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5-16 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 16, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now all of a it is region governor governor Gina Browning from the us BCA she mentioned that if you give -- Of cookie. She'll let you take a picture of her. And Tony so what's the big deal I did that I'm front -- And it worked well for Tony and never made it into the yearbook but anyway it is reaching company at a rainy Friday at the radio has and they are ready to go to -- Antonio you mentioned dungy is she set up a -- And all the things you want she was good no leash you know so that was up memorable from I'd feel is certainly knows these long before you met the lovely -- -- yeah it's a different story now. I guess what they found KCK so that's good news. I found him in Washington State. After an LA judge had concerns about -- he was really sad now the disease like a ping pong ball between. The current wife and the year and the children but so that's a good step in the right direction so. I know you probably had a sleepless night over this but your saying to yourself when you went to bed. How my supposes sleep when I don't know of beyoncé and Jay-Z and so lodge have made up they have they have they've they've moved on is that is that what they always say we've moved on. They say they're moving on -- a video leaked. Of so large -- slapping JE EZ. I mean that was kind of cool to see that -- He was a gentleman we just looked like a man and as a result of the release of the elevators security footage on Monday. Said the most important thing that our family has worked through it. The hotel announced Wednesday that it had fired the person who recorded the video. Now I understand firing the person who released the video. But. Isn't there always video I mean in order for them to get the footage they had they had to have a camera many elevator. At the position themselves and the idea being so -- they fired him. Hotel announced Wednesday that he's gotten. He is long gone because the video is for their use in case of any problems but. Not for the general public and that employee was the studio. -- -- that exactly. -- regarded wanna look up we're right exactly. Congratulations to Rush Limbaugh. He want a children's book prize you may out of heard this. If you listen to rush -- you know he wrote a children's book. And he has Kiefer sales IUI. I know it's coming as a big surprise the only one he wrote a a children's book. And that he won the award -- defeating such superstars as Veronica Roth. Rick Riordan diary of a wimpy kid Ryder. Indy winner and when he twelve and 2013. Rush Revere and the brave pilgrims he's been open that book for a long time now anyone reprisal congratulations that's well put sandy thank -- Russia and I'm glad you won bury you mention it more often -- And the T. You know are we I don't hear enough about that today so let's hope that that that works out. -- no matter how much money got no matter. Rich you are no matter how famous you are there's always neighbor problems. In Denver Colorado a man who lives near Oprah Winfrey. Her new property above Telluride is -- -- For allegedly blocking access to hiking trails open to neighbors for decades ago of the Oprah moves then. And the lawsuits begin so I guess there apparently that was the use of trail -- out of the years and Oprah but the property and that bed now on negated offer whatever she did and so it's a neighbor Ron nothing worse than a neighbor. As you can't get away from it's there it's there every day. You you're a good neighbors yes I do and you have good neighbors -- your relatives. Yeah that's right it's very rather okay who wouldn't want to announce agree that's it and I have two neighbors there there really great. And denies -- because that's one thing you can't do when you're looking for a house. The one you can ask about the schools. Gonna ask about the taxes as you can ask about a city water yeah that's the about natural yeah yeah oh yeah now which can't ask about the neighbors they can't tell you usually there's some clues ago. You know if you see that -- these action every up on blocks with the engine out on the lawn as a pretty good chance it's going to be there the rest of your life. I you can get -- answered questions. Seriously you know I'm -- far I look for wrote a children's it and playground equipment and things like that but a lot of that they don't fail me now. Because -- I did my time where bad and now I'm ready for. Quiet and peaceful surroundings and so there -- things like that you can notice I notice one house that I drive by. Every day and it's a nice house. Like fourteen cars are fraud. Almost every day is slightly -- at the house how many people live there. Whether their right you know organizing a wagon train or whatever they're doing but. If you went next and that maybe maybe given -- thought you know on argument never had a problem the neighbors. Well -- hands hell it's not even his his call but his new coach is -- would choose to be our former coach. It is getting criticized by NFL coach Herm Edwards. Herm Edwards told the reporters there from USA today. That they're sending the wrong message to their team and have their fans by start telling everybody -- -- Is Brian employers understudy he is not going to just walk in through via a starting. Position. I says we don't know he's a back -- Edward Said who said he has to be Rebecca if you draft a player to be tobacco why draft. You're drafting a guy because -- he's worthy of being drafted at that spot. -- drafting them because you think -- can compete if you're going to say this guy's a back up all really that doesn't make any sense to me it