well made. I just say they correctly. And now. Tell her richer our temperature. Not temperature is acceptable I believe it's like to -- to -- short. Yet temperature is definitely not -- temperature is fine. Looking forward it'll drive you crazy after awhile. -- I have enough things that already drive me crazy that I'm not really in the quest of additional madness. You're resolved. This -- -- Austin and my goal. Did -- smartest and you know what you call before we talked before and you're still Smart as a whip. All right thank you very much pals got more on the ball for 140 years old now. 8030930. -- 3180616. WB EM by the way one of the most gratifying things for me as a talk show host. Is to talk with people like -- at ninety's and that the talk with the other listeners who were eighteen or nineteen years old. Or when Alex rice used to call the show as a sixteen and seventeen year old. And that's that was my eight and that's why that case -- me especially art. And it's still. It still causes me pain and carried. I have a problem. Sometimes getting too close to stories. But -- I think if I don't get too close to stories. I'm not really human being. So I'm trying to find that happy medium but I don't think -- can change after this long. Note I do actually. Care about people I mean happy either smiley is nicest guy in the world but people. I do actually care about people I do. I'm a keen observer of the human condition. And I always ask myself why do people do what they what they do. I gotta tell you casino storage or remind me read this stuff casino story Seneca Niagara just remind me Saturday night funny itself. Let's go to -- in Cheektowaga on the WB -- -- Right -- well I am playing BI told you go into. My world. Normal high in eagle at a cart and are happening. I mean they can't pick a number like and the card. -- I don't get them real or IndyCar at notre tracking. Whoever they are great site then yeah us and then -- and out on here night and I am older. Say it here's the -- you are. Paranoid you have to understand something you are not paranoid and anybody who calls you paranoid is clueless you cannot be concerned with people calling you paranoid if you wanna freak out. You've got to look something up and and I don't have time to put it on my web page but lookup digital. Camouflage. Digital. Camouflage and in visibility. Camouflage this stuff that was in the Harry Potter movies. Is out there. Now. Look at look it up. -- -- -- -- What how shocked people work when they round out the it was. Couldn't believe people. On the -- in the. You know I disagree. I don't know win the NS aid started to turn against its own citizens. I'm sure it did during the latter part of the Bush Administration. And it certainly has under Barack Obama and the next time. -- somebody called you delusional mentally ill or paranoid. Let me give you some examples that I have given almost every day over the past week the IRS scandals. The government going into the computers are reporters going after anti Obama stories. So I'd rather be paranoid. -- be clueless. And well I'd take a moment get to shout out to the and I pay rate -- I'm sure they're -- -- -- off. The funny thing is actually have an NSA refrigerator magnet my refrigerator at -- I won't tell you who gave it to me when or why. But I do take some pride in that. Yes the NSA the National Security Agency. Are we -- And all right major thank you think about what you just said that's not a bad idea. When you the next time shopper's card. -- given your real time. Just give the fake -- Start doing that Dominic Dominic get a -- card from every store with which I do business. It'll be a different name for each card. It'll be like the credit cards are used to check into the places around the ballpark. Where it was sellout. You know -- I have to tell you funny story this is for grown -- only element phrase it's only grown -- can understand. There used to be hotel that lets just say I used to go to Newton for certain purposes. On main street in Williams -- I won't tell you the name of it but they tore it down and it's just an empty lot now John. Every time I go there I would sign in as a different civil war general. One day -- -- Ulysses grant the next day I'd be James Longstreet. Seriously I'd have -- and they knew I was lying I knew I was lying and it was an inside joke. And I never trashed the room and of course I always -- in -- they knew me I knew them it was all part of the game. It is. That I say I was proud of that. And other. If you look at for scandal just ask me a can -- nobody wanted to -- up -- 46 news radio 930 WBE and it is up hourly -- complaint desk is open. What do you -- complain about. Something in the news something in your life. Something other people arguing with you all I've got one for right now okay. How many people here actually work out wait this is buffalo right to people who go to the gym in buffalo that goes goes to review go to the gym in buffalo all right. I'm I'm having fun it's okay I'm a native. How about the people who get everything sweated up. And they don't wipe down the machine. I got to play a -- them. Absolutely vital. If I worked out to the gym not only what I wiped down the machine I'd have a little alcohol spray and I would use that to -- on the machine just for the extra safety of people using it after I -- Now because you wanna kill an age I don't want to make people sick. Right. That aggravates me now casino story I can tuna I have witnessed this so. Well I discovered that -- actually kind of enjoy going to the casino. And I still stick to my original rule I write down everything I spend I write down what I lose what I win. I'm on ahead of the game I'll say that much so I'm standing at this machine. On Saturday night. With a very. Extremely attractive young. And -- is older than she looks please don't -- a -- twelve year old anyway. Yeah anyway. We teach you suddenly have a very uncomfortable look on your face when she. Should order a different. Model anyway. We're looking at this machine were about to play the machine. This guy goes from the machine on which he was playing. To the machines we were just about to sit down at and start playing. I looked at her she looked at me and we started laughing. And how wrong that was like one of the rule does things we've ever seen anybody do. Seriously. Absolutely totally -- Now there was also some good human behavior. Seneca Niagara you ever do the wheel of fortune gained 25 cent one you're three credits or 75 cents a poll are for to get the maximum prize okay. Their there was a very considerate smoker. I don't mind it secondhand smoke generally. Saturday night it was particularly smoky in the casino and there is a woman who smoke was drifting directly into my face. Now it's I believe in smokers' rights I believe in smokers freedom always have always world and the gentlemen and -- I mean that sincerely. The gentleman. Who was with her said hey you might wanna move that cigarette I think it's bother in the guy sitting next -- -- And I said I turned and I said no less at its finest that look I believe in smokers freedom. I believe the smokers' rights and if I wanted to smoke free environment I go over to turtle elements that smoke away it's all good no problem here. -- a little uncomfortable that's my problem not -- So he was a true gentleman and I don't know if he's listening but sir you were kindness and -- awareness. Did not know what appreciated it would just it was nice to see you gentlemen. Is what I'm trying to say I hope that I was equally -- gentlemanly -- by saying if we wanna smoke free that's where -- -- It's at 949 at news radio 930 WB and fired up a joint and what we wanted to break. -- market -- I did not fire up a joint it is what is it my guys were listening on WB yeah. Nancy's stuff like that makes me think she's maybe they need -- another CT scan in the brain again. -- that -- -- -- out now you got me doubting myself now you've got me thinking you know maybe I should have another one of those brain scans. There are right AccuWeather for today. You know -- spraying of 1982 has been really interest me. Clear to partly cloudy tonight and heavy overnight low 47 turning out cloudy tomorrow a shower or thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon and seventy. And Wednesday cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorms 7160. Degrees at misery -- and thirty WBM. Seriously guys I think that's what it was the bar on top of the for Clinton and that. That's really have an excuse because obviously I know what Obama on the year. That's gonna bother me all bay. I can't I can drop the F bomb today and I'd be more concern over screwed up the time. 454 is the time at WB EN. Here is George in the lake view George hello. I have a major complaint but if it has to go to media how unfair it's reported. That thing is like. If you have a person in the United States that utters the N word. They take -- their basketball team -- they take away their livelihood it's your apology. But. If you walk across the ocean this guy takes 300 people into slavery. And you don't you're not a rare holder Jesse Jackson in a -- actually talk about -- cotton alt a basketball a a slight slavery alive and well in Africa and don't let the word about it. Well I don't confuse. Well you have to understand how we gonna talk about the situation were the Obama administration has basically treated a certain African regime. Hold up all the because I wanna get into this because it is a point well made that we need to explore.

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