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Jimmy Vielkind- CapitalNewYork.com- Mayor Brown for Lt. Gov?

May 18, 2014|

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Let's kick it off with a -- to Tom. Once again -- -- kind is with us from capitol New York dot com last week Jimmy looked at the Republican state convention. This week he's here to look at the Democrats and some of the decisions that could be made before that convention. Jimmy thanks for joining us once again. Problem reported -- the reason I wanted to have you on here obviously is is on the democratic side of things there is some. That there are decisions to make. There is something to talk about in regards to the lieutenant governor pick the Governor Cuomo has to make. You want covered something this week I found kind of interest thing. That there are supporters out there who are tapping the governor on the shoulder and basically saying hey yeah ought to look at buffalo mayor Byron brown. Dark and that certainly something -- from the bears certainly still in the mix. Of course we all know that lieutenant governor Bob Duffy and had an up in the position. You know to take two weeks ago that he would -- detour around for a second term. All of this -- a bit surprised nobody the PC admitted to applying for a better job only thirteen. -- told -- so if there was ever signaled that you want about that was that was. But the question now turns to who Cuomo would pick as his running their. In the short list -- I've heard at the very people who are involved in thinking processes. I'm spokeswoman are vulnerable and a former US -- kept equal gold also the former your return quirk and certainly from a known -- listeners. Brake all and -- return to their Ulster counties and condoned the kinks and -- attorney Greg do you below. Well from Alamo and people aren't below -- -- to. Helped Cuomo with the suburban vote sort of dispute counterpoint after Reno. Whose attorneys and the Westchester tell -- So retirement Reno talks but obviously it's hurting the terms of hurting local government or those guys could immediately provided. A term report -- a little -- And then there's also the period that Cuomo will reach inside his own cabinet. It picks someone who's currently certain and that means it could come forward secretary of its and so Perella. He's someone who are -- and so he actually that it. By Cuomo administration to go to trumpet to -- -- lieutenant governor's slot. Boost related you don't former assemblywoman from Utica Rome area is now running the street office general services. It's sort of like oh and lord in the purchasing Volvo which -- speak a bit. And then. That -- -- former mayor suited to their credit the environmental facilities corporate and I would not up to code from post that they view and so sewer infrastructure well. Oh yeah and dimension we reported earlier this week. -- key in jeopardy. Congressman from Brooklyn actually spoke up on behalf of mayor brown in a conversation with Cuomo. Those the two men that have worked together in the past. I think that the call was indicative of their ground. Who is those listeners probably know it's an American. That the ground would have but he. Could perhaps broader legal in black communities in Western Europe or perhaps statewide. And in that -- -- -- more important. This week after Robert -- picked up an effort to have their and then should long term picture of Chris Wallace to beat them. So certainty that it could be more thought being given on the democratic side and making sure that particular is not a war Weytman. Was arbitrary and let's play -- And see what you know what happens to the states if something is something goes wrong in the normal course -- -- upper part of the shall -- reasoned -- -- -- The -- Cuomo's very cognizant of and target. Some of that first in the first. Level for there will be that there can be no. Criticism artistic that there could be that there should not be discussion of this person and -- also attacked what country. I'm absolutely one that threshold was met. -- don't equal it will really wants. It's someone who can do did you -- is what we've -- so what is gonna go round stated. Go to -- and influencing the glorious -- -- in in small. Ribbon cuttings everywhere Ireland due to Western New York. I've been in -- complain about -- cards drama. Not sure but. Never never become a problem right America's -- in the almost in the look at is what do you bring -- -- And I couldn't duplicate critical about -- and that's -- I think someone like Holland. Might make you better connect more proud salute to those who would be a better -- than. Principal Michael Brown who. If you look at the demographic change probably makes the most sense you know quibble lost your Chinese pretty solid margin. In the last election. Great group that was with mr. new Yorker -- I was going to opponent but equivalent content than that. You don't want to lose in buffalo Niagara and in the western new York law. And he knows that the Republicans win statewide they need to get about excuse experts and to build a state in the week -- it is in buffalo Rochester. In in in sort of the western on the -- -- work. So. -- are -- most demographics went to the question that this global fully trust them and this Cuomo worry about any kind of question of