just comes off bad no one wants to hear that. Now the -- sold at least 3000 season tickets since drafting -- though. With the 222 pick. But that's -- they've been announced you know he's a back up and it's -- that don't get crazy. You think they're trying to head off a possible quarterback controversy. Would you agree with Herman Edwards. No I disagree with Herman Edwards he's way off base on this I think we was doing the right thing you got to understand it seems like man sells a bit of a head case of this is a good way to. In his mind right knowing that he's gonna have to come in and compete if he wants the starting job if he wants me to start this year he's gonna come in and after work hard improve to the browns organization that he's better than order. Our what do you think Chris. Brian -- Brian Hoyer is a really we do yeah but I don't really think Brian Hoyer is. That great of a cornerback remaining years we just don't know that -- there's a as much of an unknown with -- to me is or as with -- also. I'm kind of on board with Herm Edwards -- you draft of a guy in the first round a guy that you knew would be very polarizing than. And that a lot of fans would get excited about. I would like my coaches or my management team say he's gonna come and compete for the starting job without just saying -- -- The only McCain is -- a distraction or is he would draw the big. You can tell -- -- season ticket increase or whatever people are anxious to see -- I say if if you're gonna say anything to say -- the Google both going to be in camp they're both gonna compete amid a better man win. As we can say. But to label him -- back up directly I don't know I'm not an NFL coach and Andy does you know a lot of people have commented on the fact that he could be a -- case so maybe the distraction part of it might be what they were thinking 08. You're getting a little too big for your britches of pardon the expression. And you're gonna have to earn it that's the way it's ago so. That's that. And we'll see where it goes but it's exciting to have that much attention. Around the idea around Cleveland Browns came back I think about that was the last time is up. LSU in Cleveland and written about the browns. Hardly ever Ryan Allison back to impose our will play -- probably that's about it that maybe they don't want -- Flutie Johnson kind of deal that we had here. We all know that it was the better quarterback and Tony in. That we -- -- -- we hit the ball across the court back and forth a few times Tony was -- Johnson and right yes I still think used it and that's a I like -- you're really I like a guy who's. Wrong and never never admits it yet -- you wanna go a quarterback can only use -- the field. Hey if half the -- wins the game that's all I care when needed and when that -- well he won more than Johnson. I'm -- Johnson and and where were nervous about that. But anyway. George a comeback. As it. Wasn't as. It's a commentator. Compare men's though through it's a floating. Saying that he's an exciting player to watch and sometimes he pulls out a miraculous throws and stuff like that. That. -- that as I said delegate count quarterbacks out of the wrong. Others like a radio personalities there's some that could -- lift their hair was on fire. They couldn't they couldn't yell for help -- they need to script that you absolutely have the hairs over it's. There's page to hear. If yours and I'm. I can ad -- It's -- it's it really is embarrassing sometimes there and radio long time to and they still. They still can't have been you can tell you can spotted their voice against the quiver there out of their comfort zone and on and talk about. So -- end up giving schedule. That so you can play a competitive out a mile away. Being a former program -- it was a radio. I would take a break will be back -- -- more are. Of the fabulous beach and company shall hang in there well guys today at 11 o'clock in the movie show ice and got a nice and the big movies today. And for the week and will probably be god Zelaya. I want to ask each of first I had a car named God's will and these on GTR and they nicknamed God's law and it's kind of cool because we all remember the old. Cheesy. Japanese horror films with God's will and later -- rotten you know there's no cart that they nickname -- as far as I have yet -- but I got caught. And I got the thinking what's the scariest movie monster you've ever been associated with from the time your little kid. Maybe it's different from when you were little kitten in one hour ago. When I was a kid it was off gargoyles from the -- at the movie was called gargoyles the house of those things of these outside -- -- yeah in the -- that in Dana -- and that I was so as a kid it was -- lot of -- trio when I was a kid via the doll from the child's play -- was calling. You think though. They take things that are very nice and safe and comfortable mimic human monsters things like clowns and Santa Claus and -- Emeka horror movies well I go back further when I was a child. Frankenstein. Did it for -- meanwhile why -- you know but later on as an adult I think aliens. When that thing came out of me out of the stomach. Yeah nobody that I mean now we're familiar whether we're waiting for it we know what's gonna happen. But when that thing came out of the stomach with those big teeth almighty I nearly jumped out of -- As an adult. As an adult it would have been in Friday the thirteenth. With geez that's good yeah that's -- fact I ran went in the scene where he comes out no comes through the window that is was fine if -- partner to. I ran out of the theater to. -- How are you. Aggressive as an adult about his bigoted and I mean yes slash -- reasons and garlic. Horror films that kind