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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>5-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

5-19 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the -- would -- -- -- think yeah if you go to the hole looked. And it brought. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest it was because of guys out for a walk when -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after all it. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put. -- -- People know and it's live. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet eyed women that good news radio yeah. It was reported slightly ahead and done when of that. Isn't it when airplanes doing it right with the Bose noise canceling headphones. Gonna give me a similar roads likes that we Griffin's sense of Family Guy omnipotent it's got to give peace summit that. Anyway welcome to the new week gang it is about -- joke -- is at master control John Sherman is back in the saddle as you call screener. And John is probably little that sort through it because John mandate bury bury bury bad mistake I figured as well as I missed for announced that it first and as though this keeps going Barry. John Sherman actually helped a friend move yesterday so John -- exactly be in his best today. That John the lesson here about helping a friend move gesture you know. Don't have friends -- could just and it makes things like so much easier just say you know. All things I want to get into what today on that WV UK guys if you -- really really good job drinks after the show on the at -- you with me. No okay I didn't think so anyway so many places. We could go. On the show today. And hopefully they'll preserving entrusting your am and go there and will be either together first at all. Additional -- -- -- you know nobody's gonna have to do this but if it anyway shape or form it's not like I've been addicted -- on Friday after the Pamela -- news conference. All right. I'm -- -- him off that way I love Jo-Jo loves me somebody brought it to my attention. Am bit. I think I can understand why they thought that. And if they thought that they probably weren't the only person that -- that so. It if please understand I love Jo-Jo loves me and sometimes you know with plans your little bit. I don't know about you but I find myself a little bit shorter with friends sometimes but I am with people that I don't like because we have that fundamental good relationship. So sometimes you take liberties with people that you love that you wouldn't -- with somebody that you don't really like all that much so jealous of service added. You don't think so I I do cassava bread and attention and you know what I'm thinking in their pro and right so. I love joke just I called it an octopus. And I left off the final consulate but sometimes it's a bowel. -- amendment. So anyway we have a lot of places we're gonna go today. You know I haven't done in a long time. Good rating note. Revel -- -- bad but I also haven't done. My complaint desk euros which have proven to be extremely. Popular or trigger my voice back kind of up my early complaint desk is all of them. And it's about as close as I've ever come to open line is -- open up the -- complaint as -- WB EN. Any thing that is frost did you reflect anything that is ground your gears anything that is pissed you off anything that is aggravated you everything that where you felt stymied upset. Any any thing at ball. That has gotten under your skin and -- while ago. This is your opportunity to verbally lancet and relieve that pressure for your brains. I don't know how long enough to do this because I've got so many other topics to which I want to get so if you have a complaint. The hourly complaint does is open that does not mean calling to complain about me if it means call and complain about step that is aggravating to you. Via phone number 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start at 930 on the cell phone. 180616. WBM. Is a choice one and you can also actually said that to me on FaceBook but frankly -- easy way to I'd rather hear your voices. I regret I would rather hear your voices because that is old school social media. I always joke about people. -- joked to people about what I do saying that this is the original social media talk radio everything else is kind of a different version of talk radio on computer screens and the advantage that -- is eight your voice be your inflection. Have you ever texted somebody. And I know this is happening -- -- god knows it's happened to me texting is great. Don't misunderstand. I would say 90% 95% of my cell phone communication is that the -- talked people. That downside is inflection. Does not go very well does not work. When you text that's why we expect invented a whole range expressions. Like LOL. RO FL. And FFS. -- -- I didn't understand until Friday when it looked it up and urban dictionary that wasted. -- -- 8030930. Is the phone ever start an authority on the cellphone. 