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5-16 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

May 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

My last minute what Tim Weiner preparing today's show actually was that sorry that that that -- me just just a little over there should never have radishes from -- acid indigestion that's right that's right that was. God zillow the one the only good is now back in theaters all across the country. Must monster by the way the -- as word is miles MO USE mouse. Gonzalez should be a big deal -- it should be sought earlier in the week with any idea packed. Audience and I'm looking forward to. Telling everybody chips what I thought of the big green guy should have dressed up as mop for a -- and threaten the screen presence that would have been. That would've been a good idea and I. My monster costume though -- bowl is it is as long sleeve and it is -- today now I need. Short sleeve why an idea about the big box office knows a -- -- in this one it's his opening today. Right number one last week no surprise here neighbors did 49 million dollars it is the second best opening. For a non sequel. Which opened in 2012 with 54 million dollars loved. Lot of fun and two weeks now we've got to a million ways to Diana west the next movie from Seth MacFarlane. And the trailers look very ironic that as well. Also the film's also doing very well in the it's early foreign openings. -- all pulling for neighbors though what's so so so it's rather questionable as to how well it's it's going to hold up. At number true. Talking about a film to holding up quite as well. The amazing Spider-Man two the box office dropped 60%. In the second weekend. 36 million. It is now 146. Known in its production budget bill with over 200 million. It's not -- gonna lose any money ego overseas box office is already past 400 million. But this new Spiderman franchise just hasn't quite. Caught fire and have the same momentum at the box office that the stammering -- films had about fifteen years ago. A number three the other woman deny the ten million dollars is now at 62 million. Continuing. To do extremely well on Mary positive word of mouth. Heaven is for real -- another seven million dollars it is now at 76 million. And Captain America the winter soldier still in the top five another six million dollars. It is now at 245. Million. The worldwide. Box office is nearly 700. -- -- -- If you would shed ten years ago that. All -- The captain American films are going to be doing better box office -- Spiderman movies. Ago people would have been surprised by that idea of -- that is the case right now. And we did have. One deal dead on arrival and I would. Legends of Oz door at these return opened up at 2600. Screens. And only made three million dollars that is I'll -- a lot. Of empty seats. Three million on the opening weekend so it's only gonna go downhill from here. The production budget for this film not even the commercials marketing just the production budget. Was seventy million dollars so the the video sales are gonna have to be. Really really robots for them not to to lose are quite a bit of money this figure him I want yes it's so happy buffalo international film yes we are just from what I understand they've got some sort of film festival happening over at the Riviera. But buffalo has been just chock full of film festivals over the last few weeks and this is the latest one that is happening right now. Buffalo international Jewish film festival is the 29 go around for this. It's being split in two. Two. Gates and two venues. Now through May 22. They're going to have films playing at the dips in Amherst on main street course you be there. And then June 8 to the fifteen. They're going to be doing another week's worth of movies at the Jewish community center. They've got a lot of terrific films that are going to be shown including. Some buffalo premieres and world careers. Rich -- Has a movie that. He's directed rich got -- channel from channel to its called -- -- to. And it's a short documentary. About -- -- survivor who relocated to Elmira after the war. Monday is going to show the buffalo premiere of hand or rent. I don't know if I'm an -- and last improperly -- rent. And it's about. The I -- trials in 1961. This one the German equivalent of the Oscars for both best actress and film. This year and that's going to be coming to buffalo for the first time several documentaries. One call now orchestra of acts silence about. The relocation of Jewish musicians during the 1930s. That eventually became. The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. We got a documentary called next year Jerusalem. Which follows eight nursing home residents on a trip to Israel. That an average age the available and the -- 91 years allow pretty amazing. There is a documentary called no place on earth -- so which -- -- fascinating