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5-16 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I would goods simply suggest this could any of you that owned -- something as simple list. A pair of an after hours prove to anyone else that you don't use those binoculars to look into your -- windows and I obviously you can't prove what you don't do. That's a good point -- share -- -- to what I'm on this one I think what happened here is this. You know how many times in our lifetimes that we heard. It's the media's fault. Usually it's a politician caught his pants down with a hooker. It's the media everything's the media's fault blah blah blah blah blah saying I've spent my entire life from the media. I've heard that a million times and most of the time is just BS it's not the media's fault though they're doing is reporting. But there's a difference between. Reporting and speculating. -- reporting is here's what's happened. Speculating is here's what could happen now do we wanna be vigilant that things yes yes obviously. -- butt whipping it up to get interest on something that could happen. Something could happen almost thing. I like that your car the breaks could fail it's possible that memory often possible. You're breaks good failing over if that's possible to there's a lot of things that are possible misuse of something bylaw enforcement officer. We yeah they can misuse their guns they could -- -- eroded taser a bigger misuse and got sick of misuse a lot of things. But that of other possibility of them doing -- And the actual reality of them doing at a two different things so are we to paint everybody with the brush that if it has the capability -- naturally doing that. And you're not following judicial review. I think that's a little. That's a little out of bounds as far as I'm concerned. So -- here having said that I think there are times when the media doesn't report it speculates. And that's what this one's. All right you know why the dead giveaway. If the media had a back up that says here's how they're using and here's the person they use it on. Here's the -- lawyer. Whatever -- the person themselves. And be different. They didn't have it they don't have it now nobody hasn't. And the bottom line is that will prove it was is speculation. Now whether it's ratings driven I don't know. But only one of the three T well we have more I gotta be fair but only one TV station that. OK the other stayed away from. Oh in order to drive that through the news cycle you have to scare people. And naturally with the NSA thing. -- we found out you know about the giants spying scandal within say. If we're ready to be scared. But is that the proper use who has misusing. Their authority anymore. The TV station that reported that speculation that to scare you. Well Teixeira. Who's using it for law enforcement to question and it is pretty good question to be honest with you. So that's that even -- I'm in the media don't -- take a beating but every once in awhile. And then you pick it up -- well this could happen and and that this could happen back an avenue out an elephant could step on my head today too I guess it's possible. But let's end -- I'm not going anywhere near elephants today I don't think it's gonna happen. He got to learn to separated and even in today's buffalo knows. Lower right hand corner of the yum front page sheriff read Jack's oversight. I. Then just below that and much smaller print cellphone monitor rules up to the courts he says so the article written by Perelman also as a clearly. That of the sheriff says -- dollar disrespect in this honorable body the specific use of the device should be left of the monitoring of the courts and not have a legislature. Or the media and that's exactly right but. That headline gives you a different impression -- Almost sounds like a runaway sheriff who just gonna do it his way in the Al with a law does that does that give you that impression. So I mean when we've got to be realistic about that when it comes time to take our lumps we have to take our lumps and in this case until something shows up. And what it does it should be investigated. And if warranted prosecuted. We have that we have to be vigilant no problem about that but let's not just run into a stampede every time somebody rattles -- pan. Just like on raw hide. You know cooking it would -- the -- on the and the herd would stampede. In this case we have TV station rattle pan and the Kurds emigrated. We found that it wasn't really necessary to do. Let's go to David Lancaster -- on WB again. Yes hello -- I think that. I that's -- what they do with -- -- thing you know it longer doesn't affect my political allies and it you know not stepping in and it might stop. I don't I don't really care what -- -- -- -- one that eagle when it came out with that those that don't -- there should. Stop it on my new devices recording came out with a plate reader. Yeah I absolutely sure. Now -- lit bit like. The hard their content like almost every top power and they look like it look like -- clone our favorite -- he does and keeping it looked like speaker like they're gonna play music where they on the dashboard where they found. Are you in the back of the wrong in one and one alternate. All soldier that I said that they be the plate readers can read harder Harvard. Which then what they have read -- within about a minute. And the only pay attention one -- a light come and there are some that you can't on terror this is either -- stolen blade or or okay. Expired played or something simple like apple and it was an assurance -- -- -- or whatever and he had plate reader are. Other reason I don't like video plate readers is is a vanity I'd like to have a go. I don't like to have a played on the front sometimes because it -- a look at the front of a car. Especially if the car wasn't designed to have veterans it's it's not symmetrical but I understand that the use of -- Garnett. And then. Yes no absolutely and -- and like in -- failure to if you put like. -- one of them clear plastic shopping you wanna protect your white has played right. Sometimes that affects the plate reader to and then yeah. Because now that you'll get a ticket for obstruction or I don't even know what they call it. But you can get it like a ticket for that they're like take off. Yeah -- if you're play if your -- is covered with -- -- discover what mud -- dirt they can't read it. I think nowhere -- -- get a ticket I'm Stan. Sure. And I think sure or going to be fine you know east you know what and -- other people got that their own thing. -- amber oh really care it's a bit people that should be worried about that could be I think -- They -- -- Mean it is Friday. You're offspring when I was -- now that you -- eagle in between winter inspiring. It and you go out and because there's not now enabling water up like it or -- -- the second thing is that the talks would -- you. I've looked for we're looking for houses with an hour and that I would walk in and neighbors are if you eat like little. You know -- ultimately got to worry about the neighbor thought that. You -- not and that the war. On either side you. All you need to know that there -- like you know as the elbow. They're pretty polite little war and -- -- like a lot not moving back. You guys you got a bit. No matter how nice houses in the yard whatever you got neighbors from hell it is -- hellish existence thank you thank you very much a member I got a ticket. I had a new sports car. That look really cool for -- it was a GG ER and he's on you to ask anybody knows more cars -- to that's one cool car. And the the dealer says them. The front plate and I said. They said do you want the front -- -- said I'll take the front plate of the -- habit and if I get stopped for not having you know show them differently tonight to. But the bottom line is you're supposed to have -- attached. And now the only way the police usually sing it because of that coming nosed and as we view and they don't seek played on the front. It could be from out of state lot of states don't require front late okay. But as my luck would have it as I'm going up the road and can mark -- -- was stopped at a right angle satellite. So he could see the front had no played and as I drove by him. The back did have a plate and it was New York's like appalled already got a ticket remember remember when I went -- court and -- and more. But as long as I showed them. That the front plate was attached which I did I -- that's the next morning that's ticket in the afternoon next morning it was a good dealers say. Yeah put it on I took a picture of it. And brought it showed the judge and they dismissed that's -- it was not the problematic but that was a vanity thing had nothing to do with trying to evade the law. But I understand the need of it and if you think about it if you use some larger. Okay. What's the difference between a copy using a plate reader or war in dollar -- cars at the mall takes longer -- dollar or cards falsely elements there. They don't go into the car there is a tax on the outside or not they are either expired or personal. So there again I don't like radar anymore in the next night. And I especially don't like and the cops tied with radar if it's a safety issue should be conferencing slovo. But yeah I'm OK with the the sheriff and I think the sheriff is okay with the legislature after yesterday's session. The defense attorneys got their chance to get their mugs on television. Television station got a chance to say hey look at us were exclusive service but the bottom line was the sheriff didn't do anything wrong. And until I see something that points to the fact that the sheriff did something wrong. As far as I'm concerned it's a non issue. Will be back Lamar with beach and company. Obviously anything we do what the device is subject to review by either federal or state courts include -- county court and that's where it should be reviewed and with no. Just respect to this animal body these specific use of the device should be left to the monitoring the courts and not to the legislature -- of the media. You're probably thank you sandy -- -- so -- as the the placement of the front plate on car I just want to live here and it -- on the lookout for. Watch commercials for cars on television. Especially sports cars they never have a front -- on them ever because they look better without it our crisis of visual thing. With the GTR there's a little block that goes in the front bumper. That is used for a whole book in case god help you need to be -- You'd take the block out who put to overlook and and then you can be -- aren't. Well they make via a -- idea. Place holder. An adapter that goes into that. And you -- played on the adapter but it's off to the side it looks pretty. And so the -- says well weakened -- But the thought of drilling in the carbon fiber. Does not turn most people. Now now now -- on -- I'll take your chance thank you very much. And so I yeah I threw myself at the mercy of the court. And he dismissed. I was a couple years ago talked to court battle results -- out Corbett in fact. All of a lot of times you'll see specialized plates especially polite corvettes things like that that. Any sports cars and a eyes and they will have specialized plates but you can't put on a New York because in the front -- So give that up I understand the need for law enforcement but it says that it looks so much better when things symmetrical. Or not at all on the front. Oh let's go to a stand as it was -- thing stands in Rochester on WB and