of like screw with your -- the I'll make you think yet to deploy -- -- you look around you think -- people I'm working with would be psychotic like this -- -- -- That's pretty scary I remember as a kid sometimes the simplest things can scare the hell audio. There was a scene. Where Ole boy walking into Rome she does not know that they as a man in there that's going to do her harm OK put that in your mind. And as a short walking in the room and she walks over to look out the window and there's cartons that all the way down to the floor. On the left curtain going all the way down the floor. Or set of shoes facing out oh my god now we know. Some winds -- anybody we -- was but we know somebody was behind that curtain and she was walking right there. I mean those kinds of things are really really scary and make your heart race and yet the more you have to think about it like. And there's always a false alarm. The innocent girls walking down the street it's pitch dark and you know she wants to get home and there have been problems in the neighborhood. And she wants to get home safely and suddenly she hears footsteps behind her as she slows down. The puts that slowdown as she accelerates the footsteps accelerate and suddenly she decides to confront the person -- And it's the parish priest today there's always one fake one. The next one's not say okay this -- know -- and try to take in the music out of these old music makes it is what gets you out you don't realize it but the music gets you I thought it would be really great if I know somebody that -- special effects. I would have them do it even at a cost me a lot of money OK could -- -- work. The the special effects used for alien the thing coming out of the stomach with a teeth and all that. I went to a restaurant that everybody says it was the best restaurant awful okay America's there was one it is itself. The portions were small the food was -- And the eight and the price was super expensive all right and everybody said this is the best place in buffalo and it. Always awful. OK I would love and I would pay money to have a special effects percent set something up under my insurer and go to that restaurant. Can't you call the waiter back as a year later this is acceptable and that's in my shirt pops open on the monster dad gum out. Fabulous -- a monster had the party that garbage -- some of his servants there are very pleased that I'm I'm I'm -- thank you very much. How bad was his restaurant. I I wanted to stop. At Arby's on the way home so that I have something real to the I welcome back we're going to check. The WB and web Poland say to some of the you know. Are you think king will be back -- more with gleacher and company. Home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays. You until free news radio 9:30 AM. WD end. -- -- -- -- Yeah I got -- opens today I assume -- do great business especially on a rainy weekend who doesn't wanna see the monster god Zola. Always thought that it's much more effective in a movie on what you don't see. Because if you don't see it you'll use your imagination as to what it looks like. If you do see it OK there it is you make your own judgment it was area wasn't scary or whatever but boy if you don't see it. It's even scarier because you don't know what's there or do you like to say like for instance. I'll ever since they got into the things where you that the economy arm off and suddenly blood comes out like -- holds. Not sincere now about things that at that they allude to that you imagine are happening are scarier you'd like. Realistic stuff for would you like stuff we have to use your imagination my imagination in suspense okay yeah that I think that at the occupants -- yeah I do I like a little ball so I -- preferred to show you can show me at the end what a mess -- my mind the entire picture red piano collectively see something there there's sometimes though there are things in movies that are stylized. And it's not that way in real life and so way and it -- obviously video over realized situation it's totally different. I'll like it im a Sam pack and -- A movie okay when there's violence. All or somebody's about to be shot you have. Mall long slow motion and their date lift up off the ground and you know once mattered for four counties and a flaw a now it doesn't work that way if you've ever seen a video somebody actually being shot they just go to their ground quickly. And I think it's the same true. But we have with fighting if you urban involved in a real street fight it doesn't look like -- fights in the movies snack -- agree no it's not choreographed. And you know it's not the markets -- very rules you get him before he gets you that's the deal I mean that's the way it is and it's not pretty. And there are no style points on. That's why I think MMR mixed martial arts is amazing. That's real. Stature and saying. I did you save it as a possible that that they may actually consider it again this legislative session that. New Yorkers like the last statement doesn't allow him Amman in pass the house and I think now it's up to the senate now you're a big fan of that larger currents. I am as matter of fact I have some of the DVR so -- Watson the other day and a guy knocked out another guy with -- flying knee. Oh really I've never seen that before. Wow that's incredible. -- -- Plus I've gone on this weekend -- monsters and movies and good stuff now. Here's a story that's continuing story and it's in our Rose Bowl today at W Libyan rebel. Read what the web poll asks for a question if you would. Chris the web poll question reunions. Do you think it's important that law enforcement has been most up to date and latest technology and its disposal to fight crime are