competence. Or or scalable. It's sort of -- I I don't know. Obviously it was delivered from remote via -- -- its third term but it opening there's still over years of credit. Impression about him that maybe there's some kind of tilted in the closet. That they are concerned -- criminal. There have been public corruption investigations around the buffalo area. Never have they been said to be targeting mayor brown but there are always rumors that the FBI is going through City Hall looking for. Massive question mark something is that what you're referring to. And let's look at Kathy hope all of that context. She is seen locally as charismatic and squeaky clean does this move -- to the -- It it certainly helps her put the two didn't think about which would be lieutenant governor is supposed. And I think I don't see -- this it's actually not a world critic's job. You know you're not real powers to do much in an industry to -- experience is going to be. It took these experiences going to be the relevant one and I think we -- -- treatment it's -- of the lieutenant governor is not going to be given an autonomous -- always. Appeals court Jews is going to be expected to stand in for the governor and important places and particularly in upstate New York. And then. So this local has a pretty pretty good a job working for -- you -- that the vice president for government relations. A solution couldn't quite quite well and very comfortable compensated. I mean she's been able to essentially -- the ministry of Perot dominion. The question is would actually gain by being lieutenant governor couldn't let her upwards their wardrobe so important for. Probably -- the outcome of lieutenant governor ripper governor successfully. Doesn't -- her up or or perhaps another run for congress maybe possibly. That that's something that might go into depression or is she at a -- Washington -- -- -- and get it occurred on public service. I'm I have a great job on a sitting in them by Monday that the upper quadrant of the middle agent and right. Don't wanna go through revenue dropped to yet. An and I don't know I haven't spoken to local -- -- with the people who are have. I'm they've been talking you have talked about that how -- win a commodity. I'm committed to the question is will someone who heard that a congresswoman Kurds. In your return to put it who has been in their own person or won't she be comfortable eating you know completely. I'm a loyal soldier on the Colbert in the global become troubled carmaker. -- Democratic ticket. The democratic state convention starts on Tuesday does that mean we'll have an announcement tomorrow do you think -- What would it -- actually still equivalent. And on the earth they were expected to see you nomination of -- attorney general there have been there and comes up with a comptroller. It won't help a lot of our morale was Cuomo formally announced the selection of -- on Wednesday morning it is managed. The announcement from the Wednesday newspapers. But you -- you see something similar for a couple of reasons. You if Cuomo is he's not inclined to share of the spotlight in the glory would either to Napoli or should have been good so I think. We're building it into the government picks you'll you can dominate the news cycle -- in -- And also I believe that you won't have to keep the decision for the last possible moment you're looking at them. Expecting will be there -- be some sort of outside you know. Dick big name global problem of the convention and acquitted of the buildup of something. Equivalent of that particular about talked about epidemic export actually and you know. These conventions nowadays are are currently wrote in their -- awkward inspiring because we know who we know. That there is a very little trauma we know who's going to be nominated etc. but to have decreed that splash. Well don't but he has a few cards and in his sleep -- -- which -- the announcement lieutenant governor Kirk and the other -- will be some sort of major democratic official who you know are we might become -- on Thursday or -- -- -- -- -- Are we talking a President Obama or may be just as senator Schumer. I don't think the problems that -- -- I know that in the past would quibble disputed area -- he's reached out to the Clinton. Bill Clinton is sort of obliged before yeah they certainly worked together about these. They certainly have Christmas. Basic speculation. What actual record would show up in a lot of eyebrows would turn very quickly brought -- on the state level but on a national level. Or perhaps we know that the president is going to be introduced on on Thursday. I don't know what to personally he's been -- regrettable error. The vice president of course Cain who perspective what about well not so little that it should couple. Got to understand Jimmie great stuff will be watching and I know you'll too thanks so much for your time. That's Jimmy -- kind he's -- -- -- long time Albany reporter used to be with the Albany times union. These days he's with them this is a very cool site if you haven't had a chance to check it out I'm not plugging it just because Jimmy's agreed to be on the program as often as he has. Capital New York dot com it's a part of Politico dot com owned by the same people it covers Albany really well better perhaps in some cases than anyone else.