180616. WBE. Amex and I think it worked didn't take some calls already this is awesome thanks. Thank you but my biggest pet even those unable to get commissioners this weekend and I work with my -- speakers well I'm gonna start a very garden. Because the the weeks. My biggest aggravation right now. Is the fact that. Over the years the previous people. And when I say people I mean the house was built in the 1920s this goes back probably generations they -- at that what they thought was good ground cover. All it's -- ground cover in fact it's such good ground cover that I can't -- All it does is choke off all the really good stuff that I want in the backyard so what they have determined to do. And those -- you were students -- about Elizabethan Eric English what I am determined that it to do. Is. A reason. Downsize. The back garden -- only got to keep the stuff I really like everything else I am gonna pay. That put black opt out of -- have to but I would get that ground cover. Oh it's it's just bad it's just it's just not all right my complaint desk is open. And I have a very serious subject I'm gonna addressed later on not that your complaints are serious to me please understand. First off leading us off is Brian in buffalo WB -- Brian welcome to the -- welcome to the week and have a pretty good week it was gonna. Where corporate fairies Wear boots. Follow clubs -- into the complex. But then again don't feel bad and I also didn't really get in the Steppenwolf and only knowledge about reawakened myself to the majesty of -- all and Floyd so mock me all you want mock away. No I wasn't. Those are all great parents say yeah I've been getting beckoned to the sudden there's a. Don't turn me on I got a fair you know -- Rihanna Pink Floyd the funniest thing ever Tim -- turned Rihanna Pink Floyd. Because Roger Waters in addition to being a genius of the musician also is a great marketer as his Kid Rock by the way I might -- are tortured victim. Although there are certain that there are also are correct and look look at here there's like import. -- -- it's people that don't want to intersection and -- -- And so your left behind them and you can't you know be in the light in the white -- in order narrator you're aware. Then. -- -- like that that's what my biggest. You know all. I understand exactly what you're saying because on Friday heading -- work there was a stale green light. There's a car and economy. And I kept motioning with my hands please all forward so I. Also -- entered the intersection and thus make a legal left hand turn into work. This woman waited and waited and waited and only when she could get through the intersection PC maker left leaving me to sit for another cycle of the light that was most unkind. Yes and and by the way you are certain corporate -- Well it is. End I gotta tell -- them. I was gonna I was gonna say something to another brick in the wall. Or the wall the that's not bad either but the problem I have is and it's always been this way. Anytime something is cool I have to wait twenty years before it's cool to me. Whether it's Michael Jackson's thriller whether it's Pink Floyd the wall. And talented if I didn't musically conscious. In the sixties I would we got into a sergeant pepper until about 1987 seriously. Barbara great call way to start things off all right -- drive it all everybody's got to driving a PO -- but he does. -- you don't let -- talking about where you that you can say we work as I do you make that left the woman. She all she did do was pull up and I could've gotten through what was she gonna do know. Now. -- let's get back to the calls it is up Paul on a cell phone on WB Ian Paul my complaint desk is open complain away. Okay. -- my complaint -- about argued as the system. What my biggest question is is why do we arrest people. And it would probably district attorney and have them big bargaining chased down so that they don't have to take their trial. All it does is make it easier I'm I'm a lawyer that work the county. If -- they don't have an -- evidence to prosecute the case and charge or rep Jack. Once they've got to -- after prosecutor what -- the -- because we have already repeat there. But well remember something the plea deal works for both the defend that and it works for the system. Because they -- -- turning. Will know the evidence against his or her client advocate attorney will say look at this thing goes to a jury you're gonna end up fifteen years in prison. If we do the play you might get seven and out after five. And for the prosecution it makes sense because there is less of a chance of losing your case. And it also frees them -- to go after the more I shall we say heinous crimes the justice system is totally backed up. And as they increasingly criminalize human behavior it's not only exacerbate overtime. A job shortage as we do. Hire more judges are -- who is okay who pays for judges. The people out of jail -- and emperor expert -- like smoking that joint quarter in Rio summit that out but the people everybody people per view. Well -- -- for each other quieter I just think -- we have too many laws beat I believe in drug legalization. Notice I do not say -- believe in drug abuse I believe in drug legalization I believe adults ought to be able to do what adult wanna do in the privacy of their -- all. Throwing people in prison for drugs to me is like kept throwing an alcoholic imprisoned for drinking I don't get it. Well I agree with -- about 80% of and I. I don't wanna see that -- Madonna road. Get it around and our Indymedia and -- being. If different kettle of fish because that takes up close behind closed doors element. Me I'm sure you also don't support somebody going to martini golf and driving home. We don't we don't hear about throwing people in prison for the -- we hear about people being thrown in prison because they were driving after too many Martinis at martini golf or maybe hitting something. That they said he didn't feel. The car. -- it would it would build more prisons. For those jobs -- it. Close this up I mean it will diplomat and -- in the market -- You know about you let it out. Her opening night. At. A. Again that very they're talking about a heinous act of violence one person against another. And it format -- should pay some prison time absolutely. I think attributed whatever -- I don't keep up like a bargain now and I needed to record an advertisement and television to get. It gets golf to be able -- -- police -- -- -- tourette these people they plea bargain it down back at it just don't get it. Well there -- there is a reason for that I basically the judicial system so backed up right now and it's backed up wise it backed up. Because we have criminalized far too much