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5-19 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What is region governor I'm sandy beach yes that was in Canada over the weekend and they actually. Let me back in the -- president. It was remarkable. That's -- 'cause anatomy and I was moving an inch every seventeen minutes. I don't know those guys work but I wish I had chosen another line and believe me just like I was judge Joseph not audible Parker everyone's -- -- Yes it is body and yes I'm working as -- every day when I look in the mirror as I'm shaving IC. A giants of broadcasting. I see myself but I'm saying I wish I could see other giants of broadcast -- all in one place at one time. And I realized that WB BZ TV this week is giants' week. And on the line we have bill -- was the president of WBBs they are good morning fell. Now you don't you folks have a great. I loved the -- -- the initial kind of programming you've been doing the last couple years. A different kind of things and all week on his giants week of buffalo broadcasting tell us what's going on BBC. I have yet to shoot low here with me as well and that will tell you that tonight. We have been tomorrow night we have very interest in. -- brick and and. Did you have last name's Amanda -- Rick and Tom and the effort. I ask you people should know those I think they might be familiar with the media scrap. And that there was it was a who got pay we have been in our studio. And we -- for a -- them for an hour we just do his. Unbelievable going over the old stories. From the channel seven and I go back to channel seven when it was I -- Street and you remember right -- -- in Asia and India and that he. Those guys -- first of all I mean they're bigger or consummate professionals and really terrific people and when they came back to town for the for the history museum. An event it was a great night everybody enjoyed that. If if if it was a note and the and they were professionals on the air. Up in the air it was a little different story is as is as was with the radio. Giants of industry which we will have. And Wednesday and Thursday of this week that -- American -- Tonight and tomorrow night and then now. Couple of guys that you know and on Wednesday and Thursday. And then that women in broadcasting. -- -- history. We have been out Friday. Portal a -- some of the women on the I have not seen the Friday show who who would be similar woman on. Who care bureaucracy Jason little -- is in banks all -- you're in the Laura is out Baltimore's lovely. And Doris Jones a very nice -- women in broadcasting in buffalo. That's -- that's say that's a home run line up against they've had so what time do these are shows go on Monday through Friday and Saturday. 730 so you got he got -- and Tom Monday and Tuesday radio guys Wednesday -- Thursday the women -- broadcast that. On Friday sounds like a great lineup and you also have. All kinds of things in the hopper including a new quiz show the starting pretty soon once tells about that. We're we're doing a show called bragging rights because that's what people are going to be -- going to be competing for the prizes are going to be. A little and and the minor side that say minor prize is okay but. But and they will grow as we go along but the show -- -- trivia. Our show in it gonna be a team tribute show we're going to have three people per side. And were going to go -- organizations. Like a volunteer fire company. For instance from Clarence against the volunteer player by that fire company from my portrait are cool let's. -- teachers from maybe ten or he's vs teachers from more west we're gonna try to develop and and capitalize and rivalries. And then it's just going to be a lot of fun and leadership team. Is encouraged to bring cheering section because we will involved the audience and some of the the questions. Should they dress up like -- let's make a deal like cut carrots and and vegetables and things like that. That would only bring a little energy to the to the show in the encouraged that. Now who's going to emcee this -- new -- show. This will be the Prius. You hello John this all who's gonna give him the answers there's still leads them now bargains and. Well that -- you that the Hamburg and Erica. Well we'll find your way to dirty -- sub sub in wherever court shall not Wednesday and Thursday evening over the next few weeks. Fargo to bring it -- team there obviously if we want correct answers we can't bring any management but we'd be happy to bring talent now merit to your studios. -- -- Now but will the questions John the questions they -- all going to be buffalo related questions are they going to be general questions you know. Eat eat -- quite a good. And all the problem related question that. I just -- people. I -- -- -- made ball like indicted while guys are good blockers so it's giants' week this week. And as we said -- into Monday and Tuesday radio guys including a -- Reynolds -- never have the chain myself whatever. In the middle and that at the end ladies of broadcasting when does the -- -- start to have you set a date on that yet. It's going to start carrying and June 9 to America and -- is 630. And this and I think if I remember correctly this might be its first locally produced. Game show that's that's why they -- week in buffalo. And he's been