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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Student Arrested For Threat - Medina School Superintendent Jeff Evoy

Student Arrested For Threat - Medina School Superintendent Jeff Evoy

May 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At Madonna's central school and Orleans county student has been arrested after making a terrorist threat and looking to harm other students allegedly. In some kind of attack today let's talk about this is our guest on the WB in -- line. Is superintendent of schools and Madonna -- voice. Mystery of -- good morning thank you for joining us more tell our listeners how this all started when did you get wind of it -- you take control. Late Friday evening I was advised of an alleged threat made by current and -- high school student. Regarding his plans to harm other -- high school students at school on Monday. Upon learning of this threat we contacted the authorities. And the authorities immediately began their investigations. That the student was suspended by the school districts. And we're moving -- what disciplinary proceedings. Keep talking all about the nature of the threat. They were. They were a threat that word. Specific. He didn't mention. Any any specific student -- by name. Just says that he was going to be causing -- To the threats involve weapons and were any weapons found. No no weapons. It is just for the sound of your voice that sounds like this who's not an idle threat. Any -- nowadays cannot be taken lightly and it is our job here to maintain the safety and security of our buildings -- students and our staff. Don't take any threat lightly. How are you able to attract all those down to the specific young man McCain's MacKenzie -- That that a big question for the police they did their investigation. Based on. Call that was made regarding some issues that were put out on social media. Handset MacKenzie -- then in trouble in the past. I'm not that I'm aware of. Or knowledge he has been suspended is there any way this young man is going to be allowed back in school. Well he's also been arrested. He was arrested last night. And and charged and -- is detained right now. He's eighteen so will he face charges as an adult correct. Is there an increased police presence at Madonna's central today. Absolutely. Again just one horrible. At the -- high school every day so there's. There's a uniform police officer in our high school every day is who earlier. Depending on the disposition and of these charges mr. evil it could it be possible he could be back -- school's student. He's a junior now -- right. -- he's a junior and that would be prematurely. To comment on right now. Are we know that you have a message to parents that we've placed on our website if if spokesman read it at WP EN dot com. -- Mr. you'll thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate your time sir thank you. Madonna school superintendent Jeff.

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