Stan. Stan. Look at that there's things that watering down the capability of law enforcement. To react. It's bad enough we're excited me I'm way violent society. Banana republic -- people. But unfortunately you are becoming of the -- of any society. Every time we don't like that the congress passes suddenly decided whoever -- that we formed vigilante group -- guns. Well there are people out of it why don't want to water down to capability of these police and the authorities to respond so they can have their little baby weighs and you. Presenting and correction at locating. Breaking a law. Revolution even so -- -- without serious problem here and we watered down law enforcement element they're awake and you -- let people we'll just take my. Well you know I don't blame the sheriff for not wanting to reveal a lot of information about how that system works because just like computers where you have hackers out there who were -- -- a personal challenge to break into your account whatever the bad guys have technology -- and why should explain to them. What kind of a kind of methods are being used to catch them for me that's -- that's something as a society we should always have the edge and the bad guys. Always get on the -- well too because we have to respond that he loved breaking vigilante group that they get. They're -- little baby you don't get a way to kind of bowed out of our house was -- usually take all the -- they -- wrong. Well what most of us would most of us the only brush we have with the police is we're going go over the speed -- so we see those lights come on and we get nervous about that but that the kind of things we're talking about with the police department. Are used for what gentlemen the suicides. Of finding out or a specific gunmen might be. I mean there's a lot of real good real time real good reasons to have that capability and it saves lives and if it saves lives. People wearing a badge. I think they video they deserve to have the best equipment in the field thank you. The other second question we have is. Well why would you not want law enforcement apple is equipment because. RW via web poll asked that it says the -- should law enforcement have always equipment. And certainly 77%. Say yes they -- witches. As far as I'm concerned the only answer about. 23%. Say no. -- am amazed by that I am so amazed. That you would ask somebody to put on a badge and go out and it's maybe defend your life today. Without -- the best law enforcement equipment there is although we just say they shouldn't have radios in the cruisers they shouldn't have a gun. They shouldn't have a taser. They shouldn't have the ability to -- information about you when your stuff on the side of the road and you might be. And escaped felon who could have illegal blow up a drugs all kinds of things today. We have to make sure they follow the rules but as long as they follow the rules that's the rules of -- for. The rules of air for that equipment to be used under these circumstances. And if they use them under these circumstances. That we have no bitch about it. The the laws were made by legislators. In in state capitals. And new federal congress signed by president signed by governor signed by ago. Any any head of the municipality. And that's what they're -- for guidelines as long as they stay in the guidelines. More power tool we'll be back with more with -- -- and. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 -- toll free line is 180616923. Sixes. Simply suggest this could any of you and owned as something as simple as. A pair of an active players. Proof that anyone else that you don't use those binoculars to look into your neighbor's windows and I obviously you can't prove what you don't do. As a good wind and that's true. And I I don't do it -- because their houses are facing the wrong way but that's another story it is -- -- governor -- the sheriff on this one. I'll tell -- and so was shared by Tim Howard says judicial oversight is -- applied. And not legislative oversight and that makes perfect sense because it's are you staying within the law. If the laws have to be changed and the legislature gets involved if they have to be. Tweaked or changed or language added a that's a legislative issue some of these are state and federal laws and some -- were more local. And why would you not want law enforcement have always equipment I know it's a strange question but the reason I'm asking is that on the WB and web bowl. Other question is do you want them to have the latest equipment to load the fight the bad guys and 77%. Of you say yes. But that doesn't surprise me it's the fact that 23% of its second hole. That totally surprises me and here's another surprise. They've had this equipment since 2008. All right they've had it for six years. Here's my guess as to what happened all right it's the -- do you agree with me on this. Some reporter. Or rub a producer or somebody associated with the news department at TV station. Suddenly came into the knowledge that they tracked somebody down using one of his machines and they probably do little homework on the machine and found that the machine is capable. Of some other things so just out of the blow. Hey we we've just go on through the NSA scandal. This is something we remember when channels. I -- is that what channel. Years ago scare -- hell out of everybody when they ran a series called radon in your basement your member of that and everybody went -- -- they made it sound like a god -- was down there waiting for. This could be the same kind of thing. So even though it's been out there for six years and no one has come forward under any circumstances and say it's been misused. We put it out there the possibility of ms. -- We got an exclusive it's ours so you'll pick up on and and