done before. I'm telling you this is great because when I came to town they had live programming on channel seven. And it was always fun get the community involved his community stations so. A good luck John and there are certainly good luck to you Phil who will vote this innovative programming take care. Thanks very much any of the big big support we appreciate it. Target by a -- before they wouldn't get an Anaconda came together. So why not you know if the three of us when we clean anybody's walk on just Sonya we 'cause we are a storehouse of information. And I said shore house for those listening on -- idea. I yeah I mean that the -- ago. Let's see if we can get a team together how many do we ocean -- do we need to think they sit did they say three I'm not sure they said three but that's all we need would be just three -- I'll find out how many we -- and victory fund. I'm sure what before. All right yeah I was in Canada over the weekend. I was in the Niagara on the lake which is a beautiful town I mean I love -- it is very nice is like being in Europe. They have vote are just beautiful scene you know scenic Vista is there on the water. And the flowers and -- a beautiful trees they are in the gardening and it's an old world feel it's it's a feel like you are in Europe. Can be Campillo flow. I'm just telling you this. Thank you in on Saturday afternoon I'm walking up the main street and down the main street cottages. On things and what's going on. And they are these really comfortable chairs on a port so I set down to people watch because I love people watching that's half the fun. And I Saddam perhaps. The full force couple I have ever seen in my life first of all there were very. Very slender people and -- riding bicycles. And they come riding down the straight and as luck would have it right across from our house thing. That's where they docked right in front of guess where Starbucks of cars now here's what here's what she is wearing. She is wearing a black jacket with a -- kind of a red stripe on the sleeve. He is wearing a black jacket with a red stripe down on the slave. She is wearing one of those goofy looks like your brain just came out of your head helmets. He's got the exact same it -- like your -- came on your head helmets alright she is wearing shorts. We have a -- true striped on the leg and tights. He is wearing shorts with a -- to -- a strike down a leg. And -- weeks. -- -- -- men in tights I thought it was Robin Hood. He was in tights on think it why would a man be wearing tights and thing and he's got a helmet by a jacket. Maybe got a package deal. Or to deal with -- package I wish our package should be fit in there somewhere but you know hey. I wanted to walk across the street and saying. Are you -- Ever ride a manly bicycle I. You don't have to Wear it -- You guys would you Wear tights if you're bicycling. -- occurs only lesson here in spurring it now I have -- New York State penal code. Section 168. It's is that no mail. Is allowed to Wear tights while bicycling in New York State so -- that's Canada -- different. A -- one thing their package is worth 8% less than ours. So we know that but it is a beautiful town and I haven't had a good time great time good bet everything there -- so have you ever -- and it's close it's not far. But coming back. Is over video was -- was -- bridge. That's another story. And we'll tell you have to it's great while I slip in in my time it's I wanna Wear tights when I'm on the radio every day so it really drives me crazy. -- I can't get -- luggage arranged normally wearing tight something in this is going to be a tight fit back after listening to -- Funny how funny clown who view. DTE. Are you out and the lakers is beautiful have you guys have been there and I -- from honeymoon that's right you do that is that is -- -- costs in our files harbor house you always the commercials for them that it's great places stay up you know Chris have you been up there I am not from my wife has been on meet the Buick maybe you'll just by some matching outfits and. -- -- riding a bicycle wearing visit of an exact matching outfit of his either his girlfriend or his wife. -- add that and then he had tights on tights underneath shorts. -- thing this is way too out there they're from eight and Lakeland it's the islands -- the and I -- together. We talked about matching outfits but it's really hard to find the same outfit in a tool in a 64 long you don't talk about it's almost impossible. And so we we discarded that that things are coming back from Niagara on the lake. You always kind of play a guessing game as to which line to get into a when crossing the Lewis in Queens and bridge or actually any of the international crossings. Senate bill one that looked I was wondering why aren't people in this line look it's about six -- shorter than line. And that this line and as as I got into this line I found out why there weren't people slide. Apparently the big guy it was a very thorough who's in the Booth in this line. O line moving along pretty well. Now even though there are only about twenty cars in front of me when I started. You insure long insure long and the slower it is and a less progress you make. The more angry you become about the Mexican border -- I think if they didn't we don't like. Going an inch every eight every eight