human behavior there's some things as a society I believe we need to say you know what that is an adult decision and what adults do behind closed doors is their own business you wanna go home tonight do -- -- -- wanna go home tonight drop. LS the dual line I don't care to soak up behind her and we'll have to you do. And -- word this same court but he has spent. Bobby thank you -- protocol. Our -- I didn't call you you called me but nonetheless my gratitude bounds thank you are much. I can't do this for a living your caller it's open at all cool man. You know -- -- -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB EM and again that's part of the conservative area and philosophy. You know what a crime to me is I walk up to Joseph -- and I take his wallet and say up yours joke that's a crime. A bigger crime is I'd love to Joseph I spent in the heart and I take his wall that's an even bigger crime called murder. Okay those people belong in prison. Drug users do not belong in prison. And honest to god I see no difference between somebody selling drugs in a street corner. And somebody's selling the news that an outlet I see no difference. The number one drug problem of the country is alcohol. We tried doing something about it once it was called prohibition. It was a rousing success right yet we failed to apply the same laws we learned in prohibition to other substances people for whatever reason enjoyed. I'm just say it will thrilled by thirty. My complaint desk is open on WBBM. And I'm actually gonna do Joseph solid here I'm actually break a 24 with a -- that would almost a full board calls it 030930. Its hourly welcome to Monday and I hope you're enjoying spring. Boy almost dehydrated with the heat yesterday. Yeah yeah. Yeah. -- thirty trade and there's ready at 930 EWB yet it is Bali with you on the radio on a Monday and it. I don't know. My complaint desk is -- Clinton. And that's most -- is like an open line. Those open lines sometimes can be just to open elegant and people bitch when people are furious with something especially when. I happen to be an agreement with very -- with which are furious. Op by the way guys know more than three treats for the -- Are talking like cancer no more than three treats for the -- -- OK let's get back to the calls on WB EN here is Joyce in that block port hello Joyce -- -- While I am period. I'm Eric and I don't catch on heroes being here right now wait a migraine hit but. And I would I would let them citing morning. And the little small but not -- The lady next door. And four tires went by on the happens inside the road heading north on -- noted that I'm -- problem. -- not been known at least 65 mile an hour. We have problems chair and they -- he'd do it you know like. You're on the other side though there's no you don't like site. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's going to be a chain reaction accident and where those -- -- -- -- is children standing along in front of the houses waiting and -- -- -- -- with children. It's -- fatal accident waiting to happen I don't know what he's done. I don't know people or so and I eat I understood them as odd that when the ball back with flash and -- -- quote -- -- -- I'm feeling the road is there anything that the pit lane highway wanna start. Well yet all went well the weather flashing red absolutely that when they flash yellow that means you're about to stop when a flash red Bettany as you were not the past them if they pass if you pass a school bus were flashing red lights you basically are asking for I think that's a six point violation -- your license. I'll really well it happened virtually every morning out here that the first morning I was here in the morning to get them on the bought it I thought. My car with -- my mom because those hit -- walk out my grandchildren -- I'm. And acts while thinking might want behind it but that -- -- yellow light on how the -- the red flag not and -- cars where at least 200 feet. From a quote keyboard that are coming out that I won't won't vote for them right by the road and my daughter tells me it happens every morning. -- -- let it get any further up the drive it all the pop there it. It is absolutely insane I don't know whether I'm open. Maybe if you clarify that you get it that it is why I thought maybe I'm wrong but I think it's -- Iraq. I kinda thought there was something everybody knew but then again. I kind of thought everybody knew the world was flat. You've got that exactly. I have to be careful and I would like he had a few other words. It's horrible and like I let -- what are those Burton is by the I'll walk. And stop quickly when they saw the light it would be a chain reaction neck and don't -- go another direction. And is it horrible. Well I get played yet. And don't try to get her back and maybe world. Trying to lighten up and slow walk that maybe we can get them share while you're probably in the morning to really look at it I know mourning their busy for them. But it would be much that it could lose in the child. Well he and I aid still remember about twenty years ago was one of the -- Williams bill. Or was in Amherst one of the schools in the Snyder area -- little boy ran around the bar in front of the bus and ended up. Being hit by car and he does that make it. Brutal road 55 miles an hour to begin let go. And there are I think gonna rush to get to work at it issue but it happens every morning but I witnessed it and -- -- and it was terrified to be helping it move by the Obama. And affect him on my grandchildren come and a behind the well thank you pull me about it waited a long time to plot that -- work. Well even wait as long as some people would you like circuit which Rebecca hold. Set a new record for being on hold but. I guess that would be wrong. I think you and I'm not making light of it seriously folks I mean you know for example offers -- let's just let's just forget about New York vehicle and traffic law. How the field. Driving to work. If you take out a seven year old kid. You wanna tell Heidi got a field. As you know the law. Should know the law that's driver's education 101. How are you gonna feel killing a -- or seriously hurting -- care. Meet common guy that would not be able to work if I hit a squirrel on the way and in doing my job. -- anyone -- -- Does that make me less than -- and probably but. Here is Paul in Cheektowaga Paul you're on WBBM -- Our. Got out -- units ordered me not it -- stupid things people say they're not thinking about. Law like get up ATM machine. And then number report. You know things like that kind of an idea. Liked -- redundancy. -- -- -- With scenario. Beat in my point are people pay any attention anymore just ignored. Public. Well. Larry King used to say some funny things -- night because I think he was funny sometimes when -- go to -- -- radio show -- Larry King used to say. In reference to air traffic Willie -- caught a near miss no it was a near hit out of near miss. And why would it be RB eyes it really should be ours BI. Like it's not a attorney general's its attorneys general. Paul if you haven't noticed the language is changing. Which is one of the great things about English is that it does have the capacity to change to -- to amend it but at the same time people do not think about what they say. Here regardless. Of how many times people correct them on words that are really Woertz. No it is not I said that with the intentional ironic contempt. Notice how I did redundancy there to adjust the -- -- Flights are the fun with you now because I enjoy being cunning linguists. I did you have any other all the kids you're kind of on a roller -- putting the role. We're I can keep going but. Eight don't think it's worth it because. So awards and happy couple. I understand I get you I hear you and if they -- much alleged call. All right folks -- or out of some. Well you know what we're having fun with a purpose today which is why I still enjoyed reading via highlights for children's books. In the doctors were dentist offices -- most other adults are reading Vanity Fair glamour. Most of the other adults are reading. Life time life time Newsweek wait Newsweek isn't even around anymore National Geographic. And I'm looking for ranger Rick and I'm looking for highlights for children. I'm sorry that's one of the best magazines ever highlights for children. I'm embarrassed to say that fifty years old I still enjoy it I don't subscribe but I enjoy it when I'm at a doctor's office. And realizing that kind of sells at a Philly it's not it really is and it's. Our great magazine to get one to thank it is -- 341 our first time here we've got to come. We'll open lines and the show was an instant success while one might actually caught an instant classic basically here's the deal if you're just joining. It is our league that's my name and my complaint desk is open. Anything you wanna complain about ordered put it improper English anything about which you would like to complain. There's been a couple of driving calls there's been one call on the English language. It does anybody wanna complain about how -- informed or miss in foreign people are how many people did you socialize. With over the weekend. Who are absolutely clueless about certain things that every adult should know. I wonder. Because I try desperately. In fact I have a policy. If I'm out. I don't get in to politics refuse to do it won't do it. -- just won't do it. 803 don't like thirty star and I'm 3180616. WB EN. You that you are not under the same restrictions however. But they didn't say that do not to talk politics and Buena Park religion when you're out. I think that those are all. He's good pieces of wisdom and advice especially if you're in my position. People try to suckered me in a political debates it's like yes I'm just here to hear a band. Under your watch a performance I'd do my thing politically on the year you can check -- out there. How do you are in a profession. I wondered. Is that what are your pet peeves when people want free advice from you where people expect you to perform when you're not actually performing I. For example it would -- wells goes I don't know if you noticed but -- wells is with Three Dog Night one of the founding members of Three Dog Night. I wonder how many people. When cores that are parties say Quad -- eight earned a guitar do Molitor went out to come plan. His plan is that if you're -- wells how do you gracefully get out of because after awhile it's got to get it's got to get a little hole. No matter how much like the performing onstage. No matter how much you try to modify it for the current -- generation. Where hip -- whatever you wanna call it after awhile it's got to get old for. You do know that when I meet -- wells I will be the guy uses derogatory come on -- told me not to come to about I don't hear you cannot. I -- I'm -- live by my own preaching. Hypocrisy. Imagine that his job in Lancaster on WB and hello John. I don't even. On the Berkshire probably. It could be a new one -- -- under our insurance. You -- -- -- about ten dollars per year yes vote. Okay. It's part of that -- are bad at the program that you work -- your receiver reduction on your insurance. Call your -- a reduction -- are now. Populate the program work on the dot -- a lot of paper anymore and -- -- I don't where will that look at what I get my reduction. It where the best girl out. But try to pick out by saying they we're like why you're -- reductions. That is there was has five bucks ten bucks. Some are here Qaeda or get -- -- the best or not hurting near anything but I mean I think it Laporte well I. -- -- -- Yeah thank you. Thank you well it's you know what it is the same thing when they'd join -- they always want a dollar for