about this massive. In the year Ukraine. That they discovered was hiding place for -- five Jewish families and god -- out terror war two and if you're not looking for something. As heavy. As these films. They will have the documentary. When I called when comedy went to school. Which follows the rich history. The Catskill resort. Hotels and a comics like and Jerry Lewis said Cesar -- Lenny Bruce Myron Cohen they all got their start. In the Catskills it's where they learn how to really worker crowd survive. In front of the crowd and have to come up with a lot of new material. At all times. If you wanna check out the schedules. For these films. Just go to -- IG GA aft dot com that'll give you the full schedule. I would imagine -- it's taking place at the dips in Amherst you can probably also go on the -- website and we have a link you can check on them the schedule for -- -- well. When Hitler was coming to power a lot of classical musicians and composers and conductors. Fled Germany a lot of them went to the West Coast of vote. Of the United States and so -- flooded and the they became. In ingratiate you with our music community and we're better for absolutely -- -- they recognize -- days ago while they -- now all right let's say you -- -- a -- -- -- question before -- break up. I would love to -- American version of 1954. Hours. God Jala king of the monsters. Are famous TV lawyer appeared. Who was it was it hastily you know. No I know what today Stephen Noelle Barton is from -- harder. He -- and Raymond her from Perry -- them. -- -- -- Will -- much car up. Which. Is why I thought I'd go with Joseph -- I don't know I think so I've seen him in Gaza -- there's a lot of trouble in Hillary's involvement with Godzilla would not count williams' tar ball slips involves. God's going IQ over Wilson's original money -- deserve. I believe that's -- Joseph -- -- a bitter battle through May 26 when he fourteen point five dollars and diverted to center hours -- probably grow umbrellas or aren't transit. No expiration date total value 43 dollars general content rules like all six or 49 at 875 right now they -- -- IQ question. In the American version of the 1954. Original gods though it -- -- a monsters -- famous TV lawyer appeared. Who was that it was Raymond her. It was not William tar you know wasn't -- dogs started you know I'm. I'm gonna tell you something that once you hear this from me you'll never be able to -- at the same way again well let's hear -- every time I hear one -- -- -- -- commercial queries they say. Call 444444. Or. It sounds to me like Charlie Brown's teacher talking every time I -- out like all. Yeah yeah. And. Us and now we know -- -- -- Eight. So. Are right now big ball -- -- -- tease you -- and -- now it's yours God's will that's right he's. Mean he's green he's back on the big screen in 1954. He got his start originally. In the Japanese original called gold Chirac. And part of the reason was that word. Was a combination. Of the two Japanese words for what he was meant to represent but that he was supposed to be half -- half -- real. After -- way I never thought made -- -- thought it was crazy just like a big blizzard to me right that was the original concept he's he's back in this when he does start off enough. In Japan. This is so much better in the 1998. Big dance and music I don't know what they were thinking. Matthew Broderick really in God's own movies that -- Spiller meets God's LO what enough help where they think Dana. Director Gareth Edwards is at the Helm this time the first big budget feature it on small movies and they given -- Project to -- I think he does a great job with I saw this. In the middle of act. Audience the other night not an empty seat in the house that's -- in 3-D IMAX there. And the audience loved it they broke into spontaneous applause about four or five times throughout the film. Which is always fun to see. And true. There are times where you a little bored with the people and you find yourself thinking and get back to the monsters fighting. Differently if that would gods or movies or else -- we like we are here. The sea monsters knocked over buildings -- their tails through life and well we're not here for a fine fine movie now for the first work. You don't even get a full look at -- You just get a little bit of detail here that's which there are splitting rage over here and then finally about an hour and they give you your first big look and they decide to. -- -- -- The same way they treated John Travolta at the beginning Saturday night fever. They start at his -- is if you answer yes and race. God -- body -- they finally get to his head. And he lets out that classic gods or. Or maybe a little deeper a little louder but it is still essentially. The same war there are some things that do not need to be updated like Tarzan yell that's sort of you need to job. Absence and they do the