minutes an hour on the Mexican border they're walking across and the president has welcoming gifts were them I mean that is the wrong way this. But. Anyway. You can't be a Smart ass when they answer questions you gotta answer straight. Humor is not readily acceptable. And so I learned that long time ago. And so yeah answer quick question no problem once you get to the boom. Beginning to have -- is is really and I make in my mind that I'm never gonna do this again and again and again if you worked in camp. Had to go over the bridges every day now I would be on now now not that not me either. But anyway it's a it's a nice place to visit good hospitality don't tell you one thing. The people that work at Niagara on the lake are very helpful and friendly they understand that this is all about tourism that's what that that sounds about. But just very nice I highly recommend. I like the -- horse carriage ride that was fun you know it was so cold the horse carriage ride was there. But it was so cold on Saturday that it was too -- right now sides and but yeah they have a horse carriage right it's recognizes its -- it feels good. Okay congratulations. To van Miller Ben Miller is going to will be up on the wall of fame. A Ralph Wilson Stadium and -- Miller deserves it. And Miller was fabulous when he was calling the bills we've been very very lucky we have the kind of people we've had here long term that through sports. Of the event Miller nobody did does -- -- better than them Miller and he's going to be up on the arm problem Leo wall of fame. I'm surprised he wasn't there before now. Lot of people -- needing stands worthiness over the weekend social media to kind of surprised me you're kidding -- -- that that's a thing about social media and I'm gonna get to -- and a second because that's part of what I have here. In the USA today it was a survey on social media and what people like and don't like first of all. Anybody that does not think -- -- Miller is a world class play by play guy during his time with the bills. Is plain and simply and -- All right if you travel. Anywhere I don't care for its Chicago New York LA does not matter and you hear the legendary names of people. Whose -- Jordan on a national basis nobody's better than -- Nobody if I -- he's our guy but to think that he does not deserve a place on the long and personal he's done a good job -- Murphy Murphy's an excellent. You know a guy to carry on the work -- -- but banners too graphic what was the -- on social media. Are they just felt that there were all acts players who more deserving and I think they were poo -- in the fact that he had somebody that. Employed outside. Although what most people forget is that really the broadcast side is going to be talking to a lot more people and a sitting in the stands okay. He got 80000 people sitting in the stands and so audio more of them out listening and watching. So you know Dan Miller congratulations absolutely. 11 thing I should warn the people who are going to make the award. You're going to need let's see -- I don't know. An army tank to get more from my pocket. If there is dozens artist I'm on the Mike and for him put the kill switch good for him out between -- Jenrette. Put it Jenrette and -- Miller that handle hockey and football against anybody in the country I don't care there in New York I don't care there in Chicago. Nobody is better than that Tampa nor -- had. A ten Darlington undecideds are talking -- note -- darling were represented degenerate. We had the best sports guys ever. And who many of them have left the market and and gone for greatness. But Ben Miller congratulations you deserve it -- will be back with more would be your company -- -- radio and I thirty WB yeah. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight ten to one on WB. Heat and I feel like coach savage -- major company airbags Seve reach. Thought it was an army of make a mug car auction because you know the love cars. And one of the things that went up while for a sale was a ice cream truck. Yeah the good humor ice cream truck sneak late forties or early fifty cinnamon refurbish them but that goes there again become -- like you buy it. Because it looks good and it's cool but then what -- -- do it. You drive it around the drive the ice cream truck around like what I screaming and there was one woman who had 55 or 56 good humor truck and she uses she sell promotional things are -- issue actually sells -- yes well let's chemical. I don't remember -- mr. softy trucks. I know. It's difficult for you to discuss mr. -- but I got that ring the bell and -- run outside and you have some your mother give you some money and run out get a -- I mean that was a big deal writes -- is simpler times. And now earlier in the show we mention congratulations the van -- Fabulous broadcaster I mean just fabulous and he's gonna go up on the wall of fame. And Tony it's only people on social media some people disagreed with the selection and word downplaying this election. Yet they thought it was a bad idea they they felt that players that deserve to go ahead of them in the the players that they named I couldn't disagree more with. Okay so there there you have it there that was on social media now you did not know that I had this here in my your preparation. Selection here. Most annoying social media habits it's in today's USA today and we did not know -- -- you're gonna say that. This is a Harris poll of 2234. Adults surveyed online march 12 in the seventh. The most annoying social media habits. 