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5-19 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It back division company I do not know Jill Kelly. Never met her but she seems likes to -- -- -- your side during your critical time like this showing up on their eighteenth wedding anniversary in her wedding down. While that's that's that's one spectacular relatives and and she's. Been doing her best I think to keep people informed of what's going on a health wise with Jim. But wanted to repertoire idea which I did or but I don't know her last fall and Riverside high school checked in the game and -- very nice. That that was the kind of story that I like to -- this morning and a pleasure at some laughter in the backgrounds on church your remarks somewhat and shows and being a woman pointed out how many women. -- -- and they're down that they wore eighteen years ago not many -- -- speaker 80 by the way -- happy belated birthday to Armand Thomas author and us happy birthday to you Thurmond. All right let's say you're talking about. The fact that. In 201283%. Of drivers in Erie county charged with a misdemeanor DW I had those charges reduced or dismissed. I'm asking your message to westerners are judges regarding DW I cases. I think ago the public in general once. Wants less tolerance of it's code to Tom in Cheektowaga thanks for your patience on here on WB yeah. Good parties in the hours I find someone you have floors today. Well I've been around here for 35 years and I know he had the question of what you vote here no yeah it's. Sixteen years ago announced -- I got a letter from another company and down. That added that that is zero tolerance policy with alcohol. And I took it to my board in the adapt the state policy and it's been that way ever since. We don't even want to see anybody that's been drinking for at least eight hours after at least. That's that seems very sound. Because I it I think your views say you just had had one in some -- -- arm goes off. You would naturally want to respond bowed to but the zero tolerance while serving makes sense to me. Right when you're driving -- 20/20 five ton truck. There's no room for error there and we didn't want anybody behind the wheel that edit any alcohol and -- That's -- -- a good play what's it like being a volunteer firemen there for all these years I would assume that. It's -- definitely not boring. It's not -- When I first started. Used to write the back of the truck 3 o'clock in the morning in winter. Now everybody's inside -- -- -- you're right the -- in the war. And it took a little bit of the glamour away. But. It. He never going to get a call -- figure. Simple first -- maybe just helping someone off before the speaker at the Nike. Many of those. And some of those. Were really terrible where there -- treat reality. Some even included drinking. It does wake you up when he sees something like that. Are you are these are what the education you get the it's right there right in front view of thank you for are giving us that information and I'm glad your department has that that policy -- Q and thanks for serving the community Tom appreciate it. While you imagine that I remember in high school I was never longer farm but in high school. Our school -- right next of fire department and when the alarm would go off there were like three people. In my class that were volunteer farm three and they would screwed up the door in a hurry. In a hurry another young. Because were in school probably month last year. Probably 1718. Years old but they were -- apartment but if you'd see them going to hurry and I -- the caller that the we talked to earlier in the show I just wondered suppose you're at a Christmas party or something it. Have one drink and suddenly the alarm goes off the report you -- report. Song I'm glad that some -- brought that up force. So basically. There's seems to be less tolerance in the community than the arisen from the bench on a DW alive. And as far as I'm concerned the caller to caller as a -- said that we should make the law very specific and I like that. A really do you gotta have a little bit of leeway because there are some. Over overwhelming. Circumstances that might be taken into consideration but this is way way too much. I want to think of any kind of a program. Where you had an 83%. Failure or disappointment record. You'd change that program and -- you'd you'd look at different parameters. But of 83% of of people in 2012. Drivers and Erie county charged with a misdemeanor. Mister Maynard -- WI. Reduces dismiss something's wrong either of them aren't charging properly. Or the judges of being too lenient. Or there being no way way too soft because this shouldn't but he. Could the amount of cases that are before our judges in the course is so busy. Good to have any effect on that at all. Well it it -- -- did but if I'm a judge if I'm Warren robe you know Cuba if I'm wearing a -- I'm thinking if I let this person off with a slap on the wrist and they don't learn and they go on kill somebody. I'm gonna feel responsible for. OK I mean there's no guarantees no matter what because sentence in the twenty years in jail is no guarantee an argument -- the first day in and drive drunk but I'm thinking that. Where is my responsibility. If from a judge is my responsibility. To the person that's being charged or is it to the community at large. I'm thinking that it is first of all the major justices upheld the nature of the law is followed but once you get past those two hurdles. I'm thinking that my responsibility. Is to the greater good of the community. In -- -- the greater good of the community would say that. If you've done this more than once you're