what what is it to a dollar for. At safety but what is it that dollar that -- that there's a dollar charge they put on it I never pay. Like you know what I do that with my tax money thank you very much. Well they sit there. Recovery but however I birdied it would -- that was a thumbs up I'm like aren't. But you're gonna go elsewhere withdrawal. And would I tortured and respect. -- I always have a finger on the button man on the stupid thanks for the call. All right John. You know three on -- thirty point this is great. This thing has rocked today holy cow did you miss me over the weekend or something I feel as though I feel as though all my friends are back on a Monday -- cal. All right 8030930. Start and I'm 3180616. WBE and the is buy hourly Joseph gamers that master control John Sherman took a Friday off which is very rare for sure Stewart but he didn't. You don't take time yourself jump. It will. You switched shifts you graduated. Well why did you tell they would have brought to work hard I wouldn't I would have given you -- check you know I wouldn't have. I would have done something nice for maybe I'd like to drive my car on the block. If I if I go to -- graduation -- -- -- a great weekend for the top down. It is nine doubts at 346 news radio 930 WBE. And the it is about -- with you on the radio and welcome to Monday welcome to the new week my job to help you get accurate. My further job to entertain you. My further job. To. Kind of via voice of sanity in the wilderness which in itself made some ironic the summit on WB yeah. Are -- AccuWeather floor to delay it clear to partly cloudy as the day moves on and into tonight overnight low 47 tomorrow's going to be mostly cloudy you can expect to shower or thunderstorm in spots in the afternoon seventy the high and then that Wednesday it'll be. Well. Clout in a couple of showers and thunderstorms and 71. Right now -- -- -- -- yet. Sixteen are you serious sixty degrees now read it and it's a sixty news radio 930 WB the end. Know guys. -- Friday. That's in a lot. Can I call my own show. Date Tommy you're on the air depth and let the bitch about the spring because it's late may and we have yet to put together a week of sunshine and eighty degrees and it's better for it with my gardening. And because I have no life like voting or gardening. Or boating golfing gardening is all I do in my fairy garden has even gotten started yet our Tom thanks for calling that's pretty Monday that inconsequential. -- and all the call them. -- Yes I did it and you're right. All right back to the calls let's go to a beautiful Clarence Centre at New York I know a few people in Clarence center. Bob -- WB and -- half. I'm incensed by the you're extortion and took -- tree on the public teachers are doing their disabled for yet again. The pork shoulder against and they're going to you know education if he'll get more money for the school which is coming up tomorrow. I got a flyer from the -- at school district at 75%. Of the school budget is for teachers sailors in it's. So once again what it really blows down -- not to students. Teachers in -- salaries in. Of course mandate if you don't pay teachers take a week. Essentially the teacher at the school. Will figure -- -- if you don't pay the teachers so. The going to vote for themselves of course -- usual -- for the -- Their disposable batteries in your view of Hillary. Complicit in this -- this extortion of taking money away from the public. And it kind of sick that teachers. Crying -- -- is -- what -- attorney who's done something about teachers but it's not the quarter million dollar. Teacher involved -- Give up there's it's always something what did you -- and read it parties. Little minor perfection with a very degree. That everybody. He would be taking money from his teacher. I would suggest as you move for parents to place where the schools are not get all controversial and were things over smoothly out thinking Hamburg. Look look your point is is very well taken. The you know there are actually teachers out there who believe they should be paid at the same level as neurosurgeons. And I think they're smoking crack and the first think by the way up here's what you here's what you tell if I want you Bob here's what I would. Okay here's what I would do. I would tracked down every retiree drawing a pension. From Clarence -- from our New York State the same people who urged everybody else to forfeit their money. So they can -- great pension and benefit plan and I won't let you at least half of those teachers now drawing pension and benefits moved to a state where taxes are lower so they can live as they did not preach others. Well that's true and what we don't remember it teachers -- government employees just like automobile. The same quality of federal bureau. Thinking occurs in the educational field we've seen this over and over again sort of that somehow this association. Our teachers being this. The ivory tower or nine government employees really fought bigger government workers in -- intake could be interview because. You have no choice. Men with guns who can't care policy in particular house wait for you if you don't pay that teacher to act yet. Well as long as they're not men without hats that's fine by me low eighties music reference thank you. All right thank you I appreciate your bitch I mean it meant so it was I appreciate your complaint. I'm sure -- -- bitch to. I'm listener named Ollie was a wonderful pitcher doberman bitch. Which I'm gonna borrow at some point I rented to a nasty go over the other night when it came from no where. -- right to. You know crawling yet it was on a leash but this woman -- burly old Adobe after I loved all these other -- report. Don't please don't these are cool Ali. -- I don't often say this to man named Ali but I borrow your bitch.

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