55%. Excessive complain manners. That I mean that's it when you go online you find -- people. Their lives or Bob bitching this is what they do they get up in the morning I find something to bitch about. I think you get up in the morning and you can open your rising get out of bed that's -- that's a day you're already ahead you're above ground. But they find now they find them bitching bitching and bitching about this that the other thing and life's too short for that so that didn't surprise me when you said that now you're online. -- more than IMO most of time when I'm online among dedicated sites cars and stuff like that I don't to chat rooms and stuff because that's what she -- Yeah what's -- seems like the kind of go all the way east with the advent of FaceBook and Twitter possess now instinct -- -- -- I I was talking generalization about this discussion groups and things like that. So way have you ever notice that everybody is an expert so. Oh yes they know how to build a better space ship. How to do this better how to do that -- -- okay so 55%. Excessive -- players. The next one of course is 45%. Excessive -- hurts people who get on and they brag. Apart one way -- bragging gases that. Sure your man's knowledge and a and should actually many -- showing your ignorance but you're trying to brag have you guys seen that -- brighter. The other people and it's I just got this new -- we just bought this we just had this in ground pool poured in its Olympic size -- -- Michael Phelps is gonna help dedicate -- he's got to do the original yeah initial splash right you find that to aggress him bragging has often done in the form of off photographs pictures your vacation your game I was all right. -- But that's so 55% excessive -- -- And 45% excessive riders you know these two go together because I'm sure. The excess of the players are complaining about the riders and equipment so that's that's why it comes to I think it comes on -- and fifty -- the match I. I went to Bloomberg high school. I can think of a couple other ones that are more -- them both of those social media he had there is that the the feel sorry for me crowd everything that is why always -- always I didn't get the job I didn't do this whatever so I don't hide it sure I'm on an -- Guerrero and you know my romantic it was too fast you know there's all kinds of things like there's that one and then there are the I got this weekend there's a lot of people were doing yoga though. You know when you're having a problem uses the monster. The monster garage sellers just -- over the box -- -- -- the other one is the out women are. Notorious for this one at all by. Was fishing for compliments here's a self feel of me and now lo caught this or real my hair done I'll send a -- and they posted daily to salute the guys go all aren't you just please send me. Here Christie of -- and thanks you guys probably go to different sites you go to sports. Sure sports sites are horrendous when it comes to employers and all those people surveyed in that -- Went to sports sites it would be 100% of players it doesn't matter you can have the best player -- Derek Jeter cal Ripken will be complaints of people senator terrible. I've got my message boards fourth and you can't get away from the media because if you read a story on ESPN or fox sports or CBS. Right when you get to the bottom economists are right there's even if you wanna avoid them you can't you might scroll between car and these C one and you're already agitated if you. A lot of sports is designed for bitching. Like that's my players better than your player you guys making too much money you shouldn't traded this guy you should've kept him you should have caught this guy. That's what it's all about and and baseball -- that's the that tiger's that's in all sports especially baseball you add stats to your personal likes and dislikes and end -- that's what it's about it's about bitching about how while you play the game I mean there are people who play while -- like. Roger Clemens perhaps it would be a good example. Our guys who have done well and later find out they they cheated -- Lance Armstrong. Or -- guys who have been -- and things like that that's what sports is all about if if I wish you could do an analysis. A whole little. -- the actual verbiage about sports is about sports. It's about all the other stuff that we just talked about yeah I'd agree with that so so when you're doing a sports show like our friends down at -- 55 at WGR. That's what a lot of it's about -- and get people get off their chest but now we should betrayed its own so we should caps on so barriers still playing and and there were directed -- Monica are crying out loud and they do -- -- But anyway we'll take a break though we come back we're gonna talk about this it's kind of an extension of vote -- the main topic of the early morning news with -- Susan. Regarding the the DW -- in the judge's reluctance to really be what was sort of looking for. To be. Say harsh. Because that's not right because you would not think harsh is just by. Ago maximum sentence vertigo. Be on Gaza slap on the wrist the first