probably not learning a lesson if you've done it several times. Probably not learned their lesson of -- you off. That's the kitty but I do think there are some judges -- human. I do think there are some who don't wanna who always are optimistic. That that it things are gonna get better I'm not one of those persons -- I believe you have the show me. Show me it's gonna get better give -- -- give me your real intent. -- not just to lip service and single by because I don't want you heading down the wrong lane of the highway crashing in the media on. -- that's not the way it's gonna works on. I would probably I'm guessing BO oh a little more stringent on the sentence I would take a break we'll be back tomorrow would be your company also. What do you dislike when you see other drivers on the road what bothers you most. The text and 69% of those surveyed the tailgate or 60%. The multi tasker 54%. The the Steve tasker of the loop test knobs are. The the -- or 43%. And the crawler 39% will be back after this. I just I'm turning over in early guys are really -- IE. I I I don't care enough about the environment. Related and to show you I'm going to start watching educational films about the environment we have this. Today I'm gonna watch as soon as I get home what's behind the green door. Because I think that's important that I care about green in on target by may have to watch it more than once. And Marilyn chambers is and that one. And she was the ivory soap girl so I think that's as pure and innocent as like media that are that when -- -- regarding the environment guys got to sign up spoke -- -- very much. Let's do it Jerry and hammers -- here on W via. -- -- It's situation is like I don't you guys have remembered Tim Russert. Caller yes salute of the concern about Tim Russert -- Russert was in Washington with his sudden -- -- -- that's deadly -- -- would have a bunch. And that it -- given the bitter and -- clustered sent them to me that you know that ended. Because the one hour rule. And I think it would have been -- -- -- policy says the way it is is when you have one beer. Basically depending on your body weight so what it takes at least an -- -- to you know value system well in other words let's face it. How many people you know in the world maybe you don't but in the world who go into a bar. They have one beer and waited an hour before they leave. That's a good point that's an excellent point. They're told local Russert said debt and then later on Tim Russert was talking -- other guys think they would talk to some doctors and detonate it yet basically. Depending on your -- particularly in our -- the year but our domestic beer. To leave your body so that you would that have a problem driving but it's -- to say that at all. I'm glad you did Jerry thank you -- thank you very much. A wallet an -- for beer I guess it does depend on your metabolism and your body weight is all kinds of charts and things that you figured out. That's all stuff I learned when I've taken a motorcycle course. In one time when I was writing an hour for wonder you know I was at a neighborhood bar and I have -- -- I had a beer I waited over an hour before -- wrote about it that's a good idea really is Tim Russert was a wonderful man. He was inducted into video buffalo broadcasters hall of fame. The same here I was and I remember in my acceptance speech which was before him. I said what -- that I would get inducted into the hall of fame the same year as Tim Russert. So when people look at this at -- 00 tell us -- -- this year. A great guy took pictures of all of us -- it is The Who has the best he really was and look what's happened to Meet the -- since he's gone. I mean it's gone. He was spectacular. And and I huge buffalo booster and a better. One of my prize pictures. My immediate Roman home as a pitcher -- means it's great. Thank Carol -- disposed not to -- pitcher with you. I think was Carol and -- and I -- she was in the same year pitcher to -- out the obvious she was in the same here so that was a good it was good -- Course if you're a picture with Carroll Jason. Don't -- how you. Nobody's gonna see you know -- -- she's drop dead gorgeous almost and yet. And Carol like Susan Bankston who I mean they're they've both that I hear about same time. -- better looking in person and they are on television if you thought they look good on TV usually armed person Al Lori let's ask the same thing. -- -- -- -- -- My god. A model and -- Carroll Jason all you have to say is right structure yeah that's it that's it that's enough that's it up. -- -- got that picture of Carol and Zimmerman yeah I was departure. -- let's go to. Anthony is next and so I want Anthony here on WB again. Yes calling you know -- to build a caller earlier -- -- bit about policemen. Anything to do -- polite here. Yeah it was a suggestion now what do you think I think it's an absolute perfect perfect. Option that they should they treated for. And I think this year it legal or random drug testing also. Because. I know a lot of party years -- we're badges. Well it's -- you know any time here in a position like that were public safety and your safeties involve firearms and things like that you wanna be as clear headed as possible so at -- do you think that's a decent idea. I think it's and I think it's an outstanding idea and also an Olympic the same record -- educated DW I. Cause an accident with pedestrians had to go to the hospital. Dentures career might be over what they would like to see -- results. Of that court -- And -- you know what actually -- -- Yeah -- that -- go right under the he's in the light you know honorable man like other people it only just hired attorney. Yeah well we'll see