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AT&T Eyes DirectTV - Jill Schlesinger

May 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Just lesson here is with us this morning her. CBS news senior business analyst hosted Jill on money Saturday's four until six a WBM and there's big news this morning AT&T Jill plans to buy DirecTV for 49. Billions yet with a -- That it made huge it's a big never and you know comes. Right after few months after this big Time Warner Cable Comcast deal. So I think a lot of people are saying wow this is obviously another sign that the landscape for television and how we received. Our content is changing dramatically. I think it's really a sort of interesting deal that is exposed to some analysts who said I don't understand why AT and he's doing this because. What they are seeing it's it's on the eighteenth he's buying DirecTV. DirecTV -- satellite company and the growth in -- industry has really slowed down. I think from -- he's perspective they want to contact that DirecTV as and they got these nice beat pipes that they like to deal with contact and that's really the crux of what this feels all about -- -- owns directly who's who of the people who -- well direct me is interesting because it's been a a public company -- since 1990. You know the single largest individual shareholders have mr. Warren Buffett the rich get richer it can you believe it is it to a Rupert Murdoch -- and I would dish TVE app and so there's so this is what's interesting about this is I think. This deal which I find to be sort of -- a no lose deal for DirecTV it's like a really good idea that they get at this point. It talks it does say something about what we as consumers are doing you know. There's -- report that came out April that 6% of all US households cancel their cable services you know cord cutters. And these are actually able to get really good and for as little as ten bucks -- and -- a lot of people say I need to get my content cheaper than cable companies are not the place to do or it's a satellite TV place to do it. Where can I do it and it's the streaming world where Amazon prime and Netflix or exist. OK so is this deal. Good for consumers are not you know I always had. And doubtful about that because I am rapper if you're DirecTV customer up exchange right now. About a year to get this deal done. And in fact the eighteenth tees said the DirecTV customers and continue to -- the service on standalone basis at their prices that they've had written for another three years. Eventually. Things are going to change and I think what changes come and they say we're giving all these enhanced services -- -- agreed they usually will hike at the so you know it not happen immediately. But just think about this -- -- me actually finally get our revenge on the cable companies right or cable company and this is this really be able to receive this information and entertainment the way you want and what you want. OK before we let you go I have a question and a -- fortune and I'll be nice to -- because of it involves -- your favorite people. Mr. Buffett. Is my hero and and yeah it's not yours but look is our right eight enjoy reading the intelligent investor in the Wall Street Journal yes and last week I wrote how the high flying US stock exchanges could be in a little trouble. And with getting investors on -- because stocks are flying so high it was suggested. That we look to overseas stock exchanges to make some money. Where would you start doing something like this and whatever your investment advisor doesn't agree. That don't do it how about that if your investment advisors you're paying your investment advisor to guide you and help you. I certainly would not necessarily go against that advice why would you actually hire someone whose advice -- got trust. If you're asking me do like the -- the other exchanges of the world -- going to expand. I had been you know there's been a lot of talk about that but there's not one exchange and not one platform. That's going to be ubiquitous it really isn't going to be shared across the globe and it ain't gonna matter so much because you know what. -- the end. People are gonna transact their business electronically. That order should go to the exchange has the cheapest price and I would be an investor in any of these exchanges because I think it's just basically is betting on which trading platforms gonna win and who knows what that's. Hey Jill good stuff have a great week. Daycare YouTube Jill Schlesinger CBS news senior business analyst.

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