time councilman in the second camera on if there is one. You can't even get a felony coercion and -- when the first camera so I don't like yeah builds upon itself. We'll talk about that and more and also there's another survey out which were using. The annoying habits of your fellow drivers a suburb of -- obvious because we've done them individually on this show and -- talk shows. Some of them not so obvious. And that's what -- -- -- I'm thirty we are WB yeah you should do -- that's not a guy wearing tights riding a bicycle. The only thing I have it's anywhere close that sites. I Wear when -- snow blowing and it's you know eighty below zero I have long Johns would that be funny to have a bicycle helmet. Andy. You know like a muscle shirt and pair of long -- And go bicycling down not only decreased. They deport you they were probably American market that is at the damage. I -- I don't wanna be insensitive. To -- the guys who Wear tights. But when you're wearing long Johns and you're using for reasons it's. Only -- season and whose major limbs aren't. Now it's like indoors tournament. I don't think they put adore him and sites. In on time and non I don't think so so what do you go to album really yeah -- that's. That's good not a you're riding on bicycles. I'm just thinking that may -- -- one you want to get off the like for you got to get off the bike first log out because otherwise nobody is -- fallen you're a procession then that's not gonna work. It's old tires on. If you got today. I got two things actually one I -- John Susan discussing this this morning with various guests and whatever. Driving has been a major problem in our country's prolonged time. And for many years it got very light sentences are wasn't prosecuted vigorously. Because I had a friend of mine who's a judge. Explain to me that many people when there of if there on a jury for instance. Would say there but for the grace of god go why I don't purposely drink and get drunken and drive. And I plan that but sometimes I had you know glass too many are two glasses too many wine. And they you know I'm in pretty good shape I can drive home and so they don't want to really throw the book Adam. Because. It's in many cases unintentional. They didn't -- plan to do it. But for some reason don't take the options -- take care of home call for an. The person sitting on the next Marshall might give your right almost there from the yours so that's why it was not treated as harshly as perhaps a tournament. But the way we've learned a lesson. That often times if you get away with something once. I got home you know I had X on -- glasses of whatever. I could do it again and then they because people cot for the first time with the W by it's almost impossible that it was their first. I'd attempt to drive home when they shouldn't have it's the first on the cot and that's the deal. So what happens as many of these I don't get prosecuted. Until a full extent of the law and then if there is a repeat and they can't be given a felony because it's treated like a first time offense basically. Social 17%. As the number. And I have all the stats here probably about 17%. As the number of people -- prosecuted. On their first VW lie. And that's that that that's a very low number as far as I'm concerned. So what happened. We learned that if you're easy doesn't it doesn't make the thing go away if you're easier on the person charged with the W. And then we did something really Smart. We demonized. OK before it is an acceptable to drive home with a buzz on or whatever you wanna call because I think they still do commercials -- I just have a bus zone. I guess -- you're not quite two -- drunkenness level budget feeling a little bit -- -- you felt when you walked and Ryan. And so what we found was by demonizing. And it was very effective. People no longer fit into the category of hey I'm just -- social drinker and I can easily make at home island of a short distance away. -- you shouldn't be behind the -- You actually pose more danger. To the public if you're drunk behind the wheel when somebody waving a pistol and shooting in the air. They probably have six rounds -- maybe five rounds and that revolver as they're shooting in the air. You know what you can do without vehicle you can you can hurt and kill a lot of people and it's happened before. So now that we're demonizing and not making its socially acceptable. That's a big step forward and that we have people who have vote could have done really good work like Elizabeth all bad. People like that who were trying to get the word out that you know use some common sense. This is -- not what you wanna be -- And so we're gonna talk in the first part of a show today about the majority of drunk drivers in every county do not get stiff punishment. Were also going to talk about a a new survey of just out. A new survey out. And it's about the road -- report. And they talk about what bothers you most driving behavior ranked as the most annoying or offensive. And there's 12 previous five different categories we can probably all guess the first category but the beyond that I think it's very very personal. And we'll see what you have to say about that will take a break and we will return with teaching company on news radio 930 we are WB here.

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