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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Carl Paladino on Pamela Brown's Plans to Step Down as Superintendent

Carl Paladino on Pamela Brown's Plans to Step Down as Superintendent

May 16, 2014|

Buffalo School Board Member Carl Paladino on with Tom Bauerle on Pamela Brown's "attempt to amicably separate" from Buffalo Public Schools.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's Baghdad right now to Carl Paladino who started to shake things up on the buffalo board of education. Carl thanks very much for being with us and doctor Campbell Brown has announced her intention to resign what does that mean -- Carl. OK Carl thanks for joining us so what does Pamela Brown's announcement mean to user. We we -- Your association in. Britain earlier lawyers. Indicate a quarter. He -- the ball well prior nation. If you know. About. All I would make motion picture of the -- All the -- care -- It will. You. Maker in which case shouldn't be it. News -- -- you didn't they. -- Or matured into -- nation. -- And it resignation in the nation. That okay she could get aid. It will be. Streamed to all of a call. It. Got a Carl -- I get fired here I'm gonna get two weeks if I'm lucky and I'll be shopping for my own health insurance are we gonna make sure the doctor Pamela brown. Does not get a golden parachute on her way out. -- probably sit. And watch the majority all -- -- are you watch. Insane thing they are now between now and July 1 least it'll run the -- -- she looked cracked. Look at what. What you're doing is gonna come out deeper Rick Bolton there. Are obviously over our objections and -- sure will be -- -- -- Boy did it like -- what we need dirty you place. But I bet -- he'd be. So basically this is an end run by Pamela brown around the new majority which you basically engendered on that board of education so that doctor Pamela brown make sure she gets her fingers and as much -- as possible on the way out. -- -- It's important majority and certainly I -- and -- It it would be. -- Or. At. All. Well. By the way folks -- is at the airport so -- it sounds like it's really busy there Carlos just hopping on a plane -- your own gorgeous you can bank in the -- -- with people with overhead this stuff. Well just don't be a Chuck Schumer and I call the flight attendant you know what you -- turn -- the cell phone. What is buffalo need in a next superintendent Carl -- a -- anybody save the buffalo schools what are we looking for. I don't you'll -- BC all the restrictions. -- -- -- Altered some -- and just be educate. All. Right see. -- -- and every -- We. -- So I don't think a little. Bit. Not sure we say. We or. Shouldn't -- -- it at -- What would -- the sticks it. While they're being very creative. Recreate. It here. What -- -- very -- so that. Even people like which it will not conducting that. And in the community. Yeah. -- the only person who walk into work and school district -- fit -- here. She's at the war will be. Well it. -- I can't look I'm about bringing people together and not driving a wedge between them and I know you're the same -- -- you would not be taken heat you take on the buffalo board of education but I have to ask you this question is just going to be another situation where basically. A white male is not gonna even be considered because it just won't be politically correct. -- -- and it didn't look. Pretty. Good. Well yeah she -- -- Quickly they're deployed. All all all. Race. -- -- -- -- that you needed. And that all you want to leave it there. And -- need any. The culture of our community what. It -- that. -- People who got -- In the capital. Right here and what you're doing it. -- Then -- won't -- the need. Or people that -- and. -- -- whoever whoever you they've got just sitting by is a chatty Cathy -- very loud voice and I hope you don't have a long flight because she would drive me crazy guy after Italian. So -- -- what I what I love about what you're saying is we're not gonna go through this big national search and end up with -- another -- there -- people locally who -- competent who -- -- said -- the culture of our community which is a unique culture you know it and I know. In -- and and and something in the ground running because. Good pocket and wait a couple -- that the majority. And it. That would -- 888. Lead but could not wait any longer as they. Real -- they Karl I know that you have other phone calls you need to make and I hate is there any things that you feel my listeners need to know that I have not specifically asked you about this situation you'd like to tell them. A particularly good old. I. Would be -- or. Everything. I technical. Okay he'll do everything they can to save the schools I've got the advantage of I have -- Carl I'll look at a very safe flight don't know where your goal and we -- going with yet because that we liven up that played. I'll talk to you -- -- -- Carl Paladino on that news radio 930 WB EN.

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