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Prime Season For DWI Cases - John Sullivan

May 19, 2014|

Part I

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next on the WBM. Live on -- John Solomon were talking about DW line and what happens. Once a person is arrested. The prosecution process and land. Going in the court justice John Solomon John the chairman of the New York State stop VW line association. Also director of the Erie county's stop DW -- office. John by the way we'll also be -- those of 750. John good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning -- we're looking at some unsettling numbers this morning John especially if you Rhode victim or have been a victim of the DWI driver. Drunk driving penalties here in New York State are tougher now than they've ever been yet. Local research showing the majority of drivers accused of DW line. Are not convicted of the charge leveled by the arresting officer. What is going -- John -- what happens as we go through the prosecution on the court process. Well it's important to remember that your state has its two -- Assistant when it comes to alcohol driving its senses yet to level the driving while impaired and driving while intoxicated -- you legally defined terms. I'm I don't want anyone to have the impression that people are getting away you have your life. In your -- and certainly not the case. Oh offenses both impaired and and the intoxicated charge Kerry essentially. The same -- penalties. -- -- wanted to crime and wanted to violation do you think it's eating particular or some lesser violations. But -- and spirited and begin to clean -- sixth but alcohol concentration. -- also work its driving while intoxicated but not as much as driving while intoxicated which begin to finally. It -- -- reading though that of the 2600 people in Erie county arrested each year. For misdemeanor DW I only 17%. Of them are convicted of that charge. There right and I think -- lots of factors that effect. That bad outcome. Many of media and most drivers only 21% of people who get on PW -- in New York driving while intoxicated. Unchartered ever come back every violate. I think the sanctions are having -- -- we want them out there. I was about 101000 Dollar Financial costs when you include all -- All the factors. There's blatant sanctions that are very heavy. And social stigma that go along with -- with a PW line as well so it creates. An aversion in Cuba would have gone through that process. I -- never do it again. And so. -- because of the you know the interest -- at the sanctions. Including mission in Iraq or in part you know driving while intoxicated. On there may be some sympathy. On the part of the court. To. Give someone a chance and never come back and it's appeared that they're not coming back. There's some practical aspects as well you know he that we can't go to trial and 3500. Cases every year and that's. You -- this sympathy. Question -- a driver who was represented by an attorney stand a better chance of getting off then if he or she. Walks into the courtroom officials to judge alone. I think it's true with any charted bank. That is a criminal process -- -- once -- get a lawyer to represent them and it represents and of course I get into that question would be yes. Is Erie county much different than other counties in the state. When it comes to do to this in the conviction rate. Yeah are raked areas and among the lowest. -- For DW I regret the most toxic in the top level church in New York State. And there's some you know factors involving community. Norms and -- came into the bench as it's developed locally here. So. That's you know one of the one of the things it says that our office tries to do if you're trying and a support those that are. Apprehending and prosecuting. Senators.