same thing with god -- -- here. The monsters are all handled very nicely. Hi -- Andy circuses. Special effects company Andy Serkis. Is the guy who did the motion capture performances for column in The Lord of the Rings movies he also played ping pong in the Peter Jackson version of came on he's really talented. And the god Zelaya himself and two large. -- like monsters that -- Apple's. I mean they are Lee produced by a computer. But they all have. The weight. And the tactile the rule of either a large pocket or a man in. In a big rubber suit they do have a bit of weight than you don't have that feeling that you have sometimes with CG I -- feel like your. Watching somebody play a video game. That that isn't the case here at all. Another. Very pleasant surprise from me once that score by Alex downgrade -- Yes yes he. Does a lot of a film scores I mean recently he's done Harry Potter and the deathly hollows. -- mean the Gramm Budapest hotel. We are getting used to having Hans Zimmer whose scores for these type of blockbusters with these -- overbearing. Werner. One note to mood pieces and all that. What to plot does here instead. Is a brass heavy. Rat -- staccato Japanese. Types -- score kind of out. Ramp -- and it at that Dan and I tell you it works so well some time off injured. And then working on and -- All of we have got a lot -- is going to be so impressed -- -- alleyways Aurora Iraq decide you know. On sisters at a time for -- understand why go through. Its. I tell you don't giving these. Oilers here. By. The only contains twenty seconds of salute monster movie. Lists. All an -- is that involved -- Villa. And the huge. Praying mantis cricket hybrid type thing. That particular moment. Which the audience I saw where just -- -- usually -- -- that he. I I felt like it was a nine year old kid again watching the original movies on channel 29. I will tell you during the break I don't wanna spoil this -- nobody I remember what I was like seven years old. The -- theater the world drive -- was going to be showing. King Kong vs cuts Ella. And I just I remembered that you might want to one. You know it depends on what country you -- In Japan got you heard at the very yen. King Kong's roar and god -- is roar suggesting. And at that time god Phyllis sounded like he got -- best bid but they were both hanging in there. These other movie in the US. You only heard King -- draw the the fix is and yes but I just remember it's seven years old game. -- -- -- This is going to be the best movie that's ever ever ever there's no reason to make any more movies to extend the lead the best possible movie about. It's just like this newscast with the Tom pocket newscast once you've heard of Tom -- newscast there's no need to ever do another -- that's right you can just a moral rules you know that's why he -- -- -- its top pocket was Colin. We're back where my arm over shows and Bob May -- -- home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WDE and. -- -- us data start it would -- that. Big -- -- an extreme not a movie shows you know Bob still -- sandy beach million dollar arm. It's happened here this Pee-Wee Herman's latest. Who has no idea. Not sure whether -- -- is going to be number one at the box office world and -- small. Might be -- -- -- And -- close. This is something we actually -- matter that much of lately. The based on -- story inspirational. Family sports drama. From the folks at Disney of course John -- here. Plays an -- album. The arrogant. Sports agent he's he's not a very nice guy. And he just to make some money. Is going to India. To try again a couple of cricket players from India and see if you can recruit them terror for a Major League Baseball -- make some money here. Now of course. If you're going to do a movie about. Two guys from India and there assimilation. In coming over the US and trying to get by. The film's. Focus of course is going to be on the white guys who brought them over here if you look at the post for the movie. All you -- is handsome Jon Hamm with. Which. Should. -- of an Indian temple in the background. And the two guys their played by it's a rod Sharma he was. The young guy in the -- of -- -- -- collector. And I'm not -- at all he was the young guy in slum dog millionaire another terrific actor. I mean there are both very. Very broad lead portray there are just awfully nice sweet guys. Yes they wanna do well in the US. -- are more interested in seeing it Jon Hamm. Kits together with his girlfriend and -- maybe puts a ring on that they are in all they're just a couple of swell guys. If you. -- of the character Raj on the Big Bang theory that's all is deep into the culture is they're willing to get there. One that they do bring up that is something that often isn't look -- In stories of this sort. Yeah you want to. Find good players. So that. York team will will do well he -- have success for your team. But