that's where it's started that's my guess. I don't know but I guess that that's the way it started. Instead of responsible reporting saying. Nobody has said that they're not doing at the right way why -- why are we running the story -- running a story in case they do at the wrong way and that to me sounds. Not Kosher it. If it's like one of those it's like picking a tough it's a subject for us to do -- is great in the beginning but when you get into it then you start the wait a minute maybe we -- on this and or they are sure or assistant shore but. A won't be surprised if they regret doing it because really there's nothing better. It's it's equivalent to somebody finding out in a Porsche Turbo. Can do a 182 miles an hour. So bay they get a Porsche Turbo and they go out on a deserted visa highway and they short flying by -- -- an 82 miles an hour. And they say a danger on the roads there are machines out there that are capable of this and a short flying by the camera. And that I don't think it'll put a family and their on their way to look picnic or something showing the danger of having a car that powerful. Nobody said it was you'll lose like that. Nobody says that it was only used on the on our race track like that it's just equipment they could go at that speed. So if if that's kind of reporting you're gonna get you could do a lot of stories like this scare the hell out of people for a lot of things. But what's the point and idea I think I I I -- don't get it but I do get it and I know what the point is -- I don't think it's that desirable. Goal to be honest with. Let's go to dead into one Dan -- on WB yeah. Yes yes I guess it's that there were able I water does that benefit outweighs the costs of that you taxpayers. And the other thing is as you have -- softer and it appeared that -- the -- off the street. I mean people rolled it capture. Surveillance in the fold their leader burn up there at the -- now. You know -- read their popular check out the street football or you can watch it optional drug maker. Driver owner of the work they do indoors and it but he can see it. I replica they're up there and purses. -- out from behind a computer at the under -- and do what they haven't stopped at least about the terror that let -- know what at least. Well well let media makes finds a link to your first of all. Big grant was because of a terrorism grant from the US Department of Homeland Security cost 283043. Dollars six years ago. But part of what they use this for they say is for instance emergency situations. Such as a potential suicide. Or things like that. At what price do I don't know how you gauge what the prices worth if you if you save the suicide. If you saved I was I was somebody may be holding their family -- gunpoint I don't know how many times it's been used Yahoo!. Situation aren't -- it's it's called -- I don't about the agree with the call -- of prohibit the quite the cost the. Okay well it was too -- to 83 was still waiting 36 years ago and I that was the cost there are six people. Trained and authorized to use that. So I guess I they would always questioned whether it's the best utilization. Of the money but that those ability of those of the numbers involved. I'm trying to get idle thought that -- share beat Dewey and I think the FBI should be doing there. You know I'd rather -- county sheriff's there will truly be a street then there and off all air wherever I bet my. But I don't like this there was only a couple of weeks ago when the guy in Boston. I used to live in Boston. For eight years. The guy in Boston was a hole in the sheriff's bag at gunpoint stuff like that and that was that. Even though there's a state police barracks there. On no -- they wrote it was a sheriff's. Response in -- they had to get that information I don't know if that was used. To locate his exact position. Because being a news was kinda like away from the immediate saying they weren't allowed to getting close -- -- dangerous so I don't know exactly. What current times a crime they use for. I'm not against I just think -- I wonder if the car always the. OK well that's always a dog -- good a review of a -- for spending our money wisely is always in order so that's a legitimate concern thank you Dan. They are remember because I lived in Boston I was very interest in that I was. He had shot at the police member of that. And I was surprised it was a sheriffs. In the mainly event. Because the boss than. There's a Boston's they police barracks right there right near the industry there's the live on. And so I thought obviously policing but the ability sheriffs were the ones that were primarily there. And does so if big if he was moving. And that he had a cellphone anonymous who will be awaited find out exactly where it was I don't know if that was used for that I'm just saying -- If -- its potential use for that sort. And so -- we can always review are we using our funds wisely -- get the most bang for -- and that's that's for these English will be back with more after the. Obviously anything we do what the device is subject to come review by either federal or state courts include their own county court and that's where it should be reviewed and with no. Disrespect to this animal body these specific use of the device should be left in the monitoring the courts and not to the legislature -- the media. He has ever Hank Williams junior had a song visit the in my via. I'm that's how we pronounce it and knowing. Decides it's -- but I tell you that all my sister sent me an email Leo today saying that she was listening to the show my sister Beverly. What's exciting about that she was listening in Ireland that call us as she did that last year to have to go to Ireland every year for a month. -- not listening now -- -- but they go