okay and positive was what percent right now. At the latest is 77%. Say yes 23%. Saying no okay now. Does have the domain and as why the 23%. Which is more than one in five as I do the math. Would not want law enforcement of the latest crime fighting equipment if we could show that question to military. Stead of law enforcement military. Do you want the military to have the latest. Enemy fighting equipment you of course answer yes. You want the best missile system you want the best rivals who want the best ammunition you want the best night sites you want the best of everything because you want the good guy to come home. And basically I think it's the same thought process. For a video for the police unfortunately the NSA's scandal really poisoned the pool. Because. People are very -- and and have a good right to be certainly concerned. About though about snooping in spying or whatever and were in a society now where that's a big deal. But I told you yesterday I found it absurd that we would stand up for the rights of the accused. Somebody who's. Who's been accused of a crime and evidence was -- was gathered and the DA decides to. To prosecute. And the prosecutor has evidence they're going to present to a jury or judge on their guilt we stand up for them and say hey. Let's not rush to judgment remember that as their innocent until proven guilty and that's one of the foundation. Laws that we yeah. Okay we're willing to do that we shouldn't do that. But when I'm willing to do that with the -- A rush to judgment media speculation. Scary scary scary so I hate ice right bully me. I say if you know if if somebody's -- in the law whether they're good guys or bad guys it should be investigated and prosecuted and if applicable. But I think we always certain. Amount. What's the word I'm looking for a vote of -- a credit faith in the fact that the sheriff is using this equipment properly. All right having said that and I find it incredible and to be honest with you so far -- I can get my arms around it. That we don't trust the sheriff but we do trust the bad guys okay. But the sheriff yesterday testified before the -- legislature and even. Even the way it's presented. OK in the in the press. Here's headline on the front page of the Buffalo News. And it's not above the fold it's not a major headliners I'm on the lower right hand corner. Here is what it says sheriff. Read Jack's oversight. OK now people walking by the newspaper standard going it -- there on their way somewhere. That the sheriff rejects oversight. Why he must be arm -- using it for all kinds of illegal things but then -- look down the smaller print. It says cell phone monitor rules up to courts he says so the -- there but the real question here is. The sheriff says judicial oversight his game which is the oversight that should be applicable saying that you're talking about legalities here. So he says that's fine. But he rejects. -- rejects a legislative oversight because as you think about it the legislature's. Only Roland this would be to change the law. Or if the law we're being applied inappropriately. To to tweak or find to whom the law and I don't know how many of these laws are colonial laws. I I would assume a lot of these are federal laws in some state laws but but -- -- so even the story in the paper. Sheriff rejects oversight. And then in smaller smaller -- cellphone monitor rules -- -- courts he says so what the sheriff did say is exactly that. He said quote with no disrespect. To this honorable body. The specific use of the device should be left to the monitoring of the courts and not to the legislature. Or the media. And he's exactly right. That is exactly right we should be vigilant and we I think we are vigilant pressure be vigilant. Any the law abiding citizens should be vigilant. Legislature should be vigilant but the oversight has to be judicial. Because any questions about the proper or improper use of that equipment. Would be a legal question. And so who handles legalities. Well the legislature handles laws. But enforcement of those laws are left to the courts and so I I think that came all the right way. However the thing that just knocks me -- -- 23%. Of you right now don't want. A video the police departments to have the latest crime fighting equipment on for what I don't understand that. I just don't understand that there are times you know when a police have had to play catch up. And there they're very much behind the times. Not always to do with the electronic devices. There's a very famous case about a bank robbery. I think it was in California I could be wrong but it changed the face of law enforcement. These bank. Robbers were very heavily armed. And the police showed up and the police had. At that time a for a long time the police -- thirty gates the 38 specials whatever. Which is around that would knock your grandmother over most of the times but anyway that's another story but there were carrying thirty -- and and they were totally outgunned by whomever that by the bank robbers after that many police departments. Got up to date weaponry there's no reason the bad guys should have better weapons then the good guys there's just no reason for. And whether it's a gun. Whether it's a you know makes -- weather axes taser laser or anything else. The police should have the latest equipment and should be used in a lawful manner having said that I don't understand. Why more than one in five review don't think depletion of the latest equipment. Because to me they're there to protect you know. And whether voice equipment is electronic arts and it's a gun. Our weather is you know a taser. Or whatever as long as they're they use it as prescribed I want them to have the best equipment