if you're an agent for this player from another country. Then -- all sorts of marketing opportunity or that people of Indian descent in the US may be buying caps and shirts and tickets who haven't done that before. You might also get a following. In that country for this particular earlier where's my agent would. Get caught of as. Steve Martin pointed out in the jerk. Its profit deal. Soledad that is that the situation here Alan Arkin. Is also. In the film playing a cranky old baseball scout. Who makes wise cracks shots like Alan Arkin and every movie he does lately. This film. This is movie comfort food if your if your MM -- far. He'll probably like it well enough there's certainly no surprises. Here. Nothing here that you hadn't seen before or tears will be shed triumphant music will be played is these young men looked towards the future. Whatever you do though don't look into the actual record books. Four reality check the real players. That this movie was based on never actually got to the pros they never made it out of the minor league but the EP. Tries to stay away from that they don't want to dwell on these -- had a million. Our arms. Very good next up Philip Seymour Hoffman I assume this is one of his last rules not the -- pocket. Yeah this is. Certainly one of the -- I think this might be his last starring. Role in the film there are three email three more films he has in the pipeline that will be coming out yet. This is directed. By John Slattery the first. Feature film director by John Slattery he plays the hard drinking wild living heart attack Allen Roger sterling from mad man. He's directed a handful of laps of CNET TV show with this is his first movie here. This is one of those independent films. Which day quirky cast just filled with characters. In and East Coast. Or Rust Belt type of city. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Plays. The year at the stepson. The stepfather. A young guy who dies in a construction. Well call it an accident. Yeah okay everybody's calling it an accident there are no need to involve the authorities he got it got it. Philip Seymour Hoffman's plain Jane wife. Is played by Christina Hendricks. Mad men which is a bit of a stretch being Christina Hendricks in general is like. If you crossed. 1962. And Margaret. And the incredible hall I mean she's she's. It was -- wasn't available. No apparent general purpose she plays one of the bar stools okay. You also have. -- Euro. In the air as well basically. Philip Seymour Hoffman's character has to come up with Derrick -- for the few role. And and. All. Some some meat truck wastes. That in the funeral money on horses that -- And a movie. The majority of the action takes place. In a -- no way that this isn't that type of park. This isn't that type of movie doesn't take place in a bar it takes place in gin -- Takes place NIG yeah well -- lots and lots of drinking to give you an idea. Of the proof count for this particular yeah Richard Jenkins terrific actor. He plays on newspaperman. Who hangs out at the gin -- quite a bit. In once in. During one sitting. He drinks seventeenth. Spur drivers on word and he's feeling. Just fine too is that as part of about. Minimum daily requirement when you live in the -- wow well yeah it's good. Performances. But most people complained it yours too much between black comedy and melodrama the stories of meandering. But good stuff from. Okay will be back with more big movies that are big -- with cinema Bob stills and and he said he beach it is the movie show with cinema Bob. He's eligible big movies hitting the big screen today god Zola and million dollar arm and guards pocket next up. Just outside yes this is for French romantic. Comedy around only. Stars Gabriel Byrne who is not fringe. And Emmanuel food Digital's new Emmanuel I used to watch shows on -- that this is a different type Emmanuel and Bangkok. Hi rose. One did you do it and. All. That you. Different yes yes manual Lewis and manual oodles. And Hughes Hughes -- energy she placed. A flighty flaky forgetful objectors who. On the train bound Paris. And she -- game over and playing -- reserved. British professor who's on his way to Paris refusal. The two of them meet on the train start chatting. She decides to follow them off the tray and starts to -- bit. Crashes the funeral. Pretends to be a mourner and two of them continued talking. -- connection. Finding hotel room that sort of thing. It's somewhat similar in structure to. Before sunrise. The we -- hall. They did the trilogy but here the protagonists. Our middle aged rather than in their twenty's. That I around bars as much as our homes -- By this this is just to keep in mind yeah this is the way the movies. View middle a middle aged couple. She's 43. He 64. They're perfectly matched up in the view of. The cinema off. The most earlier. -- have felt that when the movie just focuses on the that