we'll keep an eye on it and though we might be revisiting this. In fairly short number of days thank you thank you very much -- -- earlier caller had suggested. The the the full of personal he suggested. For police and fire. People that though breathalyzer before each shift. Who would be in order in this gentleman just suggested also a drug screening. Randall. For the -- -- he couldn't adequate and opening put. You know when -- when it's not about. If you're in a police cruiser maybe a high speed driving maneuvers. Things like that and on your belt -- got a gun. And a teaser and things you know you have to be clear minded as best you can. And so all of us that the worst idea ever heard I don't know what kind of support would get plus there'd be a union I guarantee you. There would be area a union and discussion about that I don't think there would be too keen to have that. As -- April look at it is perhaps not necessary. Perhaps an intrusion -- personal rights or who knows what the position be but I can tell you this they wouldn't be in favor of it. Wager that definitely would be in the -- I don't find every way I -- I don't see -- gone outside. A radical idea what somebody it suggests that -- That's happened. 80309301806. On 692 through six and started 930 let's go to mark in Niagara Falls mark here on WB yeah. They'll all of them and now making 87 I want our Christmas party and they drive me off the planned park and in out driving Alton. I got a guardrail. And somebody heard declared so they called police the police showed up there which showed up well -- -- but I blew a one point zero. A suspect in 87. So they recipe reminding us in the paper for DW I and all -- salt. But I had a lawyer wrote who cup postponing it until they could find something he finally found out that. The strong -- I'm not plant property that they maintained. And the federal police force in there. They had no right commander in and arrest me and private property. Often wondered about that does so that's what the laws that you know at a point 10 at that time was probably right at the and at the economic. -- So so what happened to be dismissive. Yes the judge didn't want to -- he says I had no other choice seat beside the dismissive but he says you better take this. Chance to get things straight let's -- selling drinks. Well let's that's good feel market it's a valuable lesson you've got to bent fender -- no no people or hurt and in your adolescent thank you mark. That's stuff. At a point one knows exactly what it was announced point away if I'm not mistaken I watched cops all the time. And -- some people are social cost when they debate that you get him out of the car they can't even stand up. And that you think about them there at the widow of a vehicle at the way anywhere from 2000 3500. Pounds and more dangerous and having a pistol shooting at a millionaire they're the. Some funny videos posted. Of our drunks failing sobriety test one -- guy you know you have to walk the the the -- -- and he just does a face plant -- -- while all men and I -- say things that are amazing. They must you know you talk about more -- when they sober up I would hope they show them those videos so they can see what they're like very few people. Are funny or drunk than they are in person. And very few people are more intelligent drunk than they are when they're sober. That it's not -- way it works we'll take a break what will return we're -- company under the dread your 930 WB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo W. New DN that call us now an 80309. -- cell calls are free and started 930. -- toll free line 1806169236. And we -- back a major -- I this -- up by asking your message US and your judges regarding DW I cases. And annoying habits of your fellow drivers are but I'm also thinking besides the judges -- district attorney's office whatever. I think if -- if a driver is charged properly. And you would only charge what you could prove that it should be prosecuted. I'll roll with few exceptions I mean I -- there's always some exceptions which makes cents. But with few exceptions I think they'll be going ago and then we wouldn't have. What 83%. Charged with -- misdemeanor DW -- one year. The what 2600 people in 2012. 83%. Some other charges reduced or dismissed. Not acceptable not acceptable there shouldn't be a scorecard. Among winners losers as -- prosecutors and defense attorneys are concerned the scorecard should only be held by the general public. We wanna be safe roads we wanna make sure that people have learned a lesson if they've had a VW line. And that is not a slap on the wrist holding goal for the next one. How many times have you seen a newspaper story. About somebody. Charged with the W I have caused some kind of problems -- an accident maybe enough to -- Who had seven or eight of these before that that's a joke they know how to play the system and the system goes along. Let's go to -- in Jamestown -- -- on WB yen. -- -- Yeah I mean he judges they really got to get factory eight years -- the system is set up where. You know if you're paying a lawyer go tomorrow morning. Lawyer has more Jews in the courtroom. What it seems like so therefore if you got to go. He might be able to get up and go you know. If they got a idea I think that they issued a goal for if they don't maybe they shouldn't charges high in the first place. I know I had drank only one time in my life I was intoxicated and that walk and I got up flew low over right. But I had just picked up a cup of coffee and the guy it was nice it wasn't pretty but it tail -- you know and he let me slide. Then I got hit I got T bone by the mayor's son of -- more and more mayor's -- people use