because there are first line of defense. And that and you have to think about like that. So I I think that is the most of the people that will bitch about the police are people who had problems with the points. -- the police perfect no but show me any group that's perfect. Any group. There are bad cops but there are also bad clergy. They are bad lawmakers. They're a bad governors as bad talk show host is bad anything. All right but we can't judge the whole body of them. By the bad ones and as long as the rules are being followed count me in on saying the cops should have the latest devices because if they don't. Sometimes it's it's local law enforcement sometimes is national. Are you telling me that the people. For instance that just had the big credit card fraud -- target. They've managed to download all those numbers that the people working for target shouldn't have the latest problem of course Wheaties. It's special -- electronics is always somebody up they're trying to scam or trying to top the order try and fool you to try and convince you to send them some money and things like that. I want law enforcement to have the best that's out there. That I wanted to come home one piece so basically I'd like to hear from you there took questions are you OK with judicial oversight. As opposed to legislative oversight. As being the primary. Overseer. For this equipment and I think. I'm perfectly okay -- that. And why because I'd like somebody to explain to me. Why you would not want law enforcement and heavily equipment -- 03930180616926. And started 930. It's like to tour and not a television -- -- radio. It's looking for a signal so it appears all the signals and that blacks on the moon so it does not do anything -- -- the signals that doesn't save them. Doesn't just store them on the answer usually is just no. My two questions is sheriff Tim Howard regarding of the equipment being used by not only shares are by apparently a lot of vote police agencies. A judicial oversight is what he says is applicable. And not legislative oversight and so that's fine because any questions about the proper use of the equipment. Would certainly come from a courts and that's judicial. And why would you not want law enforcement to have the latest equipment. When we asked how would you like law enforcement -- equipment 77%. On the WB a web polls say yes. A problem that's sensible the may 23% said now. Caught a -- -- I don't get that in the buffalo -- an article by Darrel McNeal. The -- sheriffs testifying yesterday's quote -- no disrespect to this honorable body legislature. These -- specific use of the device should be left to the monitoring of the courts and not to -- legislate. Legislature or the media. Anything we do -- of the devices subject to review by the federal or state courts including our own county court. And that's words should be review -- I mean that's no harm no foul let's make sense to me let's see if David agrees in Portland David you're on WB -- I said he. I agree with that -- -- and they have. Love for -- cavaliers equipment I think part of the problem there. Like pizza -- a negative stuff coming out the last couple weeks. The other -- that the police and that might be affecting people as well yes Asian product earlier. And the distribution of our they have the court. I think based on his track record a pre existing intervention by the court but definitely. It's -- to jail in the that the -- Lead me to believe that maybe it's appropriate -- up to say that because these programs apparent that he does the public record straight. Well by. My feeling is he just won an election and there has to be a reason why the people of -- coming. This was an appointed position -- was -- collective position there has to be a reason why the people are very Connie voted for. I guess I agree with that but I think that the -- it might be at all -- guys say it's up to the courts. Give them the best TV that there effort by the court to correct -- situation. They clearly needed to be collected. Well I don't I don't know the specifics of what you're talking about I know there's been problems with the jail before. Long before he even took office so. Maybe that's systemic I'm not really sure but we should take these one issue at a time and it's something else to consider thank you very much David. Yeah I said the court's the I guess it's I wasn't sure would have jurisdiction I thought it will be federal for sure and it is. But state as well and county as well also the courts oversee -- he and get this. He said there are only six individuals in the sheriff's office that are trained and authorized the use the equipment. Six that -- This is -- radar in the police cruisers this is a specific stuff. Other than -- emergency situations such as locating a suicidal person or someone in imminent danger -- as usable device and criminal investigations is always part of a judicial review. So there's enough checks and balances sitting there. That I'm going to throw my cards and with the sheriff's department until I find out that. Is something has been -- personal has been no accusations. This amazing part of this whole story. The amazing. Part of the whole story is nobody has pointed a finger and says here's an example of how this. Machinery is being -- nobody. I -- comes out of work of course defense attorneys very Covert and and others because that's what they do for a living and its facetime on television we're gonna tell you. So that doesn't surprise me at all. But when the first person comes up and says here's here's some growth of this being -- shows I say we're gonna give -- the benefit of the doubt. Under the -- thirty way RWB cash.

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