and and she -- so that's that's cool. That's cool -- how many sheep art let's count the potatoes again honey all that literally yelling. But. As cold as she travels inventions idea she's she's always been a traveler. Always in and enjoys a mirror has been through a retired. Colonel. Two bronze stars about that. No waiting had died in he likes to travel through so ago they go to Ireland why they -- Ireland and India. In Italy now it's mainly Ireland and some beautiful buildings earned and its it's beautiful there and very nice but she was listening to this show. In Ireland I think that's so cool and his you know we don't -- conscious of people in Ireland only. A great prize all right Chris we have some post things on FaceBook ago why don't you give me -- this one comes from Joseph he says that to -- that people in this country think they're so important please Karen of about them to listen to their individual phone calls or track the locations if you're not a criminal. They're not watching -- not a big deal. You know it's it's true but the question I wanted to ask you except I don't wanna be in pertinent news. What do you think they're going to try and find out that you're doing on your cellphone. Which for most of buses. Not that important. I am not planning any criminal activities or anything like that. I don't get that but the bottom line I think you'll find that most people and try this this is a litmus test. Most people a bitch about the police a lot have had encounters with the pulleys. And that's why they bitch. Now I've had -- three speeding tickets in my whole life that's the end in my criminal employer that's it. So I'm not maybe as -- as somebody who. Blow who might have had you know more than -- run in with the police a problem with the -- -- -- perfect of course not but no he's perfect no broker is perfect as -- that we got bad teachers we got a bad. Clergyman. We got a -- you can take bad people put him in any kind of good job. But somewhere along the line if we're willing to give the bad guy. Who's accused of and and evidence is going to be presented in court of committing a crime. We're gonna give them the benefit that there innocent until proven guilty we didn't seem ready to do that for this year that. Who we want to rush off to judgment. As we heard about NSA. And now what about their share of this is the same sheriff by the way. That's stood up among all the odds for the Second Amendment how quickly we forget. Stood up for a for the Second Amendment and if you notice I don't make this a political thing. The people that -- that were up loud and clear against the sheriff the start with. Weren't in his party were. So a battle like that. Maybe they or more -- say facts than the sheriff is and it was a way to try -- of slowing so much Adam I don't know that to be true. All I know is effective from what we've seen so far nobody has come forward. Without any kind of accusation. Now with the television station that broke this story. Believe me trust me on this one. If they had somebody that said they did wrong -- they broke the rules they have been on camera. Or at least in shadow but they don't they they used them they didn't they were fishing for something and they came up dry. And that's the way it is meanwhile I don't know about you know. But I want be sheriff's department I want the state police I want all of the department to have what they need to fight the bad guy. Because when we column and we Needham. I want to come equipped. I want them to come as best they can and follow the law fall liberals but I don't want your hands tied. Especially for road for things that you have no reason have -- for the first. Another congress this is remark he says anybody who says I don't care about this program if it doesn't affect me is a moron. This is an invasion of privacy if you allow it if further erodes the constitution. Well first evolves no invasion of privacy at all. If you if you know anything about the way cell phones worked for instance when you are in I don't know you wouldn't. And somebody calls you. They go from here I mean the cell a cell towers track where you are now and even if your phone is off. It tracks where you Lar. You have to take the battery out of your phone and this is commonly unknowns on not to not spilling any information. For it not to be tracked. That's why I remember once I was calling a friend of mine about a car strangely enough. And I was negotiating a deal them. He picks up the phone tonight I expected to drop over and and talked to a lot except he was in Florida. I don't know I don't know when I go to Massachusetts the visit my sister. And Tony calls me he doesn't know of -- on -- one from outside of Boston. -- idea. But your cell phone would you have on your belt or in your purse or carrying it wherever you carrier tracks you every day. Exactly where you are so don't think that jurors some ice and -- at the batteries out of it and the use an easy pass. Don't know where your car was -- no -- it started when it ended on the on the through. You go shopping and I do without that card to get the discounted tops -- wegmans. -- Georgia but they know what you -- There's all kinds of surveillance only get gas I guarantee you were on camera go cash a check yeah -- camera minutes ago. Surveillance is that everyday part of our road. Of our our lifestyle right now. But to say that they're out their fishing hoping to hear you plotting some crime. Is too far out there for me they got better things to do maybe they're trying to track down a specific number because they know. That's the bad guys phone and they wanna know where he or she is. Okay the movie show is next God's eyes around the corner on goes right here at 930 WB yeah.

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