caucuses. It's a problem okay where you got where you're injured. Yeah. Not real bad but you know they came out later with the -- I'll let you know. Well I'm sorry to hear about glad your here or call us thank you. It's it is that you don't you go on a highway -- Miami Herald business you're doing rugby is speed limits as you can do. And suddenly somebody's in your line is the headlights coming Georgia. Not to announce something any of you want to look forward to people get on the road they knew the answer the wrong not lanes on highways. Because they cut across comedians. All kinds of things and some of those -- affect a lot of those -- fatal so I I don't want the person that's coming across that median above it may have on. To have had six or seven of these before and and I've gotten off on it and now. They're -- wrote I'm facing the end of my time here on earth because somebody wanted to be lenient. I think there's time for leniency but with DW -- not much. Let's go to evident in west Seneca Evan you're on WBN. -- -- -- -- All you listen I have off DW I conviction back in 2009. In about eight years prior to that equity W I conviction. All. The charges are they -- look at it I guess from what they can do and courts. Ought to I hit a replication -- my license which was a one year. I was actually to a 65. And 55. Apple will pursue for either optical we. Was -- A -- chart -- you don't life. Yet he had sent over -- and pull you over. On a regular basis go ahead. Yet and well make a long story short. The the -- war the true but it will be over. What did you like few right after I turned and -- are packed every single want is actually got you know orchard lake optical. 10011002. Like up to 1030. Aren't mutually. Oh while they feel like from the events. It's a it. Right and annually boycott unhappy if you abrupt a larger -- or no he's skeptical that will be inadmissible core. What circuit -- I can't if you are are you right. But at what point -- because I added VW any action to actually -- eight years. What is VW what is DW a guy business. Are driving while ability to hear all impaired OK got it. Okay and not so anyways. After the conviction and my license people for one year. What would have -- and 2000 lap I -- you applied for my license -- and like no October 2011. Now. The trip the DNA commissioner -- Allah and Governor Cuomo. And they acted -- emergency. Regulation that -- September 25 two out and well. And what -- -- pretty much everybody that was remarkable and it what it would wait for -- like picture kept their reputation. And there's another -- years. Really not all their -- also I get a letter from the DMV county. On not to mention that I actually speeding tickets there. In the early nineties. That out I was being particularly dangerous striker and that I can read I my license in April 26 -- Though myself but a lot of other people after all all their circumstances are their current you know I can't -- turning now to our new world where -- Yet when I -- -- my life and 116. I think he'll be it art or I would have to have -- -- lock the place is part of my vehicle from minimum I hear and what the conditional license. -- -- -- -- Five miles an hour or speed limit their purported sixteen I can have are like that although while also -- not in the -- you know. It's the capitol in Albany and and I think they're going to be. Captain what is called into law. And I think I'm -- conduct school is is sponsoring that bill which means that three strikes. And you're not like not much -- that if you're likely to people and state of York for even what kind. You can't win anymore well we apply the orchard on the United States altogether. Well I wasn't aware that. Is and how did you how we've been getting to work or getting to the store and -- was getting around. At what media reports -- MarketWatch drop slightly and up to and from work on -- I have to do broke shopping I do it didn't you know but yet it is very and you with bank debt or I would think. And there there when the judge says you're likely to -- all for one year arm are now like what are we applied for. The governor and -- -- -- -- Are you got another five years to. While that's albeit total of six years that says that's remarkable while we're glad you shared the story with a seven and we go wishing the best in the future thank you. And at that stuff and and even a short term thing a couple of Summers ago when I broke my ankle. In I had them a ride to work every day in a ride home. You feel like you're really. Idea of if you're like you're really imposing on somebody you know I can't imagine he said it a year and now another five. Six years. Pretty dramatic we'll take a break -- -- -- -- company and who's rated 930 to be via it has reached a company of sandy beach in the resorts are about this. Very very interesting story from channel for. Written by -- we're goose talking about in -- in 2012. 