to them getting to know each other and all that it's fairly charming and answer thing but when it branches out. And draws in a lot of the characters that loses a lot of its steam down. After all it is. -- -- Just this. Could be unknown known yes this is the latest documentary. By. Errol Morris he's the guy did that and lying in a brief history of time -- fog of war which he won an Oscar for. In this film is centered around thirty hours. Interviews. With -- 81 year old Donald Rumsfeld talking extensively about Iraq and Afghanistan. And more. For anyone. Who is thinking -- He's 81 now a lot of time has passed I'm sure there'll more hours. We'll get him to. Disgust regrets he may have had -- talk about mistakes that he thinks he might have made. No not at all Rumsfeld remains as collected and unruffled. As ever he. There's -- interview -- them. Yes and hey. Wasn't there is seeing where they attempted but it's for one side -- hello again yeah it's just it's he's -- -- it's not pretty accurate no yes yes. This is one of those. Documentaries. As -- tonight. Well I I don't think it's as. Are to that side as far as being opinion one way or the other but this is one of us were kind of feel like. I'm sure it's very nicely. Produced at all by the year really need to see this on -- it's just it's. -- it very well on sixty minutes stories edited especially on slow weekend through that's right. The family couldn't get tickets go on July until I went with Donald Rumsfeld in the -- I know and -- sad and disappointed that Donald Rumsfeld knocked over no buildings with his tail him. -- gave no other new release shelf Joaquin Phoenix -- real life. Amy Adams oil like him better in. Her yes yes in -- in west terror charges -- is just her this is. This is the movie in which Joaquin Phoenix. Gets into a romantic situation. With her computer program. Voiced by Scarlett Johansson. This is the movie that will make you say. You know. I always thought I I'd wanna run away with Scarlett Johansson let us now I know that. Really if shall just talk to me on the phone. Might just be enough sorted out -- yeah. This fell one. The Oscar for best original screenplay. Last year. Written and directed by Spike Jones. I know for me for my personal taste it was the best movie of 2013 for me just there are just funny. Charming very interesting brings up so many interesting concepts about. What makes a relationship real what is an actual connection with somebody if you don't actually eat. See or feel or touch someone can you still being connected and have a relationship win them. Just a really interesting don't. -- all thought they get the answers about it it is you camera Jimmy and -- well government. The show was on earlier in the day so -- I remember you know folks are listening. Since he's I think. This movie almost might be more effective. If you watch it in an intimate setting like your home rather than in theater probably the ultimate way to watch this film would be on your iPhone. You know download of the night and watch it that way if you're really wanted to get into the groove of the movie but now while you're driving. Not while you're driving. With the order a safety and from Senator Obama after her comes of that moment so often is the cancer. This is a fairly lousy. Sex comedy that came out earlier this year but it stars Zach for a and so what they're hoping. Is that you either just enjoyed him in neighbors you just saw a commercial. For neighbors and you thought -- see a movie to come back. On -- it and you won't realize it's kind of claws into you pay for the download or. Rented to gosh -- thing or imaging -- and it still allows. Image and boots issue and it's. And -- -- more problematic and get enough votes. Most people will take Beano before watching a movie with him and improved she actually. Probably got the best reviews for anybody this movie she's a British actress and it's politics guys diet Frankenstein. Is one where there hoping you forgot all the commercials that Ron when this was about to come out. If you ever thought gee. I'd like to see a friend -- movie but only. Here Aaron Eckhart gets to play Frankenstein. And only. The air Frankenstein does a lot of clothing and all early. If Frankenstein can lie. I thought this is the movie for you -- walls. Not good about the invisible and yes yes this is the lawn. This is the Charles Dickens sex scandal flicked. Starring ray -- that everybody has been waiting for. It is of course. I mean for all those people who watched David Copperfield. And Christmas Carol and thought you know that the -- these. Sex she. Look for this soon on late night -- I -- about wraps it up also opening today by the way hill street blows the complete series and countess Dracula laws always gonna enjoy God's on this weekend and we'll see you Monday at nine. On -- and I'm thirty WB yet. We'll -- much they never had to -- -- be used.