83% of drivers in -- -- charged with -- misdemeanor DW I had their charge reduced or dismissed not acceptable. Not acceptable only 17% of them convicted. Of the of the charge so I'm I'm thinking now I'm no expert on on this sort of -- Logic would tell you oath that he -- -- not being charged properly or the chargers are not being followed up on. If indeed they have legitimate proof that it's somebody is guilty of what they're being charged with than they should prosecute. If you win you win Angelos you gave it your best shot but so I'll let somebody walk away with a slap on the hand or whatever. Doesn't really work for me simply because. I think your responsibility both as a prosecutor and and as a judge is near the community at large I think that no matter. How you feel about the individual's rights and they all have them in and they should be there certainly are do we have any rights. As a population. Not that it's ever going to be a perfect but I don't wanna be driving on the Ohio a lot of drugs plain and simple. Let's go to -- -- grand violence is -- -- on WB again. -- has been I've been listening to you discussion. And over the years that then a lot of discussions about this. And down mostly people think about. Is that taking the license away or putting them in jail. But I have never once. Not once have I ever heard anybody suggested at this hour away. They'll do it in drug cases but I've never heard of it either for alcohol good point that. No as if it's at -- -- was threatened with that advances that would. Well -- first thought yeah I have if we have may be. As you look down the road on multiple offenses hopefully you don't get to multiple offenses -- That would be something I know with a Rico act for racketeering. The the federal statute that allows them to take vehicles away if they're used in the commission of a drug crime. It's it's something we should think about to Suzanne I think that's a good idea. I didn't I didn't know I didn't know that you have for drugs. I just think that. I would think it. And it's getting my license. And I into a fight back and it Jenkins was acting on those cards might that would not revoke. Because you'd probably be losing the mommy or daddy's car and that would being not a good thing. Arrow at it would. These guys gone thank you -- event yeah I've heard about it and in drug cases racketeering cases but not knighted in this radio at all. Be texting while driving is the winner yes the texting while driving as the most annoying or offensive thing that the drivers see other drivers -- on the road. This is from radio poll in the USA today. The -- her texts emails talks on a phone while driving 69%. The -- Gator somebody right on you are. Bumper obviously go to close. 60% as I said I prices a year from a tale. I gitmo flicker of via the break let him know that today but he backed off a little but I look at their eyes and when their eyes -- looking at you you're in real trouble. And the third position was the multi tasker they do everything. Except drive the car properly there applying make up. And there eating their reading. Next while will be the drifter or somebody who kind of goes from leading to -- that's not a good thing the crawler. Now this one is 39%. And there are people who just feel you know one. If I drive slower. All drives safer not on all you have to think about the stream of traffic. Simply because of view if you're used to going say it's 55 and you're doing 55 and has suddenly somebody appears in front -- going forty. You gotta throw boat anchor out there to stop the thing and not a good idea. Just is worse is that as the impatient driver the one that that the senate -- winning. For a Jack Roush Racine is the shift lanes constantly in and now to get ahead of of all the cars yeah I think as -- -- for get a ticket the out. Isn't funny weed don't ever annoyed again but what we see somebody else doing that stuff all -- on the list. But we see some meals and as that were hoping there's a cart path like I can't tell you recognize a new -- some clown has gone by me like fifteen over minimum. And -- And then there will be a cup there -- -- up -- lot. When everything -- -- -- that's just the way it works also at this rate they asked the couple more automotive to our question. Yes well it's fading into obscurity and believe me I'm not gonna miss this paper maps. Yet. That that's a pain in the neck first of all if you are at night. It's got to -- violence -- your wife your girlfriend or vice Versa whatever. And they have the look of something and night and a paper map you can forget it and then unfold them and the fall is right where the city is of the town -- vigilant you are right. As if you've had a map for YL if you -- a map for awhile it starts to rip at the -- so you'll learn to go to places that aren't on the full. I mean that's that's minutes of for maps. 40% use of mobile phone apps were driving directions 35 dashboard GPS systems. 22%. Use opera and maps at that point 2% so you know -- today. We should show we haven't missed all the things. That the electronic media -- replaced. It's gone. The traditional way of buying music is gone out to all downloads basically. There's lot of things that have just disappeared. Because of it as some for the better job summit non. And there is a small but very active community of drivers who flashed the middle finger another motorist. 69%. Of drivers report being flipped out by another driver OK I'm here on your hooked up to via truce term. Do you ever flipped the bird. Hardly -- Okay Chris I have been now off. I do it whenever possible they really mean may well that my short list. Yet -- too -- and the war and you know no hard and Omaha are now. Known -- is just annoying anybody can do this takes courage. Because the iso ball you in the wrestler in this -- there's going to be trouble against violence that I used to do it now. No idea. I've I've matured 17%. Admitted to have done so themselves as cars flipping off another driver only 17%. That's the main thing. I they're lying through their team -- getting your neighbors. You and you know you're in trouble if Susan rose passes -- those. That means you're really a bad drive. Aren't about wraps it up. Here's a guy we were never do that -- was -- pocket he's -- man. He's a man goes he's the black. I was there tomorrow morning at nine under recognized their way RWB yet. The local -- which we never has to these fees.

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